We all at least once learn about Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto … whenever we we planning the trip the land of the rising sun. But do you know that in the winter days, in Japan there is still a “golden” name of the famous places with many interesting activities, is still a hidden gem for many visitors. Joining Living Nomads to uncover the picture of Biwako Valley, as smooth as a mirror, as white as snow, located in Shiga Prefecture through our Biwako Valley review, the white snow paradise you definitely must-visit in Southern Japan in a day (Biwako Valley day trip).

The snowy white paradise of southern Japan | biwako valley review
| biwako valley ski resort review

Biwako Valley, a valley of vitality of southern Japan.

Called the valley because this is where visitors can explore the whole scenery with the central point located between Lake Biwa Mount Mount Horai. Centrally located, the Biwako Valley witnesses Lake Biwa changing its appearean in four seasons and bringing fresh water to the southern region of Japan, home to a number of special aquatic species. The small town is also home to many flower gardens and hills of white snow densely packed every time the icy goddess returns.

Biwako Valley is still a strange name for many tourists because the bustling activity here only takes place in the winter, the low tourist season that few visitors travelingn to Japan. The rest of the year Biwako seems to be quieter and makes way for the bustle again for Kyoto or other nearby crowded cities.

Biwako Valley review: How to get to Biwako?

If you’ve ever been to Osaka, if you’ve ever been taken a day tour to discover Kyoto or Kobe with the same schedule, the the time you need to spend in the Biwako Valley is similar.

Lake Biwa | biwako valley ski resort review

Located more than 2 hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen bullet train, and about 1 hour by car from Osaka, after getting off at Kyoto station, you just need to add 10 minutes to sitting on the local train to Biwako Valley station with whole area surrounds by water with the sacred temple gate has appeared in front of you. Getting to Biwako is not difficult, you just need to have enough reasons to come right away because Biwako valley is very close to big cities in the South.

Torri gate on Biwa Lake

A few small notes for you

+ Discover Biwako when you make a self-sufficient traveling is much preferred because there are still few tours to be developed in this region. You need to prepare Visa carefully for the journey to take place smoothly!

Cable car

+ Choose JR Pass for your trip which is cost-effective and very convenient for you when traveling two-way from Tokyo or from other major city stations.

Biwako valley review: What to do?

We need to eat well, satisfied playing, and have to walk in midair when coming to the Biwako valley.

This is not Europe, this is the Biwako valley

As the largest freshwater lake in Japan, Lake Biwa is home to many other species of fish and seafood. Taking the shape of the plucked string instrument, whenever coming here, tourists often choose to go on the boat sailing on the clear, sparkling transparent water, winding along the curve of the lake and experience local fishing activities. Several restaurants next to Lake Biwa will help you in processing your spoils. What could be better than enjoying your delicious food with the natural ingredients there? Surely you will have moments of enjoying cuisine that is very unforgettable.

Fishing on Biwa lake | biwako valley review

The days of changing seasons in the land of the rising sun, you will be admired the natural paintings transform from autumn to winter when sitting on the cable car moving to Mt.Horai mountain station from the cable car station by the lake. With a comfortable space you can easily admire the view of each meager red leaf clinging to the autumn residue at the foot of the mountain, bare tree rows along the road to the cable car and the temperature gradually decreases with white snow covered the destination higher than 1000 meters bring a cold winter. But you do not need to worry too much, compared to northern areas like Sapporo, the temperature here is somewhat more comfortable, pleasant and has never dropped below minus 2 degrees Celsius. Snowy days covered the mountainside, the Biwako valley will more crowded. Tourists flock to the skiing, playing with snow, making dolls and playing walking games in mid-air (when weather conditions allow).

Once a year Biwaco changes into a mesmerizing white shirt | biwako valley review

Biwako Valley is very popular with those who love skiing come to try hard skiing activities in the fragile snowflakes paradise. The largest ski area in Shiga Prefecture is blessed with a wide surface and steep slopes spread across various difficulty levels. Even if you are a non-skier, it is easy to join the crowd and try this first experience. The Shiga first-class reputation is also built by the moments of throwing yourself between the snowy mountainsides overlooking the mirror surface of Biwa lake. The stunning background of million views, really satisfy. The perfect scene between the ultimate game pushing the pleasure of visitors to the top.

The best skiing spot in southern Japan | biwako valley review

| biwako valley review

Not just skiing, in the Biwako valley, visitors can also test their courage with a walk in the air. Already higher, even more higher. Standing on a tall tree step by step over the span suspension bridge hovering on the mountainside, surely this feeling will make your heart beat. That’s a bit of risky, but this Sky walker game attracts a large number of visitors. It seems that skiing warms them and urge them hard playing when they come to Biwako Valley when far away is Biwa Lake is a perfect background picture.

Sky walk in midair, only in Biwako, will definitely make your heart beat. | biwako valley review

If you are tired of playing, what should you eat? The cable car tickets to the stop station are used many times a day to give you the freedom to choose your favorite restaurant. You can easily choose the cheap restaurants at the foot of the mountain. A bowl of hot udon noodles with fresh fish meat in Lake Biwa is not a bad suggestion. If you want to have a romantic night from above while can enjoy the whole view of the lake scence made of tiny rays below, Hakodateyama and Biwako Valley resorts will be the perfect choices for a great night. Not only that, the area around the valley is planted with many flowers such as david juliet roses and lilies with unique colors, you can combine sightseeing and check-in during the day when you come here!

Not only is the snow paradise here also a heaven of flowers | biwako valley review
A relaxing day amidst the snowy white paradise, do you want to enjoy?

Although Biwako Valley is only described in a few lines like above, but to be able to discover all the hallmarks of the valley and check-in all landmarks in this place, filling your youth photo stock, you will need more than 1 day to playing here.

Biwako Valley is truly an ideal choice for Japanese tourists, especially those who are love self-sufficient travel. Share with Living Nomads your wonderful experiences in Biwako after the trip! Happy traveling!

| biwako valley review
Let’s go to Biwako together in this winter

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