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Hotteok cake

The city of Busan is known as the paradise of the sea, the wind, the sunshine, and the
bold flavors of Korean food. So what to eat in Busan for the first-timers to visit here? Now, let’s check it out our must eat in Busan (must things to eat in Busan) guide with top 8 best street foods in Busan you definitely must to try below.

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Credit image: must eat in busan blog.
BIFF Square busan food Busan fish cake. Credit image: must eat in busan blog.
Busan fish cake. Credit image: must eat in busan blog.

busan food

1. Famous Busan fish cake

Famous grilled fish in Busan-korea

Talking to Busan, people think of the sea wind, the salty scent of salt, fish, and seafood. Thus, of course, there is no lack of grilled fish in the sea paradise. The famous grilled fish dish in Busan is called SamJin Fish Cake (삼진 어묵). Not only grilled fish balls, other kinds of seafood can also make that like grilled shrimp, squid … spoiled for tourists to choose freely.

Famous grilled fish in Busan-korea1

Famous grilled fish in Busan-korea2

Famous grilled fish in Busan-korea3

Not only that, the processing way and preserving all kinds of fish is openly public, which means that visitors can see the entire process of cleaning and processing food. The purpose of the restaurant is to want their customers to be completely comfortable with what is about to be displayed on the table and enjoy their food without worrying about the issue of safe real hygiene.

Famous grilled fish in Busan-korea4 Credit image: must eat in busan blog.
Credit image: must eat in busan blog.

Famous grilled fish in Busan-korea5

Famous grilled fish in Busan-korea6

Price: 1 – 2 dollars /piece, very affordable.
Address: There are many branches but I saw the shop at Busan station is the center, largest, easy to find, the most diverse.

2. Sundae

Sundae-best food to eat in busan-korea

This is a dish that is like a Vietnamese pork sausage, but it has a very specific flavor of Korea. Sundae raw materials consist of the small intestine, pig intestine is cleaned, dangmyeon added, barley and piglet added, can be added shiso, scallion, doenjang (soy sauce), sticky rice, kimchi or beans depends on the restaurant and depending on the custom of each customer.

Sundae-best food to eat in busan-korea1

Sundae-best food to eat in busan-korea2

Sundae-best food to eat in busan-kore
Credit image: must eat in busan blog.

In Busan, there is a delicious intestine soup and sundae named SongJeong 3 Dae
Kukbab (송정 3 대 국밥). A full stomach, always full.

Sundae-best food to eat in busan-korea4

Sundae-best food to eat in busan-korea5

Sundae-best food to eat in busan-korea6

Price: 5 – 7 dollars; having / no having pork or adding intestine, as you like, if it is
female eat will be reduced intestine/sundae, added meat.
It looks complicated but actually, you go to Seomyeon Station (서면역, line cam), exit 1 is straight ahead.

3. Stewed tofu hot pot Halmae (할매 유부 전골)

Stewed tofu hot pot Halmae-busan-korea
Picture: must eat in busan korea blog.

Ingredients include tofu, beef or grilled fish balls, mushrooms, chopped vegetables, carrots, bean sprouts, and onions. Although raw materials and processing way are not too complicated, tasting should be careful, new scent can create a flavor for hot pot dishes. Hot tofu fries are served with Udon noodles or potato vermicelli, depending on the setup way of each restaurant.

Stewed tofu hot pot Halmae-busan-korea1

Stewed tofu hot pot Halmae-busan-korea2

Price: 2.5 dollars/piece, 1 small bowl to eat warm belly. These stalls are often sold with fried grilled fish, spring rolls, fried tofu. It is very delicious.
Address: in the Bupyeong market. Go to Jagalchi Station (자갈치 역) and then find the way to Bupyeong Market, there are much other delicious food and other things to explore.

Stewed tofu hot pot Halmae-busan-korea3

Stewed tofu hot pot Halmae-busan-korea4

Stewed tofu hot pot Halmae-busan-korea5

4. Busan pig’s feet (족발)

pig feet - busan - korea Picture: must eat in busan korea blog.
Picture: must eat in busan korea blog.

Pig’s feet can also be considered as Korean specialties in general, but the pig’s feet in Busan is slightly different. Here the pig’s feet t is sliced thin, eaten with sour
vegetables, thus reducing the fat taste of pig’s feet , the food is also from which more delicious.

pig feet - busan - korea1

pig feet - busan - korea2

Price: 0.5 dollar / small size, 1 dollar/ medium size, 1.5 dollars / big size. Suggestions are 3 beautiful young girlfriends to eat a small size is just enough, and 3 boys are lucky, maybe medium size.
Address: Go to Jagalchi Station (자갈치 역) exit 7, go straight to the first intersection
and turn left, go straight to the second intersection (past SC Bank) and turn left, see Wonju Busan Jokbal (원주 부산 ) is known to get there.

pig feet - busan - korea3

Note: Let’s order Naengjae Jokbal, order Jokbal not much when there is only pig’s feet, no sweet and sour vegetables.

5. Cold noodles / Mixed noodles (냉면 / 비빔면)

Cold Noodles-busan-korea

Unlike other noodles, cold noodles are completely frozen from the noodles and mixed vegetables. For far away diners, this is a rather strange dish because the usual noodles in the world eat hot soup. In Busan, cold noodles also include grilled meat, grilled fish, which look more attractive than traditional cold noodles. Therefore, cold noodles in Busan is not only attractive to diners but also to the Korean people.

Cold Noodles-busan-korea1

Cold Noodles-busan-korea2

Cold Noodles-busan-korea3 Picture: must eat in busan korea blog.
Picture: must eat in busan korea blog.

Price: super cheap 2 – 3 dollars
Address: Seomyeon Station (서면역), Exit 9 is going straight, you can find the store

6. Bingsu


Bingsu also was known as snow cream, or in Vietnam, we call the ice cream. This is a
delicious dessert that is beautiful, each glass of Bingsu is decorated very meticulously, just look, you just wanted to rush into the restaurant to enjoy.

bingsu-busan-korea1 Picture: must eat in busan korea blog.
Picture: must eat in busan korea blog.


Busan has many good Bingsu stalls. Each restaurant has its own specialties. If you
have the power to make schedule all the stall in all the time:


bingsu-busan-korea4 Credit image: must eat in busan blog.
Credit image: must eat in busan blog.

Price: 3 – 5 dollars,
Address: Okrumong, Seomyeon Station (서면역), exit 2 go straight.
Bubbas: Haeundae beach

7. Must eat in Busan? Definitely Hotteok cake

Hotteok cake-busan-korea

A well-known pastry in Busan, inside honey and almond, is a deep-fried flour. Hotteok cake will be a favorite dish for those who love sweet food. However, this cake is high in sweetness and fatness, so it is not suitable for those who are losing weight or are suffering from diabetes.

Hotteok cake-busan-korea1 Credit image: must eat in busan blog.
Credit image: must eat in busan blog.

Hotteok cake-busan-korea2

Although you can still enjoy the hotteok in Seoul the famous hotteok in Busan is the

Hotteok cake-busan-korea3

Hotteok cake-busan-korea4

Price: 0.5 dollar/piece
Address: Nampo-dong, BIFF Square

8. What to eat in Busan? Definitely not to miss the FLASK ice cream

FLASK ice cream-busan-korea

It is a cream that tastes like normal ice cream. However, the special thing is that the ice cream is from the laboratory. Ice cream shop owners will wear a white blouse like a doctor and take ice cream, like in the lab. Even the cream is decorated in a very special glass with fun needle-shaped straws. This is a very popular ice cream for young people because of the visual stimulation that it brings.

FLASK ice cream-busan-korea1

FLASK ice cream-busan-korea2

FLASK ice cream-busan-korea3

If you have a chance to visit Busan, do not miss this exciting food! It is hard to have so much delicious Korean food and you have to choose what to eat when staying in Busan.

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