Guangzhou is one of the most properous and richest cities in China

China is one of the countries with the largest area and population in the world. Therefore, this country has many mega cities that are extremely busy and bustling, Guangzhou is one of them. Guangzhou is the place that attracts the most tourists to visit and shop. So, is Guangzhou worth visiting, how to visit Guangzhou, what to do in Guangzhou and how to plan a budget trip to Guangzhou for the first-time perfectly? Let’s check out our Guangzhou travel blog (Guangzhou blog) with the fullest Guangzhou travel guide (guide to Guangzhou, Guangzhou tourist guide, Guangzhou guide) from how to get to Guangzhou, best places to visit, best time to come, what to eat as well as top things to do in Guangzhou to help you maximize your trip as follows!

As a large city in Southern China, Guangzhou is a commercial center, a fashion paradise, and a tourist destination chosen by millions of tourists every year. | guangzhou travel blog
Guangzhou street view | guangzhou travel blog

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong province, the third largest in China. Its location near major cities such as Hong Kong, Macau,… has helped the economy of this place develop very strongly.

Guangzhou promises to bring you the feeling of immersing yourself in the bustling, vibrant rhythm of life and exploring its colorful streets day and night. If you are an active person who loves to explore new modern beauty, this is the place for you.

Guangzhou is the shopping paradise across China | guangzhou travel blog
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If you are planning to go to this commercial capital, find cheap tickets from Vietnam to Guangzhou as soon as possible to optimize the cost of your trip.

Guangzhou is commonly known as China’s major shopping center with countless markets specializing in each item in each market. In addition, this place has become an must-go tourist destination in China.

Ovieview of Guangzhou (# guangzhou travel blog)

Guangzhou location on the China map | guangzhou travel blog

Guangzhou is China’s third largest city with an area of about 7.434 thousand km² and a population of over 14 million people. Located close to major cities: Hong Kong, Macau,… makes Guangzhou become one of China’s most notable economic, commercial and cultural centers.

Guangzhou is the starting point of the maritime Silk Road, and is currently also the locality that attracts the strongest foreign investment in China. | guangzhou travel blog

Not only that, this place is also blessed with charming landscape beauty and unique traditional cultural features. Coming to Guangzhou, China, you will have the opportunity to admire the overwhelming beauty of this bustling city both modern and ancient with dense skyscrapers, high-rise buildings, poetic Pearl River (Zhujiang) running through the prosperous city.

Vivid and bustling of Guangzhou at night | guangzhou travel blog

Guangzhou is also the capital of Guangdong province, China. This city is known as one of the 10 richest cities across China. With a modern and bustling pace of life, Guangzhou still retains its own beauty with historical and cultural landmarks.

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Not only attracting famous shopping destinations, visitors to Guangzhou will certainly be surprised by the beautiful scenery here, the tranquility, clean and purity rare in large cities.

In terms of culture, Guangzhou is currently home to many ethnic groups and foreign communities, which has created richness and diversity in culture and cuisine for this city.

Kung Pao, mus-eat in Guangzhou | guangzhou travel blog

When to visit? (# guangzhou blog)

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Guangzhou is located in a humid subtropical climate zone, so the weather is often sunny and has relatively heavy rainfall and no snow. With two distinct seasons: long summer, high humidity and quite hot. Winter is short, mild and sunny.

Therefore, when traveling to Guangzhou, China, tourists should bring seasonal clothes. In the summer, bring comfortable, cozy clothes and protective gear against harsh sunlight and sudden rain. Bring sweaters, scarves, gloves, and thick coats for cold days in Guangzhou.

When traveling to Guangzhou, you should choose the time frame of late spring, early summer or early fall to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and easily visit. | guangzhou travel blog
Vibrant atmosphere in spring | guangzhou travel blog

The late spring and early summer period, around April to June, is the best time to come to Guangzhou. It’s not as hot as the summer in June, July, and August, but it’s also not as rainy as the spring days. Because at that time the weather was very pleasant, the air was filled with cool spring and green vegetation, and especially one could feel the breath of the bustling city every time the city lights up.

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However, even in summer, at night the weather here is quite cold, from 13 – 15 degrees Celsius, so remember to bring a jacket!

Another ideal time frame to visit is in early autumn, around October. This time, although the air is a bit dry but not too hot, combined with the charming scenery of changing new appearance of autumn will make you feel romantic. Romance and gentleness from every street corner.

Guangzhou at sunset | guangzhou travel blog

How to get to Guangzhou? (# guangzhou travel guide)

From Vietnam to Guangzhou you will have 2 forms of transportation to choose from:

Plane (# guangzhou travel blog)

Baiyun International Airport | guangzhou travel blog

Airplane is the most popular form because it saves travel time. Buying a round-trip flight ticket to Guangzhou costs about 300 USD/person. You can reduce this cost if you hunt for cheap tickets many months in advance. Some airlines you can choose from are Vietnam Airlines, China Southern, Capital Airlines, etc. After landing at the airport, it will cost you about 100 yuan to take a taxi about 18km into the city.

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Going by road is for those near the border gate, you just need to go to Mong Cai or Huu Nghi border gate to complete exit procedures. Note that the timezone on the other side of the border gate will be 1 hour faster than Vietnam time, so you need to arrange a suitable time to avoid being late to catch a car after crossing the border gate.

Means of transportation in Guangzhou

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Because it is a big city, the transportation system here is very developed. Depending on your budget, you can choose means of transportation such as taxi, subway, bus, bicycle,…

If you want to save money, you should choose the bus or subway. But the disadvantage of this type of media is that most of the station’s information is written in Chinese and rarely in English, so you will need a guide or translation apps.

Metro (# guangzhou blog)

Tram | guangzhou travel blog

Subway and tram are quite a popular means of transportation in Guangzhou, operating from 6:30 a.m. to before 11 p.m. Trains have trips connecting cities in Guangdong province to Guangzhou. The advantage is that the train run quickly and the price is not too high, however during rush hour the train in Guangdong is very cramped and crowded.

Subway (metro) | guangzhou travel blog


Along with subway, bus is the main means of transportation in Guangzhou | guangzhou travel blog

There are many buses in Guangzhou. However, as you know, China is one of the countries with huge traffic jams and this greatly affects the speed of bus travel, so before going out, remember to watch the time carefully.

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If you want to save time, you can choose a taxi to get around, but this type of vehicle is more expensive than the subway and bus. For example, going from the suburbs to the city by bus or subway only costs about 3 yuan, but going by taxi will cost about 30 yuan.

This is also an option that many people consider with its convenience and but the price is a bit high.


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As for bicycles, you can rent bicycles on Shamian island or The Public Bicycle Renting Service across the city. Note that you should ask the hotel for details about renting bicycles.

Where to go and top things to do in Guangzhou

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

  • Address: No. 259, Dongfeng Middle Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
  • Hours: 8AM – 6PM
  • Admission: 10 yuan

One of the attractions that always appears in Guangzhou tours is the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. The memorial hall has bold Chinese architecture with a statue of Sun Yat-sen standing tall in front. This is a way for Chinese people as well as tourists to remember the great leader of this country.

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It is a place for people to remember the heroes who sacrificed their lives to protect and develop the vast country of China today. Coming here, you will discover Chinese history and take souvenir photos to mark your journey.

Yuexiu Park

  • Address: 988 Jiefang N Rd, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City

Yuexiu Park is the largest park in Guangzhou city. This is a place you must definitely visit because of its surprisingly beautiful scenery, in addition to ancient historical relics from hundreds of years ago. Even though it’s just a park, through it you will learn a lot more about Guangzhou’s culture.

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Yuexiu is Guangzhou’s largest complex park built during the Qin Dynasty with an area of 860,000m². It is one of the 8 important landscapes of Guangzhou. With beautiful landscapes, fishing areas, lakes, grassy hills and entertainment areas. The park is not only the green lung of the city but also houses many historical and cultural relics of Guangzhou.

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You can visit the park early in the morning, to enjoy the quiet and fresh space in the early morning. Also, check out the statue of five goats in the park, which is the symbol of Guangzhou city.

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall

  • Address: Liwan District, Guangzhou
  • Hours: 9AM-5:30PM
  • Ticket: 10 yuan
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It is a hen Clan Ancestral Hall in Guangzhou, the project was completed in 1894 with money and contributions from members of the Chen clan. Before being used as an ancestral hall, Chen Clan Ancestral Hall was a library and the residence of the Chinese upper class.

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Currently, the ancestral hall is a must-go tourist place in Guangzhou city. Coming here, visitors will discover one of the most important cultural treasures, famous for its ancient wooden statues, plaster and beautiful brick walls.

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Canton Tower (Guangzhou New Television Tower)

  • Address: Yuejiang W Rd, Guangzhou
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With a height of more than 600m, this is the second tallest television tower in the world (only after the Tokyo Sky Tree tower), so you can imagine how spectacular it is, right? This skyscraper is considered by many to be a symbol of the growth and prosperity of Guangzhou city, so you definitely have to visit here when you come to this most populous city in China. Besides, Guangzhou Tower is also a super ideal check-in spot.

| guangzhou travel guide

Canton Tower is a landmark project of Guangzhou city. Completed in 2010, with a height of up to 600m, this is considered China’s tallest tower and one of the most beautiful and impressive architectural works in this country.

The tower is uniquely designed: with a polygonal shape, glass surface and LED lights, and at the top of the tower is a rotating disc. Standing from above, the beautiful landscape of the city will collapse 360 degrees into your sight.

| guangzhou travel guide

In addition to admiring the landscape, visitors can also enjoy adventure games and learn about the history and architecture of Canton Tower. If you have the opportunity to travel to Guangzhou, don’t forget to visit Canton Tower to enjoy new experiences and immerse yourself in the beauty of the city.

Beijing Road Pedestrian Street

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Beijing Road Pedestrian Street is known as one of the oldest streets in Guangzhou. The walking street is like the modern side of Guangzhou, where there are many shopping centers: Mayflower Plaza, Guangming Plaza,… Stores here are usually open from 10am – 12pm.

It is also a good shopping street
| guangzhou travel guide
| guangzhou travel guide
| guangzhou travel guide

Citic Plaza

  • Address: 233 Tianhe N Rd, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
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Located in Tianhe, Citic Plaza is impressive as an 80-storey building and is made entirely of concrete. The project was built in 1997. When the lights come on, the beauty of Citic Plaza makes people even more surprised.

Pearl River

Pearl River is a river that flows through Guangzhou city. This river seems to bring coolness to the whole city. One of the favorite activities of tourists when coming to Guangzhou is taking a cruise on the Pearl River to see the peaceful river next to the bustling life of the city. Night is the best time to go on a cruise.

Chimelong Paradise

| guangzhou travel guide

As soon as you take your first step into the park, your emotions will burst when in front of you are more than 60 amazing entertainment spots with countless different forms, from thrilling games to exciting attractions. A gentle game that even a 6 year old kid can enjoy playing. You will be immersed in the wild world at the zoo, visit the Chimelong bird garden, and let yourself play in the cool water. This is a suitable destination not only for you and your friends but also suitable for traveling with family.

| guangzhou travel guide

Chimelong amusement park is located in the resort of the same name, with more than 70 exciting and adventurous rides that will help visitors have wonderful but equally thrilling experiences.

Baiyun Mountain

| guangzhou travel guide

If you are looking for the most beautiful sightseeing places in Guangzhou, Baiyun Mountain is the ideal destination for you. This place is known as “the most beautiful scene of Yangcheng”, from above you can see the entire wonderful natural scenery of Baiyun Mountain with a green forest mainly made up of large old trees with fragrant flowers, thousands of streams… creating a poetic, romantic and extremely beautiful space.

For tourists who love nature, Baiyun Mountain is an extremely ideal destination. With more than 30 large and small mountains forming this is a natural masterpiece that captivates many tourists coming to Guangzhou.

Baiyun Mountain is a place to help you fully enjoy the scenery of Guangzhou’s clouds and sky. With the name Yangcheng First Beautiful Scenery, the view from Baiyun Mountain allows you to admire thousand-year-old trees and countless large and small streams,… creating a beautiful natural space.

Shangxiajiu Walking Street

It is one of the three busiest streets in Guangzhou. With a length of more than 1 kilometer, this place has an extremely vibrant and bustling atmosphere with more than 200 restaurants for visitors to eat, drink and have fun with friends.


The next location is Lianhua Mountain (Lotus Mountain), about 108m high, located in Panyu, about 30km from Guangzhou center and near Zhujiang border gate. Blessed by nature with pristine natural landscapes combined with modern lifestyle, this place has become a must-stop destination for many foreign tourists.

Lotus Mountain is a destination that combines natural and modern beauty. Based on the natural beauty, the owner here has built works such as Buddha statues, flower gardens… Visitors will certainly be impressed with the towering and ancient cliffs with a lifespan of over 2000 years in this tourist area.

Baomo Garden

  • Address: 10 Sha Mian Nan Jie, Panyu District, Guangzhou

Baomo Garden has an area of more than 66,000 square meters. Baomo Garden Garden is not located in Guangzhou but in Panyu. However, the location is quite close so visitors can combine sightseeing. Baomo Garden is like a large garden with a system of lakes, rockeries, stone bridges, scenic pavilion… Coming here you will feel like you are lost in an ancient Chinese garden, peaceful and nostalgic.

Experience the nightlife in Guangzhou

There are many interesting activities to do at night such as experiencing a night cruise on the Pearl River, enjoying a Cantonese opera. Bars and clubs are vibrant throughout the city.

Explore the shopping paradise of Guangzhou

Coming to Guangzhou, visitors will be completely conquered by the bustle of buyers and sellers on the streets. Any road or street, traditional market or shopping center, you can find eye-catching items at extremely cheap prices.

New Guangzhou Guest House4

When you come to Guangzhou, definitely do not forget to buy yourself accessories, fashion, shoes, and clothes. The flower shop designs here are extremely diverse and modern, you can search in famous areas such as Baima market, Metropolis Shoes city…

To find out what and where to buy in Guangzhou, plz read the article.

What to eat

The dishes in Guangzhou are extremely diverse and rich, please refer to some of the following delicious dishes.

Kung Pao Chicken

The chicken dish originates from Sichuan province with a spicy and delicious taste that many tourists choose to enjoy when coming to Guangzhou. The dish is made from diced chicken with a rich, spicy sauce. This dish can be eaten with rice or egg noodles depending on your taste. Besides the traditional ingredient of chicken, it is also modified to be prepared with other ingredients such as pork, beef,…

Kungpao chicken is one of the most popular Chinese dishes in the world. However, the original Guangzhou chicken dish will have a very different and unique flavor. So if you travel to Guangzhou, don’t forget to try Kung Pao chicken.

Rice noodle rolls

Rice noodle roll in Guangzhou is a long-standing dish and one of the characteristics not only of Guangzhou in particular but also of China in general. Here, Rice noodle roll appears from sidewalks, carts to luxury restaurants. The filling for Rice noodle roll is very diverse, sometimes beef, chicken, shrimp,… most will be lightly stir-fried with spices to make it rich, something very different from Vietnam.

Spicy duck head with five spice sauce

Spicy duck head

It sounds a bit disgusting and many of you probably wonder what’s so interesting about eating a duck’s head full of bones, but in fact in China, this dish is very popular. The delicious thing about duck head is that when cooked, it will produce a very delicious broth. Besides, the sweet meat in the bones and parts such as the brain, tongue… will be something that attracts you incredibly.


Stinky tofu

Traveling to Guangzhou without enjoying this dish is a huge omission. The characteristic of this dish is its degree of stinky, the more stinky it is, the more delicious the dish is considered to be. Although it is a specialty, not everyone can eat this dish. But if you come here, try it, don’t hesitate.

Guangzhou Roast Duck

The delectable of Guangzhou Roast Duck dish makes it difficult for visitors to resist. Going to eateries or restaurants that serve this dish, you will see pre-roasted ducks displayed very eye-catching.

Processing Guangzhou roasted duck is extremely labor-intensive and requires experience. But the duck must be carefully selected, then marinated with a series of spices and secret sauces. And each store has its own methods to make its duck dishes attractive to customers.

Chive cake

Chive cake is also a quite elaborate dish in Guangzhou. Looking at the small cake, visitors would hardly expect that the baking process is not simple at all. After preparing the cake and ingredients, the cake must be steamed and then fried again. Be sure to watch the cake very carefully otherwise it will easily burn. A true Guangzhou chive cake will have a crispy crust, a soft inside and the chives will still retain their freshness and deliciousness.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum is a traditional dish of Guangzhou people. Dim Sum breakfast includes many mini dishes inside such as steamed newspaper cakes, wontons, snake porridge… One morning traveling to Guangzhou and eating Dim Sum breakfast, you will be able to experience a cultural feature of the place.

Wonton noodles

One of the famous dishes in Guangzhou is wonton noodles. The noodles are crispy, chewy and attractive, and the broth is sweet and not cloudy, making the bowl of noodles incredibly delicious.

Appearing in many Chinese movies, wonton noodles with their delicious flavor, chewy noodles and clear broth are definitely not a bad choice.

Water chestnut cake

How to make water chestnut cake is quite simple, just mix chestnut powder with sugar water and steam, you have a dish to enjoy. Pantang is usually cut into square slices and steamed or fried.

The cake is usually golden brown in color, smooth and fresh, with a rich chestnut flavor. The cake is soft but still retains its shape when enjoyed. If possible, enjoy this cake in the morning in Guangzhou combined with morning tea!

Where to stay?

Depending on the tourist places you visit, you can choose reasonable places to stay. Usually tourists will choose central areas such as Yue Xiu, Tian He, Hai Zhu,… to conveniently move to surrounding attractions.

Below we recommend more best budget, mid-range and upscale hotels with good ratings and reviews you can refer to.

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Some notes before you go


To call a taxi in Guangzhou is really difficult. Therefore, when you see a taxi that has not completely stopped and the passenger is still paying, you should still get in the car and sit immediately. Because if you don’t hurry, someone else will jump in the car and you will have to continue waiting.


People in Guangzhou do not accept any currency except Chinese Yuan. When exchanging money, please check carefully to avoid being exchanged with fake money. A few tips you need to keep in mind are as follows: You should get new money, when tilted to the light there will be clear, sharp watermarks. Money is not blurred, feels rough when touching Mao Zedong’s collar. You can exchange money at reputable banks or gold shops.

Close up of Chinese Yuan notes, with Mao Zedong. PETER DAZELEY—GETTY IMAGES

In addition to the notes about applying for a visa as well as the items that you need to bring, the main thing to note is that the crime of theft and pickpocketing in Guangzhou occurs very often, especially in major shopping centers. Therefore, when going to these places you need to limit wearing jewelry or bringing valuable belongings that can easily arouse greed in criminals.


The voltage source in Guangzhou is usually 220V, so if you bring electrical devices such as cameras, phones, laptops, etc. you need to bring a suitable voltage converter to be able to use them.

In addition, most hostels and hotels in Guangzhou use 3-prong square plug sockets. That’s why you have to bring an adapter to charge the devices you carry.


If you bring valuable items over 300 USD, you should declare them to customs.

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