Everland, the world’s seventh-largest amusement park, is the combination of water and ground recreational zones, golf courses and resorts. There are five distinctive themed areas, including Global Village Street, American Adventure Zone, Magical Paradise, European Adventure Zone and Equator Adventure Zone. More than 50 permanent types of rides can be found in the park, as well as monthly parades and shows that stick to the theme of the month. Within the next few days, you can get yourself some spooky pictures at Everland’s Halloween party, but for now, let’s look further into what the park offers! So, how to visit Everland Theme Park (Everland Seoul Korea, Everland Theme Park korea, Everland Theme Park Seoul)? Let’s check it out our Everland Theme Park guide and Everland Korea blog to explore on how to get to Everland, what to do in Everland and things to do in Everland to find out the answer!

Everland Resort
Everland Resort is huge | everland korea blog
Everland theme park

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Zootopia, Everland, Korea 1
Zootopia Zone | everland korea blog
everland halloween
Everland’s Halloween party
Everland carnival
Everland Carnival parade | everland theme park korea

Everland Theme Park Guide: How to get from Seoul to Everland Theme Park Seoul?

Many options for you to choose:

Option 1: Subway (Yongin Ever route)

  1. From Seoul station, go to Suwon station.
  2. Change to Bundang route: from Suwon station, go to Giheung station.
  3. Change to Everline route: from Giheung station, go to Jeondae Everland station.
  4. There are free buses from Jeondae to Everland amusement park.

Duration: around 2 hours
Price: 2450 KRW (one-way)

Subway Train from Hongdae to Everland
Subway Train from Hongdae to Everland
subwaymap everland
Subway map from Gangnam to Everland
everland-transportation map
Everland transportation map | everland theme park korea
Jeondae–Everland station
Jeondae–Everland station

Option 2: Public Bus

Take bus number 5002 at Gangnam station – gate number 5
Duration: 40-50 minutes
Price: 2459 KRW (one-way)

everland bus 5002
Bus 5002 to Everland

Option 3: Direct shuttle bus

Take shuttle buses directly to Everland from central places of Seoul like Hongdae, Myeongdong, Gangnam. This is the service of Everland Resort, for more information, find out here.

Price: around 12000 KRW.

Gangbyeon Jamsil where bus 5700 to Everland

Additionally, you can choose Klook’s (round trip) service from Seoul central to Everland at 212.000 VND

Duration: 50-70 minutes

seoul everland direct shuttle bus
Direct shuttle bus from Seoul to Everland

Link to book this service here: Round Trip Everland Shuttle Bus Transfers from Seoul by World Travel.

What to do in Everland? Peak season and Korean holidays you need to know to avoid overcrowding

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Weekends, summer break (June to August), Mid-Autumn Festival (also known as Chuseok) from 14th to 16th of August in Lunar calendar, Christmas and New Year are the peak seasons. Be mindful when planning to go during these times.

To save your time waiting in long lines, buy your Everland tickets online: [Limited Offer] Everland Ticket (QR Code Direct Entry).

Flower garden | everland theme park korea

Everland, South Korea. One of the best amusement parks in Asia.

Everland, South Korea. One of the best amusement parks in Asia.

Everland, Korea

Buy a nice banana-shaped hat in Everland
everland chuseok
Everland celebrates Chuseok festival
summer everland
Hot summer at Everland
winter everland
Winter wonderland

Top things to do in Everland Seoul Korea: Themed zones at Everland

First, take a look at Everland guide map to have a general view.

Everland Theme park Map
Everland Theme park Map

Global Fair

When east meets west, Global Fair brings distinctive architecture of regions in the world into one place. This is the first themed zone upon arrival, so start your Everland journey by walking along cultural roads and enjoying upbeat music in Global Fair! Some architectural styles you will see: Mesopotamian (cookies and candies) of The Renaissance period, and modernized transitional-style Oriental restaurant.

everland global fair
Different roof styles at Global Fair | everland korea blog
Global Fair, Everland Park, Korea
| everland theme park korea
Global Fair
| everland korea blog

Global Fair

American Adventure

American dream right in Korea, why not? This theme is 500 years of American history, from Columbus discovery to the 1960s when Elvis Presley – the king of Rock n’ Roll – rocked the stage. Check out Pioneer Era, Rockville and of course, the reborn of Rock n’ Roll!

american adventure everland
Columbus Adventure ride | what to do in everland
everland american adventure
Guitar-themed ride

Magic Land

Just like its name, this is the land of hopes and dreams. The theme based on Aesop’s fables about the race of the Tortoise and the Hare, simulates Aesop’s village with many fairy tale characters.

Places that are significantly appealing to children are Grandpa Aesop’s fountain and Racing Coaster ride.

Magic Land, Everland, Korea 1
Living in a fairytale world – your childhood dream comes true! | what to do in everland

Magic Land, Everland, Korean 7

Magic Land, Everland, Korea 2
| what to do in everland

Spooky's Fun House, Magic Land, Everland, Korea

Magic Land, Everland, Korea 1
| what to do in everland

Magic Land, Everland, Korea 5

everland at night
Magical Everland at night | what to do in everland

European Adventure

Welcome to Europe! Ladies, take out your vintage dresses because we are going to the royal French garden! European Adventure simulates a European town in full bloom all year round: Four season garden with tulips, roses and daisies; romantic Rose garden; T-Express – Korea’s biggest rollercoaster with maximum speed at 104km/h, and many more.

European Adventure everland
Colourful flowers in European Adventure.
everland european
Exotic garden | what to do in everland

Rollercoaster, Everland, Korea 2

Everland, Korea
Roller coaster, Everland

Everland, Korea


Let us discover the diverse animal world while breathing the fresh air at Zootopia. Here you will absorb knowledge about the lives of animals and listen to some impressive stories of our wild friends. This is the opportunity to feel the natural connection between human and wildlife, making it an unforgettable moment.

everland zootopia
Engage in wildlife at Zootopia | what to do in everland
everlnad zootopia everland korea blog (1)
Rare white tigers | everland theme park korea
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Lost Valley

The must-try experience at Zootopia is “Amazon Express” – simulates the well-known Amazon forest in South America. Enjoy the coolest and freshest air in Everland when floating along the forest on a boat.

Zootopia, Everland, Korea 3
Hop on the boat! | everland theme park korea

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1everlnad zootopia everland korea blog (3)
Safari World | everland theme park korea

Zootopia, Everland, Korea

Keep in mind these must-have items for a perfect trip to Korea

Myeongdong night market
The bustling street of Myeongdong.

Are you looking for more Everland travel guide and top things to do in Everland: Read more: Lotte World vs Everland — Which theme park should you go? And Everland Korea blog — How to spend 1 perfect day in Everland Theme Park, Seoul.