Everland theme park

If you come to Korea without visiting Everland, it’s like going to Taiwan without drinking milk tea. Everland Korea is the best amusement park in the land of Kimchi, like Korea’s Disneyland. No matter how old you are, coming to this place, your youth will still embrace you. Spend an entire day, have fun and get lost in Everland. So, is Everland Seoul worth visiting? Let’s discover one of the best amusement parks in Asia through our Everland Korea blog (Everland Seoul blog) and review on how to spend 1 perfect day in Everland theme park (everland theme park korea, everland theme park seoul) from how to get there, top things to do, how to buy ticket and some useful tips to visiting Everland… to find out the answer.

Everland, South Korea. One of the best amusement parks in Asia.
Everland entrance. One of the best amusement parks in Asia.


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The fairyland for kids

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Everland theme park, Korea
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An ideal fun place for your family
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Cherry blossoms at Everland in springtime.

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Christmas holiday parade
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Shimmering scene at night
everland at night
Magical Everland at night | everland korea blog

Everland Korea blog: First, the location?

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Everland Park is located on the outskirts of Seoul, in Gyeonggi-do Province, about 60km from central Seoul.

Opening hours

Everland, Korea
Everland Day Parade Performers at Everland Park | everland seoul blog

Weekdays from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. However, there will be special days. To be sure, you can check here before you go!

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Everland, Korea 8
Crowded with tourists


If you buy at the gate, it’s 56.000 KRW (~47.8 USD)/ticket/adult. And 44.000 KWR (~(37 USD)/ticket/children. The night ticket for 46.000 KRW/adult and 37.000 KRW/children.

Everland Entrance Tickets
Everland entrance tickets
Ticket price Everland + Caribbean Bay Combine
Ticket price Everland + Caribbean Bay Combi | everland seoul blog

A piece of sincere advice is that you should buy tickets online first. Or you will have to wait in line for a long time before you can get your ticket. You can buy tickets via travel agencies like Klook. Travel agencies will offer more promotions. After booking and payment, you will receive a voucher via email with a QR code attached. You only need to print and scan this code at the entrance. There is no need to exchange for a paper ticket.

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Everland 1 Day Pass Voucher
Robot VR Tickets,everland seoul blog,everland korea blog,
Robot VR Tickets
everland ticket counter
Everland ticket counter

Link to buy tickets here.

Everland Seoul blog: How to get to Everland Park?

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Everland seen from above | everland seoul blog

Now there are many means of transport that you can take to get here. You can choose the following bus or subway:

Public Bus

everland bus 5002
Bus 5002 to Everland

From Seoul you can take the bus No. 5002 at Gangnam station, Exit 10 (First bus: 06:20am/last bus: 11:00pm) or No. 5700 at Jamsil station, Exit 6 (First bus: 06:30am / last bus: 11:55pm). It only costs you about 2,500 won / 1 way to get straight to Everland park. Travelling by bus will save you a lot of time because it only takes 50-60 minutes. However, this route is usually quite busy so you might have to stand all the way.

everland-transportation map
Everland transportation map depart from Gangnam.
gangnam bus station
Gangnam bus station
inside the bus
Inside the bus 5002 | everland seoul blog
5002 bus route
Bus 5002 route
Jamsil station where the Bus 5700 to Everland | everland korea blog


seoul subway train
Seoul subway train

I personally think this is the most convenient way if you are not pressed for time. If you go from Myeong-dong, you will get off at Jeondae Station – Everland, it will take about 2 hours. Right there will be a FREE Shuttle Bus that will take you to Everland Park. If you pay by T-money, you only need to spend about 3,500 won for this trip!

Inside subway train

Subway Train from Hongdae to Everland
Subway Train from Hongdae to Everland
subwaymap everland
Subway map from Gangnam to Everland
Subway map
How to get Everland park by subway @Credit: Photo taken from Seoulmetro
Jeondae–Everland station
Jeondae–Everland station
t money card korea
T-money card

Everland Korea blog: Next, what activities should I do?

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I can assure you that once you have entered Everland Park, there are more activities you will be able to do even when you stay from morning till evening. Everland is enormous. Only taking photos will take half a day =)) To help you not to get lost, here are a few things you need to know.

Everland’s campus is divided into five main theme zones including:

everland map
Everland zones map

Global Fair

Global Fair, Everland Park, Korea

Located at the entrance to Everland Park. This is the place where you can find cuisines, souvenirs, and beautiful architectures from many countries from around the world. There are also other special services such as baby stroller rental, locker rental etc., which will make it more convenient for you as you are exploring Everland.

Global Fair
Global Fair

Global Fair

Global Fair4
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Everland, Korea
Zebra in the Lost Valley

The name says it all. This is the zoo of Everland Park. From wild animals in Safari World to peaceful herbivores in Herbivore Safari, all are fully assembled into a lively forest. Here you will tour around by car, so you will have the opportunity to have direct contact with many rare animals. Or take a boat across the wild jungle, floating on the man-made river 580m but the feeling can’t be more real with Amazon Express. What I like most in this zone is Panda World. It was the first time I’ve seen real lovely pandas.

Zootopia, Everland, Korea 1
Lovely panda at Everland park @Credit: visitkorea.or.kr
Zootopia, Everland, Korea 3
Amazon Express in Everland park – @ Credit: kimstravel.com
 Everland, Korean
Lions napping

 Everland, Korea

Zootopia, Everland, Korea
Experience with wildlife at Safari World | everland korea blog
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Safari adventure

everlnad zootopia everland korea blog (1)

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Rare white tigers

European Adventure

European Adventure everland
Tulip field in Everland park

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