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Busan grilled seafood

Busan (or Pusan) is a city for people in love, more precisely for food lovers. With countless local specialties, traditional food markets and more and more beer shops and best seafood restaurants of South Korea, this is a food paradise for diners. Let us treat you with a two-day culinary tour in this most South Korea’s famous seaside city. Now, let’s explore what and where to eat in Busan through our Busan food blog, Busan food guide and Busan food tour: Must eat in Busan — How to spend 48 hours for food in Busan below.

Koreans eating at street food stalls in the Sonmyon district of Pusan (Busan
Koreans eating at street food stalls in the Sonmyon district of Pusan (Busan. Picture: busan food tour blog.
Haemul Jeongol (Spicy Seafood Hot Pot)
Haemul Jeongol (Spicy Seafood Hot Pot)
Busan street food’s stalls
Nampo-Dong_street food2
Nampodong street food
Fresh seafood grilled
Fresh seafood grilled. Picture: busan food tour blog.

Busan food blog: Day 1

10:00 AM — Gukje Market

247244-Gukje-Market busan

Originating as a place of exchange goods between refugees during the 1950 Korean War, Gukje Market today is both the biggest and busiest traditional marketplace and the most popular tourist spot in Busan. Inside the market, the Restaurant Street will bring you countless delicious Korean foods such as kimbap (seaweed rice rolls), sundae (red sausage) and a long list of noodles. Diners will share the small tables to enjoy the delicious food, fast and enjoy the bustling atmosphere here.

Gukje Market busan Credit image: Busan food blog.
Credit image: Busan food blog.



busan seaweed rice roll
Busan seaweed rice rolls. Picture: busan food tour blog.

Sundae (makanan Korea)

Sundae (makanan Korea)
Sundae (makanan Korea). Credit image: Busan food blog.

Gukje Market
Address: 25 Gukjesijang 2-gil, Gwangbok-dong, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea
Phone: +82 51-245-7389
Opening hours: 7AM–10PM
Directions: [Subway] Jagalchi Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 7. Go 30m, turn left, and walk straight 5min to arrive at the market.

11:30 PM — BIFF Square

BIFF Square in Nampo-dong

Founded on the occasion of the Busan International Film Festival for the first time in 1996, the BIFF Square is home to the largest movie theaters, featuring models of famous movie stars, plus an area recorded “fingerprints” of the most famous characters in Korean cinema. This is also the best place to eat ssiat hotteok, a sweet sizzling pancake with beans, brown sugar, honey and peanuts in the kernel. Unlike the traditional hotteok, this dish in Busan is crispy and tough. Whether you enjoy a cake in any food stall on the streets, you will be addicted to it!

BIFF Square busan food Credit image: Busan food blog.
Credit image: Busan food blog.
BIFF Square food stalls
BIFF Square food stalls
ssiat hotteok
Credit image: Busan food blog.

BIFF Square busan food

ssiat hotteok
ssiat hotteok

BIFF Square
Address: 58-1 Gudeok-ro, Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, 부산광역시 South Korea
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: +82-51-253-8523
Parking Facilities: Not available. Use a near by parking structure
Admission Fees: Free
Directions: [Subway] Jagalchi Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 7. 5 min walk from the station (Walk straight and turn left).

1:00 PM — Jagalchi Fish Market

Jagalchi market
Jagalchi market stall

You definitely have to enjoy the best seafood in Busan at the famous fish market Jagalchi, just a few steps from BIFF square. Walking through the stalls of this huge fish market, you will be hypnotized by so many species of seafood. Choose the seafood you like and bring it to the upper floor of the market and the restaurant will processing for you.

Jagalchi Fish Market

Jagalchi Fish Market
Hot pot

Jagalchi market

Fresh octopus at Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan
Fresh octopus at Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan. Credit image: Busan food blog.

Jagalchi fish market
Address: 52 Jagalchihaean-ro, Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, Busan, South Korea
Operating Hours: 05:00-22:00 (Hoe Center opens from 09:00)
Closed: First and third Tuesday of every month
Phone: +82 51-713-8000
Directions: [Subway] Jagalchi Station (Busan subway line 1), Exit 10. Turn right onto Jagalchi 3(sam)-gil Street. Walk for 5min, then turn left to arrive at Jagalchi Market.

3:30 PM — Gamcheon Culture Village

Gamcheon Culture Village 3
Gamcheon Culture Village

Do not forget to take the subway from Toseong Station and add a short bus to Gamcheon village. Founded in 1918 when Taegukdo monks sought asylum here, this colorful hillside town is one of Busan’s favorite destinations. Possessing colorful “lego” houses and many street artworks, the village is considered as a unique cultural space. This is also a great place to try patbingsu, sweet Korean shaved ice dish with fruit, condensed milk and red beans. Almost every store in the village has its own version so keep on boldly and try more!

a food store in gamcheon
A food store in Gamcheon
Gamcheon Culture Village showing food
Gamcheon Culture Village showing food
Gamcheon Culture Village showing food Picture: busan food tour blog.
Picture: busan food tour blog.

Gamcheon Culture Village showing food

Gamcheon Culture Village showing food Credit image: Busan food blog.
Credit image: Busan food blog.
patbingsu busan shaved ice
Patbingsu shaved ice

Gamcheon Culture Village
Address: 203 Gamnae 2(i)-ro, Gamcheon-dong, Saha-gu, Busan, South Korea
Telephone: +82-51-291-1444
Opening time: March-November 09:00-18:00. December-February 09:00-17:00
Directions: Toseong Station (Busan Subway Line 1), Exit 6. Take local bus Saha 1-1, Seogu 2 or Seogu 2-2 to Gamcheon Elementary School Bus Stop.

6:00 PM — Nampo-dong (Nampodong Street)

Nampo-Dong street
Nampo-Dong Street

Be sure to go back to Nampo-dong to experience the Galmaegi draught beer. With a wide selection of options, from Espresso Vanilla Stout, Lighthouse Blonde ale to Campfire Amber, you definitely sure to find the right one for you. The area also serves light snacks, which are suitable for gatherings before “try” the main dish.

Galmaegi draught beer
Galmaegi draught beer


Nampo-Dong_street food
Nampo Dong street food
busan-street-food-odeng-1024x683 Picture: busan food tour blog.
Picture: busan food tour blog.

Address: Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, Busan-si
Opening hours: 24 hours
Directions: [Subway] Nampo-dong Station (Busan Subway Line 1).

7:30 PM — Taejongdae

Busan Taejongdae Park Rocky Cliff. Picture: busan food tour blog.

If possible, catch the sunset in Taejongdae, the intersection of lush green forests, rocky cliffs and vast ocean. Here, there is a long line of stalls selling strange and delicious seafood of Busan. Almost all stalls are equally priced — they are soju alcohol with extremely fresh clams. In fact, you can watch the fishermen dive under the sea to catch seafood from 50 meters away. The dining table is decorated with colorful umbrellas reflecting the sunset. What a wonderful scene while enjoying the beautiful landscape and barbecue seafood for dinner.

Selling the same seafood.
Selling the same seafood. Credit image: Busan food blog.
The main dish!
The main dish!

clams bbq

Address: 24 Jeonmang-ro, Dongsam 2(i)-dong, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, South Korea
Opening hours: Open all year round
Directions: [Bus] From Busan Station, take Bus 88 or 101 and get off at Taejongdae Cliff Bus Stop. Other buses bound for Taejongdae: No. 8, 13, 30, 88, or 101. * Local bus schedule is subject to change, please check to confirm before visiting the site.

Busan food tour: Day 2

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