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Aerial view of Vientiane | source: | Vientiane travel blog
Mekong river | source: | Vientiane travel blog

The capital city of Vientiane – Symbol of Buddhist culture and long history of the beautiful country of Laos. This place has a peaceful beauty, from ancient pagodas, temples, narrow winding roads to rows of traditional stilt houses. If you are a spiritual traveler, you cannot miss famous destinations such as That Luang Stupa, Wat Sisaket Temple, and Museum of Contemporary Art.


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source: Cambo Smith | Vientiane travel blog

Besides historical sites, you can experience a series of interesting activities in Vientiane such as mountain climbing, watching traditional art performances and enjoying local cuisine at the night market. Let’s explore Vientiane through this Vientiane travel blog that suggested by Klook Vietnam right now!

Where Is Vientiane? (#Vientiane travel blog)

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Vientiane city, also known as Vientiane, is a “rough gem” located on the banks of the Mekong River, right next to the Thai border. This is the largest city in Laos, possessing a large area of ​​up to 3,920 km² and a population of about 1 million people.

Introduction to Laos’ Capital Vientiane

Officially becoming the capital of Laos since 1573, Vientiane has developed strongly and serves as the economic center of the “Land of a Million Elephants,” with five urban districts and four suburban districts. | Vientiane travel blog

Surrounded by the majestic Truong Son mountain range and a cool tropical climate all year round, mother nature has gifted Vientiane with many fertile valleys and lyrical landscapes such as Nam Ngum lake and Vang Luong waterfall. In particular, the complex of 1,400 temples promises to bring an exciting experience to visitors. Therefore, tourists should not miss the opportunity to explore the unique beauty of Vientiane and enjoy these special experiences with Klook!

Instructions on How to Travel to Vientiane on Your Own from Vietnam

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Laos is a neighboring country, so Vietnamese people can get a free Lao tourist visa if their stay is less than 30 days. However, make sure you have your passport before departure to avoid any trouble entering this beautiful country. The following is a specific guide on how to travel to Vientiane for your reference in planning your itinerary:

How to Travel from Vietnam to Vientiane?

To travel to Vientiane – Laos, you can choose one of two international airports in Vietnam to depart: Noi Bai (Hanoi), Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh City). Direct flights from Vietnam to Vientiane will land at Wattay International Airport in the capital Vientiane or transit at Luang Prabang International Airport.

Below is information about flight times and ticket prices for routes from Vietnam to Vientiane for your reference:

RouteReference ticket price (1 pm)Flight time
Hanoi - Vientiane$117.83-$196.391 hour 5 minutes
Hanoi - Luang Prabang - Vientiane$157.11-$235.661 hour 15 minutes
Ho Chi Minh City - Vientiane$78.55-$157.113 hours 5 minutes
Da Nang - Hanoi/HCMC - Vientiane$157.11-$196.394 hours 45 minutes

Note: Ticket prices by each airline such as Vietnam Airlines, Lao Airlines, Thai AirAsia will vary depending on the number of transit stops and time of booking. Based on your travel schedule and budget, you can easily choose the most suitable flight to explore Vientiane from Vietnam.

Means of Transportation in Vientiane – Laos

Wattay aiport | source: David McKelvey | Vientiane travel blog

When you arrive at Wattay international airport, you need to find a means to go to the center of Vientiane capital, about 5 km away. Popular types of vehicles you can choose from include:

  • Taxi: For groups of 3 to 4 people, taxi is the suitable choice. Taxi prices in Vientiane usually range from 57,000 – 66,000 Kip depending on the distance to your hotel.
  • Bus: With a one-way ticket price of only 15,000 Kip, the bus is an economical choice for solo travelers or couples. However, you need to clearly identify the bus stop near your hotel to conveniently catch the bus.
  • Tuk Tuk: Popular and affordable means of transportation in Vientiane. The average fare is about 20,000 Kip, and you can completely negotiate with the driver. Klook offers bicycle, motorbike and car rental services, giving you the freedom to explore the city flexibly and comfortably.
  • Pickup car: Is one of the popular vehicles in Vientiane, because of its reasonable price and high flexibility. You can find pickup truck rental shops in the city.
Vientian tuk-tuk | source: | Vientiane travel blog

Shared City Transfers between Vientiane and Vang Vieng

In addition, you can also use taxi services and rent a private car from the airport to get to the center quickly. If you want to visit another city from Vientiane or vice versa, Klook offers transfer tickets between Vientiane and Luang Prabang, as well as bus tickets between Vientiane and Vang Vieng. Don’t forget to take advantage of Klook’s car rental services for a convenient and memorable travel experience!

Famous Vientiane Tourist attractions

Patuxay Victory Monument

source: | Vientiane travel blog

Patuxay “victory” monument, a great work inspired by the Paris Arc de Triomphe, is located at the end of Lane Xang Avenue in the center of Vientiane city, Laos. The monument was built from 1957 to 1968 to commemorate the heroic martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the resistance war against the French.

source: | Vientiane travel blog

With five towers representing the five principles of coexistence between nations and elegant architecture, Patuxay attracts visitors with its blend of ancient features and modern style. Here, you can visit the museum displaying statues and images of the country’s brave heroes, or climb to the top of the monument to see the panoramic view of Vientiane from above. Patuxay is definitely a destination not to be missed on your journey to explore Vientiane.

That Luang stupa

source: | Vientiane travel blog

Kuang Si Waterfall Shared Minibus Ticket (Round Trip)

When coming to Vientiane, you cannot miss That Luang – a national cultural symbol. That Luang is a large Buddhist stupa built in 1566 on the foundation of an ancient Khmer temple, a testament to the history and important cultural events of Laos. With majestic architecture, That Luang is imbued with Laotian identity, with a shimmering gold-plated exterior.

Aerial view of That Luang | source:

In particular, at the end of October – early November every year, That Luang becomes the center of a large festival, attracting tourists from all over to attend and enjoy the joyful atmosphere of the national festival. With an entrance ticket of only 3,000 Kip/person, you can enter the spiritual space of That Luang, explore the ancient architecture and feel the historical and religious beauty of this place.

Museum of Contemporary Art

source: | Vientiane travel blog

In the heart of Vientiane, you can visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and admire diverse works of art. Thousands of unique artifacts are displayed here, the result of the passion and deep attachment to life and nature of the Lao people.

source: | Vientiane travel blog

Each artifact is a delicate combination of talented craftsmanship and the constant creativity of leading artists. From paintings, sculptures, ceramic Buddha statues and many other art products expressing the life and culture of the Lao people. The Museum of Contemporary Art is not only a place to visit and explore, but also a window that opens the unique culture of Laos to the world.

Explore the historical and artistic beauty of Vientiane with a tour of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Patuxay, and That Luang.

Wat Sisaket

source: | Vientiane travel blog

Located on Setthathirath street, near Lane Xang Avenue, Wat Sisaket is a famous tourist place in Vientiane. Built in 1818 by King Chao Anou, this temple is one of the original temples from the Siamese Buddhist architecture period.

source: | Vientiane travel blog

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With a total of 6,840 large and small Buddha statues, Sisaket temple offers visitors a sacred and contemplative space. This temple is also home to more than 8,000 valuable books and 6,840 Buddha statues from many different materials such as bronze, stone, wood, silver and plaster. With ancient architecture and a space filled with tranquility, Wat Sisaket is an ideal place for those who want to explore Buddhist culture and history in Laos.

Wat Si Muang

Located at the intersection of Setthathirath and Samsenthai roads, Si Muang Pagoda is a unique tourist destination combining Buddhist faith and folk beliefs in Vientiane. This temple was built in 1566 and is the most sacred temple in the Capital.


Legend has it that the temple was built on the ruins of a Khmer temple and the name Si Muang was named after a pregnant woman 300 years ago. This is also the place where people often come to pray for good luck, according to local traditional customs. The temple has an area of ​​more than 2 hectares, with a structure including the main house to worship Buddha and the area to worship Mother Si Muang. Inside, you will see many Buddha statues and a Shakyamuni statue under the canopy of a Bodhi tree.

Ho Phra Keo

source: | Vientiane travel blog

Ho Phra Keo Pagoda is not only a place to worship Buddha but also a museum displaying many unique works of Taoist art. Today, although no longer a place of worship, the pagoda has become a museum, preserving many precious artifacts such as a throne, Khmer Buddha statue and wood sculptures.

credit: Alcyon, (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Along with that, you can see Buddha statues crafted from bronze, stone, and terracotta, each with its own expressive nuance, creating a unique and rich art space for the temple. For art and history lovers, Phra Keo Pagoda is a must-see stop when coming to Laos.

Find out about this Day Tour to visit famous landmarks in Vientiane and experience the blend of unique architecture and wonderful scenery of the Lao capital.

Vientiane Night Market

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Vientiane Night Market, located on the banks of the legendary Mekong River, is a great meeting point for tourists who want to explore the unique culture and cuisine of Laos. Here, you will enjoy typical snacks and sip cool drinks in the cool weather of Vientiane night.

source: | Vientiane blog

Vientiane City Tour

The market opens from 18:00 – 23:00 every day at Chao Anouvong park, with a series of stalls neatly arranged and divided by each type of item. From delicious food to handicrafts and souvenirs, the night market is ready to welcome you with unique experiences. Exploring the night market in Vientiane is not just about shopping, but also an opportunity to interact with friendly locals.

Which season is the best to travel to Vientiane?

| Vientiane blog

If you choose to travel to Vientiane during the peak season from December to April, it is best to book tickets 2-3 months in advance to get preferential prices. If you go during the rainy season from June to September, airfare will usually be cheaper, but you need to carefully consider your schedule because the weather can significantly affect your itinerary.

The period March – May is considered the best time to explore the “Land of a Million Elephants”. During the dry season, the air becomes pleasant and golden sunlight creeps in, creating favorable conditions for checking in to famous landmarks of the city.

Vientiane street. source: | Vientiane blog

In particular, in mid-April every year, visitors will participate in the Water Festival, one of the largest traditional festivals of Laos. This is also the right time to both enjoy the natural beauty and experience the local culture.

What to eat?

Not only does it have sparkling golden temples and peaceful streets, Vientiane is also a paradise of delicious, “memorable” food. From fragrant street snacks to elaborately prepared specialties, Vientiane cuisine promises to make you “fascinated”. Referring to Vientiane cuisine, visitors cannot miss the following attractive dishes:

Lao Sticky Rice

| Vientiane blog

This simple yet sophisticated dish will make you “fall in love” right from the first bite. Fragrant, white sticky rice grains, mixed with the fatty taste of sesame salt, soybeans or crispy roasted peanuts, create an unforgettable flavor. Enjoy with fragrant grilled chicken or cool boiled vegetables, you will fully feel the essence of Lao cuisine.

Credit: Heritage Line | Vientiane blog

Laab Lao

| Vientiane blog

Lap is a type of rustic dish, often eaten during New Year holidays in Vientiane. Made from pork or beef mixed with liver and lime juice – chili, then wrapped in banana leaves and grilled. When you open the banana leaf layer, the mouth-watering aroma will spread, awakening all senses. The spicy taste of chili, the sour taste of lemon blend with the sweetness of meat, creating a wonderful symphony of flavors.

Khao Piak Sen Lao – Lao Noodle Soup

This special noodle soup will make you fall in love at first sight. Smooth, chewy and delicious white noodles, made from rice flour, mixed in rich broth from chicken or pork bones. Add a little meat, fresh raw vegetables, fragrant lime leaves, spicy chili and fragrant fried garlic, and you will have a perfect bowl of Laotian noodle soup, awakening all the senses.

Lao Papaya Salad

This cooling dish is a “masterpiece” of Vientiane street cuisine. Crispy green papaya is shredded into thin strips, mixed with garlic, chili, crispy roasted peanuts, fish sauce and fragrant sesame oil. The sour, spicy, salty and sweet flavors blend perfectly, creating a dish that is both delicious and stimulating to the taste buds.

Shared City Transfers between Luang Prabang and Vientiane

What should I buy as a gift when traveling to Vientiane? | Vientiane blog

After filling your stomach with delicious dishes “forget the way home”, it’s time for #teamKlook to explore the gift paradise of this beautiful capital. Don’t worry about being “out of pocket” because Vientiane has countless unique gifts at extremely affordable prices. From exquisite handicrafts, colorful brocade fabrics to delicious local specialties, you will surely find meaningful gifts to give to relatives and friends.

Brocade Clothing, Lao Handicrafts

At local markets, you will find traditional, handwoven Laotian scarves and clothes. With meticulous patterns and vivid colors, these products are symbols of national culture and the talent of craftsmen.

Local Specialties In Laos

| Vientiane blog

Traveling to Vientiane, you cannot miss Lao specialties, such as beef jerky, sticky rice, or fermented Nok Aen Dawng meat. By bringing back these specialties, you not only let everyone enjoy new flavors but also share meaningful experiences from your trip.

Lao Silver Jewelry

Silver and gold jewelry design craft has a long history in Laos and Laos goldsmiths work with skillful hands to craft these premium metals into beautiful designs.

Silver jewelry is also a delicate and unique gift when traveling to Vientiane. Beautiful small bracelets, rings, or pendants handcrafted by Lao artisans, extremely suitable as gifts for women.

Silver jewelry

Famous Hotels In Vientiane

Vientiane not only has temples and cuisine but also has “luxurious” hotels waiting for you to explore! Join Klook to discover the prominent “names” of hotels in Vientiane, where #teamKlook can enjoy modern amenities, first-class service and affordable prices.

Crowne Plaza Vientiane Hotel


Crowne Plaza Vientiane, an IHG hotel, is located in the center of Vientiane, about a 15-minute drive from Patuxay Monument. The hotel offers luxurious rooms and modern amenities. Guests can relax at the outdoor swimming pool, enjoy exquisite cuisine at the restaurants and enjoy drinks at the luxurious bar. (agoda, booking)

  • Address: Samsenthai Road, Chanthabouly District
  • Reference price: from $125.66/night

Eastin Hotel Vientiane


Eastin Vientiane Hotel stands out in the middle of the Capital with a modern Nordic design style. With a system of luxurious and comfortable rooms, the hotel meets all the needs of visitors. Tourists can enjoy diverse cuisine at the restaurant and bar, relax at the outdoor swimming pool, or enjoy high-class spa and gym services. (agoda, booking)

  • Address: Khaemkong Road (Oumoung Village), Sikhottabong District
  • Reference price: from $62.83/night

Bloom Boutique Hotel and Cafe


True to its name, Bloom Boutique Hotel & Cafe offers a comfortable and cozy accommodation space with wooden furniture. The hotel’s location is only about a 10-minute drive from Patuxay Monument and Wat Si Saket. Furthermore, the hotel’s bar and cafe are ideal places to relax after a long day exploring the city. (agoda, booking)

  • Address: Setthathirath Road (XiengNgeun Village)
  • Reference price: from $43.19/night

S2 Modern Boutique Hotel


S2 Modern Boutique Hotel, provides a comfortable accommodation space with luxurious brown wood tones. With modern design and beautiful interiors, along with spacious and comfortable rooms, the hotel promises to bring a memorable stay experience to visitors to Vientiane. (agoda, booking)

  • Address: Ban Thong Toum
  • Reference price: from $39.27/night

Laotel Vientiane Hotel


Laotel Vientiane is located in the city center, only 4km from Wattay international airport. The hotel offers comfortable rooms with modern amenities. Guests can relax at the outdoor swimming pool, enjoy drinks at the bar, or visit nearby tourist attractions. In addition, Laotel also has a restaurant serving local and international dishes. (agoda, booking)

  • Address: Samsenthai Road
  • Reference price: from $43.19/night

With ancient pagodas, peaceful streets on the banks of the Mekong River, friendly people and unique culture, Vientiane will surely captivate you. Start your Vientiane travel journey today to explore the beauty of this city and create memorable memories!

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