Boston is the oldest city in America. With a calm and serene landscape with a bit old, Boston attracts many tourists in all seasons of the year. So, what to do in Boston for 4 days and how to spend 4 days in Boston perfectly for first–timers? Let’s check out our suggested Boston itinerary 4 days to clear the answer! Now, let’s refer to the details of 4 days in Boston itinerary to not to be missed any hot spots.

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Old streets with brick walls are typical characteristics of Boston.
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Aerial view of Boston
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Boston Harbour

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Dubbed one of the most historic cities in the United States, Boston has many exciting activities, wonderful tourist attractions which just for you. Although the city of Boston is not as big as New York or Chicago, and visitors will find visiting Boston is more like walking around a large town rather than a city. Well, I think that’s interesting, because Boston has all wonderful things of any great metropolitan but its pace of life is not too rush, hustle and jostle like New York.

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Newbury Street
Downtown of Boston and old buildings
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The oldest and peaceful city in America.
Sparkling night at Faneuil Hall Marketplace.
The Institute of Contemporary Art boston (1)
Overlooking Boston’s Harbour

Boston is not a city in a hurry. Different from so many other destinations, people traveling to Boston would go leisurely for a few days, not just a day or two in a hurry. Because if they knew that this was a relaxing city, it will be deserved to spend more time. Here is the most reasonable itinerary to visit Boston that will help you enjoy the best of Boston.

4 days in Boston: DAY 1

Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is located about 2.5 miles (4.0 km) from central Boston, and this trail will lead you through all major areas and famous tourist attractions, notable churchs, buildings, historic sites such as: Boston Common, Massachusetts State House, Park Street Church, Granary Burying Ground, King’s Chapel and Burying Ground, Benjamin Franklin statue, Old Corner Bookstore, Old South Meeting House, Old State House… To go through all these places, it will take you a day, because I am sure you will want to learn deeply about these interesting places and landmarks. In my view, I have found that this historic city has done a great job in introducing its unique features of historic and culture.

Boston’s Freedom Trail

trail of freedom boston (2)

The Freedom Trail through downtown Boston
Trail of Freedom through downtown of Boston
Heart of the Freedom Trail Meeting Location-Samuel Adams Statue Faneuil Hall
Samuel Adams Statue
A kid walking on Freedom Trail

Lunch at Quincy market / Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Quincy Market and the nearby Faneuil Hall Marketplace are great places to stop and have lunch on Freedom Trail. There are more than twenty different eateries for you to choose from. You can find a variety of foods here, from sushi to burgers and so much more. Be sure to try Boston’s famous Clam Soup (Clam chowder).

Quincy Market is a very famous dining spot in Boston. | 4 days in boston
Quincy Market Pizzeria Regina
Pizzeria Regina at Quincy Market
boston clam chowder
Boston clam chowder
Faneuil Hall Marketplace boston ma
Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Faneuil Hall
Faneuil Hall
Faneuil Hall Marketplace boston ma.1
Lobster Roll
Food stalls


Address: 4 S Market St, Boston, MA 02109, United States
Hours: 10AM–9PM

Boston itinerary 4 days: DAY 2

Boston Central Park

Let start your brand new day at Boston Central Park (Boston Common) – an ultra–large park that attracts lots of people on warm, sunny summer days. There are many places to visit here, such as the Frog Pond, where both adults and children can play freely. In winter in Boston, the pond surface freezes and turn into an interesting skating floor. Or just simply doing nothing, sitting on the grass and watching everyone around is also very interesting.

Aerial view of Boston Common.




Address: 139 Tremont St, Boston, MA 02111, United States
Area: 20 ha
Hours: 5AM–11PM

Boston Public Garden

After a relaxing early morning walk, head straight across the street to the botanical garden. You can paddle on the lake in the middle of the garden, or simply take a walk around the park and enjoy the beautiful flower gardens.


Duck mom and her children
| 4 days in boston

Address: 4 Charles St, Boston, MA 02108, United States
Area: 9.7 ha
Hours: Open 24 hours/Friday, Saturday: Closed

Back Bay

Going through the park is Boston’s Back Bay, another version of Soho in New York. This is home to the wealthy and rich in Boston, and nearby Madison Avenue, is home to high-end stores and shopping malls. Beautiful streets and green–shaded streets create a peaceful and relaxing walk. Stopping at the park on Commonwealth Road and watching Boston life is also worth a try.

| 4 days in boston

Lunch at Boylston

Move a bit further toward Boylston Street and have lunch in the courtyard of a nearby restaurant. (If you have a bigger budget, try the restaurant on Newbury Street.) Stephanie’s (Address: 190 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116, United States/Hours: 11AM–9PM) is a not bad choice for a great meal, but also quite dangerous for your wallet. Snappy Sushi (Address: 108 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116, United States) has great lunch combos, and Kashmir (Address: 279 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116, United States/Hours: 11:30AM–11PM) offers you an authentic Indian meal – it will be pretty spicy.

Stephanie’s | 4 days in boston

Snappy Sushi | 4 days in boston

Copley Square and Trinity Church

Copley Square has a pretty little park where you can buy discount concert tickets, enjoy street music and see the Hancock Tower. You can also visit the church in Boston – Trinity, which is the oldest and most beautiful church in Boston.

Copley Square, far away is Trinity Church and Hancock Building
Copley Square, far away is Trinity Church and Hancock Building
Inside the church. | 4 days in boston
Trinity Church
Trinity Church
getting around boston
Copley Square

Address: 206 Clarendon St, Boston, MA 02116, United States
Construction started: 1872
Hours: 10AM–4:30PM/Monday: Closed

Charles River

If you traveling to Boston in summer time you might get a chance to watch a free show at the Boston Theater or take a boat ride on the river Charles. If not, it’s still a great riverfront walk where you’ll be accompanied by runners, watch kids playing, and everyone who playing sports.

Charles River Esplanade | 4 days in boston
Paddling on the Charles River

charles river boston

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Museum of Science

At the end of the river is the Science Museum. If you already have leg fatigue, visit the museum and the Omni theater inside it. While a lot of the children’s exhibits are key, it’s still one of the best museums in the country. The exterior of the museum is decorated very nicely.

| 4 days in boston

Address: 1 Museum Of Science Driveway, Boston, MA 02114, United States
Opened: 1830
Hours: 9AM–9PM

4 days in Boston: DAY 3

New England Aquarium

The Boston Aquarium is one of the best aquariums I have ever visited. It has a very good design and organize to optimize, fish species are distributed everywhere, and it also provides a lot of information about protecting the marine environment.

New England Aquarium boston.1

New England Aquarium boston.1
Shark and stingray touch tank | 4 days in boston

Address: 1 Central Wharf, Boston, MA 02110, United States
Opened: June 20, 1969
Hours: 9AM–6PM

The North End

The North End is the heart of Italian culture in Boston. You will hear a lot of Italian accents mixed with Boston accents here. In the mornings, you will find Italian women shopping at the market, and elegant old Italian men enjoying espresso, as if you were in Italy. There are also some of the best gelato creams here.

Street intesection in Boston historical North End | boston itinerary 4 days
| boston itinerary 4 days

Prudential Tower

Out of the North Pole, return to Copley Square and visit Prudential Tower. You can reach to the top and admire the panoramic view of Boston city.

The two tallest buildings in Boston, 200 Clarendon Street | boston itinerary 4 days

Height: 229 m, 280 m to tip CTBUH
Floors: 52
Opened: 1964
Construction started: 1960

The Arnold Arboretum

Covering an area of ​​more than 260 acres, it is open free from sunrise until sunset. There are dedicated jogging trails, vast gardens, lush lawns and hundreds of flowers from all over the world – all gather here. It is quieter than the Botanical Park, and also has a more diverse ecosystem. It also owns the stunning bonsai collections.

| boston itinerary 4 days

Address: 125 Arborway Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA 02130-3500

Watch a cricket match

Boston is a sport city, and the people of Boston are extremely proud of their team – Boston Red Sox. You will definitely see the most intense emotions when you watch a cricket game here. If you really want some of the sporty city Boston experiences, try to come to stadium and watch Red Sox play. If you can’t play, you should still visit the bars near Fenway stadium to feel the wonderful atmosphere.

The home of the Boston Red Sox | boston itinerary 4 days
Fenway Park

Boston itinerary 4 days: DAY 4

Visit Harvard University

Harvard campus is located in Cambridge, and this is the oldest university in America (established in 1636). Head to Cambridge (Harvard Square stop, red train line) and join a free school tour to learn about the origins, architecture, curriculum and the mysteries surrounding the top university in the U.S.

Harvard University (Cambridge, Boston)2
Harvard University (Cambridge, Boston)
John Harvard statue at Harvard University
The famous statue of John Harvard at Harvard University

Hang out in Harvard Square

When you’re done with the school tour, take a walk around and learn about the culture at Harvard. There are plenty of street performers to let you indulge in music (Tracy Chapman started her music career here). Harvard Boston life is shown fully and animated here. Walk around, visit bookstores and cafes along the way, watch street performers, homeless people, and college students indulge in music.

Harvard Square, Cambridge
Harvard Square, Cambridge
Harvard University (Cambridge, Boston)
Harvard University often offers free tours around its school.

Samuel Adams Boston Brewery

After four days of visiting everywhere, you deserve to taste some of beer. Samuel Adams is a famous brewery in Boston, is home to the high consumption of beer in Boston. The brewery also offers free tours, starting in the middle of the afternoon, every 45 minutes with a tour. You will be able to sample some kinds of cool beer on the tour too. If you’re under 21, don’t worry – you can still join the tour, just don’t sample beer!

Address: 30 Germania St, Boston, MA 02130, United States
Hours: Friday: 2–8PM/Saturday, Sunday: 12–8PM/Wednesday, Thursday: 4–8PM/Monday, Tuesday: Closed/

Boston is an exciting city, and I rarely see anyone who travels Boston without liking it. Come here and find out why the city is so beloved. This 4-day Boston itnerary will give you a panoramic view of this peaceful and relaxing city. If you have more time, please experience other activities as well. Why do you in a hurry in such a beautiful city, right?

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Skywalk Observatory boston (1)
Boston at night from above

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