No need to go far, just a little exploring, you will see Vietnam is still very much untouched land heavenly. To these places, you can just wished time to stop for a longer experience.

1. Ha Giang

7 heaven is real in vietnam

View of Ha Giang

on the flower field

Majestic scenery of the northernmost land Fatherland – Ha Giang, the season is worth, is worth contemplation. Where roads ran untouched on blue sky, where the country emerged shape as a map, where the spectacular terraced fields … Ha Giang is too fine a point on that rate can not be ignored.

Mountain forest with trails winding hun smoking, is surrounded by imposing mountains like many secrets hidden in her. From atop the mountain, take in the views of the valley is green

Terraces, stone plateaus, sluggish river flow, simple houses craggy land on the cliff, cattle feed … slowly, just spectacular, just fragile.

Ha Giang is not only the rocky plateau of Dong Van, Lung Cu flagpole, Ma Pi Leng Pass, the Nho Que River, breasts Quan Ba, Hoang Su Phi terraced fields, fields beautiful triangle fairy circuit; there also markets unique Prev Mong ethnic communities of white, black Hmong, Meo, Tay … preserve for many generations. It also has the clear eyes, innocent smile of the baby uplands; calculations, troubles like never visit here.

2. Ly Son Island

feel all its beauty in Ly son island

Volcanic lava in ly son caves

standing atop thoi loi

It seems the compliment for Ly Son island district really hard to encapsulate in a few sentences from. Indeed, until the eye can only admire the majestic but simple and pure to heart of one of the sacred island of the country, we can feel all its beauty.

Volcanic lava has created a system for Ly Son caves, stone bridges very special. Top Questions That towering lava cliffs hundreds of meters high on the banks of white sand mixed with the waves beat the shore; is a national monument and downs Hang pagoda covered in myth; Archway is located north of the village of An Vinh as stone bridge reached out at sea. And in Anping island, also known as Little Island, the Cave Thief covered with lava zigzag strips tens of meters high, in front of the beach in the green – an ideal place for tourists basking in the of sunshine and salty sea breeze.

Standing atop Thoi Loi, visitors can zoom down to admire the whole scene of miniature Ly Son island district, with the harmonious combination between the sapphire blue sea, green color of plants and white color of beach sand. To Ly Son, you can enjoy peace seems full of the sea and taste the fresh seafood plate. All fresh ingredients are caught during the day.

3. Ninh Thuan

beauty of the white sands region of Ninh Thuan

famous weaving village of Cham people as My Nghiep

Cham temple in Ninh Thuan

fish ball noodles, flat bread, pancakes, treacle, wine or baked roll

Ninh Thuan pensive beauty of the white sands region, the sun and wind. Coming to Ninh Thuan you can enjoy yourself in the waves of the sea breeze Ca Na, Mui Dinh, Vinh Hy Bay, Ninh Chu or admire the mysterious beauty of Po Klong Garai – a relic of the last long introduction of the kingdom of Champa.

Also, visitors can also visit the famous weaving village of Cham people as My Nghiep, enjoy sculpture in Bau Truc pottery village, pleasure flying along with the stunning beauty of Nam Cuong sand hill, to try his hand as mountain trekking or adventure God amid vast sheep farms as American Far West.

Here, you not only admire the famous tourist destination but also enjoy many delicacies as attractive as fish ball noodles, flat bread, pancakes, treacle, wine or baked roll … Ninh Thuan is a great place if you want to find a quiet space and immerse myself in each of the coastal wave rhythms.

4. Y Rat

Y Ty is located at an altitude of 2,000m on

cloud days in Y ty

sunshine through moutain in Y ty

Smiling in snow Y ty

Y Ty is located at an altitude of 2,000m on, his back against the mountain range are available with heights narrowed to 2.826m, cloud cover almost all year. The sun was probably little place was shining all day 12 hours. Y Ty is uplink trails zigzag lines and then sank in the forest leaves the house in the clouds looming. Maybe so, but when to Y Ty, many felt like I was entering a different world, separate from the earth.

In winter, this place attracted tourists by sea of ​​white clouds surrounding the mountain slopes, creating fanciful scene as Penglai realms. Entering the summer, the rains bring water for your fields are also at Y Ty relatives prepare a new crop.

On the Y Ty journey of discovery, you will encounter the house’s walls looming Hanhi located on terraces. Houses made of clay, cool summer and warm winter. It is characteristic for Y Ty lands. Apart from the Ha Nhi, Y Ty is also inhabited by ethnic groups such as Hmong, Dao, Giay …

Every nation has its own living features, creating special cultural picture for Bat Xat district upland communes. Some suggested stopover for travelers on this journey is the village of Phan Gan Su, Hong He, Lao Chai, San Sim …

5. Binh Dinh

Binh dinh hon dat

Binh dinh beach

The province has 134km long coastline with many beautiful beaches. Not only attractive Queen Beach, where there are parking and unloading, Tan Thanh, Vinh Hoi … Along the coast, the province still owns about 32 large islands, many parts of which are still pristine, gorgeous as green isle, Hon Dat, Hon Kho, Hon Tranh, Hon Rua …. Especially to mention Eo Gio, Yuyao Road reefs, sea and scenery United Co with crystal clear water all year round.

Besides the natural heritage rich island, Binh Dinh is also home to many cultural and historical value and national literature. This land has seven clusters intact towers and 52 towers ruins, architecture, art Champa. Banh It towers own cluster group has been voted British author of “1,001 buildings have to come in my life.”

Quy Nhon is considered one of the cities with the best and freshest seafood in Binh Dinh province. To enjoy seafood, visit one of the popular bars on Xuan Dieu Street stretching, where you can find a lot of dishes from seafood to different kinds of hot sticky bun and delicious, attractive but affordable.

6. Phu Yen

the largest size and most beautiful in Phu yen

fishing boat on the sea Binh Dinh

Phu yen seashore

As a coastal province in south central coast, Phu Yen has three sides of the mountains and rivers, marshes, bays, islands … diversity. This points to the still more beautiful landscapes, wild and mysterious. Ganh most unique rock disc, a wonderful creation of nature, that nature favors only three places in the world is South Korea, Australia and Vietnam; in which these “stone discs” in Phu Yen has the largest size and most beautiful.

Besides, Phu Yen also has tourism resources varied, with many historical – cultural and famous scenic spots such as Xuan Dai Bay, O Loan, Cu Mong lagoon, Mon Beach – Dien Cape, Da Bia mountain, churches Uncle Ho and An Tho city – birthplace General Secretary Tran Phu, not some relic Tau – Vung Ro, tombs and temples Luong Van Chanh, Nhan tower, ecotourism destinations Nui Thom …

Coming to Phu Yen, in addition to admire the natural landscape system is quite diverse with many scenic and beautiful bays, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the specialties there, good reputation here. Beef a sunny, pompano steamed porridge oysters, cockles, wet cake or bread soup chives are certain dishes you must try.

7. Phu Quy Island

Phu quy sky road

sand and sea phu quy breach

dawn in phu quy

Phu Quy Island bring a wild beauty but also very poetic. Pure sea water, waves white foam, the white sand stretches under every green ocean “Footbinding” many tourists had arrived here. These waters have not been included in the tour operators so everything is idyllic. Nature on the island provides a feeling of calm, relaxed, extremely suitable to rest, away from the hustle of the city.

In particular, the people here are very conscious of protecting habitats, beaches, piers are very clean and garbage rare.

Rich is a small island situated about 120km from Phan Thiet City, your first impression when arriving is very unspoiled scenery and almost no touch of the professional tours. Maybe so, but Rich is gradually becoming the hot name in the first ever of young love traveling.

Island has many beautiful landscapes such as the Forbidden Mountain, Sand Mountain High, Chaoyang Bay, Doi Dua beach, beach Small – burden … and many historical, cultural beliefs such as Thanh Van An Pagoda, Linh Son Pagoda, Temple Linh Quang temple Princess paintings Tables, shrines Lady, dreamed, … Go to Phu Quy island you the opportunity to enjoy delicious crab specialty nực prices only from 350000-400000 VND/kg.