Nathan Street – Souvenirs shopping street: Nathan is similar to Dong Khoi Street in Saigon, where it sells a lot of goods but mostly traditional Chinese items such as statues of Maitreya Buddha, handicrafts. This is also the best place to buy souvenirs such as Jiangxi ceramics, tonic …

nathan street

Mongkok Area – Ladies Market: Popular goods like G2000, Bossini, Esprit .. sell from around 6 pm. Ladies Market – The flea market on Tung Choi Road (Mongkok) is open from 1 pm and closes at 11:30pm – 12am. Ladies Market sells souvenirs, t-shirts, jeans, bags, shoes, hats, kids’s toys … and especially watches of famous brands in the world: Rolex, Longines, Rado … with price cheap, good quality.


Ladies Market
Ladies Market

Sai Yeung Choi Street – Electronics shopping: If you want to buy electronics, cell phones, .. let’s go to Sai Yeung Choi Road, Mongkok area. On the sides of the road, many small shops display electronics with the latest models … Buy here, you must be sophisticated because the price depends on your bargaining and your ability for watching goods. Remember that Hong Kong is next of China, so the electronics imitation items of the famous brands are very much. When purchasing, you must check carefully for all spare parts, remember to get the invoice for evidence when you need complain.

Sai Yeung Choi Street

Tsim Sha Tsui – Shopping for popular goods: This area also many brands but mostly popular brands.

tsim-sha-tsui-street hk
Image by: hong kong travel blog.

Citygate Outlet – Outlet of Giordano, Esprit, Levis, Body Shop, United Colors of Beneton, Adidas, Nike CK, Guess, Burberry … Outlets at the last station of MTR (subway) in Tung Chung. Travel from the city center it take 1 hour.

Citygate Outlet

Night markets: The night markets like Ladies Market, or Temple Street Night Market, is a must-visit. You not only can buy lovely items, watch the bustling streets at night, watch the performances of the liberal artists, but also these areas are all attractive gastronomic paradise meet the criteria delicious, cheap for any tourist.


ladies-market-mongkok-hong-kong-explore the fullest hong kong only 3 days1

Temple Street Night Market: Hong Kong is also famous as the city that never sleeps. And if you have come here, you can not miss the night market in Temple Street. As a place depicts the whole of Hong Kong society at night and is the largest market. You can find all the delicious food, the most passionate activities, or the items “three coins” like toys, technology (fake, of course) and clothes, branded accessories and footwear.

Temple Street Night Market-hong-kong-explore the fullest hong kong only 3 days1
Temple Street Night Market. Photo: hk travel blog.

Temple Street Night Market-hong-kong-explore the fullest hong kong only 3 days

Temple Street Night Market-hong-kong-explore the fullest hong kong only 3 days2
Food stall

Lantau Island

Disneyland: Hong Kong Disneyland is open from at 9am and close at 9pm, is the “Wonderland” of Port of Hong Kong. Visit Disneyland, one day maybe not enough, so consider when playing games. Visitors go to Disneyland on Monday are the best. If you like to take pictures with fairy characters, like Micky, Pooh Bear, Snow White … please enlist queue line up soon. Photo activities take place only until 17:30 pm. Parades of characters in the Disneyland world usually take place at 3pm. If you stay up until 9 pm, you could be admired the spectacular fireworks display.

hong kong disneyland ticket price package map hotel package tour events (

hong kong disneyland ticket price package map hotel package tour events

hong kong disneyland ticket price package map hotel package tour events
Credit image: hk blog.
Disney Parks After Dark: Fireworks Brighten Hong Kong Disneyland
Disney Parks After Dark: Fireworks Brighten Hong Kong Disneyland

The Lantau Peak and the Big Buddha located on the top of the mountain is sacred place in Hong Kong, but also is a very interesting destination. There are many ways to get to the top of the mountain like bus, mini bus, but you should choose to ride by the cable car across the mountain, through clouds … to reach the top of the mountain for worshipping this huge Buddha statue With a height of over 130m and weighing up to hundreds of tons. The Po Lin monastery, one of Asia’s oldest monasteries, is located within the complex.

what to do in ngong ping hong kong blog hong kong travel blog hk blog hk travel blog
Ngong Ping 360
Tian Tan Buddha
Full day Lantau island with lunch and skyrail. Credit image: hk blog.
The panorama of Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Incense offerings at the Po Lin Monastery near the Big Buddha in Hong Kong.
Incense offerings at the Po Lin Monastery near the Big Buddha in Hong Kong.
The interior of Po Lin Monastery can make anyone surprised for its beauty


Not only is the site of the Buddhist peaks, this area also offers pure serenity with mountainous space and fresh air. Along with the observatories, the meditation area, most notably is the Wisdom Path. Where the famous sutras in Prajna Sutra like the “bodily-form is voidness; verily, voidness is bodily-form” is engraved on wooden boards forming a seamless and calm path.

po lin monastery 2
Po Lin monastery landscape
wisdom path ngong ping
Wisdom path ngong ping. Photo: hk travel blog.
wisdom path ngong ping
Photo: hk travel blog.
Even if you don’t understand Chinese, the peaceful atmosphere together with the beautiful mountainous scenery here is also enough to make you feel good

Ngong Ping 360: An ideal place for exploring Lantau Island. From Tung Chung station, you will take a cable car with a glass bottom cabin to Ngong Ping, sightseeing scene the north of Lantau and south of China Sea. Here, visitors can visit Ngong Ping Village, an ideal place for shopping and enjoy the foods. Access: Gate B, Tung Chung MTR Station, 5 minutes walking to Tung Chung Cable Car station. Read more: Ngong Ping itinerary — How to enjoy a day in Ngong Ping Hong Kong.

Traveling by cable car is not only a fast way but also a suitable one for sightseeing
Ngong Ping 360 cable cars
Ngong Ping 360 cable car. Picture: hong kong blog.
Ngong Ping Tea-house
Ngong Ping Tea-house
This is a small village with traditional Chinese architecture and calm atmosphere
The magnificent view from Po Lin Monastery. Credit image: hk blog.

New Territories

Castle Peak Monastery: A grade 1 historic building with a 1000 year history. Inside the monastery is the Tsing Shan Temple, one of the 3 oldest temples in Hong Kong. In addition to ancient architecture here, visitors can also admire the peaceful nature landscape around the monastery.

The Birthplace of Hong Kong Buddhism
The Birthplace of Hong Kong Buddhism
Tsing Shan Temple
Tsing Shan Temple

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery: This relatively new monastery was built in the 1950s with over 12800 Buddha statues and a 9-storey tower on top of the hill.

Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Wetland Park: Wetland Park is Hong Kong’s premier eco conservation zone. With the diversity of ecological populations, nature and fresh air. You can spend all day indulging in that pleasant atmosphere and explore the 60 hectares park with all kinds of reptiles, amphibians, insects to mammals and birds. In addition, Wetland’s most distinctive feature is the more than 1.000 square meters of marshes, the “natural home” of hundreds of animal species.

Hong Kong Wetland Park
Credit image: hk blog.
Pui Pui – a crocodile in Hong Kong Wetland Park
Hong Kong Wetland Park
Hong Kong Wetland Park from above
Hong Kong Wetland Park from above
Pui Pui – a crocodile in Hong Kong Wetland Park
Pui Pui – a crocodile in Hong Kong Wetland Park. Picture: hong kong blog.

Hong Kong travel blog: What and where to eat in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong cuisine is rich and diversity. Like Singapore, Hong Kong cuisine is the combine of traditional Chinese, Asian, Western, … cuisine. There are also many places to enjoy Hong Kong cuisine from cheap to luxury. Here are some of the dishes you must try and the best places to eat them in Hong Kong.

Roasted meat - street food - hong kong

Fast food: If you are picky and want to choose a safe food solution, please visit the fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC, King burger, Hainan chicken rice …, price only HKD 45-60 / person.

mc donald cafe

Hainanese chicken rice singapore national dishes 1
Hainanese chicken rice

Seafood: There are many eateries along Hennessy Road, main road on Hong Kong Island. Note: The restaurants here usually do more than the customer’s request, so remember to call a little bit. Then check the bill carefully.

Hennessy Street - where centralize many seafood stalls cheap and delicious
Hennessy Street – where centralize many seafood stalls cheap and delicious. Picture: hong kong blog.

hong kong giant squid

Places to eat spicy crab: If on the island of Hong Kong, Under Bridge Spicy Crab restaurant is the number 1. The restaurant is very famous, there are 4 locations but the same address and 1 owner, so it is the same quality. The three locations located on Lockhart Road are mainly for tour’s visitors, crowded and noisy. A location located at 414-424 Jaffe Road (Wanchai), which only just steps into the back, does not stand out as the other 3 locations but is less crowded and more attentive service. This menu has English and pictures, easy to order. Address: Store # 6 – 9, G / F, 429 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Phone +852 2673 7698.

Under Bridge Spicy Crab restaurant on Lockhart road, Wanchai
Under Bridge Spicy Crab restaurant on Lockhart road, Wanchai

Under Bridge Spicy Crab

Dimsum: It can be said dim sum is the soul of Hong Kong cuisine. The thin crust, covering the dumpling inside with marinated enough spicy is what you can feel when tasting dimsum Hong Kong. In addition, the dim sum is also well-known for its variety, with hundreds of different types and shells. From the shrimp dumpling with shells color of Jadeite jade (shells like color of Jadeite jade), stuffing scallops dumpling, crocodile meat to the
gold sprinkle dishes, … Enjoy dim sum in Hong Kong is almost an elitist art. Read more: Tim Ho Wan Hong Kong review — Tasting the cheapest Michelin Star meal you never ever get.

Review dimsum at the authentic Din Tai Fung in Taipei17

The famous dimsum restaurant Tim Ho Wan aka the cheapest Michelin star restaurant
The famous dimsum restaurant Tim Ho Wan aka the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong. Credit image: hk blog.
1dimsum dim sum food (3) Picture: hong kong blog.
Picture: hong kong blog.
dimsum dim sum food (1) Picture: hong kong blog.
Picture: hong kong blog.

Lei Yue Mun Seafood Market (Kowloon): There are many restaurants in the fishing village for you to choose from. The owners here are enthusiastic and haven’t ripped off with foreign tourists to Hong Kong. Getting to: Go to the Yau Tong Subway Station – Gate A2, then take a short taxi ride / or take the mini-bus number 24 to Sam Ka Tsuen Pier, follow the signboards and walk around 10-minute.

Hot pot at Lei Yue Mun Seafood Market
Hot pot at Lei Yue Mun Seafood Market

Seafood in Sai Kung Town: This is the farthest place, expensive travel but it is considered to be the best place to eat seafood in Hong Kong. It would be great to take a stroll along the town road called “seafood road”, the road leading to the sea covering by the beautiful bay and offshore islands. Eat here is tasty bold of sea, sitting outside is very interesting. Getting to: Go to the gate of B1 MTR Hang Hau and take the minibus 101M or gate C2 MTR Choi Hung and take minibus 1A to the last station of Sai Kung Town.

Sai Kung seafood

Sai Kung seafood3

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Address in Mongkok: Shop 3B, 3rd Floor, MPM, 240-244 Portland Street, Mongkok (take MTR to Mongkok Station, Exit C4/E1). Opening hours
from 12:00pm noon to 12am.

modern toilet hong kong
Credit image: hk blog.

Modern Toilet in Causeway Bay: Shop 4E, 4th Floor, Capital Centre, 5-19 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay (take MTR to Causeway Bay Station, exit F). Looking straight to the side of the street, you will find the big Watson’s convenience store. Go inside, climb the escalator.

Honwu restaurant: In addition, on the third floor of this building (under Modern Toilet) is the Honwu Korean delicious barbecue and hot pot restaurant. Promotion time in the afternoon is less than $100 per person, buffet is very rich. Evening, quite crowds are only about $120 per person.

Honwu restaurant Picture: hong kong blog.
Picture: hong kong blog.

Jumbo Kingdom: Perhaps not a big attraction, but this floating restaurant is still in the top experiences you can not to be missed in Hong Kong. The main reason for the experience it brings, from the structure is somewhat like a royal palace floating on the water to the service style and the food is always in the top list of delicious food. Well-known throughout the world, this exceptional restaurant welcomes more than 30 million visitors each year (roughly the population of a big city or small country).


Jumbo food

Hot pot: Hot pot is truly a traditional Hong Kong dish, with many options. Megan’s kitchen is one of the most popular trend-setting restaurants with its rainbow meatballs – distinct flavors and colors that inside elements resemble Kinder eggs. Address: Megan’s Kitchen, 5 / F, Lok Kei Center, 165 – 171 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai; Phone +852 2866 8305.

Hot pot with full dishes in Hong Kong
Hot pot with full dishes in Hong Kong

If you want to eat Chinese hot pot, you can go to the “Four Seasons” chain of restaurants. In addition, you can go to the Korean restaurant in Causeway Bay to eat hot pot (as mentioned above) and to visit the fast food restaurants such as Cafe de Coral or Lumix to enjoy the special hot pot special mouth.

Chinese hot pot
Chinese hot pot. Picture: hong kong blog.

Solo hot pot: At fast food restaurants like Cafe de Coral or Lumix, there is a hotpot for one person, priced at 68 dollars Hong Kong. But this hot pot can be for two people.

Cafe de Coral hot pot
Cafe de Coral hot pot

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Coming to Tai O village, you can enjoy seafood, buy gifts and immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of the indigenous life. Picture: hong kong blog.

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