Italy owns many world-class souvenir shopping areas and malls. Markets with many famous specialties are decorated with eye-catching in presentation and luxury shops by Italian designers have long been well known all over the world. Wherever you go, Italian crafts are the star of the merchandise display. Italy has a long history of creating the world’s finest handcrafted products, food and continues to claim unsurpassed quality in products bearing the “Made in Italy” label. If you are wondering what is a best souvenir or gift to buy when traveling to Italy, the following article will help you find the answer right away.

Shops and stores on the legendary Ponte Vecchio Bridge, Florence, Italy.
Naples wine store

So, what to buy in Italy, what is a good souvenir from Italy, what is the best souvenir from Italy, what is the best thing to buy in Italy, what souvenirs to buy in Italy and what to buy in Italy for souvenirs? Let’s check out our suggested 19+ top things to buy in Italy, must buy in Italy, best Italy souvenirs, best souvenirs to buy in Italy, best things to buy in Italy, must buy souvenirs in Italy, must have souvenirs from Italy as well as where to buy them to help you choose the meaningful Italy gifts to bring back!

Finding authentic, handcrafted Italian souvenirs or gifts isn’t always easy, but the best way to do this is to know what are they and where they’re sold. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Here are the best Italy souvenirs and best Italy gifts and where to buy them.

Must buy in Italy: Footwear (shoes, sandals, boots…)

What to buy in Italy, it can not help but to mention handmade shoes, using special materials by famous designer brands that visitors should not miss. With a wide variety of shoe styles, from a few tens of dollars to thousands of dollars, are sold in many stores in the major cities of Italy. Most stores offer various sizes for you to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a size.

Famous shoe brands in Italy are Bruno Magli, Giovanna Zanella Caeghera, Nero Giardini, Café Noir and Igi&Co. Italian footwear has a beautiful design, brings comfort and ease to the user, and at the same time, they are quite reasonably priced. If you want to buy more high-end products, check out Valentino, Just Cavalli, Armani, or Salvatore Ferragamo.

Dolce & Gabbana store | must buy in italy

You can order your own shoes, it only takes about 3-4 days to have your shoes that fit your feet. The handmade shoes will definitely be a very meaningful gift that you get when you come to Italy. You can choose shoes with special designs and materials from famous brands.

Stop in Rome, if you have a good budget, you can stop by brand stores such as Prada at Piazza di Spagna, or Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Valentino, Just Cavalli, Armani, or Salvatore Ferragamo and countless stores from famous brands another world.

Italy is considered a “mecca” for shopaholics with a variety of different shoe styles of many brands from popular to high-end.

If branded shoes make you shy because they are expensive, you can visit smaller shops, rest assured because their quality is not inferior to Gucci or Prada. But must consider carefully before buying because the possibility of getting fake “made in China” is not low at all.

Best things to buy in Italy: Clothing

| must buy in italy

It is obvious that shopping in Italy cannot miss clothing products, because Italy owns extremely famous fashion brands, Italy is also considered the world’s fashion capital. You can easily find luxury clothes from world famous brands to cheap imitations of street vendors enticing tourists.

Don’t miss the opportunity to shop for yourself trendy outfits when traveling to Italy with famous fashion brands.

Take the opportunity to visit the Borghetto Flaminio or M. A. S market to visit other popular shops, you will buy the right clothes at a reasonable price. More upscale, you can go to luxury shopping places like Maga Morgana in Via del Governo Vecchio shopping street or Nu Yorica at Piazza Pollarola.

In Milan you can visit Quadrilatero d’Oro shopping center. | must buy in italy
You can buy fashion items anywhere in Italy. | must buy in italy

Best Italy souvenirs: Italian Silk Scarf

| what is the best souvenir from italy

The Italian silk scarf has become one of the symbols of this country. So you definitely have to buy one when you come here! This scarf will be useful when used in winter. Both warm and stylish, it pairs well with both clothes and dresses. You will look extremely chic when walking down the street with a deep-colored scarf on your shoulders, and gentle elegance with a bright-colored scarf. You look like a true beautiful Italian lady!

| what is the best souvenir from italy

Scarves are the perfect choice to buy a souvenir item or take home for yourself. It is not difficult for you to find a scarf you like at the shops in the Roman market or go to the larger stores in Rome because there will be many different designs, materials, different colors. Incredibly beautiful design will be ready to meet your aesthetic.

Top things to buy in Italy: Bracelets

| top things to buy in italy

Souvenirs are always meaningful items after trips. Italy also has a lot of attractive souvenirs. Referring to souvenirs, it is impossible to forget an Italian bracelet with a light, simple and stylish design. Each store displays a wide range of designs to suit all fashion styles.

What to buy in Italy for souvenirs: Ceramics

| top things to buy in italy

One of the gifts that symbolize traditional Italian art is ceramics. Italian ceramics are highly appreciated by international tourists for their sophisticated beauty, presenting the perfect blend of ancient beauty and modernity. Tuscany, Umbria and Sicily are the regions that offer some of the finest handcrafted ceramics. You can buy plates, teapots, bowls, spoons, jars and glasses, etc. to give as gifts to family and friends, or to decorate your home.

What is the best thing to buy in Italy: Buy leather goods in Florence

Mercato Nuovo, Florence | top things to buy in italy

With famous Chianina cows and a thriving business center in Florence, Tuscany has all materials to create excellent leather products. Located on the banks of the Arno River, Santa Croce Market in Florence provides 35% of Italian leather products.

Despite you can find authentic Italian quality leathers all over Tuscany and even near Umbria, Florence is still the best place to shop for handmade purses, jackets or stunning belts…

| top things to buy in italy

Florence leather goods are genuine cowhide. All leather items are meticulously designed and sewn by hand. Florence began to produce leather goods in the Middle Ages. Today it is one of the leading Italian leather goods production sites. You can find many Italian souvenirs such as bags, purses, belts or coats, etc.

Florence has many large shopping stores in the central area. Head to Santa Croce Market to find out what the biggest brands are selling. If you only have one day in Florence, take a lunch tour at the San Lorenzo market, where dozens of stalls and shops sell all manner of leather products.

| best things to buy in italy

Best souvenirs to buy in Italy: Perfume

| best things to buy in italy

Perfume is an important item that has brought Italy to the top of world fashion. Therefore, this will be one of the interesting souvenirs with bold Italian style that tourists should give to their relatives or friends, especially your lover. Note that depending on the brand and product line, Italian perfume will have different prices. Top perfume brands recommend you: Acqua di Parma, Armani, Valentino, Laura Biagiotti or Dolce & Gabbana.

Must buy in Italy: Handbag

Leather bags are also an ideal choice for you. Owning a handbag bought in a fashion capital like in Italy will definitely give you a sense of satisfaction. Although the sale of branded goods in Italy is very strict, you can still find imitation leather or imitation brand goods at roadside shops. It is better to choose to buy at brand stores. Or ask experienced people who have shopped to find the best place. Don’t forget to bargain when buying bags at shops, or even in brand stores. You might be overcharged!

Be careful to avoid encountering street merchants selling fake, low-quality Gucci or Hermès bags. It’s best to negotiate the price, otherwise don’t choose.

Best Italy souvenirs: Jewelry

Are you interested in handmade jewelry? Having come to Italy, you should try to buy it! With mainly gold, silver, and precious stones, the design is very simple and delicate. The price of these items is therefore very affordable, not as expensive as other similar items in other countries.

| best things to buy in italy

Jewelry is divided into two categories including high value and medium value. High-value jewelry such as Tuscan marble and elaborately designed Murano glass. Low-value jewelry is handmade items from rattan and silk. Depending on your budget, you can go to shopping malls, small shops or street stalls to own delicate jewelry that is suitable for you. The popular types of jewelry visitors can choose to buy are items made of silver, gold or white gold jewelry. In addition, many types of high-end jewelry are also attached with precious stones or coral.

What souvenirs to buy in Italy: Murano glass

Murano, an island off the coast of Venice, has remained a producer of top quality glassware in Europe for centuries. As Venice was a major trading port transporting goods from all over the Mediterranean and the Far East, the city is famous for its glass-making traditional method, that influenced by cultures such as Roman, Greek, and Roman, Asian.

murano glass factory (1)
One of the stores with cool window display of Murano chandeliers and other glass masterpieces. | must buy souvenirs in italy

Visitors will be extremely impressed by the skillful shaping ability of artisans, who can make anything from chandeliers to earrings, bottle caps with exquisite details to perfection.

When choosing to buy glassware in Murano, be careful because fakes are rampant everywhere, even on the island of Murano itself. You should look to the big and original brands such as Original Murano Glass to ensure the real thing.

murano glass factory (1)
Murano making a Glass Horse | must buy souvenirs in italy
murano glass factory (1)
Murano Glass Wine Glasses. Glass items have many beautiful designs and affordable prices. | must buy souvenirs in italy

If you want to admire more glass designs and learn about the history of this industry, you can visit the Murano Glass Museum at Palazzo Giustinian on the island of Murano.

What is the best souvenir from Italy: Masks in Venice

If you are not too interested in fashion items but want to bring home gifts imbued with Italian culture, we believe that a colorful mask often worn at Venice Carnival will make you satisfied.

| must buy souvenirs in italy

You can buy masks made according to the traditional method at Ca’ Macana store in Calle delle Botteghe or Toletta streets. However, make sure that the typical traditional masks of Venice will cost you no less than 12 euros/item.

What to buy in Italy for souvenirs: Ceramics in Vietri sul Mare

Like all towns on the Amalfi Coast, Vietri sul Mare is home to delicious food and stunning views. But what really gives Vietri sul Mare popularity is the town’s tradition of ceramic making.

Although crockery is sold throughout the Amalfi Coast, only the artisans in Vietri sul Mare can harmonize centuries-old traditional crockery making with today’s modern style to create ceramic vases, bowls, jars, plates and decorations for both indoors and outdoors.

| what is the best souvenir from italy

All ceramics in the Amalfi Coast region are designed by hand with drawings and patterns that truly reflect the life of the people of the Mediterranean. Brightly colored sunflowers, lovely lemons and grapes, and charming landscape paintings, all appear on the ceramics products here. Whether you want to buy a full set or just one, these perfect souvenirs from Italy will bring a joyful atmosphere to your family. The price of crockery is usually very affordable, however, if you want them to ship to a certain address, you often have to pay an additional shipping fee.

| must buy in italy

When visiting Vietri sul Mare, make a stop at Fabbrica di Ceramiche Solimene factory to better understand the pottery tradition and recent developments in the craft.

Must buy in Italy: Como’s silk

Silk has been produced in Como and nearby towns like Bellagio for more than four centuries. Chinese silkworm farming spread to the eastern Mediterranean, to Sicily and then to northern Italy and finally to Como town.

| must buy in italy

However, it was not until Italy began to industrialize in the 18th century that Como became the largest silk producer in Italy. Today, Como still maintains its brand. Como supplies 85% of silk in Italy and 70% of silk in Europe. It also supplies silk for many major fashion houses in Milan, Paris, New York and many other famous names.

You may have noticed that the silks in Como and Bellagio are sold at relatively reasonable prices. When you walk around the stores, you will see high-quality fashion products combined with many new designs or existing models.

Top things to buy in Italy: Food

In addition to the familiar pizza and pasta, if you want to enjoy other food when traveling to Italy, buy olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, chocolate, these foods are easy to find in all places both shops and supermarkets, convenience stores. There is a place where you can choose the best food is the small street stalls near the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

You can buy typical Italian food at supermarkets and shops. | must buy in italy

Each region in Italy is famous for its variety of specialties. From Amalfi lemons to Perugia cured meats, Tuscan truffles and Puglia tomatoes. You don’t have to buy all the specialties and fill your suitcase. However, bring a few meat, ham, wine, olive oil or bottled beverages – all are great gifts, bringing the taste of Italy to your home.

Must buy in italy and best Italy souvenirs: Dried Pasta

The country of pasta and pizza. Pasta are just an ordinary consumable item in Italy but it can be a great souvenir. Pasta is the most famous Italian food. Therefore, buying dried pasta as a gift may not need to be said, the recipient also knows that you have just had a very meaningful trip to Italy. There are many kinds of pasta come along with various sizes and shapes such as: Gnocchi, Linguine, Bucatini, Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, Cavatelli, Tortellini…

Dry Pasta | must buy in italy

It will be a big mistake if you do not buy pasta as a gift after your trip to Italy. Spaghetti is a type of pasta and is also a famous dish all over the world, and is one of the most sought-after gifts in Italy. If you are looking for a typical Italian food, pasta is the number one choice. There are different types of pasta, made from wheat or whole grains. The most famous brands that visitors can refer to are Benedetto Cavalieri, Afeltra, Voiello, Alce Nero, Il Pastaio di Gragnano, Verrigni, Antignano, Alfieri, or Mancini…

A wide variety of pasta | must buy in italy

Best things to buy in Italy: Balsamic Vinegar

| what is the best souvenir from italy

When Italians eat bread before a meal, they usually enjoy it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. You can also use it for cooking, adding flavor to salads or pizzas. There are many types of Balsamic Vinegar and cheap prices, so it is very suitable for gifts. Usually, vinegar comes in liquid form but you can also find it in solid form.

What to buy in Italy for souvenirs: Salt and Truffle oil

| must buy in italy

Italian truffles are known for their highest quality. Therefore, when you come here you will have more opportunity to buy different salt or truffle oil at an affordable price. Your food will taste so much better when using them to enhance flavors.

Best Italy gifts: Limoncello

Limoncello wine | what to buy in italy for souvenirs

It is a famous liqueur from the south of Italy. Sorento lemon liqueur with high alcohol content, should be drunk chilly with a small glass. The design of the bottles is as varied as the Italy country shape or the lemon shape. Even if you don’t go to southern Italy, you can easily find them all over the country.

Must have souvenirs from Italy: Olive oil

| what to buy in italy for souvenirs

Italy is the second largest producer of olive oil in the world after Spain. Black olive oil has very good uses, along with the Italian brand, so many visitors buy it as a gift. If you have the opportunity to visit Italy in the fall, it will be great to visit olive groves. You have the opportunity to see and personally harvest olives. What’s more, you’ll get a quality bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

Best souvenirs to buy in Italy: Illy & Lavazza

| what to buy in italy for souvenirs

Italian coffee is famous world wide, Illy & Lavazza is the major coffee bean brand in Italy. You can also buy coffee machines in their stores. Coffee beans are cheaper when you buy them in Italy and you can easily find them in supermarkets or convenience stores, shops.

Bialetti Stovetop Coffee Makers

| what to buy in italy for souvenirs

If you are a coffee lover, you will cannot forget the taste of coffee you drink during your time in Italy, very special. Bialetti is a popular espresso maker in Italian cafes and households. The price is cheaper when buying in Italy with a variety of designs. Renowned for its uniqueness, simple design and ease of use. It’s an essential Italian souvenir.

Must buy souvenirs in Italy: Chocolate

Chocolate is a popular sweet food of many people around the world, especially in the West. Italian chocolate is also very popular. It has a deliciously appealing flavor and variety. Five types of chocolate brands are popular and famous in Italy you can refer to: Modica, Perugina, Ferrero, Gianduiotto, and Cioccolata Venchi.

Pocket Coffee Chocolate

| what to buy in italy for souvenirs

A good souvenir and gift at an affordable price, pocket coffee chocolate. Chocolate contains powerful espresso, combining the sweetness of chocolate and the bitterness of coffee. You can buy in supermarkets for more reasonable prices. There are different sizes for you to choose from.

Baci Chocolate

| best italy souvenirs

Is a typical Italian chocolate that tourists love. The nuts inside the chocolate are very mouthwatering. When you open it, you will see a small message inside, bringing a little joy. There are different flavors for you to choose from.

What is the best thing to buy in Italy: Marvis Toothpaste

| best italy souvenirs

The famous Italian toothpaste, Marvis. The luxurious packaging is perfect for gifts. There are many flavors for you to choose from. Famous for being a natural toothpaste that does not contain any artificial coloring agents.

Cera di Cupra Rosa Face Cream

You can also buy this product from supermarkets or convenience stores in Italy. Because the cream has an effective skin protection and excellent moisturizing effect, it is suitable for dry skin. The scent is quite strong so it’s best to try before you buy.

Must buy in Italy: Cheese

Parmesan cheese | best italy souvenirs

In the list of gifts to buy after a trip to Italy, cheese is one of the foods that cannot be missed. Italian cheeses are plentiful, such as: Pecorino Romano or Casu marzu from Sardinia, especially Parmesan Cheese. These are the most famous cheeses and can be made into many different dishes. Cheese is considered a gift suitable for all ages of gift recipients, you should not ignore this suggestion!

Dried Mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms | best italy souvenirs

If you love the famous Italian pasta, why not buy one of the indispensable ingredients to make this delicious dish – dried mushrooms? Mushrooms are dried, and stored in a vacuum bag. You can easily find dried mushrooms in many supermarkets in Italy. Among them, porcini mushrooms are one of the most expensive and premium dried mushrooms.

Top things to buy in Italy: Furniture

Italy is also proud to be the center of world famous furniture design and of course the prices are extremely expensive. Italian furniture is not sold in luxury furniture centers such as in the US, Germany, UK, etc., but through online stores, especially for brands such as Minotti, B&B Italia, Cassina.

Italian furniture is very popular.

Alternatively, you can go to Milan Factory Outlets to buy items with negligible discounts and of course beware of special bargains and scammers.

Must buy souvenirs in Italy: Cruciani Bracelets

| best italy souvenirs

An Italian bracelet with a light, simple and stylish design. There is a wide range of designs and colors to suit all fashion styles. In Rome, there is no Cruciani store but you can find it in the Choses store, near the Spanish square.

KIKO Cosmetics

The Italian national cosmetic brand, Kiko, is famous for its cosmetics with good quality and very affordable prices.

Roberts rose water (Distilled Rosewater)

| best italy souvenirs

Roberts Rose Tonic is a famous cosmetic brand that you can buy in supermarkets at an affordable price. Made from 95% natural ingredients and still produced in the traditional way, extracted from natural rose by high temperature to strengthen the skin’s protective function. It can be used as toner, spray or mask.

Must buy in Italy: Italian wine

Have you heard of wine or grain alcohol from Italy? These drinks have a wonderfully passionate taste that will make you remember forever. Any store-bought liquor is a premium drink.

Not as famous as French wine, but a trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without a few bottles of wine in your luggage. You will find them in any store, the older the wine bottles are, the more precious they are and their prices also depend on the age.

Not only tasting wine in Italy, you also bring home wine bottles as great gifts. | best italy souvenirs

When you visit Tuscany, a region of Italy, you can find vast vineyards and quality wine tours and of course premium wines. There are more 2,200 wines produced in Italy, one of the countries with the largest wine production. To avoid the strict procedures or regulations for alcohol at the airport customs gate, you can use the best door-to-door delivery service.

Local market
Papyrus paper making workshop

Must buy in Italy, best Italy souvenirs: Some other shopping tips in Italy you need to know

  • Do not think that buying goods in developed countries does not have fake goods, poor quality as well as fraud, so to buy satisfactory souvenirs we should buy at reputable brands, stores with name, avoid buying goods on the sidewalk, street vendors.
  • Carefully check that the items before buying are properly labeled with product information and specifications. If you have local friends, it is best to ask them to guide you.
  • Never bargain when buying fruit in Italy because the seller will consider it a serious insult.
  • The way to buy fruit in Italy is also a bit different, tell (or point) the fruit you want to buy, the seller will choose for you the most delicious things possible. If you want to eat right away, add the word “per oggi” to your offer.
Naples wine store | best things to buy in italy

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