With virtually no development, other than a small community-run cafe offering rentals, Patara became off-limits to humans after sunset, allowing the turtles free reign.

Cirali Beach, Cirali

About an hour’s drive from Antalya, Cirali is a gem when it comes to the best beaches in Turkey, it is surrounded by sparkling blue waters and breathtaking mountain scenery. With the ruins of Olympos at one end and the eternal flame of the Chimaera towering above, this idyllic shingle beach will impress nature and history lovers, and those who want to relax in Beautiful, pristine surroundings.

Just an hour’s drive from Antalya, Cirali Beach is nestled in the Taurus Mountains, offering a serene setting that feels like the middle of nowhere. | most beautiful beaches in turkey

This pristine shingle beach caters to history and nature lovers, bordered at one end by the ruins of Olympos and the eternal flame of the Chimaera at the other. The beach is also a nesting site for the endangered loggerhead turtle in a reserve protected by WWF.

Once described as one of Türkiye’s secret beaches, Cirali Beach is special. Situated between a nature reserve and the ruins of Olympos, Cirali is one of the most pristine and quiet beaches in the Mediterranean. Soft golden sand and warm blue water are the highlights of this beach. | most beautiful beaches in turkey

The construction in harmony with nature adds a different beauty to the area. There are plenty of boutique motels, treehouses and bungalows at the back of the beach. You can have a peaceful and enjoyable stay without sacrificing your comfort in these establishments set among trees and fragrant flowers. Camping enthusiasts also frequently visit this area to enjoy this unique atmosphere. Besides, Çıralı beach is one of the most important breeding areas for endangered sea turtles on the Mediterranean coast.

Clear waters and spacious spaces make Cirali Beach a fun escape. While not the most accessible destination, its remote location ensures fewer crowds. | most beautiful beaches in turkey

As a protected area, development is minimal, providing a peaceful environment with just a handful of restaurants, sun loungers and picnic areas.

Kaputaş Beach, Kas

Vying for the title of “Türkiye’s Most Beautiful Beach,” Kaputaş Beach is located between Kas and Kalkan along the coastal road. Located just off the coastal road connecting the towns of Kas and Kalkan, Kaputas beach captivates with its golden sands and brilliant turquoise waters. Located at the mouth of a canyon, this little paradise often appears on the cover of Turkish travel brochures.

Located below two forested cliffs at the mouth of Kaputas Canyon, reaching the beach requires descending a staircase of 187 steps, providing breathtaking views. | most beautiful beaches in turkey

To get to this most beautiful beach in Türkiye, you need to walk down a 187-step staircase to immerse yourself in the cool water. Otherwise, the view from above is breathtaking and not to be missed when visiting this Turkish tourist destination.

Once at the bottom, relax on a sun lounger amid the pale pebbled sand, swim and snorkel in the turquoise waters or let the kids play in the shallows. The golden sand and clear turquoise water are the highlights, attracting people to Kaputas Beach. The beach is a strip of sand stretching out from a deep canyon. It has great natural scenery and a beautiful little cave to explore.

| most beautiful beaches in turkey

Popular with both locals and tourists, Kaputas Beach maintains a balance to ensure an enjoyable experience without being too crowded. Modern amenities have been recently added, making this a comfortable place to enjoy during a luxury holiday in Türkiye.

Beach cafes, including the beloved Turkish Pancakes, serve just enough visitors to keep the atmosphere lively. | most beautiful beaches in turkey

Cleopatra Beach, Alanya

The wonderful combination of natural beauty and excellent facilities makes the blue-flagged Cleopatra beach in Alanya one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. The 2.5km stretch of fine white sand is flanked by shops, cafes and restaurants, and the shallow, translucent Mediterranean sea is ideal for swimming and water sports.

| most beautiful beaches in turkey
| most beautiful beaches in turkey

Located in the heart of Alanya, under the majestic Alanya Castle, Cleopatra Beach is arguably the most popular beach among tourists in Türkiye.

This 2.5 km stretch of fine sand is named after Queen Cleopatra, who, legend has it, fell in love with the beautiful bay during her journey through the Mediterranean.

| most beautiful beaches in turkey
| best beach to visit in turkey

Cleopatra Beach, immaculately clean, is surrounded by a charming walkway and is filled with shops, cafes and restaurants, making it an ideal place to spend the day.

With more than 2 million visitors a year and regular boat trips stopping daily, the beach is fully equipped with amenities, including childcare for families.

| best beach to visit in turkey
| best beach to visit in turkey

The warm waters are perfect for swimming and the presence of big waves makes it a great choice for water sports enthusiasts, offering activities such as surfing and parasailing.

Butterfly Valley, Ölüdeniz (# best beach to visit in turkey)

Butterfly Valley Beach is a beautiful little beach at the end of a V-shaped valley between two towering cliffs. Here, you should climb to the top of the cliff in the tiny village of Faralya to look down on the pristine beach hundreds of feet below and immerse yourself in an adventurous trip on the rocky paths leading to the sea.

| best beach to visit in turkey

Butterfly Valley, or Kelebekler Vadisi, is a haven for campers and backpackers looking for a hippie haven near Fethiye. The area is known for its connection to nature and friendly atmosphere, attracting those who appreciate a simple lifestyle.

Butterfly Valley is like a beautiful coastal scene that you should not miss when coming to Türkiye. | best beach to visit in turkey

If you want to truly feel the wonderful beauty of Turkey’s beautiful beaches, you should choose to go to Blue Lagoon – the mecca of beaches in the country of Turkey. To explore this area in depth, you should take a 30-minute boat ride to reach the Butterfly Valley, where you will feel all the wild and beautiful beauty of this sea area.

The clear blue sea water, surrounded by giant rocks, along with steep cliffs, all create a beautiful wilderness. This will definitely be the place where you can take many beautiful pictures and have many interesting experiences.

Türkiye is a treasure trove of stunning beaches, but few are as stunning as the perfect white-sand bay in the majestic Butterfly Valley. | best beach to visit in turkey

Surrounded by a clear emerald green sea and surrounded by steep rocks, it is truly a sight to behold. The nearby 86,000-square-foot Butterfly Valley is home to magical flora, outstanding hiking trails, and more than 80 species of butterflies. The beach can be reached by boat from Ölüdeniz.

Accessible by boat from Ölüdeniz or by challenging trekking, Butterfly Valley boasts turquoise waters, white sand and a backdrop of the Babadag Mountains. Although camping is a popular activity, visitors can still experience the breathtaking beauty of the cove.

| best beach to visit in turkey

The surrounding area has wonderful hiking trails, some leading to waterfalls hidden in the hills. The valley is named after the native butterfly species, although they are becoming rare to spot due to increasing human activity.

After visiting the valley, you can swim in the waters of the beautiful bay with its sandy beach at Butterfly Valley. The water in the bay is very clean and has a beautiful turquoise color. There is a small cafe and a shop on Butterfly Valley beach where visitors can buy cute souvenirs.

İztuzu Beach, Dalyan

Another important nesting habitat for turtles, İztuzu beach boasts soft golden sands, translucent shallow waters and several kiosks serving tea and Turkish pancakes. Bordered by the Dalyan Delta on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other, this is one of Turkey’s largest eco-beaches – an idyllic place to swim and relax in the sun , away from the tourist crowds. The lack of development only adds to the area’s unspoiled natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

| best beach to visit in turkey

Located between the freshwater delta and the salty Mediterranean Sea, İztuzu Beach stretches for 4.5 km, offering a beautiful and unique environment.

With minimalist construction to preserve natural beauty and protect turtle habitat, İztuzu Beach is a prominent nesting site for loggerhead turtles, earning it the nickname Turtle Beach.

| best beach to visit in turkey

Also known as Turtle Beach because it is one of the most important breeding sites in the Mediterranean for Loggerhead turtles. Iztuzu Beach is located in southwestern Türkiye, near Dalyan. Iztuzu was voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Türkiye. It is a beautiful 4.5km stretch of golden sand between the Dalyan and Med river deltas. You can get here by water taxi. Because it is a protected wilderness area, this beach does not have too many tourists.

Iztuzu Beach – a place that leaves an impression of fishing village life in the hearts of visitors | best beach to visit in turkey

As a national conservation area for Caretta turtles – Iztuzu is also a beautiful beach that attracts many tourists in Türkiye. Here you will have the opportunity to better feel the life of coastal fishing villagers, relax with the sound of the sea and explore the lighting system projecting into the sea at night.

This is also a very wild beach, the harmony between the sea and the mountains and forests creates a place like a beautiful picture that everyone wants to explore.

| best beach to visit in turkey

Open from 8am to 8pm during the summer to accommodate turtles, the beach attracts visitors with its soft golden sands and pine-covered hills. The water is ideal for swimming and surfing, and the beach has ample space for privacy.

| best beach to visit in turkey

Despite its beauty, İztuzu Beach remains relatively deserted, with only a few cafes serving tea and pancakes. A short boat ride across the estuary allows you to explore the small, shady beach on the other side.

Suada, Istanbul

Suada Beach is bustling with many attractive entertainment tourism services | best beach to visit in turkey

Suada is a beautiful beach located on the small Bosphorus island – the center of Istanbul city. This is one of the famous tourist attractions that attracts many tourists – this place is also the personal investment of the Galatasaray football club.

Suada is a fun place for city residents. There is also a lot of food, water sports and many spots to take extremely beautiful check-in photos.

Assos, Canakkale and Troad

Assos is a beautiful beach that attracts a large number of tourists every year | best beach to visit in turkey

Assos is a beautiful beach in Türkiye located between historical buildings, the beauty of the clear blue beach delights many tourists who come here. Many tourists love this beach, they choose sunset time to admire the sunset with sunlight shining on the calm water surface.

| best beach to visit in turkey

This is truly a great beach for vacationers, those who love sea travel and want to explore many delicious Turkish seafood delicacy.

Alacati Bay, Cesme Peninsula

Alacati Bay is known as the beach with the most beautiful white sand. Besides, many tourists are also impressed with the sea water and many nearby tourist services.

Coming to Alacati Bay, you will be attracted by the white sand beach next to the clear blue water. The beach and space here are protected and kept extremely clean to serve tourists. Extremely convenient transportation routes, restaurants and hotel systems will also help you have the most convenient vacation.

This is a small beach located inside the giant Alacati Bay, so this place enjoys a lot of the highest winds – you can experience the sport of surfing. It’s great for exciting experiences for beach vacations in Türkiye.

Pirlanta Beach, Cesme Peninsula

Pirlanta Beach is a beautiful beach with a convenient location, a place to help visitors have the most wonderful moments of relaxation.

This is considered a clear blue beach, closest to nature. You can cool off in the clear blue water, the water here is not too deep, on the shore are rows of trees planted on a peninsula. Green space in harmony between nature, sea and sky helps you have the best moments of relaxation.

Pirlanta is also known as the diamond of Turkish tourism. There are many developed tourism services here, best serving the needs of customers.

Altinkum Beach, Cesme Peninsula

Located at the southern tip of the peninsula, Altinkum beach is known for its golden sands. If you have the opportunity to visit this beach, you will notice how crowded and attractive the area is to local and international tourists.

Altinkum welcomes many tourists every year, the beach is a great place to relax and unwind

Due to the climate and upstream currents, the sea water here is much clearer and cooler. This is truly a great beach when you want to swim and experience water sports.

Oludeniz Beach, Oludeniz

Experiencing many different water sports when coming to Oludeniz beach is something that many tourists choose.

Coming to Oludeniz beach, you can experience many different water sports such as kite flying, surfing, swimming or scuba diving, etc. At one end of the beach is the large and surrounded Belcegiz beach. Wrapped by the fragile shape of Badadag… this is a beach with an extremely beautiful location, fresh space and many beach tourism amenities that you should explore.

source: nothingfamiliar.com

Sivrice Bay

Sivrice Bay in Assos on the Aegean coast is the best place for snorkeling in Türkiye. Here, you will find narrow pebble beaches surrounded by rows of olive trees and the sea water here is so clear that you can see fish swimming in the sea.

Aydincik Beach

Aydincik Beach is a beautiful stretch of golden sand beach. This is a favorite place of many tourists. If you stay on the island, you can take a ferry to the Gallipoli Peninsula, visiting the rocks of ANZAC and the ruins of the ancient city of Troy.

Palamutbükü Beach

Palamutbükü Beach is located on a pristine land in the Datca Peninsula close to the Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded with rows of olive trees, almond trees and fragrant wildflowers. Bright sunlight and cool turquoise waves are the special features of this beach. Coming here, you can swim in the clear water, visit a small pub or admire the Greek islands in the distance.

Konyaaltı, Antalya

One of Antalya’s main beaches, Konyaaltı has all the elements for a perfect sun-soaked day. Stretching between the city’s limestone cliffs and the majestic Beydağları mountains, this most beautiful beach in Turkey is packed with water activities, stunning views and world-class facilities. The surrounding area has many shops, cafes and restaurants, and the adjacent seaside promenade makes for a cool and enjoyable evening stroll.

Sulu Ada Beach, Adrasan

Sulu Ada, meaning Water Island, is so called because the island has freshwater springs. If you take a boat, which is pretty much the only way to get there, you will stop at several spots around the island and one of them will be a fresh natural spring that you can drink from. The island doesn’t look like much when you sail towards it but as you get closer, the crystal clear water becomes clear and it can only be compared to the water in the Maldives. So clear, so warm and so beautiful…it is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in Türkiye.

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