As one of China’s leading special economic zones and bordering Hong Kong, this city always attracts a large number of residents from all over China and the world for business and trade. Thanks to that, Shenzhen has a rich and delectable cuisine suitable for many different tastes. Based on the freshness of ingredients and emphasizing the basic flavors of dishes, Shenzhen cuisine is increasingly popular among tourists. So, where to eat in Shenzhen? Let’s check out our top rated 9 Shenzhen best restaurants (best restaurants in Shenzhen), best places to eat in Shenzhen as follows!

Welcome to Shenzhen, China
Visit Yunlaiju Vegetarian Restaurant in Shenzhen if you’re in the mood for vegetarian cuisine
Dim sum is a must-try at Fan Lou Restaurant, Shenzhen
Bollywood Cafe is a perfect place for Indian food in Shenzhen
Hoi Fan Restaurant serves authentic Cantonese cuisine | best restaurants in shenzhen
Shenzhen roasted duck | best restaurants in shenzhen

From local dishes such as hot pot, porridge, and dim sum to diverse international dishes can be easily found here. In this post, we will introduce the best restaurants in Shenzhen for your reference when you have the chance to travel to this coastal city.

Phoenix House (# best restaurants in shenzhen)

| best restaurants in shenzhen

Dim sum is one of the most popular dishes in traditional Chinese cuisine, specifically Cantonese cuisine. You can enjoy this wonderful dish at any time of the day. The bite-sized dim sum pieces with a variety of fillings are presented in attractive steaming baskets or small plates. It is recommended to have dim sum with famous Chinese teas to make the dish more flavorful.

| best restaurants in shenzhen
| best restaurants in shenzhen

At Phoenix House, guests enjoy authentic Cantonese cuisine in a dining space designed in a lavish traditional Chinese style. More specifically, the restaurant’s 36 VIP rooms are available for reserve on important occasions. The rooms are rounded in shape and an artist performs in the middle to offer diners some entertainment during the meal.

  • Estimate budget: About 60–350 RMB
  • Hours: 11 AM – 10 PM
  • Address: No. 2012 Hongli Road, Pavilion Hotel, Futian District

Yunlaiju Vegetarian Restaurant (# shenzhen best restaurants)

| best restaurants in shenzhen

The reason a vegetarian restaurant is on this list is because vegetarian cuisine is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Not only Buddhist diners but also those who with to follow a balanced and healthy vegan diet. Yunlaiju Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the most well-known restaurants in Shenzhen. Vegetarian dishes are prepared in a light Cantonese style and served in a quite rustic and quiet space.

| best restaurants in shenzhen

You can find most traditional Chinese dishes here such as dim sum, hand-pulled noodles, and many other delicious dishes made from vegetables and tofu. Besides, thanks to its location in the famous Dongmen shopping area and the pictures on the menu being quite detailed, it is very convenient for foreign tourists who want to explore local tastes here.

  • Estimate budget: From 40 RMB
  • Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM
  • Address: 4th Floor Dongmen Ding Plaza, Dongmen Yongxin Street, Luohu District

Fan Lou Restaurant (# best places to eat in shenzhen)

| best restaurants in shenzhen

Fan Lou Restaurant is another place that serves authentic Cantonese cuisine you can check out, offering local dishes at very affordable prices. The restaurant’s theme is inspired by classic Chinese architecture blended with modern furniture to create a very cozy and friendly feeling.

| best restaurants in shenzhen
| best restaurants in shenzhen
| best restaurants in shenzhen

Dishes served in steaming baskets or small plates look delicate and eye-catching. Of course, dim sum is a must-try dish here. You should go in a group to be able to enjoy all the dishes available at the restaurant. A small drawback is that the menu is only in Chinese. Moreover, you will have to pay a seating fee, and ordering tea with the meal is mandatory.

  • Estimate budget: About 8–27 RMB
  • Hours: 8 AM – 10 PM
  • Address: No. 118-9 Zhenhua Road, Hua Qiang Bei, Futian District

Bollywood Cafe

| best restaurants in shenzhen

If you are a fan of movies, you have probably heard of Bollywood–India’s center of the movie industry. Although the restaurant doesn’t use many movie themes, you will realize that this restaurant serves Indian cuisine once entering the doors.

| shenzhen best restaurants
| shenzhen best restaurants
| shenzhen best restaurants

Highly rated on Tripadvisor, Bollywood Cafe follows a cozy style with Indian patterns, yellow lights, and classic but comfortable wood and rattan furniture. Authentic traditional dishes are served here such as Tandoor toast and fresh meats served with famous curries cooked in the South Indian style. Besides, the restaurant also has a list of famous street snacks in Mumbai for diners to enjoy. The large number of Indian customers coming here every day is the most reliable proof of the quality of the food here.

  • Estimate budget: From 45–68 RMB
  • Hours: 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM, 5:30 PM – 11:30 PM
  • Address: Poly Culture Central, 2nd Floor, Block A, Wenxin 6 Road, Nanshan District

Zhong Fa Yuan Restaurant

| shenzhen best restaurants

As a famous Muslim restaurant in Shenzhen with 10 years of operation, Zhong Fa Yuan offers diners authentic Muslim dishes and a comfortable space to relax. Widely loved for signature dishes made from lambs such as lamb soup, grilled lamb shank, grilled lamb chops, and other common dishes including grilled bread, grilled meat on skewers, stir-fried seasonal vegetables, and so on. It is not only endorsed by Muslim diners but also an excellent choice for tourists who want to experience different cuisines.

Cold noodles with sauce | shenzhen best restaurants
Boiled lamb | shenzhen best restaurants
Shredded yak meat
Roasted lamb chops | shenzhen best restaurants

In addition to the branch in Luohu District, visitors can also find this restaurant chain in some other districts across Shenzhen such as Futian District or Jingtian chain stores.

  • Estimate budget: About 116 RMB
  • Hours: 11 AM – 10 PM
  • Address: No. 2012 Chunfeng Road, Luohu District

Trattoria D’Angelo Restaurant

Located in the lively Sea World entertainment area, Trattoria D’Angelo is a renowned address serving authentic high-end Italian cuisine with Tripadvisor’s certificate of excellence in 2016. All typical Italian dishes are available here, from pizza to pasta along with fresh seafood served with premium wines in a lavish space that will definitely make you satisfied.

| shenzhen best restaurants

The dishes here are prepared and served by an Italian chef and European manager, so you can be completely assured about the quality of the food as well as high-class service standards.

  • Estimate budget: About 230 RMB
  • Hours: 10 AM – 11 PM
  • Address: G12 Taizi Plaza, Taizi Road, Shekou, Nanshan District

Feast Signature Restaurant

| shenzhen best restaurants

Located at the Sheraton Dameisha Shenzhen Resort, Feast Signature Restaurant is a rich dining option catering to a myriad of tastes. You will have access to stunning views of the resort’s unique scenery and the famous Dameisha Bay through large windows.

Here, visitors enjoy an impressive buffet combining Western and local characteristics. Besides, there is a grand barbecue party with countless types of fresh seafood such as oysters, lobsters, scallops, and crabs served with cocktails and wines during the summer months every Friday and Saturday. The party is held outdoors while a Colombian band performs for entertainment. Occasionally, culinary events with national cuisine themes, ranging from Malaysia to Egypt, are held to diversify options for visitors.

  • Estimate budget: From 200 RMB
  • Hours: Lunch and dinner
  • Address: Sheraton Dameisha Resort, No. 9 Yankui Road, Yantian District

Yes Thai Restaurant (Xintai)

The Thai restaurant chain currently has branches in popular areas in Shenzhen such as Coco Park, OCT Bay, and Coastal City, promising to bring a wonderful culinary experience to modern gourmets in Shenzhen. The restaurants are decorated in Thai style, fancy and comfortable.

| best restaurants in shenzhen
You will find Yes Thai Restaurant in the COCO Park building

The dishes at Yes Thai are a combination of authentic Thai cuisine and an eye-catching presentation of Western cuisine, showing appreciation to diners. The ingredients used here are selected from quality sources in Thailand and locally daily to ensure freshness and flavor. Customers can find typical Thai dishes here such as Tom Yum soup, king crab curry, honey-grilled spicy chicken, and boneless chicken feet. Along with that are many types of desserts and delicious tropical fruit smoothies that are impossible to resist.

  • Estimate budget: 150 RMB
  • Hours: 8 AM – 10 PM
  • Address: 3rd Floor Coco Park, No. 269 Fuhua 3 Road, Futian District

Shi Gong Hui Seafood Restaurant

| best restaurants in shenzhen

As a frequent destination for local people, Shi Gong Hui Seafood Restaurant is where guests can choose from countless types of fresh seafood although it is not a luxury option. When entering the restaurant, the staff will guide you to the seafood tank where you can choose what you want to eat. From lobsters, crabs, clams, oysters, snails to sea urchins–all are freshly caught. The restaurant will process the one that you have chosen in the simplest way to maintain the freshness of the seafood when it reaches customers. For recommendation, visitors should try fried rice with sea urchins and steamed sea urchins with eggs, which are two very popular dishes here.

| best restaurants in shenzhen

Besides, thanks to its prime location right next to the beach, it will be an ideal stopover for tourists after having fun by the sea. Beautiful views and large parking lots are also big plus points for the convenient restaurant to serve large groups of guests, especially tourists traveling in groups.

  • Estimate budget: Updating
  • Hours: 8:30 AM – 11 PM
  • Address: No. 8 Haixian Shi Jie, Yantian District

Hoi Fan Restaurant

Cantonese cuisine is always something that surprises visitors because of its wonderful flavor combination. Well-prepared dishes, neither too sweet nor too spicy, a perfect blend of traditional and westernized at the same time as well as interesting presentations are the highlights at Hoi Fan Cantonese Restaurant.

Here, you can try squid balls covered in sauce presented in an impressively delicate way. Next is the elaborate fried rice dish with boneless sea bass. Despite being decorated like a traditional dish, the chefs’ expertise in preparing it cannot be denied. Though the fish are quite small, they have been deboned and still retain their original shape. It would be remiss not to mention the delicious roasted goose and sweet grilled pork here. Besides, the salted egg yolk pork roll dish with a layer of seaweed in the middle is truly a masterpiece. It is obvious that the restaurant’s English menu cannot fully express the uniqueness of this restaurant’s cuisine. Therefore, you have to put Hoi Fan Restaurant on your bucket list when you come to Shenzhen.

  • Estimate budget: From 35 RMB
  • Hours: 11 AM – 10 PM
  • Address: Northwest corner of Central Walk Shopping Center, No. 3 Fuhua Road, Futian District

With the restaurants introduced above, we hope this post has helped you answer what and where to eat when traveling to Shenzhen. In addition, for tourists who love to explore cuisine, this city is the ideal destination for you to experience many dishes from around the world. The above list is only a small part, many interesting culinary addresses are waiting for you to discover. And, don’t forget to share them with us!

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