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Penang Island is famous for visitors who shall take a chance in enjoying the various local cuisines during their Malaysia trip. In addition to the popular street vendors, the island also has some polite, luxurious restaurants that can satisfy the most fastidious eaters. In detail, George has a rich and attractive cuisine in order to be the capital of Malaysian cuisine. So, where to eat in Georgetown and where to eat in Penang? Let’s check out out suggested 20 must try restaurants in Penang, best places to eat in Georgetown and best places to eat in Penang including best restaurants in Georgetown Penang, best restaurants in Penang island, top places to eat in Penang, top restaurants in Penang, must eat places in Penang, top places to eat in Georgetown, top restaurants in Georgetown as well as what to eat in Penang, must try food in Penang as below to find out the answer!

Edelweiss cafe penang
S traditional cafe in Georgetown, Penang | best places to eat in penang
A luxurious restaurant in George Town

If you travel to this place, you can try delicious dishes from all over the world such as the ambrosia of Malaysia, India, China, Italy and even Vietnam. However, it’s very difficult to choose a proper address for you because there are many restaurants, which are quickly opening to serve the tourists’ dining needs nowadays. Therefore, we hereby would like to introduce the 20 best restaurants and street stalls in George Town to help you have a perfect trip.

| best places to eat in penang
| best places to eat in penang
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Penang street food
Street food paradise or Penang
Street food paradise or Penang
Street food along Gurney Drive in Penang, Malaysia
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Peranakan cuisine

Best places to eat in Penang: Mews Café

Address: 77, Muntri Road, George Town, Pulau Penang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-263 6125
Opening hours: 8:00 am to 10:00 pm daily

| best places to eat in penang

Mew Café is a famous cafe and restaurant in George Town, due to its open space and diverse menus. You may witness firsthand Malaysian identity dishes made from fresh local ingredients.

Surrounded by the green garden, everyone will take delight at Mews Café | best places to eat in penang

At Mews Cafe, you can choose to dine in a cozy indoor space or an outdoor space ahead of Muntri street for a view of ancient George Town. The highlight of Mews Cafe is the extremely pet-friendly one that just a few restaurants own. No worries as your pets are accepted to bring to without leaving them at home in fear if you dine in the outdoor area.

Be happy with your family or friends at Mews Cafe | best places to eat in penang

Coffee at this place has a rather special aroma because it uses a separate spice, a drink that has never been outdated, very suitable to arouse vitality in the morning for your trip. You can also enjoy some soft pastries to go with your coffee to feel the most obvious flavor.

Not only is it a relaxing place to enjoy a good cup of coffee, but you can also choose for yourself a cup of draft beer to create new excitement. A little tip for you is that on Saturday night starting at 8:00 pm, there is a live music show that is very lively and attractive.

Otak-Otak, an egg crust dish wrapped with banana leaf | best places to eat in penang
Amok Curry is a type of traditional Cambodian prawn curry covered with banana leaf | best places to eat in penang

The restaurant also attracts visitors by Nyonya dishes – the quintessence of Malaysian cuisine, creatively prepared; Otak Otak – one of the popular street foods, both in Malaysia and many Southeast Asian countries; Amok Curry – a type of traditional Cambodian curry dish, steamed in fragrant banana leaves and melts in the mouth; or just your homeland meal- very soft and crispy duck feet.

Best places to eat in Georgetown: Bali Hai Seafood Market

Address: 90C & 90 D, 90, 90A, 90 B, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 George Town, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-228 1272
Opening hours: 5:00 am to 12:00 pm daily

Bali Hai Seafood Market at the night | best places to eat in penang
| best places to eat in penang

If you are a seafood glutton, you should not miss Bali Hai Seafood Market. This is a famous seafood restaurant, with the motto “If it swims, we have it” has existed for a long time. The seafood is especially fresh and imported from the local fishermen to Alaskan Crab, or Australian lobster.

A giant lobster is very delicious | best restaurants in georgetown penang

With a team of well-trained and experienced chefs and a unique restaurant design style, you can observe to prepare your chosen seafood food from the large transparent glass between the eaters and the neat kitchen separation. Surely you will be amazed by the skillful abilities of talented chefs.

The amazing arrangement of various seafood attracts people to buy | best restaurants in georgetown penang

The Bali Hai Seafood Market is a Chinese-style seafood restaurant, so there are a lot of Dim Sum for you to choose from. Besides, the restaurant also has many attractive dishes that are highly appreciated by visitors such as Abalone, scallops, lobster, and Alaskan crab,…

Besides fresh seafood, you also choose dim sum for your meal in this restaurant | best restaurants in georgetown penang

The restaurant is very proud of the giant lobsters. If you feel the above dishes are quite expensive, you can be assured, because there are very popular dishes such as fish, crab, eel and etc that are very affordable and suitable for all social classes. Furthermore, the restaurant also owns a cool and clean outdoor space, baby dining chairs, and wheelchair access.

Best restaurants in Georgetown Penang: Sri Ananda Bahwan

Address: 53 & 55, Penang St, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-331 0781
Opening hours: 8:30 am to 11:30 pm daily

| best restaurants in georgetown penang

The Sri Ananda Bahwan Restaurant was established in 1991, and it has been greatly occupied in tourists’ and Malaysians’ hearts because the restaurant supplies valuable and delicious food. The attention is to get a high appreciation for the quality, safety, and hygiene of food (when you enter, you can clearly see a restaurant certificate). The staff is friendly and very professional, they speak English fluently, so you don’t need to worry too much about the language barrier.

How to eat banana leaf curry rice, which is a famous food at Sri Ananda Bahwan | best restaurants in georgetown penang
| best restaurants in georgetown penang

Sri Ananda Bahwan was firstly founded by a single mother, the hot banana leaf curry rice has been famous until now. The restaurant is also gradually trying to be the best banana leaf restaurant all over the world. The cozy family space is like at-home relaxation.

A large space with many customers who are waiting for their food | best restaurants in georgetown penang
Almost dishes are put on banana leaves. That’s one of the reasons why Sri Ananda Bahwan is well-known as the banana leaf restaurant | best restaurants in georgetown penang

If you are an Indian food enthusiast, Sri Ananda Bahwan is the right choice. We advise you to enjoy Indian-flavored coffee mixed with warm cow milk, the unforgettable spicy Indian-style Nasi Kandar curry rice, or the popular roast chicken.

Best restaurants in Penang: Tai Tong Restaurant

Address: 45, Lebuh Cintra, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 16-774 6625
Opening hours: Daily: 6:00 am to 12:00 am (Dim Sum), 11:30 pm to 2:30 pm (Seafood)

Tai Tong Restaurant is always crowded | best restaurants in georgetown penang
| best restaurants in georgetown penang

An extra Chinese restaurant that makes you satisfied – Tai Tong Restaurant. The restaurant is known by many names such as “Food House”, “Dim sum restaurant”. The reason for having the delicious and beautiful Dim Sum is to require the chef’s ingenuity and elaboration. In order to differ from the other places in the taste, it’s necessary to get tricks and perspectives as well. The Tai Tong Restaurant is one of the few restaurants that possesses these.

Dim Sum is a typical food at the restaurant due to its fame | best restaurants in georgetown penang
| best restaurants in georgetown penang

The restaurant attracts customers with the freshest flavors, the Chinese typical breakfast dishes, and especially the extremely inexpensive prices. The restaurant has quite interesting decor, with lots of lights hanging from the ceiling like you are in the middle of a lantern festival in China. You can “check in” before eating because of this eye-catching background.

Breakfast with egg tart, another delicious food at Tai Tong restaurant | best restaurants in penang

Not only famous for many kinds of Dim Sum, but also delicious for the restaurant dishes which you must try such as seaweed soup, lotus vermicelli, egg tarts, etc. Although the ingredients are fresh, many dishes may be limited in quantity caused of the large of visitors, you should consider arranging your appropriate time to be able to eat comfortably, as you like.

Must try restaurants in Penang: Indochine Cafe’

Address: 515a, Jalan C M Hashim, Tanjung Tokong, 11200 Tanjung Bungah, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 17-409 7748
Opening hours: 12:00 pm to 12:00 am daily

Indochine Cafe is suitable for the outdoor events | best restaurants in penang
Crowded Interior of Indochine Cafe | best restaurants in penang

Indochine Cafe’ is “Indochinese cuisine” in the heart of George Town, with food and drinks originating from many places such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam,… If the cuisine in Malaysia or other countries is quite strange to you, please visit Indochine Cafe’ to enjoy the hometown’s flavorful food.

The different cuisine origin expresses a variety of food at Indochine Cafe | best restaurants in penang
| best restaurants in penang

The restaurant gets the first impression on visitors through the menus including the regional variety of attractive dishes, the enthusiastic staff and the friendly owner. Here includes a coffee shop and a restaurant, which are beautifully decorated, own a great space, and a garden; The light is reflected in the oriental and little western styles.

Green chicken curry pie | best restaurants in penang

If you come here, we suggest some foods as “the best sellers”: Thai-style sticky rice, green chicken curry, meat vermicelli, BBQ meat, Thai noodles, and more, all of them are decorated nicely and elegantly. If you have a chance, you should experience Vietnamese coffee – it is hot, fragrant and has a strong flavor of the Mui Ne style.

Top places to eat in Penang: Kebaya

Address: 14A, Stewart Ln, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-264 2333
Opening hours: 6:00 pm to 11:30 pm every day

The dining room of Kebaya restaurant looks like a palace | best restaurants in penang

Kebaya Restaurant is a restaurant serving local food, Indochinese and Chinese food that has been modified with Malaysian taste by the chefs. A special thing about this place is the owner Christopher Ong who is an admirable person – a hotelier who is maintaining heritage preservation has won a great award and has had the opportunity to work with the five-star hotel’s chefs to make the classic Indonesian and Straits Nyonya recipes.

Kebaya restaurant serves one of the best Indo-Chinese cuisines | best restaurants in penang

With the talents, the experienced and creative cooking methods of this owner, at Kebaya, the Nyonya cuisine and western cuisine with the rich traditional spices and sauces combine to perform the Chinese culture in the local style. The dishes are used the traditional flavors of Malaysia, Vietnamese mildness, Thai spiciness and traditional French cooking style. As a result, travelers enjoy an appetizing and creative meal.

Pana Cotta, made with a base of passion fruit and coconut, with sweetened pineapple bits in the center | best restaurants in penang

Kebaya restaurant, one of the famous restaurants on Penang Island has quite impressive architecture, fancy decoration with pendant chandeliers and colorful tiled floors. Visitors will find this place to be decorated with delicately carved wooden furniture, white orchid pots and fuchsia creating a luxurious feeling.

Kabaya Ban Xeo, crispy waffles stuffed with shredded chicken, bean sprouts and other ingredients | best places to eat in georgetown
Grilled Snapper, fresh fillet of snapper marinated in a spice paste | best places to eat in georgetown

You will surely love the crispy waffles stuffed with shredded chicken, bean sprouts, crispy tofu and vegetables sauteed in tamarind sauce; Dumplings with pork, soybeans & vegetables soaked in cakes; Pai Tee with a crispy shell, shrimp combined with cilantro, sweet chili, lightly salty vegetable sauce; The fish is cooked with garlic and turmeric, all of them are baked in a fresh pink pointy crispy pastry tart; Fragrant grilled coconut with shrimp, cashews, lemon and caviar; The shrimp are fried and attached with fresh basil, coriander, mint leaves, sweet chili sauce,… Hence, to be able to eat all these delicious dishes, you must spend a lot of time coming here.

Top restaurants in Penang: Miraku

Address: No.2, Lebuhraya Maktab, 10250 George Town,Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 17-214 2382
Opening hours: 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm (every day)

Miraku aims to bring the best of Japanese culinary to Malaysia because the best and most experienced chefs are directly brought in from Japan | best places to eat in georgetown

The Miraku Japanese Restaurant is one of the best Japanese restaurants in George Town with reasonable prices and excellent service and quality. The restaurant specializes in Sushi – pretty little rice rolls combined with fresh seafood – one of the typical dishes of Japan.

Sushi is considered to be a cuisine art | best places to eat in georgetown

The Miraku Sushi Restaurant has a fairly simple appearance, with traditional red color. However, the inside is not simple, the lunch menu includes 13 dishes.

| best places to eat in georgetown

Most restaurants for lunch are out of Sushi, therefore, please pay attention to the time for your food to enjoy. The 13-course lunch at Miraku is made up of an appetizer, 9 pieces of Nigri sushi and a hand roll, soup, and dessert. The starters are a simple salad – slices of corn from faraway Hokkaido are incredibly sweet and delicious. Next is Nigiri Sushi – well-known sushi in Japan is fresh and pure, evenly each fine oval-shaped rice ball causes you to enjoy it at first sight. The taste of Sushi does not have much variation in the top Sushi places of Japan, and surely you will feel that this is the pinnacle of Japanese-style seafood. The remaining dishes can be seaweed rolls, soups, ice cream, and so on, depending on the season. You also select wines at a very proper price.

It’s difficult to define how many types of sushi there are in Japan, however all of them are loved and typical food in Japan, and in Miraku restaurant as well | best places to eat in georgetown
Matcha parfait – green tea (matcha) ice-cream | best places to eat in georgetown

A special feature of the restaurant is rare privacy: there is a separate room for guests to hold a party; the whole family gathered together to talk, or for dating couples is also very ideal.

Where to eat in Georgetown: IL Bacaro

Address: Campbell House, 106, Lebuh Campbell, Georgetown, 10200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-261 8290
Opening hours: 8:00 am to 11:00 pm daily

| best places to eat in georgetown
| must try restaurants in penang

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