We are sure of one thing that visitors to the Korea Furniture Museum will feel extremely excited. This museum is located at 121 Daesagwan-ro, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.

| what to do in seoul
| what to do in seoul

History lovers or simply lovers of discovery and beauty are “falling in love” with it. You will have the opportunity to visit firsthand the collection of antique furniture displayed in the museum. With a spacious space, diverse displays, you will have the opportunity to open your eyes with unique types of furniture. Surely, you will not be surprised with the designs that you have not seen anywhere else. If you are interested in further research, you can also book a tour with an introductory guide. This is also an ideal place for young people to “live virtual” with great frames.

Visit colorful mural villages

One of the unique features of Seoul’s streetscape is its embellished walls. During your exploration, pay close attention, and you’ll see Seoul’s neighborhoods and cultural regions highlighted by artists with murals on the walls.

Koi fish steps in legend in Ihwa village | what to do in seoul

With the unremitting efforts of conscientious artists, at present, many areas with this art form have appeared in the city. From the monotonous walls, they have now become colorful paintings. You can visit one of the most prominent places below:

  • Ihwa Mural Village in Hyehwa neighborhood.
  • Mullae Arts Village in Mualle neighborhood.
  • HBC Art Valley is located in Haebongchon neighborhood.
  • Apgujeong Graffiti Tunnel in Apgujeong neighborhood.
  • Graffiti board and mural street in Hongdae area.
The wall with funny icons | what to do in seoul
LGBT supporting wall in Ihwa village | what to do in seoul
Ihwa Mural Village
Ihwa Mural Village | fun things to do in seoul

Do you want to find yourself the coolest virtual live backgrounds? Certainly, these are the places not to be missed. Put on a cool outfit and snap a few photos here to show your friends right away!

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Top things to do in Seoul: “Going into hiding” in Bukhansan National Park

| fun things to do in seoul

If you only come to Seoul as a crowded and bustling city with skyscrapers, it is a shortcoming for you. Seoul is one of the unique megacities because it is located inside the surrounding mountains. Therefore, if one day you feel like breathing fresh air, choose to come to Bukhansan. The area is less than 20 minutes by subway from the city center.

Bukhansan National Park is a paradise for nature lovers. Visitors will experience the feeling of walking to climb the highest peak of the mountain. With diverse terrain, this mountainous region offers climbers many different choices. The ecosystem in this place still retains its diversity with more than 1,300 species of flora and fauna. You will find yourself living in harmony with nature, breathing in the fresh air and refreshing while looking at the majestic scenery.

| fun things to do in seoul
A walking path at Bukhansan National Park | fun things to do in seoul
Spectacular scene in autumn | fun things to do in seoul
Picturesque winter in Bukhansan | fun things to do in seoul

It can be said that, no matter how attractive life in a busy city is, a quiet place is still a place that makes us feel peaceful. Feel the natural vitality in the mountains of Bukhansan for a healthier body.

Best things to do in Seoul: Experience Korean traditional cuisine

Korean cuisine is always pleasing to everyone. Thanks to a long history, the country’s traditional dishes have many unique features. Not just spicy rice cakes, rice rolls or hotdogs, Koreans also have many traditional dishes that surely few people can know about. Are you curious about them?

To answer the above question, let’s come to Suyeonsanbang at No. 8, Seongbuk-ro, 26-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul. This is an area organized according to the model of a traditional house preserving the typical culinary culture of Korea. Every year, visitors from all over the world flock to enjoy traditional dishes that are worthy of respect.

Samgyetang is both a nutritious food and a representative for Korean cuisine.
Stewed chicken with ginseng | fun things to do in seoul
| fun things to do in seoul

Going to Suyeosanbang communal house, tourists can see firsthand how to prepare traditional dishes from original ingredients. Therefore, this is a good opportunity to both enjoy the unique flavors and understand more about the elaborate process to make them. Thanks to the talented hands and the mind of the chef, the dishes created are not only eye-catching but also extremely delicious.

Royal Korean Cuisine | must things to do in seoul
kimchi korea
Kimchi, one of the symbols of Korean cuisine and is must eat food in Seoul | must things to do in seoul

Must do in Seoul: Enjoy the authentic taste of Korean BBQ

The variety of Korean cuisine makes everyone unable to hold back. In particular, the most outstanding is the delicious BBQ. The tender, succulent pieces of grilled meat served with crispy fresh vegetables, pickles and rich sauces make no guest can refuse. It seems that you can only see it in movies, when coming to Seoul, don’t forget to miss this unique opportunity.

| must things to do in seoul

In this city, there are many famous barbecue restaurants. One of the places that attracts domestic and foreign diners is Maple Tree House restaurant (Address: 26, Itaewon-ro 27ga-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 04350 South Korea/Hours: 11:30AM–10:30PM). Coming to this place, visitors not only experience delicious cuisine but also admire the luxurious interior design. The pieces of pork belly are just layered like beautiful stone veins that are seasoned to your mouth. The meat at this restaurant is always fresh and hygienic. Moreover, the restaurant also has rich and delicious side dishes of panchan.

Ilbeonji Gopchang Kkomjangeo Korean BBQ,best street food area in seoul,where to eat korean street food in seoul,where to eat street food in seoul (1)
Grilled beef intestines | must things to do in seoul
bulgogi korean beef bbq, food to eat in korea, food you must eat in south korea, korean must eat food (7)
Wrap with lettuce | must things to do in seoul
bulgogi korean beef bbq, food to eat in korea, food you must eat in south korea, korean must eat food (7)
| must things to do in seoul

What could be more wonderful than grilling pieces of bright red meat by yourself on a flaming fire? After eating grilled meat alone, it was attractive, but rolling it with accompaniments was the best in the world. Don’t forget the Korean way of eating, take a green lettuce leaf, perilla leaf, put the grilled meat on top, add a piece of hot chili pepper, a slice of garlic, a little kimchi and a little soy sauce. All rolled up and dipped in a rich sauce. Remember to open your mouth wide to eat the whole book at once.

What to do in Seoul: Enjoying coffee in pet cafes

Only recently appeared, but pet-themed cafes have created a fever in the city. What’s more special, you will find strange animals more than just cute dogs or cats. Animal lovers will certainly not be able to resist these themed cafes.

| must things to do in seoul

Coming to pet cafes in Seoul, you will have a very interesting experience. We are sure that the visitors will feel “heartbroken” at the lovely expressions of the sheep and pandas in the shop. Fluffy friends that will run around their feet, spin or make cat-like expressions will make everyone laugh. On the contrary, if you just want to be friends with a dog or a cat, a simple cat and dog cafe will be the right choice for you.

seoul theme cafe
Hello Kitty Cafe | best things to do in seoul
seoul theme cafe
| best things to do in seoul
seoul theme cafe
| best things to do in seoul

Must do in Seoul: Trying authentic Korean sauna

One of the interesting “specialties” of Seoul that cannot be ignored is the sauna. Indeed, to foreign tourists, saunas are known through scenes from Korean dramas. So, once you’ve arrived here, make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to experience it.

p-Jjimjilbang seoul
You also can stay at Jjimjilbang | best things to do in seoul

In Korea, the sauna is called jjimjilbang. For natives here, sauna is an essential part of life. This is the place for all fatigue and sadness in the body to be relieved. Therefore, the sauna resorts in the city are crowded with people coming in and out at all times regardless of men or women.

Going to the bathroom is to relax the body. The temperature in the sauna helps the body sweat and detox. Afterwards, you should relax your muscles in the hot tub and cool off in the cold pool. It may sound strange, but this is the standard bathing style in this place. Don’t forget to try both boiled eggs and a cup of warm tea after a relaxing session to experience the true Korean lifestyle. A small note is that you will have to be naked in the public bath.

best jjimjilbang seoul
| seoul things to do
Nightlife in Seoul jjimjilbang siloam
Nightlife in Seoul Jjimjilbang Siloam | seoul things to do
review jjimjilbang siloam sauna seoul south korea
| best things to do in seoul

review jjimjilbang siloam sauna seoul south korea

Siloam Jjimjilbang Seoul set meal
A delicious meal at Siloam | seoul things to do

Fun things to do in Seoul: Karaoke

Traveling but going to karaoke? Is that too boring? It sounds like it is very wrong, but when you listen to our analysis, you will feel like it!

| seoul things to do

Going to karaoke in Seoul will bring you many interesting experiences. Koreans love music and love to sing at karaoke rooms. The decoration style of the theater room will be much different from that in our country. The singing rooms here should be booked by the hour to avoid running out of rooms. Let’s gather together with sisters and sing our best to relieve stress.

Karaoke rooms in Seoul also have many different types from popular to luxurious. With a rich wallet, you can choose the theater rooms with the most modern technology. As for us, the choice of Luxury Noraebang in Hongdae is great. This is a theater with glass windows all over the room, so people on the street can see you performing inside.

Noraebang karaoke in Hongdae | seoul things to do

Enjoy shopping at Dongdaemun

Every year, out of the millions of tourists who come to Seoul, a large number of people only come for the only purpose of shopping. With a wide range of products and good quality, what has just been mentioned above is understandable.

Dongdaemun market
Dongdaemun market | seoul things to do

One of the busiest shopping centers in Seoul, South Korea is Dongdaemun which is famous for fashion and retail. This neighborhood is located right in the center of the north of the city, so it is easy to move to by means of transportation.

| seoul things to do

dongdaemun-market night market seoul (1)

dongdaemun-market night market seoul (1)


dongdaemun-market night market seoul (1)
Bags store

Here, you will find a dining – shopping – entertainment complex right in a busy street. Outdoor shops will give you a wide selection at relatively cheap prices. If you want to find luxury, go to the famous shopping buildings. Come to see and shopping paintings, photos in the art exhibition displayed at Design Plaza. Enjoy snacks at Gwangjang market or Little Russia. Don’t forget to check-in the Fort Wall and Heunginjimun Great East Gate.

DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) | seoul things to do

Cool things to do in Seoul: Visit the poetic Han River

One of the typical symbols of the city of Seoul is the Han River (or Hangang in Korean). It is the big river that flowing right through the center of the city. To protect the beauty of the Han River, the city of Seoul has spent a lot of effort and money. Surely, you should never miss this destination.

seoul han river picnic,sunset,night,things to do in seoul at night
Walking path along the Han river | seoul things to do
seoul han river picnic,sunset,night,things to do in seoul at night
Let’s picnic | seoul things to do
Too many colors in one shot

What you should do is stroll along the waterfront for a dreamy view. Besides, the entertainment on both sides of the river is also extremely diverse such as cycling, rollerblading,… In favorable conditions, visitors also have the opportunity to ski, water ski or windsurf on the river. . At the end of the day, when the stomach is hungry, go to the small fried chicken shops and enjoy the delicious taste.

Poetic Han river at sunset

For those with more conditions, you can board a yacht and enjoy the regal life in the riverbed. Currently, canoe and yacht rental services are very developed in this area. In the midst of the calm flow, you will be able to surf gently on the waves, catch the gentle breeze blowing, and enjoy classical music and cuisine.

Slow living at Bongeunsa Temple

Address: 531 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

One of the top things to do in Seoul is that you should try when coming to Seoul is experiencing the pure life at the temple. Similar to the monastic model in Vietnam, in Korea, they have Temple Stay. One of the worth visit place we would like to recommend to you is Bongeunsa Temple, at 531 Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu.

Here, you can enjoy a peaceful vacation with a voluntary stay program. During your days here, you will live and work similar to what the monks here do. Visitors will have the opportunity to get closer to Buddhist customs as well as attend discussions, chat with monks, enjoy tea ceremony. In particular, every September, the Jeongdaebulsa event is grandly held. This is an opportunity for you to listen to the Beopseongge Sutra from ancient scriptures.

Bongeunsa Temple
Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul.

Until now, the trend of choosing experiences at the monastery is being loved by many foreign tourists. Compared with the busy streets, living in peace will make us have a different experience. As the days go by, people’s hearts are extremely peaceful, without worries and sorrows. Then at the end of the journey, we find ourselves becoming lighter, loving life and loving people more.

Just listening to it, we already feel very excited, right? Save the spots you find attractive and include them in your travel plans. Surely, your journey to discover Seoul will be memorable memories.

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