Modobags-Suitcase-move by itself-travel tip

The travel suitcases can be opened and locked anywhere or measured weight are not a dream. Let’s refer to the following form special suitcases and equip for your upcoming journey.

1. Suitcase interacts with smartphones

Bluesmart-suicase-travel tip

Having the name “Bluesmart”, this briefcase style is set a control app likes a robot. The owner can lock, open and follow suitcase’s location in anywhere. Even, the user can measure the weight of the suitcase by phone. Bluesmart currently is sold with the cost is 235USD.

2. Rolling suitcase

Rolling suitcase-Rolo-travel tip2

You already know how to curl clothes in order to stuff into suitcases. But, Rolo is also done more than. For the only 50USD, Rolo will roll super small anything like a yoga mat.

3. Suitcase can charge for iPad

Andiamo IQ-suitcase can charge for iPad-travel tip

This fall, Andiamo IQ will be sold in the market but its features have been transmitted very far that makes many people looking forward. In addition to the digital lockbox against theft and can alert the owner if the bag is moved. It also has a USB charger is tucked between the handle allows users to charge the phone or iPad in time waiting at the airport. Andimao IQ is estimated with the cost about 600USD.

4. Riding suitcase

Modobags-Suitcase-move by itself-travel tip

The idea of this suitcase is considered insane and the most difficult to implement. It will connect to smartphone of users and automatically “follow” signals that the phone emits. This super-smart suitcase is being studied production and make sure the price is not cheap.