krabi island travel guide itinerary 3 days

If you are planning to travel Thailand, don’t miss out on Krabi Island. There are so many exciting things you can do when coming here that you don’t want to leave here. From watching the magical natural beauty to conquer the spectacular cliffs.

Traditional Longtail Boat from Krabi
Traditional Longtail Boat in Krabi

Walking on the beautiful white sandy beaches or exploring the evergreen tropical forest stretching to the mountain’s peak. To help you experience Krabi to the fullest, we have made a Krabi Itinerary 3 days with fascinating activities for you.

krabi thailand things to do
Let explore sunny and windy Krabi with beautiful sea scenes like a paradise.

3 days in Krabi — Day 1: Rock climbing at Railay cliff

krabi thailand things to do
Railay cliff is one of the activities that should not be missed in Krabi.

Railay is one of the top rock climbing locations in the world. For those who are interested in mountaineering, Railay is a can’t miss destination in Thailand, thank party to its tough terrain crashing out of the sea or its close proximity to the sea. And if you have not tried rock climbing before, why not making this chance the first time?

krabi thailand things to do

The most popular climbing locations are located on Railay peninsula. West Railay gives you some great and challenge places to climb, right on the white sandy beaches. In the East Railay, the place for climbing just looks like a wall and located in a bay stretching with the mangroves. In summary, the east of Railay is not as stunning as Railay’s West, but there are easier paths in the East to climb over.

krabi thailand things to do

You can rent climbing gears at Railay, and you can register for classes and training courses at local stores. Remember to arrive early to reserve a seat, as Railay get crowded later on the day. If you do not go on a tour, you can rent a boat to go to the sea and to the spot you want to climb. And after conquering the cliffs, go celebrate like a real player – jump straight into the sea!

Cliffs at Railay Beach, Thailand

Krabi itinerary 3 days — Day 2: Wandering on the striking beaches in Krabi

Option 1: Relaxing at Phra Nang Beach

railay phra nang beach
Phra Nang Beach is so quiet and relatively unspoiled beach that you can escape the buzz of the city life.

If you chose to go hiking on the 1st day, then the 2nd day will be spent on fewer tension activities. Take a stroll at one of the gorgeous beaches in the world will certainly be the number one choice for you. This place is so stunning long white sandy beach that extremely worth your stroll. Plus, the food and drinks are always ready in the counters right on the coast.

phra nang beach thailand

Go further at West Railay near the climbing wall, you can observe the other travelers “footstep” you, trying to conquer the high mountain peak. Remember to bring a bottle of cold beer, the warm sunshine will make you enjoy the journey to the fullest.

phra nang beach thailand

If you want to visit some points of interest, let head to Phra Nang Cave where there is a temple devoted to the revered Phra Nang Princess. Note that you can not come here when the low tide. If it were the case, then choose the second option – discovering Maya Bay in Ko Phi Phi

phra nang cave beach krabi thailand
Phra Nang Cave.

Option 2: Discovering Maya Bay in Ko Phi Phi

krabi thailand things to do

Maya Bay with beautiful arcs is always ready to welcome travelers from around the world.
Maya Bay in Ko Phi Phi is one of the most beautiful bays in the area and Thailand too. Coming to this bay, you will see the islands of Koh Phi Phi (or Ko Phi Phi).

krabi thailand things to do

Take a boat ride to the preserved part of the archipelago, because this area is much more quiet and unspoiled. Whether you take a boat to explore the island or rent a kayak to paddle on the blue sea, this bay promises to give you excited and fun moments.

krabi thailand things to do

If you are adventurous, then diving here is the best activity you can take part in. This is also the “specialty” of Krabi, you can choose snorkeling (comfort but not go far) or scuba diving to explore the dazzling ocean world beneath the crystal clear water.

What to do in Krabi in 3 days — Day 3: Take an island hopping tour to explore Krabi

plankton krabi thailand

These plankton glowing at the beach at night is a unique characteristic of Krabi that can’t be found anywhere else. Krabi is definitely a great destination for a real island hopping tour. You can choose the tours to visit such the main island as Koh Phi Phi, Koh Hong, Koh Tao, … These tours are offered at Krabi dock, or you can also take the time to book online in advance.

With you are an active traveler, then kayaking is an interesting way to explore the coastline and many magnificent areas made up of stone.

krabi thailand things to do

What is more, Andaman Sea is quite shallow with a long coastline and still water, all make kayaking is a suitable and exciting mean of transport. You can depart from Ao Nang to Railay peninsula, exploring the strange rocks here and go a little further to explore the mangrove forests.

andaman sea thailand
Andaman Sea.

If you have much time, let spend a night here as you can soak and swim in the sea full of ” glowing schools of fish”. This natural phenomenon is extremely rare in the world. And there is surely no other places in the world as charming as this beach in Krabi where you can comfortably jump into the beach to watch and swim with glowing schools of fish.

plankton krabi thailand

This beach will give a feeling of lost in the brilliant galaxies, especially the night that the sky filled with sparkling stars, like going adventure in the land of a thousand and one nights.

andaman sea thailand
Andaman sea

Finally, a dinner with seafood will certainly be the most wonderful way to end the journey. It will be more special if you come back at dusk, as nothing is more fantastic than the aromatic smoke of food mingles with the smell of the sea breeze and the sunshine at the end of the day.

island hopping krabi thailand
Island hopping in Krabi Thailand

Further information about Krabi

How to get to Krabi?

Nok Air is a domestic airline with cheap flights to Krabi and it offers a lot of flights every day.

airplane krabi thailand how to get

Fly to Krabi Airport (KBV) is the easiest way to get here from other places, especially from Bangkok. Every day, dozens of flights flight to here and all you need to do is just looking for cheap tickets. With only a few minutes flight, you will spoil yourself in the cool water of the beach of Krabi.

If you’re in the nearby area such as Phuket, just take a ferry ride is alright. Or you can take a walk around the beautiful Phang Nga and take a rest at Krabi.

How to getting around in Krabi?

Nothing more convenient than a motorcycle to explore Krabi!

motorcycle krabi thailand how to get

Krabi is a very large district of Thailand. The city center alone is too wide for you to walk. Therefore, the best way to move around in Krabi is to hire a motorcycle. The roads here are also quieter than in other parts of Thailand, you can easily drive yourself to get around.

tul tul taxi krabi thailand

If you go in a big group, you can hire a taxi to go everywhere as the price can be shared. Please note that most travelers want to go taxi in comfort (air conditioning, shuttle) so you have to book in advance to reserve a private taxi.

krabi thailand things to do

In some locations such as Ko Phi Phi or Railay, the only way to get is by boat, (Railay is a peninsula that can not be reached through the mainland). The long tail boats often travel from Ao Nang to Railay.

Or you can also rent a kayak go there to explore the beauty of nature on the way. The islands of Phi Phi are located farther, so it requires you to take a boat or a ferry to get there.

beach villa krabi thailand
Beach villa, Krabi Thailand

Where to stay in Krabi?

Choose the places near the coastline to enjoy the fresh air is a good idea.

It can be said except the islands in the campus of Koh Phi Phi’s sanctuary, other places “welcome” you to stay overnight. Here are some places that you can stay in Krabi:

Ao Nang north shore: focus most of the elegance and luxury resorts, with the beautiful private beach. However, there are few things to do outside the resort and the price is also expensive.

krabi thailand resorts

Ao Nang center: the most amazing fusion with the choice of accommodation for those who have less budget and luxury travelers. In addition, There are markets, shops, restaurants, and many more services nearby.

krabi thailand nighlife

Railay Bay Resort & Spa:

krabi thailand resorts

Railay Bay Resort & Spa is a resort but particularly targeted only climbers. This place is charming and secluded, but there is less infrastructure than in Ao Nang. Krabi town is the focus area of administrative and service but nothing to enjoy, so you should choose this place as a stopover than an accommodation.

You can check rates & availability for this resort on or

krabi thailand things to do
Maya Bay, Krabi, Thailand.

3 days in Krabi ensure that you have enough time to enjoy to the fullest the essence of this coastal city. If you are planning to travel to Thailand about 1 week, don’t forget to drop by Krabi to visit the fabulous beaches for a few day. Bring your camera to capture amazing and incredible moments in your journey.

Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi
Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas Krabi


You can find, check rates, reviews & availability for Krabi island hotels on or

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