Phuket Weekend Market (Phuket Weekend Night Market, Naka Market Phuket) is located along Chao Fa West Road just outside Phuket Town, not far from the city center. The market is where visitors and locals go to find all kinds of secondhand goods, antiques, smuggled goods, live animals and so forth. You will not be able to come here without spending money. The richness and diversity of this market never fail to deflate your wallet.

Phuket Weekend Night Market
Phuket night market
Phuket weekend night market or Naka market phuket
Phuket weekend night market or Naka market phuket.

What’s in the Phuket night market?

Diverse electronics devices

This Phuket weekend market is located on the outskirts of Phuket, Chao Fa West Road, near the Naka Temple. The market is open only on Saturdays and Sundays from around 10pm. Image by: Phuket weekend night market blog.

Night Market Phuket is divided into two parts inside and outside. Inside the market, you will see easy-to-find items such as jeans, t-shirts, antiques, sophisticated carved souvenirs and other unique items. Outside the market, you will find stalls selling toys, mobile phones, all kinds of electronics, DVDs and CDs, shoes, bags, jewelry, fashion accessories, watches and so on.

The night market in Phuket trades all kinds of items. Not only have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food, but you can also find electronics stores, remote control, comics, toys, CD or DVD and clothes. Image: Naka market phuket blog.
There are also countless things you can find in secondhand stalls. Antique items and handicrafts at Phuket night market also attract tourists. Surely you will find yourself the strange, clothes that are not surely available at Jatujak (the largest market in Bangkok). Photo by: Phuket walking street market blog.
The night market is quite clean, safe and rarely you notice any beggar wandering around the site. The weekend market opens from the afternoon till midnight. Many tourists and locals shop here, especially at night. Photo by: Phuket walking street market blog.
Overcharge is an issue which quite a lot of tourists concern. The price in is quite steep so you need to calmly bargain each time. Image by: Phuket weekend night market blog.

Traditional Thai dishes

Weekend markets not only sell fresh food, but when you come here, you can also enjoy many delicious and rare dishes of the Southeast country. Try spicy foods, noodles, fruit or some bites at stalls, you will be attracted immediately by the taste of incomoparable Thai foodstuffs. Image: Naka market phuket blog.

The main walkway has booths selling Thai street food specialties such as boiled corn, spicy sausages, grilled chicken, fish eats, local fruits and even fried insects. And it’s great when you munch on those dishes with a beer on hand.

Although Phuket’s night market is not as big as the famous Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, it still has some unique items that make it outstanding. Read more: Chatuchak market blog — Get lost at Chatuchak weekend market Bangkok, Thailand

If you are courageous enough, you can try out fried insects. Imaginae each piece of crispy crumbs make their way into your very mouth. Scumptious!
Visitants can buy a variety of foods from modern takeaway to traditional Thai delicacies, grilled dishes, seafood, and southern Thai specialties.
Dessert shops with a beautiful blue-green design. “Surpeb” menu with lots of good food and coconut cream ice cream stands out. This dish is a combination of corn, coconut, and peanuts.

Specialtiy not to be missed at Phuket night market

Lookchop, also known as green fruit shaped mung bean snack, is a famous Thai snack. The formula of this eat is very simple, chefs just need to mash green beans with sand sugar, coconut milk to make filler, the outer shell is jelly mixed with food color powder.

The specialty at this market is unique green bean-based viand made from steamed flour and mung beans. The lovely eat is wrapped with a layer of edible food coloring powder that makes them look like plums, chilies, or baby corns. “Be careful” or you will be deceived by the perfect disguise when shopping for fruits resulting in discover a gorgeous foodstuff with amazing fragrance.

The beautiful little lookchop balls will knock out the most discerning diners at first taste. They are appropriately sweet and chewy.
Lookchop is usually sold in boxes, 30 baht (about US$1) a box of 10 balls.


Most of the tourists coming to Phuket weekend markets are planning to go shopping. Not only shopping for yourself but also for your family and friends is also a pleasure that tourists want to bring home for their beloved ones.


The souvenirs you should buy when visiting this market are the basket weaving from a variety of different materials. The most popular ones are bamboo and hyacinth. This kind of bag is the lightweight and durable “dernier cri”.

The number of visitors coming here every night is up to hundreds or even thousands of visitants. They come from all over to visit the market, and there is one thing in common that they explore the everyday life of Thai people through the goods they sell and the food they eat.

Image: Naka market phuket blog.
Image: Naka market phuket blog.
Here visitors are down in the rabbit hole of colorful clothing, textiles, and costumes.
Myriad things to buy
phuket Nightmarket
When the night falls, you can feel the freshness of the market with colorful green, red, purple and yellow, etc. People grin ear to ear with satisfaction. Image by: Phuket weekend night market blog.
This market has done its best in offering endless choices for market goers.

How to get to Phuket night market?

Everyone here is very friendly and open so you just need to know a few basic Thai words to integrate in this hectic place. Image by: Phuket weekend night market blog.

phuket Nightmarket

Opening hours: Saturday, Sunday from 16:00 to 21:00

Location: The night market in Phuket is just opposite Wat Nakaram, you can follow the map below to get there. Alternatively, you can choose to travel by taxi to Wat Nakaram and then walk across the street. You can also ask the driver to go to Talad Tai Rot (local name of the market) and walk in.


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