Merlion: There are several Merlion versions so you can see it at Merlion Park on the banks of Marina Bay or on Sentosa Island.

Merlion is the iconic of Singapore

If you haven’t come here, it’s like you haven’t been to Singapore! @immiasuarez

Marina Sands SkyPark: Singapore’s highest open observation deck, offering panoramic views of Singapore at the bay, especially at sunset or nightfall.

Marina Sands Skypark2
Marina Bay Sands SkyPark is located at the top of three hotel towers

Zoo, bird garden, aquarium and nature

Gardens by the bay: Includes the Flower Dome, the Clould Forest, the unique super trees, the unique OCBC skywalk trail, and the distinctive sound and light show.

Traveling to Singapore, you definitely must go to Gardens by the bay. Credit image: singapore blog.

SEA Aquarium: The most magnificent aquarium in Southeast Asia with hundreds of thousands of marine organisms, bringing you to the bottom of the ocean in the most real way. Read more: Explore S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore — One of the best places you must visit in Singapore.

The SEA Aquarium7
SEA Aquarium is one of the most magnificent aquarium in Asia

Singapore Zoo: 99% of Singapore’s most favorite by tourist reviews, covers 26 hectares, including more than 2,300 individuals of 300 species.

Singapore Zoo entrance. The Zoo is large and clean, suitable for families to visit when visiting Singapore

Singapore River Safari: The unique park and zoo with a river setting, a place to visit all the world famous rivers and endemic flora and fauna.

The first open zoo with river theme in Singapore
The first open zoo with river theme in Singapore

Singapore Night Safari: In the midst of the darkness of the night, you will have the opportunity to see the hyenas, leopard hunting majestic. Read more: Singapore night safari tips — How to have a wonderful trip in Singapore Night Safari.

night safari singapore review singapore night safari tips night safari singapore itinerary 3
With a little lucky, you will see the “kings” of the night hunting

Jurong Bird Park – The world famous bird sanctuary with an area of over 200,000 m2, the home of 400 birds with nearly 5,000 individuals.

Explore the world of fun of birds

Botanic Gardens: One of the largest and oldest botanical gardens with thousands of herb species with the National Orchid Garden.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
Singapore Botanic Gardens

Butterfly and insect kingdom: Where you can observe the life of more than 1500 butterflies and thousands of insects of all kinds.

Butterfly Garden is also one of the must-see destinations in Singapore
Butterfly Garden is also one of the must-see destinations in Singapore. Picture: singapore travel blog.

Museums and cultural heritages

ArtScience Museum: With the Future World exhibition taking you beyond the ordinary physical limits to get into the digital space in the most reality way.

ArtScience Museum
ArtScience Museum with exquisite art and modern exhibits
ArtScience Museum

National Gallery: This place is a unique architectural attraction site with unique collections of history.

Once the town hall of Singapore, the building itself is an interesting “artifact.”
In front the museum hall. @euniceannabel

National Gallery Singapore

National Museum: The place preserves the entire history of the island of Singapore with 1700 artifacts, antiques show the most important milestones.

National Museum singapore
It will not be complete if you miss the National Museum of Singapore during your journey. Credit image: singapore blog.

Trick Eye Museum: Brings you a creative photography space with 7 different theme spaces: Masterpiece, Mystery, Safari, Circus, Fairy Tale, Winter and Trick World.

Trick Eye Museum
Catch eyes with virtual images as real

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum: With over 1 million natural specimens from all over Southeast Asia, take visitors back to an impressive prehistory.

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
Explore the mysterious natural history

MINT Museum of Toys: The only one toy museum in Singapore with “artifacts” reminiscent of a monumental childhood.

MINT Museum of Toys
This museum contains “treasures” of all children around the world. Credit image: singapore blog.

The live shows must see when visiting Singapore

Wings of time: The show combines visual effects, water, lasers and fire with stunning array of audio equipment along with a fascinating, unique storyline.

Wings of Time
Wings of time brings you not only skills but also interesting stories.

Crane Dance: A crane dance with two cranes on the bay on Sentosa Island. Crane dance location near Universal Studios Singapore.

Crane Dance
If you’ve seen Wings of Time, you can spend your time to watch Crane Dance

SPECTRA – light and water show: A free sound, light show but still spectacular show at the event plaza at Marina Bay Sands. Hours 8 & 9 pm Sunday to Thursday and 3 performances at 8, 9, 10 pm on Friday and Saturday.

SPECTRA - light and water show
It’s free, but still standard and very quality is what you’ll find at SPECTRA

Nightlife in Singapore

The nightlife of Singapore is also bustling and no less attractive. Credit image: singapore blog.
  • Clarke Quay: A nightlife paradise with bustling bars, pubs, discos, street cafes …
  • Singapore River: with yachts excursion along the open and very romantic river.
  • Marina Bay: Great place for city light up sightseeing, sound and light show on the bay and other recreational activities.
the light show on the shores of Marina Bay
The light show on the shores of Marina Bay

Shopping in Singapore

Whether you are shopping or not, Orchard Road is also one of the paradise for shopping enthusiasts
Whether you are shopping or not, Orchard Road is also one of the paradise for shopping enthusiasts
  • Orchard Road: The trendiest and busiest shopping street in Singapore, but it is also the place to gather the latest fashions on every occasion. Read more: Top 10 best Orchard road Singapore shopping malls you should not miss.
  • Burgis Market: A place for those who love cheap price goods, handicrafts, Arabian souvenirs or simply clothing and accessories.
  • Little India: Spices and religious items, accompanied is unique Indian-style gifts
  • Haji Lane: There is a range of unique multi-brand stores with traditional items such as Persian carpets, kebaya clothing and handmade perfumes at Bussora Street. Read more: Explore Haji Lane — A hynotizingly fantastic shopping street in Singapore.
  • Chinatown: Chinatown where you will find everything you need in all sizes, price and color, golden location to buy cheap but quality goods but watch carefully.
Little India Shop
Street vendor in Little India
Spices vendor in Little India

Read more: Discover Ion Orchard — One of the best shopping malls in Singapore. and Best shopping in Singapore — Top 8 best shopping malls in Singapore.

Singapore blog: Suggested itinerary singapore 3 days

Day 1: Have fun at Sentosa

Discover the film studio and the most exciting game park in Southeast Asia

8:00 am – Breakfast at the hotel => 10:00 – Universal Studios Singapore (USS) => 12:00 – Lunch at restaurant in USS => 13:00 – Continue playing at USS => 17:00 – Visit SEA Aquarium => 20:40 – Watching the show Wings of time => 22:00 – Back to hotel, night walk Singapore.

The SEA Aquarium3
The SEA Aquarium
Wings of time2
Wings of time

Day 2: Explore the city

Little India Singapore. One of the best places to visit in Singapore.
Little India Singapore. One of the best places to visit in Singapore.

7:00 – Getting to the Little India => 8:00 – Have breakfast with Indian food and explore the street, shopping in Little India => 10:00 – Go to Burgis by MRT (to Dhoby Gaut station change route to City Hall and from City Hall down to Burgis Station) => 10:15 – Visit Burgis, Burgis Market and Burgis Junction Shopping Center => 13:00 – Lunch at Food Republic => 14:30 – National Museum => 16:00 – National Gallery => 17:00 –
ArtScience Museum => 19:00 – Dinner and then visit Marina Bay Sands Skypark => 20:30 – Visit Marina Trade Center.

Burgis Market
Burgis Market
marina-bay-sands-skypark-view 2
A corner of Singapore from Skypark Observatory

Day 3: Explore the nature

Henderson Waves, the wooden bridge with unique architecture
Henderson Waves, the wooden bridge with unique architecture

7:00 – Breakfast at the hotel and prepare lunch to bring to Hort Park park => 8:00 – Walk in the park, go to Henderson Waves => 10:00 – Botanic Gardens => 12:00 – Relax for lunch => 13:00 – Visit National Orchid Garden => 14:30 – Mount Faber Park => 16:00 – Gardens by the bay (Visit Flower Dome and Cloud Forest) => 18:00 – Line up to OCBC Skywalk and watch the sound and light show => 19:00 – Walking in Merlion Park, Helix Bridge, Dinner at Satay by the bay.

Super trees at Gardens by the Bay lit up at night Gardens by the Bay is Singapore’s latest prestige project and definitely worth a visit.
Super trees at Gardens by the Bay lit up at night Gardens by the Bay is Singapore’s latest prestige project and definitely worth a visit.

Singapore blog: What and where to eat in Singapore?

chilli-crab-best-thing-to-eat-in-singapore (1)
Chilli Crab, the Singaporean signature dish which you can not miss when visiting Singapore

Some foods you have to try in Singapore below:

Chilli Crab: Fresh sea crabs are processed and cooked with special chilli sauce, which creates the red color and the taste unappealing – the spicy crab is not suitable for children, but spicy create delicious.

Black pepper crab: Fresh sea crabs cleaned and then cook black pepper sauce, this sauce is made from the old pepper seeds which create a warm spicy without tearing like chili.

Frog porridge: Frog is braised in a small clay pot and then served with white porridge, the natural sweetness of frogs with the taste of white porridge extremely suitable to eat late night.

Geylang Frog Porridge
Geylang Frog Porridge

Nasi Lemak: Rice cooked with coconut milk, fresh pandan leaves (sometimes add turmeric powder to create yellow) and serve with fried peanuts pea, dried fish, chicken / pork / beef, grilled, fried or braised and an egg. When eating nasi lemak, add a little special chili sauce to increase the remaining flavors.

The traditional nasi lemak -kuala lumpur
Nasi Lemak is a specialty of Malaysia’s “neighbor”, but that does not prevent it from being a favorite in Singapore.

Kaya toast: Crispy grilled sandwich serve with omelette and kaya cream – the fatty taste suitable for a cup of black coffee for wonderful breakfast.

Kaya toast

Laksa: Malay traditional noodle, with many different flavors ranging from tamarind, curry to spicy broth. The most famous is Katong Laksa with thick noodles, the broth is cooked with coconut milk but red (because of the chili and satay), spicy, warm, fat without greasy with topping is fish balls, eggs or others seafood.

Curry laksa malasia
Curry Laksa

Roti Prata: Traditional Indian-Bangladeshi style roti cake, hand-dipped with chicken curry sauce or fish, most delicious when the new fried cakes are warm. You can choose crispy or soft cakes, which are all delicious.

Roti Prata

Hainanese chicken rice: Rice is cooked with chicken broth, to create a distinctive aroma and fatty taste, the boiled chicken meat with slides of soft meat and a thin skin above, served with boiled or surf fried spinach, 1 cup of broth and dip with soy sauce or chilli sauce.

Hainanese chicken rice singapore national dishes 1
Credit image: singapore blog.

Fish head curry: Pink fish head cleaning, marinated with spices and then cooked with curry powder, chili powder or satay made pungent without losing the natural sweetness of fish meat and fish eyes fatty.

Fish head curry
Credit image: singapore blog.

Chai tow kway (Fried White Carrot Cakes): Actually a kind of fried dough with salted white radish, eggs and garlic. Some places add soy sauce to create black color, not eye-catching but very tasteless and fragrant.

Hokkien Prawn Mee: Yellow noodles or vermicelli and then fried with bean sprouts, fresh seafood (shrimp and squid), topped with Thai crispy fried pork lard. When eating, add a little fresh lemon and sambal chili sauce and mix it up to to increase flavor.

Hokkien Prawn Mee

Salad Rojak: Salad do not mix with cabbage, but use fresh vegetables, fruit with oil, finger – shaped soufle” batter, mixed with ginger, black esoteric sauces and roasted peanuts.

rasapura- stir fried dish

Crispy fried noodles: Crispy fried yellow noodles, when eating, the chef will pour add “fried mix” is a mix sauce of white radish, spinach, seafood, fried pork skin, liver and sliced pork heart.

Fried Noodles

Wanton noodles: Hong Kong-style dry noodles with barberque pork, wontons prawns and meat, spinach served with broth made from bone stewand chili sauce.

Wanton noodles

Bak Kut Teh: The chopped pork ribs are marinated with garlic, pepper, herbs and spices then stew for several hours, resulting is a soft ribs soup of delicious, delicate.

Bak Kut Teh is a must-eat dish when you come to Singapore.
Bak Kut Teh is a must-eat dish when you come to Singapore.

Milo Dinosaurs: A signature drink of Singapore. The bartender will use a normal cup of Milo with milk, cacao powder, ice cubes and then “generous” to add a layer of milo thick powder on top. Make sure to drink the most strong pure cacao.

Milo Dinosaurs
This drink defeats all the worlds of Milo because of its unique taste. Credit image: singapore blog.

Tea Tarik (Teh Tarik): Original Indian style milk tea with homemade milk tea, then cooled by pouring in two large glasses (so it is called drag milk tea). The milk used in the tea is not too sweet to cover up the taste of tea and create aromatic aroma after drinking.

Tea Tarik

Cheap eat places

cheap eat singapore

Singapore has a high standard of living so the cost of eating is relatively expensive. A typical meal costs between SGD5 and SGD10 for only one dish (such as kaya toast or noodles or chicken rice). Some addresses for you to reduce “damage” but still assure delicious meals for yourself according to our Singapore travel guide blog.

Foodcourt in the shopping malls, most notably are the Food republic and Takashimaya Village. Read more: Top 10 cheap & best hawker centres in Singapore.


Chinatown: In the Chinatown market/Chinatown Complex, foodcourt on the second floor or street food near the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Maxwell Road, Chinatown Street food.

Chinatown Singapore3

Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle – A popular but delicious chicken rice / chicken noodle bar, this is Michellin’s one-star restaurant and the cheapest Michellin restaurant in Singapore (only SGD3 – SGD5 for 1 serving, cheaper than other restaurants next door). Located in the Chinatown Complex and easy to identify because there is always a long queue (sometimes up to 80 people). The owner also opened a second restaurant near the Chinatown Complex, Hawker Chan: 78 Smith St, Singapore. Prices and menus are similar to 1 but more spacious. Read more: The first Singapore street food vendor ever awarded a honorable Michelin star.

Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle - Cheapest Michelin Meal In The World At $2
Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle – Cheapest Michelin Meal In The World At $2
Hong Kong Soya Sauce
Hong Kong Soya Sauce

Little India: Tekka Center, The Banana Leaf Apolo, Putien Restaurant (Heng Hwa), Allauddin’s Briyani, … Read more: Top 10 best restaurants in Little India Singapore.

Credit image: best restaurants in little india singapore blog.
Indian chicken grilled

The city center, Marina, Raffles Avenue: Lau Pa Sat, Singapore Food Trail, Chomp Chomp Hawker Center, Makansutra Gluttons Bay, Satay by the bay

Other areas: Tiong Bahru market, Old Airport Road Centre.

Medium eat places

singapore buffet
A buffet in Singapore can take from your wallet to SGD200 but guaranteed quality extremely!

The budget restaurants maybe the perfect solution for your money pocket but not necessarily the best places to enjoy Singapore cuisine. Especially when this place is called the food capital – the name that speaks of diversity in terms of quantity, way of eating as well as the origin of the food. Therefore, according to Singapore travel experience of visitors who travel Singapore so many times then the buffet is worth trying.

the-ritz-carlton buffet

Some best places for buffet in Singapore: Greenhouse, Ritz Carlton, Millenia Singapore (SGD150/person), The Line at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore (SGD70 – SGDSGD), Plaza Brasserie at parkroyal hotel (SGD50 – SGD70),…Read more: Best buffet in Singapore — 5 best buffet restaurants in Singapore.

Luxury eats

This is precisely called "expensive sliced" because it is not only a dish but also a delicate art.
This is precisely called “expensive sliced” because it is not only a dish but also a delicate art.

In addition to the buffet experience, Singapore is also one of the most popular places for luxury eating in Southeast Asia. At some restaurants, eating is not only a need but is art with elegant, exquisite decoration dishes, as if to serve the king. A few unique Singapore dining experiences that you must try in a lifetime are:

Singapore Fly Sky Dining: Dinner on the luxury cable car. This is also a splendid place that appear in the luxury wedding party.


Waku Ghin: 1 star Michellin restaurant, located in Marina Bay Sands area. The unique “Marinated Botanic Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Caviar” dish has appeared in the American MasterChef Season 4 as the best food that Joe Bastianich examiner has ever eaten. – The price at the restaurant is at least 400SGD per person.

Waku Ghin
Waku Ghin

Joël Robuchon Restaurant: The first three-star Michellin restaurant in Singapore with French cuisine style and Art Deco-style, featuring dishes such as roasted chicken with fondue foie gras (french goose liver) and spicy lobster. The restaurant is located at Resort World Sentosa, the price for a seat in the restaurant is SGD498 per person.

Joël Robuchon Restaurant
Joël Robuchon Restaurant

Shoukouwa: The 2-star Michellin is located at No.1 Fullerton, Omakase Japanese cuisine with fresh fish imported directly from the Japanese Tsukiji Fish Market. The price for a lunch is SGD180, one dinner is SGD480 per person.


Singapore blog: What to buy in Singapore?

things to buy in singapore for tourists best things to buy in singapore singapore souvenirs4

If you want to buy gifts for your friends or relatives after your Singapore trip, you can buy some items such as: Sea Lion souvenirs, Clothing and fashion accessories, Confectionery, Cosmetics, Decorations, Kaya Jam, Bak Kwa (dried meat), Laksa …We have the most complete collection of gifts that you can buy. Let’s check it our at here: Singapore must buy souvenirs — Top 16 most famous, cheap & best things to buy in Singapore for tourists.

Singapore blog: Some useful Singapore travel tips you should know

basements shopping
Singapore basement shopping. Credit image: things to buy in singapore for tourists blog.
  • Use your right hand to shake hands or eat Indian food, Malaysia is one of the notes when traveling to Singapore you need to pay attention.
  • If you buy more than SGD100, you should ask the seller to send a refund invoice and get refund 7% of the value at the airport’s refund area.
  • Do not eat gum, smoke in the street. If you are found eating and drinking on the subway, you will be fined heavily.
  • Souvenirs in the tourist attractions are quite expensive. Some places also allow visitors to bargaining.
  • Changi Airport is quite large, there are 3 terminals so please find out which terminal you arrive. If you have more free time, you also can go to Terminal 2 to play, the area where eating and shopping more fun.
  • The shops in Singapore usually open very late, the shopping malls usually opening round 10am … so if you want to buy something remember time or see a what wonderful let’s buy immediately, avoid have to go back to search.
Esplanade Marina Bay Singapore Biomimicry in modern architecture spiky metal roof durian fruit
Esplanade Marina Bay Singapore Biomimicry in modern architecture spiky metal roof durian fruit

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in, from and to Singapore you can refer to

Are you finding more top things to do in Singapore: Tours, activities, attractions and other things? Read more: Singapore travel blog — The fullest Singapore travel guide blog for a budget trip to Singapore for the first-timers.