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Sydney Harbour City is one of the best tourist destinations to visit in Australia. Refer to the Sydney itinerary 6 days 5 nights from Klook right below!

Sydney Harbour National Park Hornby lighthouse and South Head.1
Sydney Harbour National Park @internet | Sydney itinerary 6 days
Sydney Foreshore at Circular Quay on Australia Day 2016
Circular Quay, Sydney | Sydney itinerary 6 days
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Grilled Kangaroo, must-eat in Sydney | Sydney itinerary 6 days

Sydney, Australia’s iconic city, is famous for its beauty blending wonderful nature and modern architecture, attracting millions of tourists every year. With romantic sea views, the famous Opera House, and vibrant Darling Harbour, Sydney is the ideal destination for memorable journeys of discovery.

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Lord Nelson’s famous beer pub is loved by tourists.
Freshwater Beach | Sydney itinerary 6 days

A 6-day, 5-night trip to Sydney is a great opportunity for you to fully enjoy the beauty of this port city. Follow Klook Vietnam for a tour around Sydney and prepare your travel itinerary in this beautiful city!

Day 1: Vietnam – Sydney

Sydney Airport

To travel from Vietnam to Sydney, you have many options in terms of airlines, starting points, flight times and ticket prices. International airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, and Vietjet Air often offer flights from major airports such as Tan Son Nhat (SGN) in Ho Chi Minh City, and Noi Bai (HAN) in Hanoi to Sydney International Airport (SYD).

Paddy’s Market | Sydney itinerary 6 days

Flight times typically range from 9 to 15 hours, depending on airline choice and route. Ticket prices also depend on the travel season, time of booking, and the ticket class you choose. There is often a price difference between ticket office classes such as economy class, premium economy class, business class and first class tickets.

Sydney cbd
Sydney CBD | Sydney itinerary 6 days

For specific information and current ticket prices, you should check directly on the airline’s website or use online ticket price compare sites such as SkyScanner or Google Flights.

Day 2: Explore Sydney City

On your first day in Sydney, you can take a short trip around the city.

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is a famous tourist attraction when exploring Sydney. From here, you can see beautiful views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, and the vast Sydney waters.

Sydney Opera House

credit: | Sydney itinerary 6 days

Sydney Opera House, a world-famous architectural symbol, rich in art and culture, is located on the beautiful coastline of Sydney city. With unique architecture, it is not only a place for art performances but also an attractive tourist place. You can check-in with one of the Australian icons, or watch unique art performances.

sydney opera house australia (1)
The Opera House and Sydney Harbour in the background. | Sydney itinerary 6 days

Opera Ticket at the Sydney Opera House

Sunset over Sydney Opera House | Sydney itinerary 6 days

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The Opera House Architectural Guided Tour from Sydney

Botanical Garden

sydney-royal-botanic-gardens (1)
Royal Botanic Gardens | Sydney itinerary 6 days

Located in the heart of Sydney, Sydney Botanic Garden is an ideal destination for nature lovers and those who want to enjoy lush green space. You can admire a variety of plants, relax, walk, picnic, and take romantic photos.

sydney-royal-botanic-gardens (1)
| Sydney itinerary 6 days
sydney-royal-botanic-gardens (1)
| Sydney itinerary 6 days

Sydney Harbour Bridge

sydney harbour bridge australia (1)

This is a unique architectural symbol, and one of the place to visit not to be missed when traveling to Sydney. With majestic sea views and a location close to the Sydney Opera House, this is the ideal spot to enjoy stunning views of the city.

| Sydney itinerary 6 days

sydney harbour bridge australia (1)

Sydney Harbour BBQ Lunch Discovery Cruise

Darling Harbour | Sydney itinerary 6 days

1.5-Hour Harbour Sightseeing Cruise Tour in Sydney

Located near the city center, Darling Harbour attracts visitors with its wonderful harbor views and many entertainment venues. This place brings together trendy bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops for entertainment and shopping.

Queen Victoria Building

Built in the late 19th century, this building is famous for its grand architecture and luxury shopping. With unique fashion, art and culinary shops, this is the ideal place for you to feel the bustle of the Sydney harbor city.

Day 3: Enjoy Sydney Nature

In addition to being a modern city with impressive architecture, Sydney also attracts tourists with its beautiful natural landscape.

Visit Central Coast (#Sydney itinerary 6 days)

Located north of Sydney, the Central Coast is a great destination for those wanting to enjoy unspoiled nature. With gentle beaches, lush forests and small villages along the coast, the Central Coast is the ideal destination for you to find peace. Guests can relax, enjoy local cuisine and explore the natural beauty here.

Norah Lighthouse

Norah Lighthouse, is a great place for those who want to enjoy the natural beauty of the city. Located in the Central Coast area, this lighthouse not only brings a sense of peace with its immense sea views but also gives you a great opportunity to watch a romantic sunset and relax amidst majestic nature.

The Entrance Town

Clear blue sea surrounds the beautiful coastal town| image credit:

This is a famous town located on the Central Coast, a great destination for those who want to enjoy pristine nature near Sydney. In addition to the sea and peaceful landscape, this place is also the “capital of pelicans”. Add this place to your itinerary to check-in with adorable pelicans!

Day 4: Explore Canberra

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From Sydney, you can go to Canberra – the capital of Australia, to learn more about the culture and history of the Kangaroo country.

From Sydney, you can go to Canberra – the capital of Australia, to learn more about the culture and history of the Kangaroo country.

Parliament Building

Australia first time
Australian Parliament House in Canberra

Canberra Parliament House, the symbol of the Australian government, is an important destination when exploring Canberra. With unique architecture, the building is a place that gives you the opportunity to learn more about Australia. Besides, you can also enjoy the wonderful scenery of the Canberra region from the roof of Parliament.

Burley Griffin Lake

The soul of Canberra

This is a large artificial lake located in the center of the Australian capital, creating a green and ideal space for recreational activities. With romantic lakefronts, parks and unique architectural highlights, Burley Griffin Lake is a great destination for exploring the beauty of Canberra.

| canberra travel guide

War Memorial


This is an important tourist place in the Australian capital. This place honors soldiers who died in wars. With impressive architecture and meaningful displays, it is a solemn space to understand Australia’s history.

Ainslie Lookout

Ainslie Lookout, a great lookout point in Canberra, allows you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Australian capital region. Located at a high altitude with a wide view, you can enjoy panoramic views of the city and iconic buildings such as the National Assembly building. Visitors can enjoy the fresh air and take unique photos from the observation peak, and make memorable memories in Canberra.

Canberra Day Tour from Sydney with Korean Guide

Day 5: Shopping at Sydney Harbour City


On the last day in Sydney, you can visit shopping spots to buy specialties and souvenirs for relatives and friends.

Sydney Fish Market

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Sydney Fish Market, located on the blue beach, is a unique destination when exploring the city. With a vibrant atmosphere, the market offers a diverse shopping experience with a variety of fresh seafood. You can easily buy all kinds of seafood, from fish, shrimp, scallops to unique products only available at the Sydney fish market.

Nan Tien Temple


Located in Wollongong, near Sydney, Nan Tien is a Buddhist temple with unique architecture and deep spirituality. Located amidst majestic natural beauty, the temple is a great destination to find peace and explore Buddhist culture in Australia.


Wollongong and Kiama Blowhole Day Tour with Chinese Speaking Guide

In Sydney, a unique experience is exploring the “blowhole,” an impressive natural phenomenon at a famous location like Kiama. A blowhole is a natural opening on the coast where powerful ocean waves and enormous gas pressure create tall columns of water that shoot into the air. You can take impressive photos here.

DFO Homebush


DFO Homebush, an ideal shopping destination in Sydney, promises to bring a unique shopping experience. Located near Sydney Olympic Park, DFO Homebush is where you can discover hundreds of stores, from fashion to homewares, with discounts of up to 70%. With its laid-back atmosphere and product variety, this is the perfect stop for those wanting to enjoy shopping in Sydney.

Day 6: Return to Vietnam

You prepare your luggage, check-out at the hotel and board the plane to return home.

Some useful tips for Sydney Travel itinerary 6 Days 5 Nights

Sydney at sunset |

Traveling to Sydney for 6 days and 5 nights is a wonderful journey, bringing diverse and unique experiences. The ideal time to visit Sydney is usually in spring and autumn, when the weather is pleasant and arts events are taking place.

Before going, make sure you have prepared all procedures such as applying for a visa, buying travel insurance and booking flights in advance to enjoy preferential prices. For people from Vietnam, this process should start 2-3 months before the expected travel date.

Bondi beach

Klook Pass Sydney

Necessary items when traveling to Sydney include a mobile phone and international SIM card to conveniently look up information. Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, sunglasses to protect against UV rays, and some warm clothes.

Note that transport in Sydney is mainly by bus and metro, so purchasing a ticket or Opal e-card will be convenient. You can also equip the Klook Sydney Pass to freely enjoy tourist activities and attractions in Sydney.

Sydney Transportation Guide (#Sydney itinerary 6 days)

Paddington Markets, Sydney

Sydney Airport Drop-Off Shuttle Transfer

Sydney is the most developed city in Australia, so you don’t need to worry about moving around the city, or going to nearby attractions. The subway system (Sydney Trains) is large and connects throughout the city, helping visitors easily move between main tourist destinations. You can also use the Steepest Railway and bus lines to reach different areas.

In addition, renting a car or using a taxi service is a flexible option for those who want to explore many locations. If you want to enjoy the sea air by traveling on water, ferries and boats offer a unique journey across Sydney Harbour.

Good Hotels In Sydney

Chatswood Hotel In Mantra Building (agoda, booking)


The hotel stands out with its luxurious space, outdoor swimming pool and diverse restaurants. With a convenient location near shopping centers and parks, Mantra Chatswood is the ideal choice for travelers wanting to explore the vibrant atmosphere of Sydney.

  • Address: 10 Brown Street
  • Reference price: From $141.89/night

Oxford House


With spacious rooms, Oxford House makes the most of space to create a comfortable and luxurious environment. The good location gives visitors easy access to important tourist attractions, restaurants and shopping centers.

  • Address: 21 Oxford Street, Paddington, Sydney
  • Reference price: from $169.01/night

Meriton Suites Liverpool (booking)


Located in the heart of Liverpool, Meriton Suites Liverpool is the ideal destination for those seeking luxury and comfort. The suites are large with modern design and full amenities, along with a swimming pool and fitness center.

  • Address: 167 Northumberland St, Liverpool
  • Reference price: From $85.88/night

General Gordon (booking)


Comfortable rooms combined with modern amenities create a cozy and luxurious space. Conveniently located in the city centre, the hotel is the ideal place to enjoy Sydney’s history and culture.

  • Address: 20 Swain St
  • Reference price: From $102.19/night

SKYE Suites Green Square (agoda, booking)


Luxurious suites are fully equipped with amenities and make the most of natural light. With great views, an outdoor swimming pool and a comfortable rooftop terrace, SKYE Suites Green Square is the ideal place to stay for travelers looking to relax and explore Sydney’s vibrant culture.

  • Address: 8 Tweed Place
  • Reference price: From $218.73/night

Cost of Going to Sydney for 6 Days 5 Nights for Reference

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The cost of traveling to Sydney varies depending on when you travel, as well as your own budget. Below are some basic costs when traveling to Sydney, you can refer to:

  • Airfare to Sydney (round-trip): From $459.87/person
  • Hotel cost: From $314.44/person/4 nights
  • Travel costs: From $31.44/person/5 days
  • Meal costs: From $137.57/person/5 days
  • Sightseeing costs and other costs: About $707.49/person

So, the total cost for a trip to Sydney for 6 days and 5 nights will range from $1,650.81/person.

blue mountains park sydney.3
Blue Mountains

Traveling to Sydney for 6 days and 5 nights is a memorable journey that takes you to explore Australia’s iconic architecture and impressive natural scenery.

The post first appeared on Klook Vietnam and was translated and edited by Living Nomads. If you find any images or text that belong to you, please contact us, so we can credit you or give us permission to use them. Thank you very much!

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