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Traveling to Australia for 10 days and 9 nights, where should you go, what should you do, what should you eat? Let Klook tell you a detailed 10-day, 9-night Australia travel itinerary (Australia Itinerary 10 Days 9 Nights on how to spend and what to do in Australia for 10 days) to freely explore Australia as follows!

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Australia, with its wild beauty and cultural diversity, is an ideal destination for journeys of discovery. Coming to AUSTRALIA, you will discover Sydney’s unique culture, admire the magical beauty of nature in the wilderness, or check-in with adorable kangaroos.

Vineyards, Southern Highlands | credit: | 10 days in Australia
The symbol of Australia, kangaroos | 10 days in Australia

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If you want to fully explore the paradise beauty of the land of beauty of kangaroos, a 10-day, 9-night travel itinerary to Australia is a great itinerary choice. From the vibrant city of Melbourne, to the modern capital Sydney and beautiful areas, the trip will be a memorable journey for you to reconnect with nature.

Day 1: Vietnam – Sydney (#10 days in Australia)

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To travel from Vietnam to Sydney, you can choose to depart from Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City or Noi Bai airport in Hanoi. International airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Qatar Airways, or Singapore Airlines often offer flights from Vietnam to Sydney
If you depart from Ho Chi Minh City, you can choose a direct flight from Vietnam Airlines, or Vietjet Air, or a one-stop flight. Flights from Hanoi are all 1-stop flights.

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Sydney Harbour National Park

4G WiFi (Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi Delivery) for Australia

Specific flight times may vary depending on the airline you choose and direct or non-stop flights, usually taking about 8.5 – 17 hours to reach Sydney.

Day 2: Explore Sydney City

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Lord Nelson’s famous beer pub is loved by tourists. | 10 days in Australia

On your first day in Australia, you can visit some famous places right in the city:

Opera House

sydney opera house, best places to visit in sydney, best places to visit in sydney australia (1)
| 10 days in Australia

Opera Ticket at the Sydney Opera House

This place is also known as the oyster theater, one of Australia’s architectural symbols located right on the bay. You can learn about Australian art and culture, or admire the beautiful ocean views and take check-in photos here.

sydney opera house, best places to visit in sydney, best places to visit in sydney australia (1)

sydney opera house, best places to visit in sydney, best places to visit in sydney australia (1)
The voyeuristic light show was hard to describe when the night falls at the oyster theater. | 10 days in Australia

Sydney Opera House Guided Walking Tour

Darling Harbour | 10 days in Australia

Hop On Hop Off Cruise from Circular Quay or Darling Harbour

Vibrant entertainment area with many restaurants, shops and entertainment activities. You can relax at cafes, admire the cityscape, or go for a walk.

Botanic Garden

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Royal Botanic Gardens | 10 days in Australia

Located near the city center, the garden converges exquisite natural beauty and diverse ecosystems. You can immerse yourself in a peaceful, green space and admire the impressive Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House.

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| 10 days in Australia

Hop On Hop Off Cruise from Circular Quay or Darling Harbour

The Rocks Old Town

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| 10 days in Australia

With ancient stone roads, The Rocks is a place where history and modern culture blend. Visitors can enjoy cuisine, shop at art shops and admire unique ancient architecture.

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| 10 days in Australia

1.5-Hour The Rocks Walking Guided Tour from Sydney

Large Shopping Malls

credit: tripadvisor | 10 days in Australia

Shopping malls such as Westfield Sydney, Pitt Street Mall and Queen Victoria Building are home to leading brands with a wide range of products, goods. Visitors can freely shop and immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere here.

Day 3: Explore Australia’s Natural Life

When you come to Australia, you cannot miss the opportunity to explore the beautiful nature here.

Symbio Wildlife Park Zoo

Located in the town of Helensburgh, Symbio Wildlife Park is especially famous as a place for you to see with your own eyes many native Australian animals, and many other rare animals such as Tasmanian beast, Sumantra tiger,…

SEA LIFE Aquarium (#10 days in Australia)

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SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium Ticket

Located next to Darling Harbor, SEA LIFE Aquarium takes visitors on an exciting journey through deep sea ecosystems. The aquarium has more than 700 species of marine animals, including sharks, rays, starfish, etc. Visitors can walk through glass tunnels, to see the ocean and the beauty of Australian marine creatures.

Fish Market

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Located on the city’s vibrant coastline, this is an interesting place on your journey to explore Australia. With a rich amount of seafood, this is a great place for you to explore Australian cuisine.


Day 4: Fitness Challenge in the Australian Mountains

In addition to having fun at Sydney’s bustling seaport, you can also enjoy beautiful nature in the beautiful mountains of Australia.

Blue Mountains

blue mountains park sydney.3
Blue Mountains | 10 days in Australia

Blue Mountains Day Tours

Located near Sydney, the Blue Mountains in Australia are a world wonder recognized by UNESCO. With diverse mountain terrain, visitors can enjoy green nature and fresh, clean air.

Three Sisters

Three Sisters | credit:

Blue Mountains Scenic World Ticket or Bus Tour

Three Sisters Mountain is one of the famous attractions in the Blue Mountains. Three magnificent rocky mountains stand out on the majestic mountain picture, creating impressive scenery for you to admire and take artistic photos.

Coal Mines

Katoomba | @wikipedia

Sydney Blue Mountains One Day Tour and Photo with Koala

Katoomba, a city located in the Blue Mountains of Australia, is famous for its long history of coal mining. You can visit coal mines, houses with old architecture, and enjoy cuisine here.

Bankstown Vietnamese Area

credit: | 10 days in Australia

Bankstown area, one of the vibrant shopping destinations of the Vietnamese community in Australia, here, people can easily find typical Vietnamese products, from dishes to fruits and vegetables.

Day 5: See Kangaroo – Symbol of Australia

To get closer to the Australian icon, you can spend a day at the Kangaroo sanctuary at Cave Beach.

Cronulla Beach


Blue Mountains and Zoo Day Tour with Chinese Speaking Guide

Cronulla, is a wonderful beach paradise that attracts you to start a new day exploring Australia. With fine white sand, clear blue sea and fresh air, Cronulla is a place for you to enjoy fresh air, and take photos.

Hacking River

With calm waters and wild scenery, Hacking River is an ideal place for activities such as kayaking and sightseeing from yachts. In addition, the surrounding area also has historical and cultural sites, creating a diverse and interesting experience.

Royal National Park


Located in the south of Sydney, this park gives visitors the opportunity to explore wild natural beauty with lush green forests, gentle beaches and picturesque landscapes.

Kiama – BlowHole


Wollongong and Kiama Blowhole Day Tour with Chinese Speaking Guide

Kiama, a small town located on the coast of New South Wales, Australia, is famous for its wonderful tourist destination – Blowhole. This is the largest natural blowhole in the world. You will have the opportunity to admire 20m high water columns rising from the hole.

Kangaroo Sanctuary


The Kangaroo Sanctuary at Cave Beach is a great destination for wildlife lovers. Nestled amidst beautiful scenery. Visitors have the opportunity to encounter, observe and take photos with typical Australian animals, creating an unforgettable travel experience. In the evening, you can stay overnight in Kangaroo Valley near the reserve.

Day 6: Sydney – Canberra – Melbourne

From the Kangaroo sanctuary, you can conveniently visit Jervis Bay to see extremely adorable whales. This is where the bottlenose dolphin population lives. Depending on the time, the number of schooling can range from 100-120. Therefore, you will have a great chance to see dolphins playing in the clear blue sea water.

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Jervis Bay Whale Watching Cruise

At the end of the whale watching boat tour, we will set out to explore the capital of Australia – Canberra.

Lake Griffin

Aerial view of Canberra Central Business District with sunrise at Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Griffin, located in the center of Canberra, is a famous tourist destination with its poetic natural beauty. Visitors can relax by walking along the lake, enjoying the beautiful fresh scenery, or enjoy recreational activities in this area such as rowing, cycling, or enjoying meals on the boat.

| canberra travel guide

Parliament Building

The capital of Canberra

Located in the center of Canberra, the Parliament building is an important architectural symbol of Australia. Visitors have the opportunity to tour the entire building and better understand the country’s history and politics. In particular, you can climb to the roof of the building and admire the beautiful scenery of Canberra.

Australia first time
Australian Parliament House in Canberra

Canberra Day Tour with Chinese Speaking Guide

War Memorial


The Canberra War Memorial is an ideal attraction for those who want to learn about Australia’s military history. With impressive exhibits, the museum tells true stories about history and is a place to honor brave soldiers.

Taking a tour around Canberra, you can take advantage of the evening to board a plane to Melbourne.

Day 7: Melbourne – Great Ocean Road

Coastal roads are always home to beautiful scenery. Great Ocean Road is the most beautiful road running along the ocean in Australia, and the whole world.

Great Ocean Road

This route runs along Victoria’s south-west coast, giving visitors the chance to see beautiful spots such as the Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge. With its wild beauty and endless blue sea, the Great Ocean Road is the ideal destination for those who want to explore Australia’s wonderful nature.


Great Ocean Road Day Tour from Melbourne

Port Campbell National Park


Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour from Melbourne

This place has immense blue sea views, fine white sand beaches and forest areas along the coast. This is the ideal stop to enjoy the pristine air and enjoy peaceful moments amidst the majestic nature of Australia.

The Twelve Apostles

Great Ocean Road melbourne
Picture: Melbourne travel blog.

Boutique Great Ocean Road Reverse Itinerary Tour from Melbourne

A unique natural wonder on the Victoria coast, is a group of rocks standing tall in the middle of the sea. With majestic beauty, this is a destination that attracts millions of tourists every year. Feeling the magical nature and enjoying the sunset here is an unforgettable experience in your journey to explore Australia.

London Bridge


This is not a bridge in London, but a unique natural rock, creating a wonderful picture in the middle of the deep blue ocean. Under sunlight or sunset, London Bridge shines with wild beauty, a great stop for those who want to explore Australia’s unique natural beauty.

Day 8: Great Ocean Road – Melbourne

Continuing your journey on the Great Ocean Road, you will discover other great destinations.

  • Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum and Village: The ancient village is located in Warrnambool, an ideal destination for those who want to explore the history and culture of this land. With uniquely built ancient houses and historical artifacts, it helps visitors better understand ancient life in Australia.
  • Longans Beach: Every year, from June to September, southern smooth dolphins will choose Logans Beach in Warrnambool to breed. Visitors can observe them from the beach. This is an impressive experience of Australian nature.
Flagstaff village | credit:

You return to Melbourne to rest and prepare to explore the bustling city in Australia.

Day 9: Rest in Melbourne City

After days of going up the mountain and down the ocean, you can participate in light tourist activities in Melbourne before returning home.

Fitzroy Botanical Garden

Fitzroy Gardens

With its lush green space, Fitzroy Garden is an ideal stop to relax and enjoy nature. Explore the gardens, fountains, and historic structures here for a wonderful experience in the vibrant city center.

Fitzroy Gardens transforms for Sunset Series
Fitzroy Gardens | 10 days in Australia

Captain Cook’s Cottage

Cooks Cottage at Fitzroy Gardens2
Cook’s Cottage at Fitzroy Gardens

Captain James Cook, was an important figure in the history of Australian exploration. He discovered many places around the world, including the east coast of Australia.

Crown Casino

Located on the banks of the Yarra River, Crown is not only a major casino but also a diverse entertainment center with top restaurants, bars, and entertainment events.

Yarra River

cruise yarra river

Spirit of Melbourne Dinner Cruise

This is the soul of Melbourne, which creates a wonderful picture for the city. Along the riverbank, you can enjoy luxurious restaurants, interesting cafes, and green spaces.

Day 10: Return to Vietnam

You board the plane to return to Vietnam after a diverse journey of exploring Australia.

Tips for Australia Travel 10 Days 9 Nights

Guide to getting around Australia

Collin Street, Melbourne

Sydney Airport Drop-Off Shuttle Transfer

To explore the diverse beauty, visitors can choose between domestic train, bus, and plane systems. Within the city, subways and buses are popular options for traveling between popular tourist attractions.

If you want to travel conveniently, you can also rent a car to drive yourself, or rent a car with a driver. Check out the convenient transportation services available on Klook.

Yarra River, Melbourne

Shared Sydney Airport Transfer (SYD) for Sydney

Cost of Travel to Australia 10 Days 9 Nights for Reference

Travel costs in Australia vary depending on your budget and itinerary. However, you can refer to some basic costs below from Klook:

  • Airfare (round-trip): $550.01 – $982.16
  • Hotel cost: $78.57 – $117.86/person/night
  • Travel costs: About $117.86/person
  • Food cost: About $255.36 – $353.58/person
  • Entertainment and shopping costs: About $117.86 – $314.29/person
  • Other costs: About $392.87/person

So the total travel cost for 1 person in Australia for 10 days and 9 nights is about $2,062.55 – $3,103.64.

Traveling to Australia for 10 days and 9 nights will let you fully explore AUSTRALIA, from the famous port city of Sydney, to the bustling city of Melbourne and even majestic wild areas.

Coffee shop in Melbourne

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