Isn’t Spain a strange name to you? However, many of you probably only know Spain through El Classico football matches between Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona and the two major cities of Madrid & Barcelona. In this Spain itinerary 10 days (10 days in Spain), Living Nomads will give you a complete travel itinerary to explore this vast European country, with colorful culture, and overwhelming nature.

Palma’s Old Town
10 days in spain,spain itinerary 10 days
Madrid, the city of the squares. | spain itinerary 10 days
Casa Batlló barcelona trip blog travel blog
Casa Batlló, Barcelona
jamon spain
Jamon, one of must eats in Spain

In this reference itinerary, there are a few notes to avoid controversy:

  • The itinerary is completely elastic, depending on the slow or fast of your traveling
  • The itinerary is a reference (sample) for you know where to go and what to do
  • The itinerary applies for those who do not have much time
  • The cost will not be mentioned because each person has a different need

10 days in Spain — Day 1: Vietnam – Barcelona

best time to visit barcelona 2
The coastal city of Barcelona. | spain itinerary 10 days

Flying to Barcelona, you should book the flight that arriving at noon or afternoon, so you can check-in the hotel and spend the evening for strolling along the harbor, visiting La Sagrada Familia church. In the evening, you can book tickets to watching flamenco dancing and have dinner.

10 days in Spain — Day 2: Barcelona


Barcelona is the capital of Catalan region, Spain. Barcelona is world famous for being home to FC Barcelona football club, Gaudi’s unique architectures scattered throughout the city, and the beautiful seaport. I suggested you should flying to Barcelona first because the demand for flying to Barcelona is so high, making it easy to choose affordable flights ranging from $582.55 – $690.43/round trip.

el ravan hospital garden barcelona travel blog barcelona trip blog2
El Ravan

Park Guell

On this day, let’s take advantage of time to visiting the extremely unique architectures of Gaudi. According to my experience, you do not need to visit all because the entrance ticket is quite expensive. You should go to Park Guelle because the area is large and has a beautiful view of the city. Casa Mila or Casa Batllo you just visit one of them or stand outside to shooting. Also, visit the Camp Nou Stadium if you’re a fan of FC Barcelona. If not then Barri Gotic or La Rambla are also interesting suggestions.

barceloneta beach barcelona trip blog barcelona travel blog
Barceloneta beach.
La Rambla barcelona travel blog trip blog
Boqueria market.

Interesting places to visit in Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia – The giant church designed by Gaudi from 1883 until now has not been completed.

Sagrada Família barcelona trip

Sagrada_Familia_ barcelona trip blog barcelona travel blog
Interior of La Sagrada Familia

Barri Gòtic – Where there are many Roman structures surroundings, this is also the place where Christopher Columbus starts to go and explore the New World.

Lose your way in Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter Barcelona)

Park Guell – Another work of Gaudi with a panoramic view of Barcelona

Park Guell barcelona trip blog barcelona travel blog
Sunset at Park Guell.

Casa Mila (La Pedrera) – An unique stone architecture of Gaudi

La Pedrera (Casa Milá)
Exterior of La Pedrera (Casa Milá)
View from above | 10 days in spain

La Rambla – A boulevard with many shopping malls and parks for people to gather

La Rambla barcelona travel blog trip blog
The famous La Rambla boulevard

Casa Batlló – Another Gaudi architecture quite close to Casa Mila

Casa Batlló barcelona trip blog travel blog
Casa Batlló. | 10 days in spain
Casa Batlló. Image of Barcelona trip blog.
Inside Casa Batlló.

Camp Nou – Home of FC Barcelona, here you will see the club’s cups and many documents about this team.

Places around Barcelona

  • Girona – This is a city located 100 km from Barcelona, if you do not like the hustle of Barcelona, I recommend you can take a day trip here to play and return during the day to visit a beautiful and ancient of Girona. Take the RENFE train rides only 38 minutes.
  • Montserrat – A beautiful mountain area near Barcelona, traveling by train will takes about 1 hour, you can stop and wandering in the beautiful nature here.
  • Sitges – Located just 40 km from Barcelona, this coastal city is peaceful and not too crowded by tourists.

Where to stay?

Soul Backpackers Barcelona: Located in a central location and room rates are only from $16/bed/person in the dorm room. (You can check rates, reviews and book on

Spain itinerary 10 days — Day 3: Barcelona – Girona – Barcelona

Girona | 10 days in spain

You can spend the 3rd day to shopping, or like me should go to somewhere near Barcelona. You can see more suggestions below. There are many interesting places surrounding Barcelona for you to make a day trip.

| 10 days in spain

Book day tours from Barcelona

Spain itinerary 10 days — Day 4 + 5: Barcelona – Madrid

Traveling from Barcelona to Madrid, if you book early, you should take a flight, otherwise you can still go by high speed train that takes only 3 hours. When you arrive, take advantage of time to visit a few interesting attractions below.

Madrid blog,Madrid travel blog,Madrid travel guide blog,Madrid city guide (3)
Downtown Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain, playing the role of economic, cultural and political center of this country. In Madrid, visitors will not be able to see many of the unique buildings like Gaudi’s works in Barcelona but are still very popular by Gran Via (the musical and shopping boulevard), the royal buildings and the football stadium of the FC Real Madrid team.

Interesting places to visit in Madrid

Plaza Mayor – A main square in the center of Madrid

Plaza Mayor,Madrid blog,Madrid travel blog,Madrid travel guide blog,Madrid city guide (1)
Plaza Mayor | 10 days in spain

Parque del Retiro (El Retiro Park) – This park is like an oasis in the heart of Madrid with glass gardens and green vegetation all year round, very suitable to escape from the hustle of the streets.

Buen Retiro Park,Madrid blog,Madrid travel blog,Madrid travel guide blog,Madrid city guide,
El Retiro Park

Prado Museum (Museo Nacional del Prado) – Containing a collection of 5,000 paintings and may even become a rival to the Louvre Museum, Paris.

Museo Nacional Del Prado,Madrid blog,Madrid travel blog,Madrid travel guide blog,Madrid city guide, (1)
Interior of Museo Nacional del Prado | spain itinerary 10 days

Puerta del Sol – Another square with many beautiful outdoor restaurants.

Puerta del Sol madrid,Madrid blog,Madrid travel blog,Madrid travel guide blog,Madrid city guide (1)
One of the busy squares in Madrid | 10 days in spain

Gran Via – Is like Broadway of Madrid, because here you can watch countless musicals like Lion King, Frankenstein, etc. and many cinemas and shopping centers gather here. This is also the place you should choose a hotel to stay because it is very convenient to travel.

Gran Via, madrid, spain,Madrid blog,Madrid travel blog,Madrid travel guide blog,Madrid city guide,
Gran Via, downtown of Madrid

Royal Palace – The royal palace with extremely magnificent architecture is well worth a visit

Royal Palace (Palacio Real De Madrid),Madrid blog,Madrid travel blog,Madrid travel guide blog,Madrid city guide (1)
Exterior of Royal Palace (Palacio Real De Madrid) | spain itinerary 10 days

Atocha Cercanias Station – This station becomes special when there is a lush green garden located in the station creating an unforgettable scenery.

The Mercado de San Miguel Marketplace – A semi-modern market with specialty stalls for sale, well worth a visit.

Mercado de San Migue
Mercado de San Miguel | 10 days in spain

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium – The home of the FC Real Madrid club that football fans need to go to.

Places nearby Madrid

  • Toledo – Is a royal city of Madrid, once the former capital. Just 1 hour rides from Madrid you can come here to play. In Madrid also sells half day tour only 20 euros/person, so you can buy and go easily.
  • El Escorial – A resting place for the King of Spain, located in the city of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, 45 km from Madrid. This is also a famous sightseeing spot from Madrid that you can explore.

Where to stay?

Generator Hostels: Located near Gran Via, so traveling is very convenient. Room rates only from $17/bed in dorm room. (You can check rates, reviews and book on or

Spain itinerary 10 days — Day 6: Madrid – Toledo – Madrid

Toledo | spain itinerary 10 days

Until now, you have visited relatively Madrid, visitors often will choose to visit Toledo. We’ve suggested some more places around Madrid for you to choose and decide.

Toledo Street

Day tours to Toledo from Madrid

Spain itinerary 10 days — Day 7 + 8: Madrid – Seville

It takes 3 hours by train from Madrid to Seville, if you book in advance, still recommend flying. In Seville, follow my suggestion, Seville is quite small, so almost 1 day is enough for you to go all the spots suggested.

| 10 days in spain

“The City of the Sun” is the beloved name for Seville – the capital of Andalucia region in southern Spain because of the year-round sunshine and the peaceful, warm lifestyle of the people here. For me, Seville left the deepest impression on the itinerary, make me to leave with a full of nostalgic and a full stomach. In Seville, local cuisine is almost perfect to experience at a very affordable price.

| spain itinerary 10 days

Interesting places to visit in Seville

Catedral de Sevilla – This famous church located in the heart of Seville with its huge bell tower is a UNESCO cultural heritage site recognized in 1987 and definitely does not need to say you will accidentally get lost here when coming to Seville.

Catedral de Sevilla
Catedral de Sevilla

Las Setas de Sevilla – This is a modern architecture that has become a new symbol of Seville, remember to climb the roof to get a panoramic view of the city.

Las Setas de Sevilla

Plaza Espana – If in Madrid or Barcelona you have to pay to enjoy flamenco, then Seville, come here to enjoy the vibrant flamenco on the streets.

Plaza Espana
Plaza Espana | spain itinerary 10 days

Alcázar Palace – I am a fan of the Game of Thrones, this is a must-visit place, and also because the palace has a mixed architecture that makes this place worth seeing.

Alcázar Palace
Alcázar Palace

Places around Seville

  • Ronda – A city located 128 km from Seville. It sounds so far away, and transportation is not really easy. But you can buy a day tour from Seville and visit Ronda during the day, completely possible. Price from 99 euros/person.
  • Los Pueblos Blancos – White villages are a group of more than 20 villages near Seville. If you buy a day tour to Ronda, you will be visited two villages and also admire the beautiful Sierra region.
Los Pueblos Blancos
Los Pueblos Blancos | spain itinerary 10 days
Sierra region
Sierra region

See more: Guided Full Day Tour in Seville.

Where to stay?

Black Swan Hostels: Perfect choice, this place in addition to cheap, there are free walking tours every day, cooking classes, flamenco classes are completely free for guests to stay. (You can check rates, reviews and book on or

10 days in Spain — Day 9: Seville – Ronda – Seville

Before of the last day, take a day trip to Ronda, this place is worth going because on the way here, you can also see the spectacular nature of Southern Spain.

Ronda spain.1
Ronda spain.1
| spain itinerary 10 days

Day tour in and from Seville to Ronda

10 days in Spain — Day 10: Seville – Barcelona – Vietnam

If you take the train back to Barcelona you will spend 6 hours, so for this route you should take a flight. But I recommend, if possible you can add an extra day in the itinerary for resting and relaxing, avoid being rush.

Traveling between cities

By train

RENFE train | spain itinerary 10 days

RENFE is Spain’s high-speed train system. Buying train tickets is like buying air tickets, the sooner the book is, the cheaper it will be. However, for train tickets, if bought close to the departure time, the price still cheaper than air tickets. The Spanish railway system is very developed, so traveling by train can be said to be easy and comfortable.

By plane

In Spain, low cost airlines operate strongly. However, you need to book tickets early to get the best price. Usually, I will access Skyscanner, Momondo to check it out as fast as possible.

By bus

This is the most economical means of transportation, but at the same time the slowest. If you have plenty of time, you can go to to check for bus tickets and schedules.

Public transport

Metro is the best means of transportation in Barcelona & Madrid. Here you absolutely can assured when moving back and forth between the points you want. However, it should be noted that sometimes Spain has strikes, you should carefully observe Google Maps.

gran via station
Gran Via station, Madrid | spain itinerary 10 days

Note: In these 2 cities, on the metro your belongings most likely to be stolen, when traveling by metro you should wear jeans, use an anti-theft backpack and always be alert.


In general, Spanish food is easy to eat, rich taste. I confidently said that Spain is the place where I eat every day and finds it the best. The price is also very reasonable. The specialties you should try in Spain include:

Tapas | spain itinerary 10 days
  • Tapas – Small dishes served on bread, contemporary tapas mean a dish made with small portions. But believe me, the small portion of Spain is enough to satisfy you.
  • Paella – Seafood mixed rice dish is very delicious, eat this dish remember to squeeze a lot of lemon because the taste is quite salty.
  • Gazpacho – Great soup made from tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and bread crumbs is very cool and used in the summer months.
  • Fruit – Spain has the most developed cultivation in Europe, partly because of the technology, in large part due to the pleasant climate. Fruits are cheap all year round.
  • Jamón Ibérico – A ham made from pork of the Iberico peninsula, succulent and full of charm, try visiting a Jamon shop and try it.
Paella | spain itinerary 10 days
Jamon Iberico | 10 days in spain

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