When it comes to Korean cuisine, surely many people will immediately think of the image of dishes that are both eye-catching and delicious. Some typical examples include spicy rice cakes called Tteokbokki, seaweed rice rolls Kimbab, national food Kimchi, seaweed soup or cold noodles… Among of them, Korean barbecue — samgyeopsal is the dish that is most popular with diners. In Busan in particular and in Korea in general, there are thousands of restaurants, eateries specializing in this dish. In today’s article, let’s learn about famous standard barbecue restaurants in Busan with us. So, are you finding the best Korean BBQ in Busan? Let’s check out our suggested top and 5 best Busan BBQ Korean restaurant below to help you have more options on dining when coming to the port city of Korea!

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Ilpum Hanwoo Restaurant (#busan bbq korean restaurant)

The first place to eat in the journey of discovery that we would like to introduce to you is Ilpum Hanwoo restaurant. This restaurant is not only famous for locals but also for tourists from all over the world. Here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy Busan’s favorite dishes from seafood to best Korean BBQ in Busan.

| busan bbq korean restaurant

| busan bbq korean restaurant

The first thing that impresses the diners is the extremely cozy space of the restaurant. Here, the main color of the interior is dark brown. You will see impressive decorative details made from brick and wood, dotted with colorful photo frames. That makes everyone feel like they are in the space of a family.

In terms of cuisine, all the dishes of Ilpum Hanwoo restaurant are extremely yummy. The talented chef has emphasized the fresh ingredients more delectable with familiar spices in Korean culinary culture. As long as you grill those pieces of meat, the aromatic is enough to make people ecstatic. The sizzling sound of each piece of grilled meat on the fire creates a pleasant taste. When it comes to enjoying, the delicious taste of each piece of meat is infused with spices that make you just want to eat it all the time.

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Besides, do not forget to try the equally delicious seafood dishes at this restaurant. Ilpum Hanwoo’s seafood menu is a list of dishes with a variety of ingredients and recipes. Indeed, you’ll never have to leave with an empty stomach!

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Address: 49 Haeun-daero 570beon-gil, U 1(il)-dong, Haeundae Busan, 612-020, South Korea.
Contact phone number: +82 51-747-9900.
Hours of operation: all days of the week from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Anga Restaurant (#best korean bbq in busan)

| best korean bbq in busan

Anga is one of the most famous and best Busan BBQ Korean restaurant. During many times of the day, you will have to wait a bit to have the opportunity to sit and enjoy because the number of visitors here is too crowded.

Coming to this place, tourists can cook by themselves and enjoy delicious pieces of meat. On each dining table, we have a set of specialized grilling utensils and a traditional grill. Barbecue in Anga are fresh cuts of meat with perfect proportions of fat and lean. When grilled, each piece of meat is shiny and fragrant. When you put this piece of meat in your mouth, the sweetness of the gravy mixes with the greasy of the fat layer to create a wonderful and unforgettable flavor.

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The menu | best korean bbq in busan

| best korean bbq in busan
| best korean bbq in busan

To enjoy the truly Korean-style taste, roll the meat with the accompanying vegetables. Remember to make the roll to fit your mouth so you can eat it all with one bite. This “toothful” eating style is extremely popular with the people in the land of kimchi. The pure deliciousness of meat is combined with the crisp freshness of vegetables, the mild sourness of kimchi, the pungentness of garlic and chili and the richness of soy sauce. There is only one word to describe that fusion flavor and that is “great”! We are sure you will feel extremely refreshed when you taste all the flavors in one filling bite. Don’t forget to order more soju for the perfect combination too! Eating grilled pork served with national drink of soju really brings the dish to a whole new level. Immediately sip a glass of soju and make a “guffaw”, your chatting will be more happy conversation. It also helps you to increase your appetite and reduce boredom.

| best korean bbq in busan

| best korean bbq in busan

Address: 494-1 Jwadongsunhwan-ro, Jung-dong, Haeundae Busan, 612-010, South Korea.
Contact phone number: +82 51-742-7852
Hours of operation: weekdays (except Monday) from 11:30 am to 12:00 pm.

The Gui Restaurant

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The Gui restaurant promises to bring guests with hungry stomachs an extremely hearty barbecue party. Here, diners will be served food at surprisingly fast speed. In times of intense hunger, there is nothing happier than to enjoy food in a short time! In a modern and lively setting, the servings will make you impossible to ignore. That is what makes this restaurant one of the must-visit places for many tourists.

The Gui offers customers a wide choice between pork and beef. You can choose one or both of the above meats for your barbecue. The pieces of meat at the restaurant are extremely fresh, glowing red because they have just been cut right after you order. Besides, you will be served with standard Korean-style panchan dishes (which are small side dishes served with cooked rice in Korean cuisine). In particular, there is a dish that is not too well-known but has a taste worth trying, which is the traditional soy sauce soup. You will be hard pressed to find in other barbecue restaurants that serve this dish. With a unique rich flavor, this soup will leave you feeling warm and refreshed.

| busan bbq korean restaurant

The Gui’s landscape design style is not too fussy and stylish. It can be said that this is a restaurant that is more suitable for the needs of looking for delicious food than a high-class place. Diners who come to the restaurant to enjoy barbecue will sit on the floor in a traditional way. Every delicate decoration in the restaurant will help you to have a comfortable mood and focus more on enjoying the food.

Address: No. 9, Jungang-daero 680beonga-gil, Busanjin-gu, Busan city, South Korea.
Contact phone number: +82 51-808-1373

Tong Maru Restaurant (#busan bbq korean restaurant)

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If you are looking for a place to eat at night near Yongdusan Park, this is a great suggestion. Tong Maru Restaurant is located nearby just a few minutes by car. This place always welcomes a large number of diners to enjoy the rich fast food of Korea. In particular, the barbecue here is extremely excellent. The space of the restaurant is crowded with people passing by and the friendly staff brings a cozy and sociable feeling.

| busan bbq korean restaurant

The interior of Tong Maru restaurant is not too prominent but will give you the most authentic experience of popular barbecue restaurants in Korea. You will see wooden tables with grills and chimneys above them. The main color in the restaurant is dark brown tones to highlight the colorful dishes presented on the table. Therefore, it can be said that Tong Maru is a more suitable place to enjoy food than to focus on admiring the scenes.

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Here, diners can cook their own barbecue according to their own taste. We have rows of tables with independent grill designs on them. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort and eat at your own pace. When you order a portion of samgyeopsal grilled meat, you will have additional side dishes accompanied by a bowl of fragrant white rice. This affordable, filling meal is sure to satisfy your hunger pangs.

Address: No. 2, Gwangbokjungang-ro, Jung-gu, Busan city, South Korea.
Hours: 11:30am–12am
Contact phone number: +82 51-245-8503/+82 51-245-0600

Yeyije Restaurant (#best korean bbq in busan)

The last restaurant in the journey to discover Korean Busan BBQ will take you to a stop at Yeyije restaurant. For international diners, the name of this restaurant will be somewhat strange. However, that restaurant gives you a lot of traditional dishes that are loved by most Koreans. The goal when building a restaurant is to create a spacious and cozy space for people’s meetings and reunions. Therefore, both the design and the menu of the restaurant are extremely unique.

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First of all, let’s talk about Yeije’s signature design. This place gives every customer a peaceful feeling like living in the middle of a house in a rural area. The interior of the restaurant is rustic wooden tables and chairs on the floor. Coming to this place, diners have the opportunity to experience authentic Korean cuisine of the quaint countryside. This atmosphere is really unique that few restaurants in Busan city have.

Regarding the menu of the restaurant, we have more choices than delicious BBQ meat. There are a few special dishes that are loved by all guests such as the hot, fragrant tofu soup or the salted abalone served with grilled meat and crispy fresh salad. This is one of the perfect places for you and your friends or family gathering. The dishes will be like a love connection, a way for you to show your care to the important people.

Each piece of grilled meat is sizzling on a small grill, creating a melody of happiness. The sweet, succulent flavor of each fiber of meat blended with the accompanying panchan makes you want to eat it again and again. The places to eat on our list will make you have an unforgettable experience of this famous Korean BBQ.

Address: No. 29 Haeundaehaebyeon-ro 298 beon-gi, Jung-dong, Haeundae Busan, 612-010, South Korea.
Contact phone number: +82 51-731-1100
Hours of operation: weekdays from 12:00PM until 10:00PM at night.

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