Not only is it one of China’s leading special economic zones since 1979, Shenzhen city is also recognized by UNESCO as one of the leading creative cities and among the “Top 10 cities to visit in 2019” voted by Lonely Planet. Thanks to its rapid economic development, this coastal city has built a leading tourism infrastructure to meet the needs of tourists. Not only owns beautiful theme parks, the city also has countless interesting places to explore. In this article, we will introduce the top Shenzhen prominent places to visit for you refer to before planning a trip to this impressive city.

Shenzhen, one of the most properous cities in China | best places to visit in shenzhen
| best places to visit in shenzhen

So, where to go in Shenzhen and where to visit in Shenzhen? Let’s check out our top rated 23+ top places to visit in Shenzhen, best places to visit in Shenzhen, must see places in Shenzhen and must visit places in Shenzhen as follows!

Overview of Shenzen

Shenzhen location on the China map

Shenzhen is a coastal city located in the south of Guangdong province, known as China’s most prosperous and smart megacity. Not only does it offer a shopping experience, but the following lesser-known Shenzhen tourist attractions from historical landscapes, vibrant live music performances to beautiful beaches promise you a memorial trip!

Shenzhen street | best places to visit in shenzhen

The Chinese have a saying: “If you want to see a China with thousand years old of history, go to Beijing, if you want to see China of a hundred years old, go to Shanghai and if you want to see the miracles of the past few decades, go to Shenzhen.” This proves that in the minds of Mainland people, Shenzhen city, Guangdong province, is a promised land with miraculous development.

Shenzhen is a bustling commercial city, a rapidly growing metropolis in South China. The city has many beautiful sights to explore. Here, we will introduce you to famous landmarks in Shenzhen, helping you find your own style to explore the modern beauty of this city. You will be impressed by the parks, architectural works, beautiful natural beaches,… and countless other wonderful things.

| best places to visit in shenzhen

China Folk Culture Village (# best places to visit in shenzhen)

First, you cannot miss the Splendid China Miniature Park & China Folk Culture Village, located on the shore of Shenzhen Bay, one of China’s famous tourist areas, China Folk Culture Village is the largest miniature, comprehensive park in China reflects the history, culture, art, ancient architecture, and customs of different countries around the world. More than 100 major tourist attractions have been scaled and laid out according to China’s map. The entire park covers an area of 30 hectares, which can be divided into a Scenic Area and a Comprehensive Service Area.

| best places to visit in shenzhen

The Splendid China Miniature Park & China Folk Culture Village was formerly two separate attractions by Shenzhen Bay, then merged in 2003. It is the largest and comprehensive miniature theme park worldwide that recreation of nearly 100 famous attractions in China and 25 ethnic villages on a relatively full scale. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about 5,000 years of China’s history in the most intuitive way and see the country’s most beautiful landscapes in one day.

Unlike Window of the World, when coming to Splendid China Folk Village, visitors will be able to travel to each region of China by admiring the typical miniature architectural models in this populous country. These are the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Shaolin Temple, etc. Although the size is much more modest than the original, each project is built elaborately, meticulously and delicately.

| best places to visit in shenzhen

At the Splendid China Miniature Park & China Folk Culture Village, visitors will have the opportunity to admire 100 miniature models of famous tourist attractions all over China. Most of these models will be scaled to 1:15 scale. Along with that, about 50,000 lively clay human statues are placed around the models, creating emphasis and harmony as well as increasing the realism of the landscape. Besides models of historical sites and famous sights, visitors can also explore traditional folk houses, where performances depict festivals as well as songs and folk dance. Near the park’s entrance gate, visitors will find an area for eating and selling traditional handicraft souvenirs built in an ancient style for visitors.

| best places to visit in shenzhen

Visitors can take a tram or subway to see around the park, and visit the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Three Gorges Dam, Potala Palace and Terracotta Army in one day. The park also hosts several shows depicting various events in Chinese history and Chinese culture. In addition, there are many special programs that will be held on weekends.

| best places to visit in shenzhen
| best places to visit in shenzhen

After touring the place, travelers will move west to explore the China Folk Culture Village, where you can admire the home architecture, folklore activities, and cuisine of 22 people Minorities are reproduced here at a ratio of 1:1 in 22 villages. Here, you not only have the opportunity to explore the real life of 22 ethnic minorities but also have the opportunity to interact and participate in their interesting festivals.

  • Address: China, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen, Nanshan
  • Entrance fee: 200 RMB for adults and 100 RMB for children from 1.2 to 1.5 meters.
  • Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m

Window of the World (# must see places in shenzhen)

| best places to visit in shenzhen

Next is Window of the World – a theme park located in the west of Shenzhen, adjacent to the China Folk Culture Village. In fact, it is another comprehensive miniature park in the city that displays about 130 replicas of some of the most famous tourist attractions worldwide within 48 hectares area, such as the 108-meter Eiffel Tower, the Pyramid and the Taj Mahal, Colosseum… Visitors can also find many international restaurants in this park.

| best places to visit in shenzhen

Window of the World will give you the opportunity to travel around the world in just one day. Famous places are perfectly recreated at 1:1, 1:5, 1:15 ratios, making them a great virtual living place for those who love to travel or simply take souvenir photos to show off with friends. Here, you can find Mandalay’s Mahamuni Pagoda and Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, or wonderful European architectural works such as the Eiffel Tower, ancient Athens, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Tower of London will show you the wonders of the world. work of world classical architecture. The miniature Roman Colosseum will show you an overview of the cruel scene of the past. You can also enjoy the picturesque scenery when riding a gondola along the miniature Venice canals… along with many famous places around the world.

| best places to visit in shenzhen
| best places to visit in shenzhen

In particular, if you visit the park during festivals, visitors will have very different experiences depending on the occasion of the year. Here, visitors can participate in some of the main festivals such as: Cherry Blossom Festival, Indian Cultural Week, International Beer Festival, Pop Music Festival and finally the singing and dancing Gala. around the world takes place during the Lunar New Year.

Some of the adventures included in the park tour program are also a very impressive highlight for brave visitors. You can challenge your survival ability by crossing the Colorado River along the Canyon Canal or follow the North American Indians to learn how to hunt or explore the original tropical forest on a cable car… there is so much for you to explore in a day in this miniature world.

| best places to visit in shenzhen

Window of the World offers you enjoy Mexican food, see Niagara Falls, then stroll around Angkor Wat. You can even go skiing at ‘Alps Indoor Skiing’. In the evening, you can enjoy ‘Magical Paris Night’ at ‘Caesar’s Palace’. It takes at least half a day to fully explore this place and each day the program will end with fireworks and a very special laser show.

  • Address: GXPG+46Q, Shennan Blvd, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
  • Entrance fee: 220 RMB, 110 RMB for children from 1.2 to 1.5m
  • Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m

Futian Mangrove Nature Reserve (# must visit places in shenzhen)

| best places to visit in shenzhen

Located northeast of Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen Mangrove Nature Reserve belongs to the Bird Nature Reserve, covering an area of 368 hectares. This is the only nature reserve located in an urban area and the smallest in China. There are about 189 species and more than 100,000 migratory birds coming here to feed or avoid winter. Besides birds, there are about 55 species of plants belonging to the reserve, considered a green corridor of Shenzhen city, connecting with a series of scenic coastal roads and merging with the coastal ecological park sea. Not only is this a haven for coastal birds and plants, but it is also the perfect place for everyone to enjoy true immersion in nature.

| best places to visit in shenzhen

It is quite interesting that the Shenzhen mangrove reserve and Hong Kong’s Mai Po nature reserve are separated by a river and together create a mangrove ecosystem and become the most characteristic landscape of Shenzhen-Hong Kong border area.

Chiwan Old Fort (# top places to visit in shenzhen)

| best places to visit in shenzhen

Having only existed for less than half a century, some Shenzhen tourist attractions contain incredibly heroic histories. Chiwan Old Fort is worth exploring for history enthusiasts. Built in 1717 during the Qing Dynasty to protect the Pearl River from the British, what remains today is the “left fortress” complete with a cannon and a statue of the mandarin Lin Zexu.

Xiaomeisha Beach

Located in Yantian district in the east of Shenzhen, Xiaomeisha beach is about 28km from the city center. The charming crescent-shaped beach surrounded by mountains on three sides is also known as ‘Oriental Hawaii’. Here, in addition to enjoying the blue sky and white sand, ocean waves and water sports such as swimming, scuba diving, surfing… visitors also have the opportunity to explore the nearby Xiaomeisha Sea World amusement park with many other interesting activities.

| best places to visit in shenzhen

Walking along the beach, visitors will be immersed in the beautiful scenery with green coconut forests, clear water and hills in the distance. Even for those who don’t know how to swim, this beach is a relaxing paradise with poetic scenery. Besides, some interesting sports activities for you to fully experience the feeling of being immersed in the sea include taking a cruise on a jet plane, or experiencing it by motorboat, banana boat and small yacht.

After exploring the sea surface, scuba diving tours with professional guides will help you explore the wonderful underwater world with the opportunity to interact with many different marine animals. Another plus point is that the public freshwater bath here is quite large, can accommodate up to several hundred people at the same time.

| best places to visit in shenzhen

At night, you will be welcomed to Shenzhen’s largest barbecue venue, accommodating up to 1000 people. All tools and ingredients are prepared, you just need to have fun and enjoy with your loved ones in the vibrant space by the beach. However, if you don’t like crowds or need to find a quiet place to stroll, the boardwalk at Xiaomeisha beach is waiting for you. The road is built on a cliff near the coast, where you can watch the night sea while enjoying the fresh breeze.

  • Ticket price: 30 RMB on weekdays and 50 RMB on holidays

Dafen Oil Painting Village (# where to go in shenzhen)

Located on the outskirts of Shenzhen city, Dafen is known as China’s No. 1 oil painting village. Founded in 1989 by a Hong Kong businessman, Dafen art village has now developed into a prosperous oil painting production and sales establishment.

| top places to visit in shenzhen

Since 1998, the government has begun to pay more attention to the oil painting business in Dafen, positioning this place as a unique cultural industry brand, bringing oil paintings to the market with many promotions to promote. Thanks to that, Dafen village has become a unique cultural highlight for the city, gathering about 775 shops selling items related to oil painting and thousands of artists living here. Dafen village is also given priority by the government and artists to use original paintings for copying and artistic processing, along with activities of sculpture, calligraphy, handicrafts, and frame making. paint and a number of other industries support the formation of the business center of Dafen village.

| top places to visit in shenzhen
| top places to visit in shenzhen

When coming here, visitors will have the opportunity to visit oil painting workshops where local artists copy paintings and create for a living. Visitors will also have the opportunity to try their creativity with paintings or buy paintings as souvenirs. Moving west of Dafen village, visitors will visit the Dafen Museum of Art, to learn more about the oil painting tradition here as well as attend art exhibitions held annually.

| top places to visit in shenzhen
  • Address: Longgang, Shenzhen, China, 518112

Dapeng Peninsula

Rated as the largest and best-preserved ecological paradise in the Shenzhen metropolitan area, Dapeng Peninsula is a great place for visitors to experience the wonderful natural landscape characterized by mountains ancient fires and impressive coastal roads, with forest coverage up to 76%.

| top places to visit in shenzhen

There are many natural and man-made attractions on the Dapeng peninsula that attract visitors every day. Prominent among them are Dapeng Geopark, Dapeng Mountain, and dozens of large and small beaches around. The area inside the peninsula has more than 20 reservoirs and dozens of rivers flowing around it along with historical relics such as the Mother Goddess Temple or the ancient Dapeng fortress.

Down to the south of the peninsula, near the end there are only 6 villages with about 500 people who mainly live by farming and fishing called Dongchong and Xichong. Currently, this area is not yet exploited for tourism, so there are still many wild and idyllic spots with tranquil beauty.

| top places to visit in shenzhen

It can be seen that Shenzhen city not only has impressive man-made structures but also pristine natural scenes that attract tourists. This place also especially attracts tourists with its beautiful coastline and countless interesting and irresistible activities.

| top places to visit in shenzhen

Xiaomeisha Seaside Resort

| top places to visit in shenzhen

Located in the East of Dapeng Bay, about 30 km from Shenzhen city, visit Xiaomeisha Seaside Resort known as ‘Oriental Hawaii’ in Shenzhen. The resort is shaped like a graceful crescent, Xiaomeisha borders the East Sea while surrounded by green mountains behind. This beach, with soft white sand and a long gentle slope, stretches for 1,000 meters and is famous for its gentle blue sea. This place not only has great beaches but also many forms of entertainment, such as skydiving, motorbikes and submarines. Villas, restaurants, department stores, etc. can all be found inside the resort.

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden (# where to visit in shenzhen)

| top places to visit in shenzhen

If you are a lover of nature, flowers, plants, etc., go to Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, this place is praised as a paradise of peace and harmony, because more than 3,000 species of plants have grown here in a classical Chinese garden. The botanical garden built in 1983 is a famous botanical garden and scenic area, and functions as a center for scientific research, education and tourism. There are more than 6,200 plant species preserved in different zones, such as the International Center for Practical Conservation of Cycads, the International Magnolia Garden, the Rare Plant Garden, the Palm Garden, the Succulents Garden, the Garden of Aquatic garden, cryptogamic garden, fruit garden, Bamboo garden, herbal garden, Shady garden, and bonsai garden,…

| top places to visit in shenzhen

The entire garden is divided into six major scenic areas, namely Heaven and Earth, Lake Area, Temple Area, Desert Landscape Area, Petrified Forest Area and Conifers and Rhododendrons. And many classical Chinese garden buildings are randomly distributed in these areas, such as Jade Belt Bridge, Liangyi Pavilion, Longzhun Tower and Lansheng Pavilion. Besides, the Archeology Museum is also located inside the garden, displaying all kinds of fossils. Carpeted with lush lawns and various plants, Fairy Lake Botanical Garden offers every visitor a paradise that combines beautiful nature and garden landscape. This is a perfect place for many plants to grow, because the garden is surrounded by mountains and attached to a lake with dense soil and a pleasant climate.

Kingkey 100 Building

The Kingkey 100 building has a height of 441.8 m with 100 floors and is the tallest building in Shenzhen city. This is an iconic Shenzhen tourist destination that you cannot miss. | top places to visit in shenzhen

Kingkey 100 is a symbol not to be missed when you visit Shenzhen. This building is 441.8 m high and has 100 floors in total. From the rooftop of the building, visitors can easily observe the entire scene of Shenzhen. Any visitor who comes here will be extremely surprised and overwhelmed by the grandeur of the Kingkey 100. The architectural features that are both modern, sophisticated, and show off the luxurious elegance of this place will leave a deep impression and make it difficult for you to take your eyes off.

| must visit places in shenzhen
This building is also the 9th tallest building on the planet. Coming here, visitors will be extremely impressed and surprised by the height and grandeur of this building. | must visit places in shenzhen

Shun Hing Building

| must visit places in shenzhen

Shun Hing Building also known as “Di Wang Tower” is a 384 meter high skyscraper. Currently this tower is the 3rd tallest building in Shenzhen, the 15th tallest in China and the 28th tallest in the world.

Happy Valley

| must visit places in shenzhen

Happy Valley is the most famous and modern amusement park in Shenzhen. At the park there are more than 100 interesting rides for both children and adults. Visitors will be filled with a joyful atmosphere here and enjoy special dishes. The park is one of the best Shenzhen tourist attractions for both tourists and local residents.

| must visit places in shenzhen

Shenzhen Museum

Shenzhen Museum is a modern multi-functional museum. This museum has a total area of 37,000 m2, and the construction area is 18,000 m2. The museum was founded in 1981, but it was not opened until 1988.

| must visit places in shenzhen

The museum currently houses more than 20,000 historical and cultural artifacts and is an interesting Shenzhen tourist attraction to learn more about the history, culture and people of Shenzhen in particular, and Chinese people in general.

Shenzhen Book City

Boasting more than 3 million books, Shenzhen Book City is said to be the largest book center in China open 24/7. If you are a lover of literature and like reading books, this tourist place is worth a visit.

| must visit places in shenzhen

This book center has 3 floors: basement parking, mezzanine and ground floor divided into 2 areas: north and south. The roof of this building is covered with green trees, and inside the large campus there is also a large garden that receives natural sunlight. In addition to displaying all kinds of books, Shenzhen Book City also sells all kinds of publications and stationery as well as many convenient cafes and eateries like a shopping center.

Location: Luohu District, Shenzhen City


| must visit places in shenzhen

Huaqiangbei is an industrial development area located in Futian District, Shenzhen. This place is known as “China’s Silicon Valley” because it has large electronics manufacturing centers and a huge component consumption market.

Known as the smartest city in China, your trip must not lack the experience of exploring the cheap electronics center in Huaqiangbei district. SEG Electronics Plaza, a maze-like shopping mall filled with cool electronics like VR goggles and 3D printers at surprisingly low prices you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Nanao village and beach

Among Shenzhen tourist attractions, the most beautiful yet charming beach and offering a unique cultural experience in the Hakka minority village is Na’nao Hakka beach. The small, pristine beach has wonderful scenery, a fresh seafood market, surrounded by green tropical trees. Coming here, in addition to swimming, sightseeing and enjoying seafood, you can also immerse yourself in the life of local people.

Shenzhen Bay Park

Stretching 13km along the city’s southern coast, Shenzhen Bay Park is a popular tourist destination in Shenzhen that lets you experience a more peaceful side, if you want to escape the hustle and bustle for a while. and the bustle of high-rise buildings.

Rent a bicycle to ride around the park grounds to get some fresh air. Nearby, visitors will also find an ecological park and nature reserve, home to many species of birds and endangered mangroves.

Shenzhen Bay Park is a coastal urban park, it is an ideal Shenzhen tourist destination for visitors to stroll, stroll and see the Shenzhen waters. This park is chosen by many local families as a place to relax on weekends.

Address: GX43+J99, Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, 518065

OCT Art & Design Gallery

This is one of the city’s leading art centers, a showcase of extremely unique contemporary art and culture and is also a familiar check-in background for young people. The art complex with a unique appearance is made from granite with many decorative shapes, inside there are galleries with different themes through each period separated by walls of diverse shapes.

Wutong Mountain

Wutong Mountain is located 40 km east of Shenzhen International Airport and about 11 km from the city center. This mountain is considered the “roof of Shenzhen” with beautiful scenery like a miniature paradise.

Next to the mountain, there is also the Shenzhen Art Museum and the beautiful Fairy Lake Botanical Garden, both of which are Shenzhen tourist attractions that those who love beautiful nature cannot miss.

Shekou Industrial Zone

Shekou Industrial Zone is located in the southernmost area of Nanshan, Shenzhen. This industrial park is located by the Shenzhen Bay, from the coast you can see Hong Kong’s Un Long.

Shekou Industrial Zone is one of China’s four free trade zones. This place is a testament to Shenzhen’s miraculous development and is also a famous Shenzhen tourist destination that attracts many tourists.

Nanshan Mountain

The Nanshan Mountain are located south of Shenzhen. This mountain range belongs to the Nanshan district and is adjacent to the western part of the Shekou industrial zone. The highest peak in the Nanshan range is Dananshan with a height of 336 m.

Visiting the Nanshan, hiking to the top of Dananshan, visitors can fully admire Shenzhen Bay. This place is an ideal place to do mountain hiking and enjoy beautiful scenery on the Shenzhen tourist map.

Dongmen Walking Street

Dongmen Street is a commercial area in Louhu district dating back more than 300 years. It is known as the most popular shopping area for visitors and locals of this city. Here, visitors can find all kinds of goods at affordable prices.

Lianhuashan Park

Lianhuashan Park is located in Futian District. This place is a beautiful and lively Shenzhen tourist destination just like this city.

Walking around the park and feeling the peace in the midst of a bustling Shenzhen is a great experience for visitors. Local people also often come to play in the park every weekend. Therefore, this is a great tourist destination for you to understand more about life here.

Shenzhen Safari Park

Shenzhen Safari Park has an area of only about 120 square kilometers. This park possesses a beautiful location with one side being the shore of Xili Lake and the other side being towering mountains, giving the park such a picturesque landscape.


There is a collection of birds in the Safari park. The garden is also uniquely designed, with 3 separate areas including a walking area, a wildlife area, and a vegetarian area.

Built right next to Xili Lake, Shenzhen Safari Park is divided into 3 large areas, including the area with graceful swans and adorable pandas.

Ping Chau Island

Ping Chau is an offshore island located in the northeast corner of Hong Kong. The island has an area of 1.16 km² and is located near the coast of Shenzhen. The island is currently quite deserted with just over 3,000 residents and most of them make a living from fishing.

Qiniang Mountain

Mount Qiniang is a mountain in Nan’ao sub-district, Dapeng peninsula. The mountain, 869 meters above sea level, is the second highest mountain in Shenzhen after Wutong Mountain. It is located in Dapeng National Geopark and is an interesting tourist destination for those who love nature.

Mai Po Nature Reserve

Mai Po is a wonderful nature reserve in Hong Kong and is a refuge for more than 90,000 migratory birds in… This area is part of Deep Bay, located on the other side of Shenzhen Bay, if you have the opportunity When traveling to Shenzhen, you should also take some time to visit this Mai Po area.

Ping An International Finance Centre

Ping An IFC has a majestic design with more than 100 floors, equipped with 33 elevators and runs at a super fast speed of 10m/s. When traveling to Shenzhen, visitors will not only see the beautiful city from above but also experience the exciting feeling of visiting this building.

This is a 115-story skyscraper, located in the heart of Shenzhen’s business district. The building was impressively designed by American company Kohn Pedersen Fox and commissioned by Ping An Insurance.

At Ping An IFC, you can shop for many elegant yet luxurious branded items at great prices. Therefore, international tourists love to come here to both stand from the 115th floor and see the entire beautiful city while freely choosing their favorite branded items. Certainly, with the variety of fashion items here, everyone is excited and brings home many luxurious items for themselves.

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