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If you fancy a stunning metropolis of modern Asian culture, luxurious attractions and tropical flora, Singapore is the place to be. Learn the basics of travel in this unique country with our online Singapore Travel Guide.

Singapore is an unusual country, not only is it the world’s only sovereign island city-state, it is also home to all manners of attractions. Gardens merge with architecture and beaches bond with commercial business areas. These unusual contrast creep across every part of the city in an intriguing and beautiful way.

One of the greatest appeals of Singapore is its undeniable luxury, astonishing architecture is separated by immaculately clean streets and gourmet restaurants are surrounded by an array of first class shops, cafes and bars.

The modern luxury of Singapore does not overshadow its traditional culture, though. Ornate temples, classic Singaporean food and bustling markets can be found sheltered by tall business buildings, incorporating both new and old into the cityscape rather than overshadowing one with the other.

singapore-travel-guide inforgraphic

Central Area

This popular urban area is completely unique in its dynamic range of scenery and activities. Gardens by the Bay is just one of the attractions that combines lush greenery with modern architecture and style. Singapore is also known as ‘The Garden City’ and this comes as no surprise after visiting the Central Area’s vast options of parks and gardens.

This area is also home to both Chinatown, a bustling and charismatic ethnic enclave, and Marina Bay, which comprises a brightly-lit waterfront, an eco-friendly visitor centre and more impressive commercial architecture.


Located in the South of Singapore, Tanglin offers an array of places to view nature at its best, from the beautiful Botanical Gardens to the colourful National Orchard Garden. As with the majority of Singapore, though, the area is not short of contrast. Tanglin Mall Bazaar has an eclectic choice of food, clothes and souvenirs, whereas ION Orchard boasts magnificently strange architecture and luxury retail shopping.

Southern Islands

If Singapore’s mainland wasn’t impressive enough, the Southern islands really have it all. Sentosa is the epitome of luxury island travel with numerous hotels to pick from, an endless sheltered beach, spanning an entire 2km, two golf courses and even a theme park.

Kusu Island, on the other hand, is most popular with religious travellers and welcomes up to 90,000 visitors to pay their respects here on the 11th month of every year. St John’s Island, provides yet another different perspective of Singapore, with an unusual and unique history of housing victims of disease. However, you’ll be pleased to know that in recent years it has been transformed into another luxurious stop with swimming lagoons and many picnic grounds.

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