Following 10 tips below, you would be able to turn a smartphone into a good camera by which wonderful photographs can be captured professionally.

1. Brightness is an essential element.

It is the light that makes a considerable contribution to the beauty of marvelous photos.

As small image sensor needs a large amount of lightning, shots are the most attractive when they are snapped under the open sky.

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Therefore, when taking pictures, you are advised to turn your back against the source of light to make sure what you are taking photos of are bright and clear.

In case of indoor picture-taking, it is advisable that you face your back to the door or window and turn on the lights to get the best shots.

2. Remember the rules of thirds

To have beautiful pictures, it is not only the right settings but subject placement also plays an important role.

The rules of thirds mean break the frame into three equal sections, both horizontally and vertically. Then make sure the subject you are focusing on is above one of these lines but not at the center of the frame.

Remember to keep your smartphone tight and balanced. You should also pay attention to the background to guarantee nothing is closely above the head of the subject.

3. Put the camera app on the main screen

You may miss rare opportunities to snap fantastic pictures if the app is put in hard found places as it is in many smartphones.

smartphone2 screen tips for taking great photographs

Therefore, put your camera app somewhere that it can be easily found. Iphones, for instance, should have it camera installed on the main screen. Some other smartphones enable users to use shortcuts to open the app quickly.

4. Keep the cell phone tight

A possible reason why some photos are unclear is the fact that smartphones are harder to handle than a normal camera which is lighter and thinner.

As a suggestion, holding your phone tight with both hands is advised. Don’t forget to lean your elbows to your body to avoid vibration.

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5. Pay attention to shutter speed

Some smartphone camera shutters are slow. That is to say, it is not until your hand is taken away from the shutter button that the photo is captured.

Hence, hold your phone for a while after you have your picture shotted. Another thing you should do is calculate the time for catching a photo.

6. Optimize the settings

If there are settings for controlling the brightness balance in your smartphone, just keep it in default auto mode. However, brightness settings should be adjusted to choose get the best light mode: daylight or sunset light.

Note that auto mode should be set after finishing taking photos. Turn off the Auto mode if ISO was installed in your smartphone camera.

When shooting outdoors under the sun, you should set ISO at it lowest level to minimize the digital interference but ISO should be set in highest level in case of indoor photography.

7. Extend the dynamic range

High Dynamic Range is available in several smartphones. In other words, three pictures of different settings: a lack of lightning, normal settings and full of lightning, can be captured at a time.

Learn how to use this if you have it in your phone. The Range can be utilised to combine a number of shots into the liveliest photo.

8. Take advantage of special effects

As most of the cell phones have few photo-editing tools, photo-editing apps such as Photoshop should be used to produce a better photo.

However, your phones should be checked to see whether there are useful tools for editing pictures then you can adjust the contrast saturation and special effects up to your preference.

photo editing apps best smartphone photographs tips

Saturation should be set in low and moderate level because high saturation makes the photo dark. Negative, sepia, or black and white settings help to make great pictures.

But you should keep in mind that the photos cannot be turned into its real colour if it is spotted in those settings. Alternatively, you are advised to use special effects like ones of computers in order to reset its colour if you want.

9. Don’t use digital zoom

You cannot amplify your photos by moving the lens of your phone camera. Digital zoom can be used instead to enlarge the pictures and insert some beautiful details.

However, getting closer to the subject is the best way to have the wonderful photo of good resolution.

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10. Update new apps and software

The possibility of upgrading by downloading new apps and software is one of smartphone advantages. So you ought to check the App Store frequently to download upgrading programs for a camera as well as for taken photos.