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Located in the Southeast of Australia, Melbourne is always on the list of the world’s most livable cities because of its fresh nature and countless famous specialties that only this place has. Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city with a vibrant, modern life, rich in history and culture. Did you know the world of shopping in Melbourne is also extremely diverse?

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Downtown Melbourne | what to buy in melbourne
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Chinatown | what to buy in melbourne
The Block Arcade | what to buy in melbourne

So, what to buy in Melbourne, what to get in Melbourne, what to buy in Melbourne as souvenirs? Le’t check out best shopping Melbourne with our Melbourne shopping guide with the suggested +13 best souvenirs from Melbourne, best things to buy in Melbourne, must buy in Melbourne (must buy things in Melbourne) as well as where to buy cheap souvenirs in Melbourne, where to buy in Melbourne, best shopping places in Melbourne and best shopping mall in Melbourne to clear the answer!

What to buy in Melbourne: Wines

At the top of the list of what to buy in Melbourne as a gift that can not help but to mention is wine. Traditional wines here are recognized as the most famous fine wines in Australia. To enjoy this specialty, do a tour to explore vineyards in the Yarra valley. Here you will learn about the process of making Melbourne premium wines and enjoy them with local cheeses and sweet chocolate.

Australia first time
Immense vineyards in Yarra Valley

Traveling to Melbourne, the Yarra valley will definitely be the first choice place to visit. Yarra wines are indeed very well-known throughout Australia already. You can join a food tour to experience a variety of wines, cheeses… and then you can grab some bottles of wine to take home. It’s great, isn’t it! This will surely be a signature gift when traveling in Melbourne. Some best wines you can choose to buy such as: Sevenhill (Sweet Altar Red Wine), Jumping Juice (Bonkers Juicy Red Wine), Red Knot (Cabernet Sauvignon), La Cantina (No Preservatives Added Dry Red), Yellow Tail (Big Bold Red), Red Hill Estate (Cool Climate Pinot Noir)…

| what to buy in melbourne

Where to buy

You will find a wide range of wine shops across Melbourne such as: Prince Wine Store (177 Bank Street, South Melbourne), Cloudwine Cellars (317 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne), European Wine Store (2 Wynyard Street, South Melbourne), Blackhearts & Sparrows (113-115 Scothmer Street, Fitzroy Noth), The Valley Cella Door (18-20 Hall Street, Moonee Ponds), Mr West (106 Nicholson Street, Footscray)…

Or you also buy directly from wineries when take a tour to Yarra Valley.


| what to buy in melbourne

If you have been to Australia once, you will surely know the famous Vegemite food spread around the world. Vegemite is made from leftover brewers’ yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives and often served with breakfast sandwiches in the land of kangaroos. It is also a famous specialty in Melbourne because here is a long-standing and traditional production place since the early 19th century.

It’s perfect match with toast or sandwiches | best things to buy in melbourne

Where to buy

Vegemite is widely sold in every grocery, convenience stores and supermarkets because it contains many nutrients and is a feature of Australian cuisine. It is always the top choice on the list of what to buy in Melbourne as a gift for many tourists when coming here.

Best things to buy in Melbourne: Haigh’s Chocolates

| best things to buy in melbourne

Haigh’s Chocolates is always a perfect choice when you travel in Australia. As a famous brand, its products are all handmade, even the packaging of the products. In Melbourne you can also find the genuine store.

Haigh’s Chocolates is a long-established chocolate producing brand, since 1915 and currently has 15 stores throughout Australia. | best things to buy in melbourne

Where to buy

Haigh’s Chocolates Rialto
Address: 495 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Hours: 9:30AM–5:30PM/Sunday: 11AM–3PM

T2 Tea

In addition to wine, Melbourne also boasts Australia’s most famous T2 tea brand. Established for a long time, T2 develops with many types of tea with its own unique flavor that is different from traditional teas in the world.

| best things to buy in melbourne

The tea bags are produced all year round, with a unique flavor will be an ideal choice of tourists when visiting Australia. You are still wondering when you do not know what to buy in Melbourne. Don’t worry, T2 tea is an ideal choice.

Coming to Australia to enjoy these delicious cups of tea that you completely agree why T2 is so famous and loved by everyone, as well as buy as a gift in Melbourne so much.

| best things to buy in melbourne

Where to buy

T2 Tea – 269 Little Collins
Address: 269 Little Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Hours: 10AM–5:30PM/Sunday: 11AM–5PM

What to buy in Melbourne: Kitkat Chocolatory

KitKat is a very famous chocolate brand in the world. However, in Melbourne, there is Kitkat’s exclusive store for KitKat Ruby products that are taking the world by storm, a chocolate bar is priced as high as 5 dollars. Ruby chocolate is made from a special cocoa bean that experts call ruby ​​cocoa, which grows completely naturally in the regions of Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast. Although there are no colors and flavors, Ruby Chocolate still has the sour taste of wild strawberries, interspersed with the typical cocoa flavor. Do not miss this place to buy these beautiful ruby ​​chocolate bars as gifts for your loved ones.

Ruby chocolate | must buy in melbourne

Where to buy

Address: Melbourne Central, level 1/211 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Melbourne shopping guide: Stuffed animals

what to buy in Melbourne as souvenirs which is convenient, easy to bring, and meaningful? The stuffed animals are the first choice for you. You can find it at any souvenir shop, supermarket or market with a “cheap” price. Lovely stuffed kangaroos and koalas with various designs and sizes will be meaningful gifts bearing the traditional symbolism of the beautiful Australia.

Kangaroos and koalas are typical symbols of Australia and it is easy to understand that it is a must-buy souvenir when traveling in beautiful Australia. | must buy in melbourne

If you are wondering cheap things to buy in Melbourne, don’t hesitate to grab these super-beautiful and meaningful stuffed animals to give everyone.

Stuffed symbols of Australia | must buy in melbourne

Where to buy

Buy at any souvenir shops in Melbourne.

Must buy in Melbourne: The Australian Natural Soap

Surely, just hearing the name, you must have found it quite strange, right? This is a handmade product in Melbourne that not everyone knows. Here, fragrance oils, soaps, essential oils are all handmade with natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients.

| cheap things to buy in melbourne

Where to buy

Do not miss this lovely place below when traveling in Melbourne. You will definitely choose the right gifts to give to relatives and friends after this trip.

Address: 259-263 Collins St | Shop 12 Centreway Arcade, Melbourne

Must buy things in Melbourne: Tea tree oil

| cheap things to buy in melbourne

Tea tree oil will be a useful gift for disinfecting and healing wounds. Besides, it is also used to wash hair and treat foot odor. You will find it at cosmetics stores across Melbourne.

Things must buy in Melbourne: Melbourne Monopoly Board Game

You are still wondering when you do not know what to buy in Melbourne for your kids. Forget the keychains and stuffed kangaroos, the Monopoly Melbourne-style chess board will be the ideal choice to buy as a gift after a trip to Melbourne. In this version, you’ll roll the dice through Queen Victoria Market, Temple of Remembrance, Etihad Stadium, St Kilda beach and the Arts Center in Melbourne. It’s really like a miniature of Melbourne, isn’t it?

| cheap things to buy in melbourne

Where to buy

Queen Victoria Market
Address: Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Hours: 6AM–3PM/Sunday: 9AM–4PM/Monday; Wednesday: Closed

What to buy in Melbourne as souvenirs: Boomerang

| best gifts from melbourne

One of the most popular souvenirs in Melbourne and across the country is the Boomerang. This sport has been around for more than a thousand years and has become a symbol when it comes to Australia. Different from the usual ones, Boomerangs in this “the city of the Queen“ are handcrafted with colorful patterns just like an art picture.

Aboriginal boomerang sold at Queen Victoria market in Melbourne Australia. | cheap things to buy in melbourne

You must have found the answer here about what gifts to buy in Melbourne, right? A Boomerang compact enough to fit in a suitcase and full of meaning will make a great keepsake of your memories.

Where to buy

You can see it appearing a lot in famous popular markets of Melbourne such as Queen Victoria market.

What to get in Melbourne: Handmade crafts

| cheap things to buy in melbourne

Surely when traveling abroad, you will not be able to ignore the handmade gifts, bearing the characteristics of each region, right? When traveling in Melbourne it’s the same. Famous and popular shopping markets in Melbourne such as: Queen Victoria Market, Camberwell Sunday Market, South Melbourne Market, you will surely find unique and affordable gifts to buy as gifts.

Best souvenirs from Melbourne: Opal gemstone and jewelry

Opal jewelry | things must buy in melbourne

What to buy in Melbourne as the most meaningful gift to give to your loved ones? One of the most popular luxury and precious gifts here is Opal. Opal, also known as cat’s eye, comes in many shapes and vivid colors. It has been exploited for a long time and most concentrated in Australia about more than hundred million years ago.

Opal is made into meticulous, intricate jewelry, which is a meaningful gift for loved ones.

Opal stone has many uses such as interior decoration, making feng shui objects, jewelry, stone paintings and even old stones have the ability to increase resistance, protect health.

| things must buy in melbourne

Where to buy

Revealing you a reputable place to find this precious gift in Melbourne is the Lightning Ridge Opal Mines

Address: The Beehive Building, 94 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Hours: 11AM–5PM/Monday; Sunday: Closed

Best gifts from Melbourne: Melbourne local cosmetics

Although not advertised as aggressively as all other cosmetics in the world, Australia is still known by many as a “beauty paradise” with many wonderful domestic cosmetics. And among them, the city of Melbourne is the birthplace of many famous brands for beauty such as Sukin – a brand of benign skin care cosmetics or Aesop – 100% organic cosmetics extracted from herbs and spices.

Sukin natural cosmetics line in Melbourne is the top favorite of tourists. | things must buy in melbourne

Affordable price but excellent quality and suitable for all skin, Australian domestic cosmetics are not a bad choice when traveling in the land of kangaroos. You will definitely regret it if you forget it in your list of  what to buy in Melbourne as a gift.

| things must buy in melbourne

Cheap things to buy in Melbourne: Blundstone boots

Along with jewelry and cosmetics, shoes are also a popular gift in Melbourne to be bought and brought back. Among them is Blundstone – a popular fashion boot brand. With many different sizes and colors, Blundstone has won the hearts of countless fashionistas when coming to Melbourne.

Blundstone boots is a famous fashion brand in Australia. | what to buy in melbourne as souvenirs

A small note for you is to carefully choose the size for yourself or the person you intend to give it to and boots are allowed to be returned if the tags are still intact. If you have any questions about  What should I buy in Melbourne? Don’t forget to stop by the Blundstone store to find out!

Along with UGG brand, Blundstone boot is also a famous and popular brand. Especially, when you visit Melbourne, you definitely cannot miss the opportunity to own this product. From adult to child sizes all are beautifully designed and very stylish. They are also like indelible symbols of Melbourne. So, choose a few pairs and bring them home as gifts for your loved ones during your trip to Melbourne.

| what to buy in melbourne as souvenirs

Where to buy

Buy at 348 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Where to buy in Melbourne: Best shopping places in Melbourne & best shopping mall in Melbourne & where to buy cheap souvenirs in Melbourne

Melbourne is not only known as the most livable city in the world, but also famous for its attractive shopping places. However, to choose for yourself a shopping place with a variety of items and reasonable prices is something that many tourists are interested in. So, where to shop in Melbourne for cheap and diverse?

Some notes when shopping in Melbourne

H&M brand in sales season | what to buy in melbourne as souvenirs

According to our Melbourne shopping guide, there are almost no fakes or imitations here, and the prices of the items are clearly listed and there is no bargaining when buying make shopping becomes easy and fast. You will also find it easy to choose your own souvenirs at souvenir shops, shopping malls and markets. The discount season in Melbourne lasts from May to July, although the prices are extremely cheap, but the quality is still absolutely guaranteed. Perfume and clothing are two items that are loved by many people, and with guaranteed quality, you can choose a variety of gifts, souvenirs such stuffed kangaroos, boomerang, specialties… from above these shopping places.

Below are popular shopping places in Melbourne.

Queen Victoria Market

Address: Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Hours: 6AM–3PM/Sunday: 9AM–4PM/Monday; Wednesday: Closed

Located in the heart of the city, Queen Victoria Market is considered one of the largest open-air markets in the Southern Hemisphere. The market sells all kinds of items, you will find anything you need here. Not only famous as a major shopping center of Melbourne, Queen Victoria Market is also a dining paradise, with famous dishes of Melbourne cuisine. Queen Victoria Market always attracts a large number of tourists, annually about 9.5 million people visit and shop here. It can be said that Queen Victoria is one of the famous and reasonably priced shopping places in Melbourne.

| what to buy in melbourne as souvenirs

A little note for those who want to explore this market is that it is open every day of the week except Monday and Wednesday. And especially on Wednesday evenings in the summer months, there will be many entertainment programs, eating between stalls at night. The Queen Victoria Market is definitely a famous shopping place in Melbourne  that you definitely to visit.

Queen Victoria Night Market
Live music at Queen Victoria Night Market | where to buy cheap souvenirs in melbourne

Best shopping mall in Melbourne: South Melbourne Market

Address: 322-326 Coventry St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia
Hours: 8AM–4PM/Monday; Tuesday; Thursday: Closed

Are you looking to enjoy Melbourne cuisine? Are you looking for an affordable yet quality  place to shopping in Melbourne? South Melbourne Market is a great choice for you. Established for more than 150 years, this popular market is a popular shopping place for locals and tourists alike. Here you will taste all of Melbourne’s famous dishes, buy a lot of clean and fresh food.

| where to buy cheap souvenirs in melbourne

In the market, there is also a separate area selling souvenirs, clothes… suitable for tourists to buy as gifts when coming to Melbourne. And especially, this market has a shopping website for those who are busy and do not have time to shop anymore.

South Melbourne Market owns a fairly large area with mainly clothing, sports equipment, souvenirs… In addition, this market also has a separate food court serving a variety of Melbourne’s famous delicious dishes.

Where to buy in Melbourne: Federation Square

Address: Swanston St & Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Hours: Open 24 hours

Federation Square in Melbourne
| where to buy cheap souvenirs in melbourne

If you are wondering in choosing a tourist place in Melbourne that can both visit, entertain and shop, Federation Square is the perfect choice. This is not only a unique complex, where cultural events, music, cuisine… of the city take place, but also an interesting shopping district. Coming here, in addition to sightseeing, you can choose to buy yourself items such as shoes, clothes, bags, toys, books… In particular, the market has a variety of souvenirs of different types you can buy delight to choose.

the Atrium federation square melbourne (1)
| where to buy in melbourne

Not only attracting tourists by ancient and unique architectural art and cultural and musical events, Federation Square is also an interesting shopping place for city people as well as tourists. The items here include clothes, shoes, toys and souvenirs with all kinds for you to choose from.

Melbourne Central

Address: Cnr LaTrobe and Swanston Streets, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Hours: 10AM–7PM

Just a short distance from Melbourne Emporium and Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne Central stretching from Lonsdale to La Trobe Street in length, Swanston Street to Elizabeth in width and height is up to 5 stories.

Melbourne Central is a  popular shopping mall in Melbourne with a massive and unique design. A special feature of this superlative shopping center is a giant cone embracing the central tower over 20 meters high. At Melbourne Central, there are countless products of famous brands in Australia and the world, from fashion, food to luxury dining.

Because of its uniqueness and convenience, this famous shopping center is recognized as the top shopping address in Melbourne of tourists when visiting beautiful Australia. | where to buy in melbourne

Melbourne Central is definitely too familiar to residents as well as international students. What makes this place even more special is the unique architecture including the giant Marionette Clock hanging in Shot Tower Square, famous for its hourly performance of the Australian national anthem ‘Waltzing Matilda’. If you’re new to Melbourne, the easiest place to meet up with friends is right under this big clock. Not only that, it has 300 famous shops (including Sephora, SABA and a Hoyts) and has its own train station (Melbourne Central Station).

Melbourne Central has no shortage of Asian-style clothing stores: St. Station, JNBY, Studio K, Kanzi… always have some fixed discounts such as: Boxing Day, Mother’s Day, Singles Day, Summer sales, Winter sales,… If you often wander around the center of Melbourne on these occasions, you will see the bright red words SALE 30%-80%.

Bourke Street Mall

Little Bourke Street | where to buy in melbourne

Address: Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Hours: Open 24 hours

If you don’t have much time to shop but still can choose from attractive items such as clothes, bags, souvenirs… you should visit Bourke Street Mall which is a large shopping mall. In addition to shopping when you come here, you can also watch circus performances and listen to interesting troubadour.

Where to buy cheap souvenirs in Melbourne: Camberwell Sunday Market

Address: Market Pl, Camberwell VIC 3124, Australia
Hours: Sunday: 6:30AM–12:30PM

| best shopping mall in melbourne

True to its name, Camberwell Market is open every Sunday with a multitude of different items that attract tourists to visit. Here you can buy a wide range of antiques to modern items such as porcelain, pictures, furniture, clothes at “cheap” prices and even many items completely free. Therefore, Camberwell Market is known by residents and countless visitors as the most popular market in Melbourne.

Chadstone Shopping Centre

Address: 1341 Dandenong Rd, Chadstone VIC 3148, Australia
Hours: 9AM–9PM/Monday; Tuesday; Wednesday: 9AM–5:30PM/Sunday: 10AM–7PM

The famous shopping place in Melbourne must mention is Chadstone Centre. Located in the southeastern part of Malvern East, Victoria, Chadstone is also known as  Australia’s largest shopping mall with over 500 stores attracting more than 60,000 visitors a day. Coming to Chadstone, you can freely shop for famous fashion items, explore culinary delights at exquisite restaurants and cafes, or entertain with attractive movies at leading cinemas.

Discovering the famous Chadstone Center shopping center will surely be an extremely enjoyable experience during your wonderful Australia trip. | best shopping mall in melbourne

Established in 1960, Chadstone is the largest shopping complex in Australia. Only about 30 minutes by car from the city center.

Beneath the huge dome like a spider’s web, it is considered a miniature world because of the convergence of luxury stores such as Channel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes,… or stores for mid-range customers like Zara, H&M, Uniqlo… to stores with prices for students: Cotton on, Sportsgirl… It is impossible not to mention two famous stores with many cosmetic and clothing brands: David Jones and Myer.

If you’re an Apple fan, you’re really lucky because Chadstone has a “super giant” Apple store specializing in a variety of electronic devices. In addition, a new food court with 1300 seats and a large screen showing fashion shows or movies – as a preferential place for family and friends meals.

Melbourne Emporium

Address: 287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Hours: 10AM–7PM

Shopping mall  Melbourne Emporium just opened for several years ago, located adjacent to two streets Lonsdale and Little Bourke, the huge building of 48,000 square meters, seven floors is a paradise for fashionistas or shopaholics.

Emporium shopping mall bangkok3
Emporium Melbourne | best shopping mall in melbourne
Emporium shopping mall bangkok1
| best shopping melbourne

The shopping center is famous for its novelty interior with 200 stores with top names in fashion (Topshop, Uniqlo, Calvin Klein, Zoo York, Lacoste…), luxury Danish jewelry and homewares. With an upscale food court offering over 30 options, multiple cafes and restaurants, and a basement food court with even more options.

In the hall of the building, where large and small events are held on special occasions, it is equally attractive to locals as well as foreign students. But it will be a bit inconvenient because there is no central parking.

Emporium Melbourne
| best shopping melbourne

Royal Arcade

Address: 335 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Hours: 7AM–7PM/Friday: 7AM–9PM/Saturday: 8AM–7PM/Sunday: 9AM–7PM

Are you bored with modern and busy shopping malls and centers? Are you looking for a quality and antique places to shopping in Melbourne? Royal Arcade is a perfect suggestion for you. Established in 1870, Royal Arcade is considered the oldest shopping district in Melbourne with its unique dome design and elegant Italian atmosphere. The most impressive feature of this shopping center for visitors is the delicate decorations, carvings, especially the lion and unicorn statues in front of the entrance and the mythical figures of Gog and Magog.

| best shopping melbourne

In addition to impressive and elegant architecture, Royal Arcade also offers a variety of famous items like other shopping centers in Melbourne. It would be great to both shop and enjoy a small meal at the lovely coffee shop in Royal Arcade.

DFO South Wharf

Address: 20 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006, Australia
Hours: 10AM–6PM

Finding cheap products in Melbourne is quite difficult, however DFO South Wharf shopping mall is very easy to find bargains without wasting time. DFO South Wharf is quite a famous place in  Melbourne  with a store chain called Direct Factory Outlets that owns more than 120 brands that are always updated with the latest styles.

DFO South Wharf3
| best shopping mall in melbourne

All stores sell directly, the items here are not through agents or distributors, so the prices are very cheap. The center not only meets the needs of fashion lovers, but also provides home decoration items or ingredients to make delicious meals,…

DFO South Wharf3

Collins Street

Collins Street is steeped in centuries of history, evident in its stunning slew of buildings. You’ll marvel at the 120-foot spire and impressive Gothic architecture.

If you’re prepared to spend thousands of dollars, head straight for the ultra-chic Collins Street, known for its huge collection of luxury boutiques. Located inside the buildings, high-end boutiques include Chanel, Giorgio Armani and Louis Vuitton.

| best shopping mall in melbourne
Boutiques at Collins Street

There are also plenty of top five-star hotels, private clubs and glitzy jewelers in Paris’ End Street. Amidst the high-end shops along Collins Street, you’ll find cocktail bars, the perfect space to relax and unwind after a long day of shopping. Enjoy a snack at Mamasita Bar, and Enjoy Thai food at the Magic Mountain Saloon, or, for live music, head to Boney to catch a band performance.

Highpoint Shopping Centre

| best shopping mall in melbourne

Address: 120-200 Rosamond Rd, Maribyrnong VIC 3032, Australia
Hours: 9AM–5:30PM

High Point has more than 400 different stores and is considered the largest shopping center in Melbourne. This shopping center has a variety of big-brand products in clothing, appliances, and is also a complex that includes entertainment activities such as movies, food, games… You will feel extremely comfortable when coming here to enjoy the rich food at restaurants and large parking space.

Westfield Southland

| best shopping mall in melbourne

Address: 1239 Nepean Hwy, Cheltenham VIC 3192, Australia
Hours: 9AM–5:30PM

Westfield Southland Cheltenham shopping mall is one of the people’s favorite shopping destinations here with a car park with a capacity of 6,000 cars,. You can easily get here by public transport, car or taxi. This place gathers big brand names such as David Jones, Myers, Big W, Kmart, Target, ALDI, Coles, Safeway…

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Coffee shop in Melbourne

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