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Are you wondering where to go for entertainment in Singapore? We suggest an exciting place you cannot miss out on which is the Clarke Quay. Clarke Wharf is a historic riverside in Singapore, one of the main tourist attractions on Lion Island. It is a must-visit among tourists and locals as well. Here is a list of why you should visit the famous Clarke Quay on what to do and where to go to see so many attractions that you can spend a few days without getting bored, especially for devotees who love the vibrant nightlife with music in bars and nightclubs.

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So, what to do in Clarke Quay Singapore (Clarke Quay what to do)? Let’s check out our Clarke Quay blog and Clarke Quay review with the fullest Clarke Quay guide on how to visit it, best things to do in Clarke Quay Singapore (Clarke Quay things to do) to help you make a smooth trip to the vibrant neighborhood of the island nation of Singapore!

A corner of Clarke Quay at night | what to do in clarke quay singapore
Riverside restaurants at Clarke Quay | what to do in clarke quay singapore
A colorful night of Clarke Quay | what to do in clarke quay singapore

So, let’s check out Clarke Quay, a vibrant nightlife area with a system of restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, and shops along the Singapore River.

About Clarke Quay (#clarke quay blog)

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Clarke Quay is located in the traditional center of the city on the banks of the Singapore River, convenient for transportation. A beautiful place during the day, with beautiful colonial architecture at night when the electric lights are turned on, this place becomes more bustling than ever.

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Being a commercial harbor on the Singapore River, where have many large houses and a dock with cruises from all over the world. Today, the area is one of the busiest entertainment districts in Singapore.

Clarke Quay has a unique design with big umbrellas covering restaurants and bars so that when it rains and is sunny, visitors will not have to worry about the weather affecting their walks. In the middle of the dock is a gentle river flowing for generations, making Clarke Quay more sparkling and the cool air here.

Comfortable walking at Clarke Quay is due to the big umbrellas | what to do in clarke quay singapore
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If you have ever been to Singapore, the chances are you will pass by Clarke Quay. The best time to go is from evening to late. It is the time when the restaurants and bars come into operation, so it is very bustling, you can also stop at any bar to enjoy the atmosphere here as well as enjoy the typical food and drink here.

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From Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, there are many tourists here, so the traffic in this area is also busy with cars, so the price is a bit higher than on other days. If you come back late at night, do not worry because you can catch a taxi here. At about 10:00 pm, many taxis are waiting to pick up passengers in this area. So it will take you no more than 10 minutes to catch a taxi.

Clarke Quay review: Where to go in Clarke Quay? (#clarke quay things to do)

You may be interested in the night view of Clarke Quay, which has extra attractive landscapes. There are places where you can spend much time visiting Clarke Quay with the excitement that you forget all your worries.

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Fort Canning Park

Address: 70 River Valley Road, Singapore 179037, Singapore

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If you are accidentally to be on the day, please come to the nearby Fort Canning Park, also known as Singapore Hill or Bukit Larangan (Forbidden Hill). It is the home of the founder of the British colony of Singapore, Stamford Raffles, who built his residence. You shall see some of the earliest tombs from the colonial era here.

Fort Gate of Fort Canning Park was built to protect Singapore from a sea-borne attack and to give the country’s European population a refuge should a local disturbance arise | clarke quay guide
It is said that the cupolas were built to serve as shelters for rest and contemplation on the hill
On the other side of Fort Gate are two imposing Gothic Gates at the entrance of Fort Canning Green, which was once a Christian burial ground | clarke quay guide

An Interesting thing that the native Malays have called Forbidden Hill. According to their belief, the ancient kings of Singapore came here – making it a solemn and haunting spot. Check out the temple dedicated to Parameswara, a 14th-century king and ruler of Singapore, with his body there for burial as a rumor.

Fort Canning Park, an iconic hilltop landmark has witnessed many of Singapore’s historical milestones and even the wedding for couples | clarke quay things to do

Try the thrills at G-Max Reverse Bungy

Opening hours: Daily from 5:00 pm until late
Address: 3 River Valley Rd, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179024, Singapore
Phone: +65 6338 1766

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If you are a thrill-seeker and want to experience the great things that make your heart flutter and suffocate, G – Max Reverse Bungy is the place you need to go, located next to the Clarke Quay area. With bungy jumping, you may sit in a spherical chair frame and bounce at an 80m height with a speed of 200km/h for nearly 5 minutes, feeling like an astronaut sitting in a rocket and launching into space.

| clarke quay things to do
| clarke quay things to do

It is fun, incredibly fast, and closely supervised by professionals. The bungy may operate on shorter schedules during times of frequent wet weather.

Asian Civilizations Museum

Opening hours: Daily from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (Fridays until 9:00 pm)
Address: 1 Empress Pl, Singapore 179555, Singapore
Phone: +65 6332 7798

| clarke quay things to do

Asian Civilizations Museum (ACM) is one of the most acclaimed national museums in Singapore. The museum provides a deep insight into the diverse Asian cultures whose integration is the rich base for the multi-ethnic society in Singapore.

A huge ensemble of South Asian objects collected from early civilizations are hold in the ACM, Clarke Quay | clarke quay things to do
| clarke quay things to do
The ACM annually hosts fashion displays to exhibit fashions trends of students from the LASALLE School of Fashion in relation to its multiculturalism and port city heritage included | clarke quay things to do
| clarke quay things to do

A visit to the museum is a great way to take a journey through the interesting pan-Asian arts and culture scene, which is up to 5,000 years old with about 1,500 different specimens, divided into areas such as Southeast Asia, China, the Indian subcontinent India, and Muslim countries. During a visit to the Asian Civilizations Museum, visitors will have many ways to feel the cultural and historical values ​​without getting bored.


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Clarke Quay is located next to and stretches along the Singapore River with a history of nearly 150 years. In the past, this place was a rather poor fishing village, over time Clarke Quay has developed and become a busy trading dock. To see the colonial architecture along the river, take a stroll along the river and breathe in the fresh air, or book a river tour of colonial-era boats. The trip will depart at Clarke Quay and lasts about 30 minutes with a cost of 9 SGD for adults and 4 SGD for children, the operating time of the marina is from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm every day.

A view of a colorful Clarke Quay gets buzzed as night falls in Singapore | clarke quay what to do
| clarke quay what to do
| clarke quay what to do
| clarke quay what to do

Bursting with life at night, but with so many places to visit during the day, Clarke Quay is a well-deserved addition to your Singapore itinerary.

What to do in Clarke Quay Singapore: Nightlife at Clarke Quay (#clarke quay what to do)

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The best exploration of the nightlife in Singapore is to visit Clarke Quay, where visitors always arrive. The initial destinations are the bars and pubs along the river. The next is the retail shops and entertainment shops.

This shopping center in Clarke Quay Central has a number of Japanese restaurants and a mix of eclectic fashion boutiques | clarke quay what to do

All of them become more bustling after sunset. If you love vibrant dances with a wild and passionate atmosphere, stop by Cocoon Bar, Bamboo Bar at Forbidden City, Lunar Asian Fusion Bar to enjoy the great shows here, or Opium Bar at Empress Place along the riversides. If you like hip-hop and classical music, head to Attica or Canvas to soak up the music.

Bamboo Bar at Clarke Quay | clarke quay what to do
Vibrant on the floor of Cocoon Bar at Clarke Quay | clarke quay what to do
Canvas at Clarke Quay | things to do in clarke quay singapore

All the bars, pubs, and clubs are gathered here, so it is better that you do not forget to check out the top Singapore nightlife at Clarke Quay.

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At Clarke Quay, the parties tend to last until the end of the day compared to other parts of the city, with different music choices that make you never get bored here. The fact that the clubs are close together, therefore it is convenient for you to go everywhere easily.

Bars and restaurants in Clarke Quay (#things to do in clarke quay singapore)

Crazy Elephant

Opening hours: Monday (5:00 pm – 1:00 am), Tuesday to Thursday (5:00 pm – 2:00 am), from Friday to Sunday (5:00 pm – 3:00 am)
Address: 3E River Valley Rd, #01-03/04, Singapore 179024, Singapore
Phone: +65 6337 7859

Live music in Crazy Elephant, Clarke Quay | things to do in clarke quay singapore
| things to do in clarke quay singapore
Rock bands’ performance in Crazy Elephant, Clarke Quay | things to do in clarke quay singapore

The Crazy Elephant is an extremely attractive outdoor entertainment venue in Clarke Quay with vibrant rock performances. Unlike other nightclubs or bars in the area, The Crazy Elephant offers you unique graffiti-covered walls, long-haired rockers, and rock bands playing all night. This famous place is due to some of the cheapest drinks in the area – just around SG$10, you will have a delicious cold beer.

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Attica (#things to do in clarke quay singapore)

Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday from 10:30 pm to 04:00 am, Sunday to Tuesday from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm
Address: 3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #02-05, Singapore 179020
Phone: +65 6337 3292

Attica offers a variety of music genres such as R&B, mainstream top hits, electro, house and trance music, and more | things to do in clarke quay singapore

Attica is one of the most famous nightclubs in Singapore. Easily accessible from Clarke Quay, Attica is the perfect representation of young Singaporeans, with beautiful surroundings, trendy music, and a very professional staff.

| things to do in clarke quay singapore
| things to do in clarke quay singapore

The bar also invites international talent for live music shows. Listen to a mix of hip-hop, house, and electronic pop music.

Chupitos (#what to do in clarke quay singapore)

Opening hours: From Sunday to Tuesday and Thursday, from 18:30 – 01:30; Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 18:30 – 03:30
Address: 3E River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #01-05, Singapore 179024
Phone: +65 8836 0490

| clarke quay blog
| clarke quay blog

Chupitos Shots Bar has nightly drink specials, shot challenges, and overall, an exciting & inviting environment to enjoy the drinksThis Spanish-style bar is known for its exotic drinks, and people easily find the excitement at The Chupitos Bar. You may enjoy creative and interesting drinks with colors for each name without traditional simple drinks. This is a great place to entertain you and your friends, but not the place to spend the evening relaxing. The price of each cocktail or other drink is quite high at about 12$SG, hence you should think carefully before coming here if you do have not enough money.

At Chupitos, you can take part in the Chupitos Hall of Fame, a challenge not suited for the faint-hearted | clarke quay blog
| clarke quay blog


Opening hours: Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9:30 pm until late
Address: Block C, #01-07 to 08, The Cannery, Clarke Quay

| clarke quay blog
| clarke quay blog

If you love hip-hop, please head to Rebel, which attracts visitors with its toy collections for display and other street art created by famous Melbourne artists. Moreover, you can break a sweat on the vibrant dance floor with music served by famous DJs like DJ Tang, Rattle, and Will. Rebel also attracts many famous stars to be here every night.

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Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday from 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm, Friday and Saturday from 12:00 pm to 02:00 am
Address: Block 3C, The Cannery #01-05, River Valley Road, Singapore
Phone: +65 6305 6728

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Nectarie for the sweet tooth, Clarke Quay
Strawberry shortcake and milk drink at Nectarie, Clarke Quay | clarke quay blog

As a cafe restaurant with an innovative menu of various drinks and delicious desserts, Nectaria will change your perception of the usual cafes. The menu includes extensive hot and cold drinks with great coffees, which even the fussiest eaters have to satisfy. Desserts cook with the freshest and best quality ingredients in the kitchen and bring you the best experience.

China One

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday from 5:00 pm – 02:00 am; Friday and Saturday from 5:00 pm – 05:00 am
Address: 3E River Valley Road, #02-01, Singapore
Phone: +65 6339 0280

| what to do in clarke quay singapore
| what to do in clarke quay singapore

China One is the integrating place, having the most interesting things in Clarke Quay. In the early evening, China One serves cheap drinks that can satisfy any diner. A little later around eight o’clock is the hour that attracts many office workers to relax after a hard-working day. Next, on weekends (or Wednesday nights), China One has a lot of young and active people coming to enjoy electronic music and hip-hop from famous DJs.


Opening hours: Wednesday, Friday (10:00 pm – 3:00 am), Thursday (10:00 pm – 2:00 am), Saturday (10:00 pm – 4:00 am)
Address: 3C River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #01-05 to #02-06, The Cannery, Singapore 179022
Phone: +65 9006 8549

| what to do in clarke quay singapore

Zouk provides a world-class clubbing experience by pushing the boundaries of electronic dance music and bringing in a constant flow of internationally renowned DJs such as Hardwell, Tiesto, and Disclosure just to name a few
Zouk Bar

Zouk is a famous and loved nightclub in Singapore. This place is compared to popular nightclubs in Europe. It mainly attracts young people with vibrant music performed by seven DJs, while you will enjoy great performances by famous artists such as Galliano, Chemical Brother, and more. The club is made up of various interconnecting clubs and the whole area is known as Zouk.

Clarke Quay is a paradise of entertainment, dining, and shopping located on the romantic riverside, this is an ideal destination in the journey to discover Singapore. Great fun for the whole family and an excellent destination to enjoy thrills and nightlife in Clarke Quay. That is a reason why do not miss out on this exciting place in Singapore!

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