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Son Doong Cave. Image

Travelers will get many exciting experiences in the wild such as pitching tents 5 nights in the cave, enjoying chicken BBQ or pork with salt, cooked by local chefs, swimming in the underground river, using the toilet decomposed by husk …

tents in son doong cave 1

Each Son Doong Cave Expedition tour has up to 10 people in maximum, 99.9% of which are full tours.

A team of a Hong Kong billionaire alone has only 6 people including a cameraman, an individual photography and an assistant of the billionaire. In addition, along with travelers, the expedition team always includes cave experts, medical professionals, guides, assistant guides, chefs, and porters.

tents in son doong cave

Son Doong Cave Expedition tour lasts 7 days, 5 days of which travelers have a chance to experience life in the natural environment such as eating, drinking, camping, sleeping in tents, swimming in spring … The whole tour includes 2 nights in Hang En Cave and 3 nights in the Son Doong Cave.

porters play chess in son doong cave

Porters are the person carrying the luggage of travelers with the necessary personal belongings during the expedition such as stoves, pots, tents … In the first two years of tour exploration, all cooking utensils are always brought in and out.

However by 2016, the company decided to retain some key things such as gas stoves, gas bottles, pots, pans … in the cave for tour teams use consecutively, and reduce the hardness for the porter team. In the break time, porters often play chess and many tourists also eager to join.

meals in the forest trekking hang en cave

The first meal of the trip is at noon and foods are held right on the forest path, on the way trekking from Ban Doong to Hang En Cave.

prepare meals in son doong expedition tour

The expeditionn team has a main chef and two sous chefs, they are the first people to the campsite at noon to prepare meals and arrange accommodation for all.

prepare meals in son doong cave

In addition to the dishes prepared and enjoyed right at the Son Doong Cave, in this discovery tour, travelers can eat fresh seafood or specialties of the surrounding villages in Phong Nha Cave.

meals in son doong cave

It often takes about 2 hours for cookers to prepare meals. The menu of dishes is various but chicken BBQ or pork with salt are local specialties and are dishes that most people expect.

travelers and porters together in son doong cave

In the evenings, travelers and porters often play chess together, play guitar, sing songs and chat to each other …

sleeping bags in son doong cave

Inside the tent of tourists, sleeping bags are prepared neatly.

toilets in Son Doong Expedition travel guides

A toilet using husks to decompose, it is very convenient and is prepared by tour company during Son Doong Expedition. Each campsite always has at least two toilets cleared by staffs.