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If you have been to Barcelona or Madrid, traveling to Valencia is also another place worth experiencing in Spain. Valencia is the third largest city located on the east coast of Spain, facing the Mediteranean Sea with a long history of over 2000 years old with many outstanding blending architectures from Roman to Medieval times and vibrant, diversity of cultures. In addition, I really love the long sandy beaches here. Because most of European beaches are rocky beaches, or coves with very steep sea cliffs and high mountains surrounding, of course it is also very beautiful, I just love places with long sandy beaches. So, what to do and where to go if you are planning a perfect and budget trip for 4 days in Valencia? Let’s check out our suggested Valencia itinerary 4 days in my recently field trip to Valencia, Spain to find out the answer! You can also based on this itinerary to make your own itinerary, such as cut the itinerary down to 3 days (Valencia itinerary 3 days) if your visit time is tight!

The coastal city of Valencia seen from above with typical Spanish architectural style.
Las Fallas valencia 2017 5
Vibrant nightlife | 4 days in valencia
Look to the east of this Spain regions and provinces map, you can see Valencia facing the Mediteranean Sea.

Valencia itinerary: How to get to Valencia?

How to get to Valencia | 4 days in valencia

By plane: There are many cheap flights to Valencia. If you fly directly, you can choose some low-cost carriers such as Transavia or Vueling with flights from Paris or Amsterdam to Valencia. If you have to transit, you will usually transit in Madrid or Barcelona and then fly to Valencia later. So, visitors often visit these two largest cities first on their Spain journey before heading to other cities such as Seville or Valencia.

Valencia Airport

By train: If you traveling from other European cities, you will usually have to take the train to Barcelona or Madrid first and then continue to catch the train to Valencia. If you depart from Barcelona, ​​you can catch the Renfe high speed train from Barcelona Sants railway station, it takes about 3 hours and costs about 50 Euros. Regular trains are cheaper but will take longer. Spain has a very developed railway network, so you can take advantage of it. To know how to getting Valencia from European cities you can refer to

Metro station
Valencia Metro map | 4 days in valencia
Nord Station

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By ferry: Spain has many famous and beautiful islands, if you depart from Ibiza or Mallorca islands, you can absolutely take a ferry to Valencia which is quite convenient because Valencia is also a port city. See ferry timetables here.

4 days in valencia: Where to stay?

There are many types of hotels and accommodations you can choose to stay in Valencia. You can go to, to choose the best one. In general, room prices in Valencia are quite good compared to other cities in Europe.

If you have a good budget and want to stay at a resort with a beautiful sea view, you should definitely refer to the 5-star Las Arenas Balneario Resort with an “expensive” sea view and a blue infinity pool. There is also the Palacio Vallier, a 5-star hotel just 100 meters from the Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados, with a luxurious royal style that is worth experiencing.

Below we recommend more best budget, mid-range and upscale hotels with good ratings and reviews you can refer to.

Hotel Las Arenas Balneario Resort | 4 days in valencia
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Valencia itinerary: Valencia travel costs

| 4 days in valencia

The total cost for this trip is about EUR 650/person including air tickets (Ryanair airline: EUR 170/person), Las Arenas Balneario hotel cost (EUR 150/night/person), Valencia Tourist Card (the price I bought online is €22.5 and at the counter was €25, including train & bus tickets for 3 days in Valencia with entry discounts to access many tourist attractions), other entertainment and dining costs.

Here is my itinerary for 4 days in Valencia

Valencia itinerary: Day 1 – Valencia Sea

I just got off the plane at 3pm, so I went back to the hotel to resting, eating and then went to the beach. Here is the Paella dish, I would like to take the liberty to name it as a “super huge fried rice pan” with many options such as seafood, pork, chicken, vegetarian, … This is a very famous and must-try dish in Spain, so delectable.

Playa la Devesa, Valencia.
| valencia itinerary 4 days

Spain is famous for its fresh orange juice, which is more delicious, juicy than in any other country in Europe, but the Fanta soft drink here is also delicious, unlike the usual Fanta I’ve ever tried before, maybe thanks to its high quality of orange fruit here.

Valencia is also the birthplace of paella.
Specialty orange juice | valencia itinerary 4 days

The beach is quite gentle slope, it was still bright until 10 pm (typical summer time in Europe especially in Mediteranean Region), so bathing was quite comfortable, not like swimming in Vietnam, at 6 pm, you have to leave beaches due to dark.

In the evening we walked around the beach and went to the port to play. There’s Marina Beach Club, it was playing music until 1am and Burger King right around the corner if you’re hungry in the middle of the night.

Marina Beach Club

4 days in Valencia: Day 2 – Valencia Center

The city with over 2000 years of history

If you plan to visit the downtown of Valencia, remember to fully charge your camera to capture great photos of the churches, El Miguelete bell tower, Mercado central market in the old town… Wandering in alleys that look like narrow streets in Hanoi’s Old Quarter with gentle cafes and restaurants intertwined. Or strolling along streets selling all kinds of items from phone cases, selfie sticks to scarves and souvenirs, very crowded, bustling and vibrant. If your foot are too tired, let drop by a seafood restaurant and order a plate full of seafood to regain your strength, I ate at a seafood restaurant here… It was quite delicious and the price is also reasonable.

Valencia Square and Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados
Magnificent Belltower
Valencia Cathedral | valencia itinerary 4 days

The Holy Chalice of Valencia inside the Valencia Cathedral.
Valencian Foodies | valencia itinerary 4 days
Valencia National Ceramics Museum
The 3rd largest city with rich in history, diversity of cultures. | valencia itinerary 4 days

Valencia Bolseria Street In Barrio Del Carmen Downtown

Street performance

We also went to visit La Lonja, a very old Gothic-style historic building built in 1942, also listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Right opposite it is the Central Market, advertised with fresh and authentic seafood which caught from the Mediterranean Sea. Personally, I didn’t see much difference, but I really like the atmosphere here, you should also try to come to experience local lifestyle.

La Lonja (Silk Exchange Market)
Mercado Central Market

In the center, there are many free admission museums, we chose to visit Center del Carme (Address: Carrer del Museu, 2, 4, 46003 Valencia, Spain/Hours: 11AM–9PM/Monday: Closed), actually calling it an exhibition in an old building is more proper. The display concept will be changed once in every few months, from art to satire, historical events.

Centre del Carme | valencia itinerary 4 days

In the evening, we visited a Korean restaurant called Dodo’s Mediterrasian Restauran to eat, we still like to eat Asian food, in fact, there are not much options, the bibimbap (Korean mixed rice with meat and vegetables) was quite delicious.

Especially, there is a super delicious Gelateria La Romana homemade ice cream shop. The staffs make ice cream in front of me, you can try various flavors if you want, I chose mango and yogurt flavors, it’s really better than the ice cream I’ve eaten in Italy.

Valencia itinerary: Day 3 – City of Arts and Sciences / Valencia Aquarium Oceanografic

Is an architectural complex located right next to each other, including an aquarium, theater, 3D cinema (note: only documentaries), science and technology museum, Turia dome gardens (Spain’s longest urban garden). The aquarium in Valencia is the largest one in Europe with all kinds of sea life, they are all adorable, but if you ask me their names, I could not answer, LOL. The garden and ground area are very large, you can walking for sightseeing or rent a vehicle to getting around.

Besides ancient looks, Valencia owns many futuristic architecture. | valencia itinerary 4 days
Turia gardens

The outside space is free to visit and comfortably explore, it’s also open until late at night, but if you want to go inside the building, you have to buy a ticket. But admiring from the outside is also very impressive with its futuristic architecture with the lake, spectacular design, a perfect spot to taking virtual photos. These descriptions are quite short, but it really took me almost a whole day to visiting, from 10am to 6pm, then we went back to the beach and have another meal to relieve cravings.

L’Umbracle bar inside the complex

4 days in Valencia: Day 4 – Walking around the beach, testing COVID-19

It was quite unfortunate for us that going back to Germany still needs a test for people who haven’t had 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccines, so after having breakfast and walking around the beach, we had to go to Test Antigen at IMED Hospital, the test price was quite expensive at 50 Euros per person. At present, if you want to traveling to Spain, if you have not fully vaccinated, you will need to show a valid PCR test within 48 hours. There is no test room at Valencia’s airport, so you should remember to take advantage to test in advance in the city. It takes about 20 minutes from the city center to the airport, and another 20 minutes to the beach.

| valencia itinerary 4 days

Public transport here is extremely convenient with S-Bahn, U-Bahn, buses. You will not have to wait long. There are 3 flights/days on weekends or holidays, so you can rest assured and comfortable when traveling. Actually, I think this cost is more expensive than usual, because I couldn’t fly on another day with cheaper tickets, with Ryanair, you can definitely find tickets under EUR 100 for the round-trip to and from Valencia within Europe.

Stunning beach

Valencia is a beautiful memory for me. This place is not so great in terms of its beach, but it is definitely a port city worth visiting in Europe.

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