Warm sea water, unique suspended bridge and the rich ecosystem of flora and fauna are among many features that make Langkawi a hypnotizing attraction to visitors. Langkawi is an archipelago consisting of about 100 islands in the Northwest of Malaysia. It is located in Kedah state which has a border with Thailand. Here comes the most famous natural tourist attraction of this country.

Langkawi island

You can book a ticket from Vietnam Airlines, Malaysia Airlines or AirAsia for a visit to Langkawi. One thing to note is that AirAsia often offers discounted ticket (<$30/one-way ticket). It is worth any price because you are going to set your foot on a heavenly land where nature and infrastructure mingle into a great harmony.

langkawi beach

1. Seaside bars

seaside bar langkawi

The most beautiful beaches are bound to be grabbed in luxurious resorts, but don’t worry, there are still many picturesque white soft sand beaches are waiting for you who want a reasonable trip. The best part of the beach is the cozy and idyllic bars next to the sea. Let yourself have a seat on those lovely chairs, enjoy a glass of cocktail in the candle light and indulge in the music of the waves. It is guaranteed to bring you one of the most unforgettable memories in your life.

2. Be one with nature

Langkawi is home for more than 200 species of bird. And the king of the archipelago here is no one other than the eagles – the symbol of the spot. No wonder that there are a lot of eagle-watching tours everyday. You can see how eagles fly and hunt for food in flesh.

Eagle watching tour
Eagle watching tour

Kilim Karst geographical park is an ideal destination for people who are keen on natural animals, especially wild monkey. There is a huge number of extraordinary experience to have such as watching a cloud of bats flying out from a limestone mountain dating back to 550 million years ago and paying a visit to a crocodile raising farm to see the freshwater monsters in a big family of their own.

Langkawi Monkey in Langkawi
Monkey in Langkawi

3. Trekking in the ancient tropical forest

Tie your shoelaces tight, prepare the backpack and get ready for a trip deep into the woods. One the way to Gunung Raya and Gunung Machincang, the tallest mountain of Langkawi, you stand a golden chance to be really at one with nature, listening to the sound of the bustle cicadas and the twittering birds. The travel agency guides will help a breakthrough to this worth-expecting trip.

The local people will definitely advise you to take the trail leading to Telaga Tujuh fall which is associated with the 7 lakes featuring the legend about 7 fairies. It is told that these elegant fairy girls came there for a bath and they had a lot of fun. Another trekking tour is scheduled to guide you through a 2.5 km trip in the rainforest and climb 2 mountains of the area.

Langkawi wild animal
The call of the wild in Langkawi

4. Warm sea water

If you are interested in activities with water, then Langkawi is for you. Situated in the equatorial area, Langkawi is blessed with year-round warm water that is great for swimming and diving. The temperature is about 28-30 Celcius degree guaranteed to bring you the most relaxing swim.

Langkawi swim in sea water
Swimming in the warm water

5. High-rise cable in the heart of the rainforest

Langkawi Sky Bridge and Langkawi Cable are doubtlessly something you should not miss. From the cable cabin, you can have a stunning view onto the dense tropical woods underneath. It cost about 30 RM per ticket for a cable trip. It is well-noted that when reaching the cable station, you are free to have a walk in this unique way.

Langkawi stunning cable
A view of the cable in Langkawi

Langkawi Sky Bridge is considered one of the most extraordinary architecture in the world because of its height of 100 meters from the ground. From this bridge, you can take a look at the spectacular out there. The bridge is 1.8 m wide and offers 2 triangle base for visitors to stop for sightseeing.

The best time to come is a sunny day, so the whole beautiful forest and Kuah bay can be captured in your eyes.

The unique sky bridge of Langkawi
The unique sky bridge of Langkawi

6. Suitable accommodation for any visitors

Langkawi beach resort
Berjaya Langkawi Resort
Berjaya Langkawi Resort

Whether you visit Langkawi on the honeymoon and need private, romantic space or you come there in a group of young people who want to make noise everywhere, the facilities in Langkawi are bound to satisfy you. There a bunch of resorts, hotels, motels to keep you stay.

Langkawi private and romantic resort
Langkawi will satisfy you with its great resorts

7. Long white soft sand beach

Langkawi white soft sand beach - tourist attraction
The long beach on which you can lie down all day long

Some may say that the Western visitors are jealous of the Southeastern ones who are near to a lot of white soft sand beaches. So why not come to Langkawi where you are able to lie down on the soft sand all day long and feel so refreshed that you forget all about the troublesome things in life.

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