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After all the planning, saving, and anticipation that comes in advance of a major trip, it’s only natural to want to preserve the memory in the best way possible. And good news: great travel photography doesn’t require lugging around a professional camera anymore. Still, while anyone can tap their screen for a quick shot of his or her loved one on the beach or beautiful landscape, getting the results truly Instagram-worthy takes a little finesse.

Who better to give us some advice than Instagram sensations Murad and Nataly Osmann. The couple behind the #FollowMeTo makes a living traveling and taking photos in a signature pose: Murad’s hand outstretched with Nataly leading him on their next adventure. When they started, all of the photos were taken on Murad’s iPhone.

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Just back from their trip to Mexico City for a campaign with INC International Concepts, the duo sat down with us for a quick lesson. Incorporate these tips on your next getaway and you, too, will be inspiring wanderlust in your followers:

Go Horizontal: Always turn your phone horizontal no matter the shot—this will give you extra room to play with framing.

Say No to the Selfie Stick: “Never use a selfie stick,” said Nataly, adamantly. Not only have a lot of tourist destinations now banned them, but also the angle created is unoriginal.

Get Creative to Find an Uncluttered Background: Try to find a background that will show off your subject without much to distract the eye. At a popular spot? Try to get in front of the crowd. During their trip to Mexico City, Murad and Nataly hopped a fence at the pyramids for a clear shot. (Rule breaking? Not encouraged. But, getting a little creative definitely is.)

Get Up With The Sun: Not only will there be less people in your way of the perfect shot, the lighting is like no other.

Use A Retouching App: Some of Murad’s favorites are VSCO Cam and Snap Seed—but don’t get carried away with HDR—it can make the photo look cheap.

Lindsey Campbell is the Associate Audience Engagement Editor. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @lyndzicampbell.