Sunbathing at Koh Hong, Krabi

If you plan to travel to Thailand on your next summer vacation, choose one of the beautiful beaches in Thailand as your destination. The country is known as the “tourist paradise” for sea lovers to experience their most wonderful moments of the journey. Among countless famous coastal attractions for tourists in Thailand, Krabi is considered to be home to the most beautiful beaches. Krabi is a remarkable coastal province located in southern Thailand, in the middle of Phang Nga and Trang provinces, offering beautiful scenery both on the coast and in the ocean.

Explore Krabi, Thailand | most beautiful beaches in krabi
Traditional Longtail Boat from Krabi
Traditional long-tail boat in Krabi | most beautiful beaches in krabi

So, are you finding some top beaches in Krabi for your upcoming trip to the paradise island in Southern Vietnam? Let’s check out our suggested 6 Krabi top beaches including best beaches near Krabi (Krabi best beaches), most beautiful beaches in Krabi as follows!

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Phra Nang Cave Beach, Krabi | most beautiful beaches in krabi
krabi island thailand
Long-tail boats on the beautiful beach
Kayaking, an exciting activity in Krabi | most beautiful beaches in krabi

Krabi has about 150 offshore islands with a coastline of 150 km. It has many beautiful beaches with amazing white sand and turquoise seawater. Krabi is a peaceful beach city, suitable for those who need a getaway. If you choose Krabi as your destination next summer and have no idea which beautiful beach to stop on, check out the top 6 beautiful beaches in Krabi that we have compiled and listed below.

Phra Nang Cave Beach (#best beaches near krabi)

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Phra Nang Beach situated on Railay Peninsula of Thailand is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. Coming to Phra Nang, you will not only enjoy the magnificent, stunning and peaceful natural scenery, but also have a chance to conquer the mountains here. Climbing the limestone rocks and jumping down into the cool turquoise water will help you dispel the fatigue of everyday life and immerse yourself in the calm and refreshing nature. To fully enjoy the beauty of Phra Nang, get up early and take a walk along the coast to admire the amazing sunrise here.

phra nang beach thailand
| most beautiful beaches in krabi
PhraNang Beach-raily3
| most beautiful beaches in krabi

Phra Nang is also known for the legend of the goddess Phra Nang. Phra Nang beach has a temple for the goddess of the same name with many stories of cultural characteristics that are passed down by the ancient people. Phra Nang is not only a tourist destination but also a historical landmark. That said, the place shows pure rustic beauty and preserves extremely unique traditional cultural values.

PhraNang Beach-raily
| most beautiful beaches in krabi
PhraNang Beach-raily2
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An interesting suggestion for you when traveling to Phra Nang is to try the barbecue, quite a famous dish that leaves an unforgettable impression in the hearts of visitors. Besides, it is also famous for Thai massage services. Spend a full day strolling, bathing, climbing, kayaking and end that day by having the barbecue. We assure you that coming to Phra Nang is a great decision for your trip.

Ao Nang Beach (#krabi best beaches)

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As a popular beach in Krabi, Ao Nang beach is famous for its smooth sand and warm water. This has made Ao Nang a great place for tourists who love swimming or sunbathing. Tourists review Ao Nang as a beautiful, friendly beach. Traveling to Ao Nang, let’s rent a kayak and see the coral. The beautiful and rich coral reefs here will definitely give you great pleasure and relaxation.

Ao Nang – one in the two famous spot in Krabi Photo: fox19044 | best beaches near krabi
Ao Nang beach | best beaches near krabi
| best beaches near krabi
Scuba diving Ao Nang, Krabi | best beaches near krabi

In Ao Nang, you can also enjoy fresh dishes from seafood. Here are some suggestions for you. If you want to discover the taste of delicious dishes from seafood when coming to Ao Nang, visit famous restaurants such as Lae Lay Grill, Kodam Kitchen, and The Hill Top.

Koh Phi Phi (#most beautiful beaches in krabi)

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
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Koh Phi Phi is known as the gem of Asia. It is considered a wonderful gift that nature gives to the beautiful country of Thailand. Koh Phi Phi consists of 6 different islands, each island has a unique and distinct beauty that creates a diversity of natural scenery and generates a lot of curiosity for visitors. The six islands in Krabi include Koh Phi Phi Don, Koh Phi Phi Leh, Koh Mai Phai, Koh Yung, Bida Nok, and Bida Nai.

Boat in Koh Phi Phi Island
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Koh Phi Phi is a dreamy and wonderful destination of many people. One of the factors contributing to the popularity of this tourist island is that Koh Phi Phi was chosen as the main filming location of the movie The Beach. It is a very famous movie, considered one of the bridges that brings tourists to Koh Phi and contributes significantly to the development of Thai tourism.

Diving in Koh Phi Phi
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If you are a fan of mountain climbing, choosing to visit Koh Phi Phi will not disappoint you. Koh Phi Phi is surrounded by hills and uphill cliffs. Climbing the uphill cliffs here, you will see the beautiful landscape in all directions in this tourist paradise. But don’t forget to bring along a good pair of hiking sneakers to conquer and admire the beautiful scenery of Koh Phi Phi at the summit.

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If you’re not a mountaineer, there’s another great activity for you. Rent a yacht to get around the island and swim at the beautiful beaches of Koh Phi Phi. There is a unique thing that makes Koh Phi Phi attractive to many tourists: the amazing food at local restaurants here. Restaurants here are casual with fairly reasonable prices, but the food is very diverse with a savory taste. Some famous coastal restaurants in Koh Phi Phi are Comic, Kaffeine, Pum Thai, Reef, Unni’s Restaurant, and so on. The dishes in Koh Phi Phi are fresh and diverse with Thai, Western, and Mediterranean dishes.

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Once considered a tourist paradise, Koh Phi certainly promises to bring you satisfaction and memorable experiences. Come to Koh Phi once in your life not only to see and appreciate the majestic beauty, but also the poetic and peaceful life on this beautiful island.

Bamboo Island (#top beaches in krabi)

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If Koh Phi Phi is a paradise on earth, Bamboo Island is also an invaluable gem among the beautiful islands in Thailand. Just like its name, Bamboo Island gives visitors calmness and peace. This will be an ideal stop if you want to refresh yourself after stressful working days and stay away from the noise and dust of the city. With a width of about 600 meters and a length of about 700 meters, BamBoo Island has the shape of a heart. It is surrounded by a strip of white sand while the central part is covered with vegetation of palm trees and bamboo – the symbol of the island. Bamboo Island is regarded as the heart of Krabi, with clear turquoise seawater and white sand beaches. This destination is a great choice for summer holidays.

Bamboo Island, Koh Phi Phi
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Traveling to Bamboo Island, you should be equipped with swimwear and swimming gear to immerse yourself in the clear and cool water. A scuba dive in Bamboo Island will open your eyes because this is your chance to discover the beauty of the deep ocean. Or an equally attractive choice is to sunbathe on the white sand along the coast. The sunshine on Bamboo Island will give you a refreshing and relaxing experience after a hard working day.

Bamboo Island, Koh Phi Phi2

| krabi best beaches

A useful tip for you when coming to Bamboo Island is to walk around the beach in the morning and evening to admire the sunrise and sunset scenes here. Don’t forget to bring a camera to capture great moments of your trip to this magical island. On Bamboo Island, there are small eateries under the shade of trees for tourists. We highly recommend you to order a cool smoothie and enjoy the peaceful view of the beach. With its charm, Bamboo Island promises to provide visitors with a great getaway.

Hong Island (#krabi top beaches)

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Hong Island is an island surrounded by the ocean, with coral reefs and curving beaches looking like a bird wing. The island looks like a water-color painting that gives visitors a sense of peace and serenity. It is listed as one of the ten most beautiful and clean beaches in the world. Hence, visitors will be amazed by the remarkable beauty of this beautiful island. With clear sapphire water, Hong Island’s fine white sand beaches will bring a positive energy to your soul.

| top beaches in krabi
| top beaches in krabi

An activity you should take part in on this island is kayaking. Get yourself a kayak, you will have the opportunity to explore rock caves, beautiful lagoons, and cliffs. At the same time, you can also watch sea eagles, monkeys, and other wildlife. In addition, you can participate in the kara thong – a traditional festival in Thailand. Hence, bring with you a beautiful kara flower and drop it on the turquoise flow of the water. Don’t forget to take some photos for your travel album.

| top beaches in krabi
| top beaches in krabi

The local food here consists of fresh and nutritious seafood. Besides, visitors can also choose their own drinks and smoothies. The food and drinks here are quite varied, which will meet the taste of visitors from all parts of the world. Hong Island is such an ideal place for those who want to explore and enjoy the surrounding Krabi resort.

Tub Kaek (#most beautiful beaches in krabi)

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Tub Kaek is located on the west side of Krabi, a beach for those who intend to travel with their families. Picturesque and clean, Tub Kaek is a haven of tranquility but also luxury. Traveling to Tub Kaek, you can temporarily ignore the daily worries and immerse yourself in the beautiful natural scenery here.

The seawater in Tub Kaek is clear turquoise and rather shallow, so it is quite safe if you want to swim. When the tide goes up, the beach looks really nice. When the tide pulls away, there is a large expanse for you to walk along the coast and watch the sunrise. Tub Kaek has a full-serviced luxurious system of restaurants, hotels, and resorts that welcome visitors every day. The food in the restaurants at Tub Kaek is quite pricey, but it won’t disappoint you.

| krabi top beaches
| krabi top beaches

Most of the hotels and resorts in Tub Kaek have direct access to the sea. Besides, it offers awesome spaces for visitors to view the beach both in the morning and in the evening. In some hotels, kayaks and paddles are available upon request. Hotels and resorts here also provide visitors with customized parties on the beach. If you plan on organizing your wedding on the beach, Tub Kaek is definitely a highly recommended option for you.

Amari Vogue Krabi, one of the luxury resorts on Tub Kaek Beach, Krabi

This post summarizes beautiful beaches in Krabi that we would like to suggest. Krabi is an emerging tourist paradise of Thailand, so there will be many wonderful new things for you to discover. Hopefully, the above information will help you plan a great trip with fantastic memories.

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