New Zealand is one of the world’s most developed countries, with a rich source and diverse of goods for indigenous residents and visitors to the country to choose freely. Moreover, thanks to the favorable nature, New Zealand’s agriculture is very developed, creating many unique and meaningful products along with the traditional products of the Maori people on the island nation. So, if you have the opportunity to come to this country, you will not need to worry about what gifts to buy when traveling to New Zealand. In case there are too many options and you don’t know which is suitable gift to choose, we are here to help. So, what to buy in New Zealand, what should I buy in New Zealand and what souvenirs to buy in New Zealand? Let’s check out our New Zealand shopping guide with the suggested 21 best gifts from New Zealand (best New Zealand gifts), best New Zealand souvenirs, best things to buy in New Zealand, good souvenirs from New Zealand, things must buy in New Zealand as well as where to buy them to find out the answer!

Maori People at National Kapa Haka Festival, Christchurch

Best gifts from new Zealand: Kiwi fruit and/or related kiwi fruit products

What should I buy in New Zealand? Fruit is one of the gifts that many tourists choose the most. Because in New Zealand, there are quite a few green grasslands and vast farms which are very suitable for growing fruit trees. So it’s not difficult when you want to choose to buy a fruit. If you are wondering what souvenirs to buy in New Zealand, you can choose kiwi fruit. It’s the specialty of this island nation. Although originally from China, the New Zealand kiwi has now become one of the most famous commercial products in the world.

Kiwi fruit, specialty of New Zealand. | what to buy in new zealand

Even just mentioning kiwi fruit people immediately think of the beautiful island nation of New Zealand. Where there are green fruit farms that are grown according to strict standards. So, if you have the opportunity to come to this country, you can buy kiwi fruit or products made from kiwi fruit as a gift such as fresh or dried kiwi fruit… even juices, candy, sweets, jam made from kiwi.

The Liquid Kiwi Reduced Sugar from Nekta
Kiwi candy | what souvenirs to buy in new zealand

In addition to buying as gifts, you can visit kiwi farms to see how they are cultivated, and how these delicious fruits are cared for. And the most ideal place to visit a kiwi farm is in the Bay of Plenty – a region considered the capital of kiwi fruit in New Zealand.

Must buy in New Zealand & best New Zealand souvenirs: Manuka Honey

Besides kiwi fruit, Manuka honey is also considered a standard New Zealand gift for those who have the opportunity to travel, work or visit relatives in this country. It’s also another specialty of this country.

Manuka Honey | what souvenirs to buy in new zealand

Manuka honey is produced by bees that suck nectar from the flowers of the Manuka plant (Leptospermum scoparium, called ‘tea tree’ by Captain Cook) – a special plant that only grows in New Zealand. Although you can buy Manuka honey (imported from New Zealand) in many parts of the world, coming and choosing to buy honey in New Zealand is still considered the most enjoyable experience.

Moreover, not only has special meaning, but Manuka honey also has effective healing powers. Many studies have proven that this type of honey can help strengthen the body’s immune system, aid in wound healing, reduce skin infections, reduce sore throats and digestive problems. Some users even claim that their skin and beauty have been significantly improved by using Manuka honey regularly.

Manuka honey related products.

What’s special about manuka honey lies in its natural antibacterial qualities. Scientific studies have shown that the nectar of manuka flowers contains antibacterial components in very high concentrations. There are many different types of Manuka honey. So, unless you intend to use it for serious health problems or for medical purposes, choosing Makuna honey at a concentration of UMF 10+ is the most ideal. This is the most suitable concentration when mixed with tea or warm water to enjoy the wonderful quintessential natural honey flavor.

Many types to choose from. | best new zealand gifts

Buying Manuka honey at New Zealand stores is also very simple. You can buy it at any supermarket, health store or travel store. Even if you have the opportunity to visit the North Island of New Zealand, you can sign up for tours to visit the Manuka bee farms in Tauranga, Taupo or Warkworth (1 hour drive from Auckland).

What to buy in New Zealand: Lemon & Paeroa (L&P) carbonated drink or craft beer

Lemon & Paeroa drinks | best new zealand gifts

L&P stands for Lemon & Paeroa, the two main ingredients of this delightful sweet soft drink and also briefly describes its invented recipe. Born in 1907, the lemonade drink combined with carbonated mineral water originated in the town of Paeroa – L&P hits the market since then.

This special New Zealand drink tastes almost like Sprite or 7-Up but feels double the carbonate. A refreshing can of L&P for a hot afternoon will leave you feeling extremely refreshed.

However, in case you don’t like the taste of this novelty drink, or you simply want something more “heavy”, craft beer will be the drink for you. New Zealand is also famous for craft beer, so bring home a few delicious bottles of beer is also a good choice!

A wide variety of New Zealand craft beers

What souvenirs to buy in New Zealand: Pounamu necklaces

In the river culture of the Maori people, the fishing hook is an essential item in their life, it has become a prominent symbol of the Maori tribe. Maori hooks are usually attached to a small rope and worn around the neck. This custom gradually turned Maori hooks into jewelry. There is perhaps nothing more New Zealander than a jade necklace.

| best new zealand gifts

Jade, also known as greenstone or pounamu, is inlaid on necklaces and is sold all over the country. On the jade pendant will often be engraved with a Maori symbol representing the special relationship between you and the recipient. Traditionally, you should only buy a jade necklace to give as a gift to special one. So this will be a very meaningful souvenir for someone important to you. You should also note that according to the custom, you should only buy jade necklaces for gifts, not for your own use.

Pounamu is a sacred and important symbol of the Maori people. Around this traditional jewelry, there are also many thrilling stories about its origin. Some ideal suggestions for souvenirs are made of Pounamu stone that can be found such as necklaces, sculptures, decorations, jewelry, etc.

Pounamu Pendant and Earrings Set Gold Plated Boxed | best new zealand gifts

Things must buy in New Zealand: Merino wool clothing

An interesting fact about New Zealand is that the island nation has more sheep than people. New Zealand has nearly 30 million sheep while the population is only nearly 5 million people. Sheep are an integral part of New Zealand’s economy. The most famous and popular products from sheep are wool garments. You can buy them at airports or souvenir shops.

| best new zealand souvenirs

Wool clothing is also a special traditional souvenir that you cannot miss when coming to New Zealand. The main material to make these clothes is the wool of Merino sheep, a sheep with the softest hair and even comparable to luxurious materials like cashmere wool. Merino wool products are often sold a lot in New Zealand with many options for you such as sweaters, gloves, beanies, etc. Or if you want, you can also buy wool to knit your own one.

Also because of the large number of sheep, Merino wool and products made from wool such as clothing, souvenirs, etc. have become typical New Zealand goods. This is also the correct answer to the question of best gifts from New Zealand and what to buy in New Zealand

Good souvenirs from New Zealand: Mineral Mud Products

| best new zealand souvenirs

Ladies, if you like to wear masks, maybe you can buy masks or masking creams made from mineral mud. New Zealand is one of the countries with many active volcanoes, so it is very rich in mineral mud, which is good for your skin. Famous brands: Wild Ferns, Rotorua Spa.

Best things to buy in New Zealand: Trekking outfit and swimsuits

| best new zealand souvenirs

Almost in all major cities there are brands of trekking and bathing clothes such as MacPac, Kathmandu, NorthFace, QuickSilver, BillaBong, RipCurl,… You can find many products to meet many other exercise needs. If you go right in the Sale season, feel free to buy it because the price is very good.

What should I buy in New Zealand: Domestic clothing brands

| best things to buy in new zealand

New Zealand’s domestic brands are also quite rich and diverse. Brands for men with Barker (extremely quality), Hallenstein Brothers (extremely cheap), Huffer, Working Style. For women with Glassons, Untouched World, Stolen Girlfriend Club. Do not hesitate to try at the local brand stores because there are many unique things in these stores.

Best New Zealand gifts: Greenstones

Greenstone is found only in the South Island and has been used by the Maori for jewelry and sharp tools since time immemorial thanks to its hardness. The Maori believe that this stone is a god stone that brings good luck to their villagers.

Best gifts from New Zealand: Sheepskin rugs

New Zealand is known for its large sheep population. Products derived from sheep are produced and sold in a rich and diverse. Visitors often choose sheepskin rugs as gifts for friends and relatives.

| best things to buy in new zealand

The reason why tourists choose sheepskin rugs is because this is a popular product in the country and natural sheepskin rugs are super soft, smooth like ice cream and warm. On the other hand, rugs are made of many different designs, patterns and sizes. Therefore, visitors can freely choose a suitable rug suitable for the space but also suitable for checked baggage.

Good souvenirs from New Zealand: Buzzy Bee Pull Along Wooden Toy

| best things to buy in new zealand

The Buzzy Bee is a cultural icon dating back to 1930s in New Zealand. Its exact origin remains a mystery but all New Zealanders are particularly fond of it. In fact Buzzy Bee is a wooden toy that is very popular with local children, New Zealand adults as well as tourists. You can find them at most souvenir or toy stores around the country.

What to buy in New Zealand? Textile products made of flax leaves

| what to buy in new zealand

One more souvenir suggestion that you can also consider is local products such as tote bags, kete baskets made mainly with New Zealand flax leaves. These special flax leaves can also be used to make mats along with many other traditional indigenous Maori textiles. On each textile product, people also skillfully decorate natural motifs or special symbols that are passed down in the iwi (tribe) from generation to generation.

What to buy in New Zealand: Wood carvings

Wood carving is known to be a longstanding Maori tradition. And visitors can easily see woodcarving when visiting a Marae or any other place you visit. Wood carving products here are also extremely diverse and rich. They not only have many designs but are also carved with extremely unique motifs and patterns. To find some of these local products and bring them home, you can choose from a few items according to your preference!

| things must buy in new zealand

The intricately carved wooden panels called “whakairo rakau”, are considered a heritage passed down through the generations and are also a symbol of the skillful hands of the Maori people. From the airport to the souvenir shops, you’ll find wooden sculptures of all shapes and sizes. In the past, people used green stone to make wood carving tools. Today, the Maori people have used metal chisels to replace stone, but the spirit and emotions through each grain of wood have remained unchanged. Bringing a piece of sculpture home as a gift for a loved one is not a bad idea.

Best New Zealand souvenirs: Abalone shells

| what to buy in new zealand

Abalone is known as the “mother of pearls”, large shells of bright green, dark blue, pink, white and purple mixed together are extremely eye-catching and can be found along the coasts of New Zealand. Small pieces of shells are also used to decorate many items in the house such as cups, lunch boxes, jewelry boxes… You can also buy shell pieces individually and make key chains or display them on bookshelf to decorating.

Best New Zealand gifts: Kete bags

| what to buy in new zealand

Kete bags are a traditional product of the Maori people. They make shoulder bags or handbags of various sizes out of flax leaves. Kete bags can also be covered with leather and miniaturized into wallets or purses. This is also a great gift for friends and family.

What to buy in New Zealand: Wild Ferns Bee Venom

| things must buy in new zealand

Bee venom is a high-end product that effectively keeps white and beautifies the skin, of which Wild Fern is one of the popular brands. You can also bring home as gifts for yourself or your loved ones, from masks, moisturizers, lipsticks, lotions.

What souvenirs to buy in New Zealand: Rugby related items

| what to buy in new zealand

The New Zealand All Blacks is the world famous rugby team and also the reason why this sport is extremely popular here. Having won the last 2 world championships, the All Blacks is like a messenger that has brought people closer together. Try to witness a rugby match live, bring back scarves, hats embroidered with New Zealand All Blacks logos on them, it will be an unforgettable memory for you.

Cool souvenirs from New Zealand: Bone jewelry

| things must buy in new zealand

One of the traditions of the Maori people is the art of carving on bones as well as on stones or wood. Each piece of jewelry contains a soul besides the ingenuity of its artisan, which will surely be an extremely valuable gift.

Best New Zealand gifts: Paua Shell Jewelry

Paua is a type of blue shell used in indigenous New Zealand art for centuries. Similar to the Pounamu stone, the Paua shell is found in the deepest South Sea and not too far from Antarctica. Cold oceans are thought to be responsible for the distinctive blue color of these shells. They can also change color with light, so they are often created into unique decorations and jewelry.

| what to buy in new zealand

This is one of the unique souvenirs in New Zealand. Jewelry made from Paua shells often have blue, green and purple colors that look very beautiful, you will be amazed when you see these jewelry and be surprised to know where they are made. In New Zealand you can buy jewelry made from Paua shells anywhere, even in Martinborough Town with a place called Paua World.

Best things to buy in New Zealand: Kiwi Bird T-shirts

| what should i buy in new zealand

You also know, the Kiwi bird is the symbol of this country, even this country has another name, “the land of the Kiwi”. Therefore, if you do not know what souvenirs to buy in New Zealand, finding a shirt with a kiwi bird image is a perfect idea. Since the Kiwi image is so famous in New Zealand, you can buy kiwi bird t-shirts everywhere.

Charm Bracelets

| what to buy in new zealand

Charm Bracelet is a famous bracelet that is loved by many women around the world. Charm bracelets have a magical attraction because of the delicate beauty of the design that is both classic and modern. You can customize and change the charm beads according to your preferences and personality. Each charm is a small story, each charm bracelet hides a big message. As long as you have an original plain bracelet, you can create many different versions by renewing the charms for your bracelet. This will be the perfect New Zealand souvenir for your beloved grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and women.

Best gifts from New Zealand: New Zealand Wine

The whole country of New Zealand has more than 10 major wine regions and various sub-regions spread along the east coast of both the North Island and the South Island. Some of the country’s most famous wine regions include: Marlborough, Martinborough, Hawks Bay, Northland, Auckland…

| best gifts from new zealand

Each region has its own different climates and geographical conditions that produce some wines with their own distinctive flavors. Among them, the most famous is Sauvignon Blanc white wine and more recently Pinot Noir. Giesen Sauvignon Blanc is a wonderful blend of dried herbs and the scent of lemon leaves and pink grapefruit. When tasting, you will feel the sweet and sour taste and it is very easy to drink. These wines have made New Zealand’s winemaking worldwide famous. It also turns New Zealand wine into a luxurious and meaningful gift, the perfect answer to the question of best gifts from New Zealand, what to buy in New Zealand.

Giesen Sauvignon Blanc | best gifts from new zealand

Besides, Ned Sauvignon Blanc is also one of the most attractive wines for tourists. It is made from grapes grown in the Marisco garden in the Waihopai valley in Marlborough province. And has reached the top 10 of the best wines in the world.

Best things to buy in New Zealand: Whittaker’s Chocolate

Whittaker’s Chocolate is one of the oldest chocolate manufacturers in New Zealand. The chocolates of this famous brand are made entirely from quality cocoa beans, carefully selected by a strict process.

Up to now, Whittaker’s chocolate is not only a long-standing food but also the pride of New Zealanders. So, if you are wondering what to buy in New Zealand, this brand’s chocolate could be a good choice for you.

| best gifts from new zealand

In addition, Whittaker’s chocolates are extremely diverse in flavors, fillings and types, packaged in many different packaging sizes. Visitors may feel extremely excited at first, as if they have just entered Charlie’s candy factory, and quickly change their emotions to confusion at the countless bars and packages of chocolate candy piled on the shelves in front of them. It is recommended that you try all the chocolates during your time in New Zealand to find your favorite flavor or the one that you think is the best.

Things must buy in New Zealand: Dried seafood

Dried Abalone | what should i buy in new zealand

New Zealand is not only famous for its delicious cuisine and drinks, but it also attracts visitors by its wonderful seafood that is processed into nutritious and very healthy dishes. If you choose these types of seafood as gifts for relatives and friends, you should choose dried seafood for easy preservation and long-term storage.

What to buy in New Zealand: Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits | best gifts from new zealand

We will reveal to you one of the gifts that you can buy for your friends and relatives, which is Anzac Biscuits. This is one of the specialties in New Zealand, loved by the people here and also a snack chosen by many tourists. Anzac Biscuits are made from many different ingredients such as: oats, syrup, flour, coconut,… and a few other flavors. Anzac Biscuits are easy to store and transport, so you can buy this biscuits as a gift. You can buy these biscuits at bakeries or supermarkets in New Zealand.

What should I buy in New Zealand: Pavlova cake

pavlova cake sydney.4
Pavlova cake

It would be remiss not to mention this cake as one of New Zealand’s famous specialties. Pavlova is a sponge cake and a dessert covered with cream and fruits such as kiwi, grapes, red berries,… with moderate softness, delicious taste, sweet without being too greasy. This is also a popular cake used as a dessert on menus at restaurants in New Zealand.

You can buy Pavlova at bakeries and you should buy them close to the time of take-off to ensure the freshest cake. And you should pay attention to how to preserve the cake to avoid being broken. When buying cakes at stores, you should clearly state that you are buying them as a gift, they will pack them for you in a sturdy box to ensure.

Some notes when buying things in New Zealand

You do not need to worry about buying gifts when you go to New Zealand as we mentioned above because there will be many gifts for you to choose from. However, when buying a gift or buying any item in New Zealand, there are a few particularly important notes regarding purchases in the country, such as:

Exchange money in advance

New Zealand is using the New Zealand Dollar (NZD$). You can easily exchange NZD at all the shopping malls and centers of the country. However, if you want to change from Vietnamese currency to New Zealand dollar, it will be relatively difficult. Therefore, it is best before leaving the country, you should exchange money to NZD or USD and bring a credit card for shopping convenience.

Wellington streets | best gifts from new zealand

In addition to the typical goods produced in the country, New Zealand also has many imported goods from all over the world. Therefore, coming to New Zealand, you can freely shop, choose things for yourself, choose gifts for relatives and friends. However, the price of goods in New Zealand is relatively expensive. Therefore, tourists not only need to determine what to buy in New Zealand, but also need to carefully balance costs.

Other notes when shopping in New Zealand

Shopping malls in New Zealand’s major cities are open all day of the week to serve tourists. But stores in remote areas are usually only open until the end of Friday. So, if you intend to buy at these stores, you should be aware of the operating hours.

In addition, although security in New Zealand is very good and safe, during sightseeing and shopping, you should leave your belongings neatly and cautiously. Especially with money and important papers to avoid theft, pickpocket…

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