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Sydney is the Australia’s largest, most famous and oldest city. Millions of visitors travel to the city of Sydney every year to enjoy its beauty, famous landmarks, local specialties along with vibrant, dynamic lifestyle and diverse culture. Sydney is the dream destination of many tourists when they come to the land of kangaroos. However, what most people are interested in is what to buy as gifts and souvenirs for relatives and friends. So, is Sydney good for shopping, what to buy in Sydney, what to buy in Sydney as souvenir, where to buy Australian souvenirs in Sydney? Let’s check out our Sydney shopping guide with the suggested list of +17 must buy items in Sydney (must buy in Sydney) and best things to buy in Sydney including best Sydney souvenirs, best things to buy from Sydney, cheap things to buy in Sydney as well as where to find them!

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The Rocks Market, most famous shopping district of Sydney.
the rocks sydney australia (1)
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What to buy in Sydney: Penfolds Grange Wine

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If Melbourne is famous for its wine in the Yarra valley, Sydney is always proud of Penfolds Grange wine with excellent taste. Penfolds Grange is well-known as a long-standing winery in Australia, with the typical wine flavors of five spices combined with raspberry and dark chocolate, creating a very special flavor. When traveling in Sydney, do not miss the opportunity to tasting, and buy a few bottles of wine to bring back as gifts for your loved ones. This will be a gift worth buying when you travel in Sydney.

One of the drinks that anyone coming to Australia wants to enjoy is wine. The people of Sydney are always proud to have a long-standing and top-ranked wine line in the world, which is Penfolds Grange. Possessing excellent aging secrets, Penfolds wines excite visitors with rich flavors and deep aromas and beautiful tones.

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Where to buy

If you don’t know what to buy in Sydney as souvenir, best things to buy in Sydney and must buy in Sydney for gentlemen, go to the store Vintage Cellars (Address: Oxford Village, Shop 15/61-65 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia/Hours: 9AM–10PM/Phone: +61 2 9121 7808) in the suburb of Darlinghurst. Here you will find one of the best classic wines in the world and of course, it can go up to AU$650 a bottle since 2005.

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Best things to buy in Sydney: Kangaroo leather products

Referring to Australia, surely it will not be possible to ignore “products” made from an animal which is the national symbol – that is Kangaroo leather or products made from this animal’s skin. The bustling city of Sydney prides itself on having high quality Kangaroo leathers which are carefully selected, meticulously designed, crafted into crafts or into bags, belts and other premium leather goods. If you are still wondering best things to buy from Sydney and best Sydney souvenirs, don’t miss this gift from Sydney.

| what to buy in sydney

Kangaroo leather is one of the most loved materials in Sydney as well as across Australia. With its premium quality, Kangaroo leather is often used to make bags, belts, wallets and a wide range of other products. The price of products made from Kangaroo leather will vary depending on the item you choose. For example, a Kangaroo leather wallet will be around 20 dollars, however if it is a Kangaroo wallet embossed by local Aboriginal artists it can be double or triple.

The wallets, purses made from Kangaroo leather will be an extremely practical and meaningful gift after your Sydney trip. | what to buy in sydney

Where to buy

In Sydney, to buy these amazing products from Kangaroo leather you can visit Harrington Street House (Address: 32 Harrington St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia/Hours: 9AM–6:30PM/Phone: +61 2 9247 2208), one of the most famous leather shops in the city.

What to buy in Sydney: Opal (cat’s-eye gem)

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Australia is a country that is quite famous for its quality of gems, in which the city of Sydney is home to many intricate, gorgeous gemstones with the most mesmerizing colors. A pair of earrings made from gold, silver attached with precious stones will be an extremely special souvenir for your grandmother, mother or lover that you should bring back after your Australia trip. Black gemstones are considered the rarest, while white, gray and green are the most common and one of the most gemstones in Australia is Open also known as cat’s-eye gem and jewelry made from it are valuable souvenirs. In Australia, Opal is very famous and popular. The colorful, sparkling stones that are very eye-catching will be the perfect choice to buy for loved ones. However, you need to choose to buy this high-class Sydney souvenir from reliable shops.

Opal gemstone | best things to buy in sydney

Best things to buy from Sydney: Macadamia

Macadamia nuts is one of the specialties of Australia. Macadamia nuts are almost easy to find, you have a lot of options when buying macadamia such as roasted, honey coated, chocolate covered or some other seasoning. Macadamia nuts are rich in nutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids, which are very good for health. Macadamia nuts are very worthy to become a choice when you are wondering what to buy in Sydney.

| best things to buy in sydney

The reason we dedicate an entire section to introduce about Macadamia nuts is because it is a specialty not to be missed if you are wondering what to buy in Sydney. Macadamia nut is a nut found first in Australia, brown color, very fragrant, fatty and moreover has many great uses. It contains a lot of protein, rich in omega 3, 6, 9 and more than 20 vitamins for the body. In addition, macadamia also has the effect of beautifying the skin, minimizing cardiovascular diseases, especially good for the elderly and pregnant women.
Coming to Sydney, you will find it in every dry goods store with many different designs and ways of processing be it roasted, honeyed, covered with chocolate, etc.

Sweet and fatty Macadamia nuts are the pride of Australian nuts. Enjoy it as a snack. Almost every Chinatown store in Sydney will have a wide variety of macadamia nuts

Where to buy

  • One place to buy macadamia is much sought after by tourists is The Nut Shop (Address: The Strand Arcade, 412-414 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia/Hours: 9AM–5:45PM; Sunday: 11AM–4:30PM/Phone: +61 2 9231 3038), the store in the Strand Arcade Between Pitt St Mall and George St.
  • In addition, from Wednesday to Sunday, you can buy fresh macadamia nuts from the farmers markets at Paddy’s Market.

Best Sydney souvenirs: Camphor Chopping Board

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A very popular craft product in Sydney is a camphor chopping board. Not only for kitchen use, but antibacterial and antifungal properties have made camphor chopping and cutting board is one of the safe and easy to use chopping boards. Camphor chopping, cutting and serving boards are manufactured by the woodworking company The Wood Life – specializing in the production of beautiful handcrafted wooden furniture. If you are a lover of crafts, or simply cooking, do not miss this great Sydney souvenir.

It also has antibacterial, antifungal and decorative properties. With a price of 35 – 129 Australian dollars, you can completely bring this useful item from nature to your small kitchen. | best things to buy in sydney
| must buy in sydney

Where to buy: So, you have to go to The Wood Life store near The Rocks Market at the foot of Sydney Harbor Bridge to find out. There is a large number of handmade products made entirely of wood. A favorite item for tourists as a gift is a camphor chopping board because of its compactness, convenience, and necessity in any kitchen.

Must buy items in Sydney: UGG boots

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No matter where you are, you must have heard of the UGG boot brand, right? This is a very popular boot in Australia. The boots are made from high-quality sheepskin, bringing comfort and warmth to the user. This is also one of the accessories that Sydney people love and use very often.

Ugg is an iconic Australian shoe. Crafted from the highest quality sheepskin, the warm and comfortable Ugg boots are an accessory most Sydney homes have during the cold, snowy winters. Initially these shoes were only for indoor use, but now Ugg has become a fashion trend that people wear on the street.

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| what to buy in sydney

Where to buy

  • The store is located at 1/85 Williams Street, a central street in the city.
  • Or you can also find women’s Ugg boots, at Ugg At The Rocks, Shop 2 Clocktower Square.

What to buy in Sydney as souvenir: Plastic Jewelry

The famous brand is Dinosaur Designs founded in 1985 which is renowned for its unique hand crafted resin jewelry and homeware designs. It was founded by Louise Olsen, Stephen Ormandy and Liane Rossler. Their earliest known pieces of jewelry were sold at the Sydney Paddington Markets. The design trio has gone on to achieve phenomenal success in the fashion industry. Featuring hand-molded plastic jewelry on the pages of couture magazines. Or used by many famous people. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings are the most featured products in the Dinosaur Designs collection that you should own.

| must buy in sydney

Dinosaur Designs has been known since 1985 for its meticulously handcrafted jewelry items that have been featured in many popular fashion magazines. And its special feature is that it is molded by… plastic. From bracelets, rings to bracelets, it has a charm that is no less than other precious materials.

With a price of 50 dollars or more, you can pack and bring home an exquisite and meaningful gift for yourself or your loved ones.

| must buy in sydney

Where to buy

Dinosaur Designs Sydney

Address: Strand Arcade 77, 412-414 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Hours: 10AM–5PM
Phone: +61 2 9223 2953

Best things to buy in Sydney: Eucalyptus Leaf Gold Pendant & Earrings

Have you ever heard of eucalyptus leaf gold pendant and earrings? Sydney is well-known for being surrounded by vast, ancient eucalyptus forests. The Bush Art Australia brand collects the leaves or branches of eucalyptus trees and then gild them to create exquisite jewelry such as earrings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, etc. An unique souvenir that bearing bold Australian culture.

Sydney is surrounded by ancient eucalyptus forests. The bones and leaves of these eucalyptus trees were collected and gilded by Bush Art Australia to create the most exquisite and beautiful pieces of jewelry including brooches, necklaces and earrings… | must buy in sydney

The eucalyptus tree is a symbol of Australia and you can find quite a few beautiful eucalyptus forests in Sydney. Because it is the symbolic image of the country, Australians have devised a very unique souvenir about this tree that is gilded eucalyptus leaves. These products are also considered to be among the most delicate and perfect pieces of jewelry.

Under the skillful hands of artisans, the leaf skeleton will be meticulously separated, then gilded and can be attached with many decorative accessories. It is usually jewelry such as earrings, brooches, necklaces. In addition, more advanced is also attached precious Opal gemstone.

| must buy in sydney

Where to buy

A famous place to buy this valuable and meaningful items is Bush Art Australia in The Rocks neighborhood. With prices that can be up to 40 dollars for a pair of single leaf earrings, you already know enough about the feat and fame of real leaf jewelry!

Bush Art Australia

Address: Bush Art Australia, George St., Sydney, Australia
Opening hours: 10AM – 3PM (Friday); 10AM – 5PM (Saturday, Sunday)

Must buy in Sydney: DUX Collection Sydney

| must buy in sydney

A private brand you definitely cannot miss when coming to Sydney. DUX provides customers with handmade products of scented candles, essential oils, and perfumes from natural, organic ingredients. When coming to DUX, you can participate in the process of making candles for yourself and your friends according to your preferences. Perfect for taking home as a gift!

| must buy in sydney

Address: 23 Playfair St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia
Hours: 10AM–4PM
Phone: +61 2 9252 0209

Akubra Hat (is Sydney good for shopping)

| what to buy in sydney as souvenir

Akubra hat is one of the famous souvenirs in Australia that any tourist will do curious when coming here. Akubra hats are made from rabbit fur, have a wide brim, are designed for the Australian weather and will usually have a thin band of leather around the hat.

Traveling to Australia on hot days, what to prepare? In case you accidentally forget about the harsh summer of the land of kangaroos, a fashionable Akubra hat will be your savior. It is an important Australian business item after the huge success of the hit crocodile killer series “Crocodile Dundee”.

| what to buy in sydney as souvenir
| what souvenirs to buy in sydney

Where to buy

It has simple design, trendy and healthy, this is exactly the perfect item for travel enthusiasts. You can find it at many places in Sydney such as Chinatown, The Rocks market or shops at Queen Victoria Market, The Sheepskin Shop with prices from 110 Australian dollars.

Must buy in Sydney: Cricket rackets

Mick Simmons cricket racket | what to buy in sydney as souvenir

Cricket is the most popular summer sport in Australia, so a racket to play this sport will be a great gift for sports fans when coming to Sydney. Kookaburra is one of the world famous cricket racket manufacturers since 1890 in Australia. Its products, once used by the top cricket players, are currently priced from 70 to 745 AUD depending on the quality of each racket.

| what to buy in sydney as souvenir

Where to buy

  • You can find this fancy souvenir at Mick Simmons Sport at 478 George Street (Address: 466 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia/Hours: 10AM–6PM/Phone: +61 2 9264 2744).
  • There is also a shop at Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), the stadium that will be the cradle of cricket in Australia, where you can also buy lovely mini rackets only about 35cm long which printed the logo of SCG.

Where to buy Australian souvenirs in Sydney: Boomerang

Used for thousands of years as a hunting tool for wildlife, the boomerang has become an icon of traditional Aboriginal Australian culture. If thrown correctly, this weapon will fly back to its owner thanks to its fancy crescent-shaped design.

Today boomerang is used as a toy or decoration. | where to buy australian souvenirs in sydney

Boomerangs are often decorated with vibrant pigments using the historic traditional Aboriginal crafting technique, with prices starting at AU$7.50.

Where to buy

You can find these iconic souvenirs in Sydney’s Chinatown, or Circular Quay, where there are many shops selling boomerangs.

CDs music of Koomurri Aboriginal Band

Koomurri artists have always wanted to bring their traditional indigenous culture to audiences of all ages through lively performances at Circular Quay as well as many educational programs and other important special events.

A show by the group Koomurri indigenous people. | where to buy australian souvenirs in sydney

Koomurri’s fancy images with tribal motifs painted on their body and traditional costume were even shown at the opening ceremonies of the 2000 Sydney Olympics and 2004 Athens Olympics.

Where to buy

You can buy CDs of this famous band right at their live shows in Circular Quay for about 19.95 AUD.

Sydney shopping guide: Aboriginal art works

The Aboriginal community in Australia possesses a rich treasure of aesthetic heritage that is reflected in historical and contemporary traditional works displayed in many galleries and museums in Sydney.

| best things to buy from sydney

Talented local artisans have created unique works of art to tell stories about the land, people, plants, animals, and even sacred mascots in their beliefs. The works are often painted on wooden slabs in earth colors, which are truly Australian-colored souvenirs that any other international would like to own. In additon to paintings you also buy other products such as pillows, hats…

Bulurru hat | best things to buy from sydney
| best things to buy from sydney

Where to buy

Originals often fetch very high prices, ranging from 500 to several thousand AUD, but galleries also sell prints for much less. One of Sydney’s most popular gallery chains is Aboriginal Art Galleries, with three locations in the city: One in the Opera House, east of Circular Quay, another in Queen Victoria Building (Address: 455 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia/Hours: 9AM–6PM/Phone: +61 2 9265 6800), and a third gallery on the corner of George Street.

Sydney Harbor Bridge Hanger

| best things to buy from sydney

Sydney Opera House, Sydney Bridge are signature symbols of Sydney. Besides taking souvenir photos when visiting the above places, you can also bring back to your relatives and friends with coathangers in the shape of the theater, the small Sydney Harbour Bridge. A very interesting item to bring back as a gift, isn’t it?


On the list of what to buy as gifts in Sydney is always the specialties. You will see most of the travel devotees when returning home always bring many gifts from small candy bars to expensive luxury gift boxes. Delicious, long-lasting, and low-cost are the top criteria that make packaged food a simple but quality gift.

Tim Tam Ice Cream Sandwiches | best sydney souvenirs

Below are some of the foods tourists often want to buy when visiting Sydney.

  • Chocolate, Tim Tam cake: Famous Australian specialties, delectable. Address: Haigh’s Chocolates, Queen Victoria Building
  • Vegemite: Traditional sauce made from concentrated brewer’s yeast, often served with sandwiches. You can find it anywhere because Vegemite is the first thing people think of when it comes to Australian food.
  • Honey: Famous for its purebred Liguria honey from Italy. It has many health benefits.
| what to buy in sydney
Haigh’s Chocolates is a long-established chocolate producing brand, in 1915 and currently has 15 stores across the country. | best sydney souvenirs

Emu Oil

| best sydney souvenirs

Compact, convenient, with many uses are the advantages of Emu oil – a specialty gift that is sought after by tourists. It is refined from the fat of the Australian Emus bird similar to the ostrich. The benefits of this essential oil are immense. It helps reduce cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, cures skin and joint diseases such as eczema, rashes, burns, insect stings. In addition, Emu Oil also has the effect of nourishing the skin, improving wrinkles, anti-aging.

Where to buy

You can find Emu oil in Chinatown at 47 Dixon St for about $30 for a 50ml bottle. Emu oil is definitely a great choice that will save you a headache when choosing what to buy in Sydney.

Sydney shopping guide: Where to buy in Sydney?

In addition to above places to buy souvenirs and gifts as mentioned above. Below we suggest more some good places to buy in Sydney.

The Rocks Market

the rocks market sydney (1)
The Rocks Market, Sydney | best sydney souvenirs

The market in Sydney on the rocks street located near the harbor overlooking the famous Sydney Opera House. At the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a market is not unfamiliar to all Sydney people. The Rocks Market is one of the most popular shopping areas among tourists because of its cheap prices and very friendly staff also as an entertaining venues with many cafes, restaurants and vibrant atmosphere. The main reason that many people always come here is because of the diversity of goods. Goods in this market in large quantities as well as the rich in designs. From fashion clothes to small souvenirs and more products for home use. There are over a hundred stalls selling a wide range of goods. Handmade products from fashion to jewelry as well as art, sweets and handmade chocolates.

the rocks market sydney (1)
| must buy items in sydney

Address: George St, The Rocks NSW 2000, Australia
Hours: Saturday, Sunday: 10AM–5PM

Paddington Markets

Address: 395 Oxford St, Paddington NSW 2021, Australia
Hours: Saturday: 10AM–4PM

The market has more than 150 unique shops and stalls. Offering a wide range of different products such as: handmade soaps and candles, jewelry and artworks from designers from Sydney and surrounding areas. Finding what to buy in Sydney, you can visit this market. This is a market that is always very enthusiastic about supporting local businesses, designers and artists. And provide quality and sustainable products.

| must buy items in sydney

Here you can find Aboriginal artworks and their souvenirs. And by buying these items you are helping individuals as well as Aboriginal communities, supporting Aboriginal culture, while helping to preserve traditional designs and culture as well as bring economic benefits for them.

Paddy’s Market

| must buy items in sydney

Address: 9-13 Hay St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Hours: 10AM–6PM/Monday. Tuesday: Closed

Paddy’s Market is located south of central Sydney. This is where you can find all the local and organic products. You can buy consumables, kitchenware and clothing here. This is where the farmers and producers sell the best fruit and vegetables. The best butchers deliver their produce, Or the best aquarists deliver their best seafood from the east coast of the country. You can also find a wide variety of men’s and women’s fashion clothing, electronics and toys.

Carriageworks Farmers’ Market

| must buy items in sydney

Address: 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh NSW 2015, Australia
Hours: Saturday: 8AM–1PM

Open every Saturday morning until after lunch. A neighborhood famous for its bohemian lifestyle and culture. Located in the southern suburbs, the market is a true farmers market with over 70 different stalls serving the best products from across New South Wales. Includes organic and bio-based foods from farmers. Coming to this market, you will not have to worry about what to buy in Sydney anymore.

| cheap things to buy in sydney

Balmain Market

| cheap things to buy in sydney

Address: 217-223 Darling St Cnr Darling St &, Curtis Rd, Balmain NSW 2041, Australia
Hours: Saturday: 9AM–3PM

One of the oldest markets in Sydney. It offers an assortment of choices from fashion, arts, crafts, old pottery or some very good food. Balmain Market is located west of Sydney’s city center. Although it is located only in the suburbs, it is a place where you can find only authentic goods. Balmain Market has an anti-counterfeiting rule, which means you can be sure that you will only find unique and handcrafted products.

| cheap things to buy in sydney

Queen Victoria Building

sydney shopping (1)
| cheap things to buy in sydney

Address: 455 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Hours: 9AM–6PM/Sunday 11AM–5PM

One of the shopping centers in Sydney you cannot miss. This mall has 190 brands, countless stores. You just need to walk along George Street and you will see. It is not only a place for shopping but also carries the typical Victorian architecture of the city. Not to mention the goods, the design of the center alone is enough to make many visitors fall in love. With a large area, this shopping center owns many famous fashion brands, with countless stores and booths.

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