Caffe Positano
Caffe Positano

Positano is definitely my most favorite city in Italy. It is not merely an attractive destination, but also emotionally involved. I was “adopted” into an Italian family here. Almost every year I go to Positano several times. Gradually, the love of pure beauty turned into an attachment to this lovely town where home to my second home. I write this article with the hope that you will fall in love with Positano as I do. So, is Positano worth visiting and what to do in Positano (Positano what to do)? Let’s check out our Positano blog with some Positano tips as well as things to do in Positano to help you planning a perfect trip to visit one of the most beautiful villages on the legendary Amalfi Coast of Italy!

Positano has many beautiful beaches, number one is Marina Grande Beach, the sea bay is located near the city.1
Positano, the most beautiful village on the legendary of Amalfi Coast.
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Steep steps besides lovely shops. | positano tips
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Charming at night. | positano tips

Positano blog: How to get to Positano?

road to lead positano
Road to lead Positano town.

Getting to Positano is not difficult, it’s just a little bit roundabout. Due to Positano becoming a town located on cliffs, facing the sea, there are no direct trains, only buses and boats.

The easiest way to reach Positano is from Naples. I often travel on this route most because I lived a year in Naples. Later, even if I traveling around, when I want to go to Positano, I still go to Naples first and then depart from here. However, there are many different ways to get to Positano.


The cheapest way is to catch Circumvesuviana train to Sorrento. Circumvesuviana is a regional metro, from Naples to suburban towns. Circumvesuviana platform is downstairs in Naples’ main railway station. Buy this ticket usually at the ticket counter right in front of the Circumvesuviana ticket gate (or at a tabacchi – a tob@cco shop. Ticket vending machines don’t sell this type of ticket, they only sell train tickets). This ticket costs about 3.60 euros.

Blue SITA bus from Sorrento to Positano

Then, after arriving in Sorrento, you look to the left/right, finding the ticket office, then buy a bus ticket from Sorrento to Positano, at the tabacchi shop. Then exit the train station, go down the stairs, right across the street you will see a bus of SITA. This company operates passenger buses on the route: Sorrento – Amalfi – Positano. You can check the timetable on this page. Usually from around 8pm onwards, the bus runs very irregularly, sometimes it doesn’t even run. Saturdays and Sundays are even more unusual. The ticket for this route is quite cheap, under 5 euros.

A quiet day at La Sponda bus stop
La Sponda bus stop | (c) nicki storey


positano Villa Consilla - Quadruple room (7)
| positano tips

If you don’t like the bus, you can take the boat (ferry) from Sorrento to Positano. This way is more expensive, ranging from 18, 19 euros/one-way. With each piece of luggage you will pay extra fee of 2 euros. But if you want to try the “water bus”, it is highly recommended, the Mediterranean Sea is ravishingly beautiful. There are 3 ferry lines sailing from Sorrento to Positano, namely NLG, Alilauro, Seremar. Of these three firms, only Alilauro operating 3 trips per day. Please refer to the schedule here. The remaining two firms are weekly: NLG with 7 trips per week; Seremar wit 14 trips per week.

You also do not need to book tickets in advance, just go there and directly to buy tickets. It’s like a “passenger car” running on the sea.

Marina Grande beach positano (1)
Marina Grande beach
vespa tour in positano (1)
You can rent a vespa in Positano or joining a vespa tour.
vespa tour in positano (1)
Rental price is quite expensive but is a great experience.

There is no direct boat/ferry from Naples to Positano. There may be bus services running from Naples to Positano. But the way I shared above is the most classic way. My friend is Italian and only goes this way.

Positano blog: Where to stay?

Particularly in Positano, I recommend Casa Clemy ( or, if you want stay on a budget. This hostel is located in a location with a perfect view to see the whole beautiful Positano, good service and friendly host (the host is my friend). So I can guarantee 100% satisfaction for you. I myself have stayed in this apartment many times. Everything is complete and wonderful.

View from Casa Clemy is stunning.

Also if you want to stay in more luxurious hotels and resorts, you can refer to the hotels below

Le Sirenuse Hotel ( or

Hotel Le Sirenuse, positano tourist guide,positano travel blog,positano travel guide,positano blog,positano visitor guide
Overlooking to the sea.
Le Sirenuse Hotel
Magical night at Le Sirenuse Hotel | positano blog
Le Sirenuse in Positano, Italy,positano tourist guide,positano travel blog,positano travel guide,positano blog,positano visitor guide
Le Sirenuse in Positano, Italy

Il San Pietro di Positano ( or

The Il San Pietro di Positano hotel
Il San Pietro di Positano Hotel with room rates from $518.
The Il San Pietro di Positano hotel3
The hotel owns a private beach.

Hotel Poseidon ( or

Hotel Poseidon


Some mid-range and budget hotels with good reviews in Positano you can refer to

Hotel Reginella ( or

Hotel Reginella
Exterior of 3-star hotel.

Hotel Reginella positano (1)

Hotel Reginella positano (1)
Balcony overlooking the sea. | positano blog

Pensione Maria Luisa ( or

Pensione Maria Luisa
Great view.
Your private terrace Pensione Maria Luisa
Your private terrace.

Hotel Savoia ( or

Sea View Terrace Hotel Savoia
Sea View Terrace.

Hotel Royal Prisco ( or

Hotel Royal Prisco, Positano (1)
The entrance
Hotel Royal Prisco, Positano (2)
Interior room
Hotel Royal Prisco, Positano (3)
Wonderful view

Hotel La Bougainville ( or

Hotel La Bougainville positano (1)
Hotel La Bougainville
Hotel La Bougainville positano (1)
| positano tourist guide
Hotel La Bougainville positano (1)

Hotel Montemare ( or

Hotel Montemare positano (2)
4-star hotel
Hotel Montemare positano (2)
Great view | positano blog

Hotel Montemare positano (2)

Hotel Montemare positano (1)
Double room

Hotel Casa Albertina ( or

Hotel Casa Albertina (1)
Great view from terrace | positano tips

Hotel Casa Albertina (1)

Hotel Casa Albertina (1)
View from balcony at Hotel Casa Albertina, Positano

Hotel Pupetto (

Relaxin pool. | positano tips
Restaurant | positano travel blog
The room looking to the sea. | positano tips

The room rates in Positano is quite high compared to the common room rates in Italy, especially with the hotels with beautiful views, near the main beach. You can refer to the room on,

Positano tips: Some experiences and tips you should know before visiting Positano

Street View Hotel Savoia
Rolling hills with pastel houses. | positano tips
  • You’ll have to do a lot of walking, and a lot of climbing. The small towns on the Amalfi coast are famous for their stone steps and mountain paths. Remember to bring a comfortable shoe.
  • Positano’s tourist season lasts from July to September. In winter it is extremely cold. I’ve been in Positano almost every month of the year. I think June and October are the most beautiful, because of less tourists, but it is already sunny. June is a bit cold, suitable for hanging out. In October, you can still swim. And August is especially crowded, please avoid.
  • Positano is an expensive destination – especially accommodations of all kinds. Besides, this is not the ideal place to carry luggage around. If possible, I recommend you to visit Positano as a day tour from Naples. And if you want to play? With bulky luggage? There is a service to hire people to carry luggage.
The peak of the Path of the Gods | positano tips
A Cute Amalfi Yard with Lemon Trees
A Cute Positano Yard with Lemon Trees | positano tips
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Paintings shop. | what to do in positano

Positano blog: What to do in Positano & things to do in Positano

Coming to this part becomes… difficult for me. Unlike other places I usually go alone to explore, in Positano I usually stay with my friend family. They took me to places that they said were “true Italian”, not to popular places. Because Italy is too crowded with tourists, and the dreamlike Positano cannot escape the billowing lines of visitors from all over the world. I will share with you some tourist-friendly activities for you to discover Positano.

Stroll around the beautiful streets of Positano

positano tourist guide,positano travel blog,positano travel guide,positano blog,positano visitor guide (4)
The roads with a beautiful view with one side is mountain and picturesque houses, the other side is immense Mediterranean Sea. | what to do in positano

I found the best things to do in Positano is… just walking, looking at the street and seeing the houses, shops, people pass by. No need to say far away, just looking at the photos you can imagine how beautiful Positano is. It’s basically this: you just get lost. The more you lost, the better you experience!

A quiet day at La Sponda bus stop4
Beautiful roads in Positano. | what to do in positano
Caffe Positano
Gelato parlour | what to do in positano

shopping-positano-amalfi-coast-italy-positano tourist guide,positano travel blog,positano travel guide,positano blog,positano visitor guide

| what to do in positano
Shops around piazza positano
Shops around piazza | what to do in positano
Charming cobblestone alley. | positano what to do
shopping street positano
Shopping street | positano what to do
the cozy streets of positano
The green streets of Positano | positano what to do


Instead of swimming at the main beach, go to Fornillo

Marina Grande beach positano (1)
The famous main beach of Positano. | positano what to do

The main beach, I advise you to just go down to play, not to swim. That huge number of visitors will make you disillusioned. Although there is a super nice view of the whole village on the cliff, but if you see the scene of thousands of people, you will get tired. Going down to the main beach is the most beautiful at night, when the whole village lights up, and almost tourists will looking for places to hang out at night. At this point, it is quiet and comfortable.

italy positano tourist guide,positano travel blog,positano travel guide,positano blog,positano visitor guide11

Instead, go down to Fornillo beach, a smaller and more hidden pebble beach with a view overlooking the watchtower. This beach is much more deserted and clear. If the Positanos themselves want to bathe, they will go to this beach, or take a boat to the surrounding islands, but never go down to the main beach.

Il Fornillo positano2
| positano what to do
Watchtower seen from Forrnillo. | positano blog

Try everything from… lemon

Positano is famous for its lemon tree, so anything made with its lemons will be delicious. Try the lemon sorbet (granità), limoncello, etc., all in all.

Limoncello liquor, specialty of Amalfi region. | positano blog
Handmade soap made from Positano lemon. | positano blog

Shop for enamels

Positano and Amalfi are also famous for their skills in hand-painted porcelain enamels. My friend’s family owns an enamelware factory. I highly recommend you to check it out. This is not only a traditional profession, but also an expression of love for this small but soul-rich land. The most beautiful enamel maker is Ceramics Casola. It’s all hand drawn.

positano pottery store (1)
Pottery store | positano blog
positano pottery store (1)
| positano tips


It’s a pity that I can only share it here, because most of my experiences are with my friend family. However, Positano is a small town with many interesting activities, such as renting boats, kayaking, hiking, climbing mountains, etc. You should ask more locals about these interesting activities. And if you go to Casa Clemy, I can guarantee you’ll get the best local advice possible.

Caffe Positano
Caffe Positano
Villa San Giacomo Positano,positano tourist guide,positano travel blog,positano travel guide,positano blog,positano visitor guide
Villa San Giacomo, Positano | positano blog

Some best day tours, trips, activities and transfer services, tickets in and from Positano you can refer to

boat tour in cinque terre
Boat tour in Cinque Terre | cinque terre travel blog

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