Verona is located in northern Italy, about 110km from the romantic city of Venice. So if you intend to visit the famous tourist city of Venice, you should spend an extra day or two exploring Verona also known as the city of love. For those who have not had the opportunity to come here, wander for a few minutes with us through this article. So, what to do in Verona for 1 day and how to spend 24 hours in Verona? Let’s check out our suggested Verona itinerary 1 day with the detailed itinerary for Verona one day trip (Verona in a day, Verona in one day) as follows!

Aerial view of Verona | verona itinerary 1 day
When it comes to the beautiful Italy, people often refer to Venice, Rome, Florence or the city of love Verona. | verona itinerary 1 day
| verona itinerary 1 day
Verona also known by the pink city names with 4, 5-storey houses painted in pink and with beautiful balconies covered in flowers. | verona itinerary 1 day
Gentle street | verona itinerary 1 day
Santa Maria Matricolare verona (1)
Santa Maria Matricolare
| verona itinerary 1 day
Referring to Northern Italy, people will immediately think of the ancient citadel of Verona – a land famous for its dream of love and distant nostalgia. | verona itinerary 1 day
Spring or fall is the best time to come to Verona | verona itinerary 1 day
Vibrant and cozy at night | verona itinerary 1 day
Verona location on Italy map | verona itinerary 1 day

10:00 am (#verona itinerary 1 day)

The day trip begins at Verona Porta Nuova Central Station. From here you can walk 20 minutes or take a bus for 5 minutes to the Verona Arena (Roman amphitheater). For young people with good health, I recommend walking for a few reasons: saving, exercising and seeing (including selfies) on Corsa Porta Nuova street with many lovely Italian architectural buildings.

10:30 am (#verona itinerary 1 day)

Verona Area from above | verona itinerary 1 day

You are standing in front of the Verona arena, the most popular tourist attraction in the city. I have been to Verona many times (due to a friend who previously did a PhD at the University of Verona) but have never visited the arena because I have heard that there is nothing more special than the Colosseum in Rome.

| verona one day trip
| verona one day trip
Roman Arena verona verona blog verona travel blog one day in verona verona in a day (3)
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Visit Giulietta’s home - Romeo's lover5
Verona Arena | verona one day trip

Currently, this is not only a tourist attraction but also an art performance space of many famous artists. Nearby Bra Square is the largest community venue in the city. If you are lucky enough to be present on the day of the open market, you can enjoy or buy as gifts local Italian products.

| verona one day trip

11:30 am (#verona one day trip)

| verona in one day

It takes about 10 minutes to walk from Bra square to the Castelvecchio bridge (it means old castle in Italian). The Castelvecchio Bridge connects to the castle, was built very solidly and played an important role in protecting the medieval city. It was built of red brick, not plastered, so I used to joke that it was an old brick kiln. Right next to the river are some very beautiful colorful decorated cafes. Sitting there and sipping a cup of cappuccino, watching the brick castle, listening to the murmuring water of the Adige river below, taking a few pictures and posting them on social media, there are definitely a lot of jealous people :D.

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| verona in one day
The Scaliger Bridge and the Tower of Castelvecchio at sunset. Verona, Italy
The Scaliger Bridge and the Tower of Castelvecchio at sunset. Verona, Italy
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12:00 am (#verona in one day)

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Lunch time, invite you to stop by the Acqua E Grano pizzeria (Address: 4 Via Armando Diaz, 37121 Verona) less than 10 minutes walk away. The shop is small, with only a few tables and chairs, clean, beautifully presented, fresh and affordable pizza. I’ve eaten here twice, tasted about five or seven varieties and have never been disappointed.

1:00 pm

| verona in one day

From the lunch place, you ask for directions to the busiest street in the city, Via Giuseppe Mazzini. It’s normal for women and girls who are addicted to shopping to get lost here for an hour. Even for the non-addict, the Italian boutiques are well worth a visit. I especially like Italian leather goods because of its good quality, beautiful seams, and stylish designs, but I have not been able to buy much for the “money” reason.

| verona in a day

2:30 pm (#verona in a day)

Aerial view of Piazza delle Erbe | verona in a day

At the end of the shopping street is the Erbe Delle square. This place especially attracts visitors by the elaborate paintings on the walls surrounding the square, the houses with Italian architectural style. Sitting and looking at the sky, watching people pass by, listening to street musicians perform at Erbe is my favorite thing to do in Verona.

Piazza delle Erbe 3
Piazza delle Erbe | verona in a day
| verona in a day

Piazza delle Erbe 3

3:00 pm (#24 hours in verona)

Dei Signori Square is a recognizable with a few steps with its towering bell tower. In the center of the square is a statue of Dante, the great Italian poet who was instrumental in the development of modern day Italian. Therefore, this place is also known as Dante Square.

Lamberti | verona in a day

Piazza Dante | verona in a day

3:30 pm

Verona is known around the world for its beautiful love story of Romeo and Juliet.

Surely many people know that Verona is associated with the love story of Romeo and Juliet. But perhaps few people know that these two characters are completely unreal and according to historical records, the talented English playwright Shakespeare has never even set foot in this city. But tourists don’t need to care, they still flock to Juliet’s house, watch the legendary balcony, buy entrance tickets, and before leaving, don’t forget to… touch her breasts (don’t know with wishes). This is me telling the truth, not joking. Her breasts are shiny. Love locks here are more than piglets. Pieces of paper with messages of love were plastered on the wall with… chewing gum. The paper is removed regularly, and the candy residue is still left to form a wall of gum that quite interesting.

Juilet's house, Verona
Juilet’s house, Verona

Juliet’s bed

Visit Giulietta’s home26

4:30 pm

Farewell to Juliet, invite you to climb to the castle of Saint Pietro located on the top of the hill to watch the sunset, see the city full of red tiles, and watch the Adige river flowing forever in the memories of the locals. I don’t know where else to see Verona from above is more beautiful than here.

Saint Pietro at sunset

6:00 pm

Go down the street for an ice cream cone at the famous Gelateria Ponte Pietra (Address: Via Ponte Pietra, 13, 37121 Verona VR, Italy/Hours: 11 AM–11 PM). This place is very crowded with locals. But whenever a place is crowded with locals, the quality is unquestionable, right?

After eating ice cream, if you still have energy, walk, but when you run out of breath, take the bus to the central station, hop on the train to a new city (for example, Venice), start new experiences.

Have a great time in Verona!

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