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Hosier Lane is located between Swanston and Russell streets, extending from Flinders Street through to Flinders Lane. Rutledge Lane is connected from C shape to the west of Hosier Lane.

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History of Hosier Lane in Melbourne



It is located in Hosier lane in 1920 and quite diverse. With an organ manufacturer, a warehouse for a men’s clothing company, and a costume manufacturer. At that time, Hosier Lane was located in the clothing manufacturing district. The nearby Higson and Oliver Lanes also had warehouses that were predominantly used by businesses involved in the manufacturing of clothes.

4hosier lane australia

hosier lane australia

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An artist is making wall painting

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Two properties on Hosier Lane, used for commercial and domestic purposes, are listed on the Victorian Heritage Inventory. These are the buildings which are located at numbers 3-5 and 7-9. Hosier Lane becomes a well known brightly lit lane for its quirky bars and the stencil graffiti art which adorns the lane’s brick walls. The artwork which is decorated the walls near number 1 Hosier Lane and near Misty Place at number 3-5 Hosier Lane have been approved by the City of Melbourne as registered street artwork.

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Hosier Lane’s attractions

Melbourne (Australia) is one of the famous cities in the world for the street art. The best way to enjoy the talent of the artists is wandering in the small alleys.

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If we say that in many countries, painting, writing on walls is prohibited, but here, you can comfortably paint on many buildings. The Hosier alley is near with the Federation Square where have large artists focus on composing, and tourists come to visit.

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Apart from the wall paintings, the Hosier alley also makes curiosity because they hang so many shoes up. Nobody shows an official explanation of the existence of these strange objects, but many visitors sometimes playfully toss their shoes.

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Not only tourists, the local people can get lost in the alleys also. Because of each day, the new picture appears which create the street art for Melbourne city , delete the old creations.

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That may be the comic characters, famous people, and the way to write typography word (word art) or more impressive is the proposal of a sweet guy.

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According to the whisperings of the local people, to admire the works of the most beautiful painting on the wall, let’s go to the central coastal areas such as Fitzroy.

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It is the residence of the young people coming from all over the world. They integrate into the new community and bring more culture and art of their own country to contribute to the second home.

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In some of traveling books, there is the direction for leading to alleys with the most wall pictures have in Melbourne. There are also tours for walking around this particular area.

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There are many monumental works with large format, but sometimes the picture is very simple, arbitrary. But the overall connection of wall painting created truly with wishes of the townspeople: Being creative freedom.

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The stylized calligraphy wall with two tones for using: black and white with many shades.

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Many similes, the alleys in Melbourne are the largest and free exhibit space with lively works, innovate constantly.

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Painting on the wall so much but most of the residents are not feeling annoyed, local authorities are no prohibitive.

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wall-painting-misshapen alleys in Melbourne (12)

wall-painting-misshapen alleys in Melbourne (11)

wall-painting-misshapen alleys in Melbourne (9)

wall-painting-misshapen alleys in Melbourne (4)

How to get there

Hosier Lane is easy to find and easy to get to. It’s 2 minutes walk from Flinders Street Station and Federation Square and runs between Flinders St and Collins St.

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4hosier lane australia

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