Another question that Living Nomads’s delicated customer service team “always listening, always understanding”. The point here is that which park should you go to? because they are both big and beautiful. Now let’s take time, drink a cup of tea then we will talk about advantages and disadvantages through our review Lotte World vs Everland — Which theme park should you visit to to help you choose the most suitable theme park.

Lotte World1
Lotte World
Everland theme park | lotte world vs everland
Buy a nice banana-shaped hat in Everland

Lotte World vs Everland — Round 1: The location, how to get there

Lotte World

Located in the center of Seoul City, right next to Jamsil Station. The easiest way to reach this place is to go by Subway, to Jamsil station, then to Exit 4.



Everland is located in Gyeonggi–do province, requiring about 50 minutes to get there from the city center, Seoul. There are some ways to reach this place:

everland winter
Everland in winter | lotte world vs everland
everland-transportation map
Everland transportation map
  • By Subway: Take the subway to Giheung Station, here you change another train to Jeondae Everland Station ( it takes you about 30 minutes). Then you take shuttle bus (Free of charge) to Everland.
  • By Shuttle Bus: You take bus number 5002, ( near Gangnam station) or 5700 ( near Jamsil station) to go straight to Everland. A trip takes about 50 minutes, the price is about 12.000KRW/2 ways (roundtrip). Important note: Reservation must be made.
Zootopia, Everland, Korea 3
Zootopia, Everland

Booking here is only 10.000 KRW (saves 2 fried fish skewers in Korea, haha: Round Trip Everland Shuttle Bus Transfers from Seoul by World TravelRound Trip Everland Shuttle Bus Transfers from Seoul by World Travel.

In conclusion: in terms of convenience for travel, Lotte World 1– 0 Everland.

Everland Resort
Everland Resort is huge | lotte world vs everland

Lotte World vs Everland — Round 2: The tickets

Lotte World


The price for an adult ticket at entrance gate of Lottel World is 52,000 KRW/ticket.

To get discount 30%, you can buy at Klook with price of 35.000KRW/ticket. Please, click to the link here: Lotte World 1 Day Pass.


Check-in at Everland

The price for an adult ticket at gate entrance of Everland is 54.000 KRW/ticket. Remember that there are 02 game parks: Everland theme park and Caribbean Bay (water park). If you want to visit Caribbean Bay, you will have to buy separate ticket.

Everland carnival
Everland Carnival

With the old saying, there is always a way to buy cheaper tickets at Klook. It’s also 30% off so only 35.000KRW/ticket.

Ticket price Everland + Caribbean Bay Combine
Combo Tickets: Everland + Caribbean Bay
Caribbean Bay

Note: It takes you a lot of time in a queue. Therefore, to save time, you should buy ticket online in advance. When you buy at Klook, you will get a QR code. You just need to print it out, bring it to the gate to scan the code. It’s done.

| korea everland blog
Magic Land at Everland

Lotte World vs Everland — Round 3: The games and the rides

Common point

Considered as the top 02 biggest amusement park in Korea. Everland and Lotte World are 02 huge places to play all the time. Not mention to the very basic games which every theme park has, the special feature in these both parks is the adventure genre, especially roller coaster incredibly awesome, it also brings you a fearful feeling.

lotte world
Lotte World
Everland, Korea
Roller coaster, Everland


These 02 amusement parks have its own features. It is very difficult to say which one is better, so you will have to choose which one you have interest for.

Lotte World

Largest indoor playground at Lotte World.

1. This park is immense and has about 40 games, divided in 02 zones: Magic Zone (Indoor Area) and Adventure Zone (Outdoor Area). On the top is shopping mall, restaurants, museum, hotels, cinema,… The first impression is that Lotte World is decorated in the style of Wonderland with sparkling castles, princesses, princes, friends of legendary cartoon characters, definitely children will be extremely excited.




2. The most famous are the Thrill Rides (can be roughly understood as the roller coaster type is “disguised” in many forms). Top 6 lovely Thrill Rides are Gyro Spin, Flume Ride, Atlantis, Gyro Swing, French Revolution, The Comet Express. For us, we love Atlantis the most and it seems that this game is the most famous, so the queue is always so long (as you can wait until the next day). It is really exhausted to wait, you should just buy Magic Pass right away – you are exempted from queuing, and just come in.

3. Adventure Zone – Indoor Area: This is the difference of Lotte World that makes Everland can not compete. For those who are afraid of laziness, exhaustion, affecting to their beauty, this Adventure Zone is perfectly matched. There are wooden horse rotation, ice skating rink, the stage for variety shows, a theater and a lot of other things. A little observant, people will realize this is where some scenes in the movie Stairway to Heaven made Korean movie fans crazy.

Lotte World indoors
Aerial View Of Lotte World Adventure
| lotte world vs everland

In addition, at Lotte World, there is also a large Aquarium with many kinds of marine animals. In general, Lotte World Aquarium is not much different from the other big Theme Park like DisneyLand, Ocean Park …

Lotte World Aquarium

In conclusion: It is very convenience to go to Lotte World, 10 in 1. You can do whatever, play whatever together with shop around, even buy brand stuffs or any other gifts to bring back home. However, it is more suitable to children with their parents who want to shop. For young people in their 20s and 30s will feel a bit “childish”, but the Thrill rides and ice skating rink will not disappoint you. I swear!


everland korea blog
Tulip garden, Everland | lotte world vs everland

Everland theme park, Korea

everland seoul blog,everland korea blog13

Even bigger than Lotte World, the Korean Everland is immense and brings you exhaustion because you can hardly visit all places in the park. At first impression, Everland looks more natural than Lotte World. There are flower gardens, roller coaster and zoo. The feeling of fresh air eventhough people come and go are crowded all the time.

T-Express everland
T-Express | lotte world vs everland

Everland is divided into 5 main game areas:

  • T-Express: Asia’s longest roller coaster.
  • Amazon Express: Lazy river, just lounging on the float and stray along the water to visit Everland.
  • Lost Valley
  • Safari World
  • Panda World

everlnad zootopia everland korea blog (1)

1everlnad zootopia everland korea blog (3)
Safari World
everlnad zootopia everland korea blog (1)
Lost Valley | lotte world vs everland

Adventure games, thrill rides and others can of course be found in Everland. However, Lost Valley, Safari World & Panda World are three pinnacle areas that Lotte World does not have. To make it easy to understand, these 3 areas can be considered as a wild zoo with tigers, pandas, giraffes, lions, and so on. People can walk in and see, or it is cooler to buy a special ticket to climb into a special car, the children can still walk back and forth or the front of the car, but I feel like it is real to come closer, look closer than the children.

Panda world
Everland, Korea
Zebra in the lost valley | lotte world vs everland

Everland, South Korea. One of the best amusement parks in Asia.

Special ticket can be bought here:

Moreover, In Everland, there is a very beautiful 4 Seasons Garden, full of flowers all year round, the most beautiful (according to the writer) is probably the tulips season.


Everland 2
| lotte world vs everland

In addition, there are children’s stages arranged in many places on the campus so that children can take pictures, hug or shake hands with cartoon characters wherever they go. If you are lucky, maybe you will see the fireworks in the evening extremely splendid. Not only children love but adults like us also enjoy immersing in this from morning to night.

Everland, Korea

everland seoul blog,everland korea blog33
| lotte world vs everland

Particularly Everland, there is also a water park called Caribbean Bay, with water games, water twisted pipes, “cosmic black hole” or cool bungee. Just imagine that it is 10 times more joy & adventure than Dam Sen water park in Vietnam. That’s it.

Everland, South Korea. One of the best amusement parks in Asia.
The husge of Carribean Bay

In conclusion: Everland is suitable for all ages, from families to couples in love.

So after round 3, Everland is slightly better than Lotte World, and the final score of the two teams tie Lotte World 2 – 2 Everland.

Lotte World vs Everland — Number 4: Explain more about types of tickets to buy when going to Lotte World / Everland.

When buying tickets to Lotte World or Everland at Klook, you will see on the board there are many types of tickets with different prices causing confusion. Therefore, we will explain each type of ticket so that you can buy it correctly.

1. Entry ticket (QR code)

everland ticket counter
Everland ticket counter | lotte world vs everland

This is an entrance ticket, you have to buy if you want to play games in Lotte World or Everland. When you buy on Klook, the system will send you an e-ticket with a QR code. Just print this QR code out, and show it at the entrance of the game park where has a separate path for electronic ticket users. Scan this code via the scanner and pass. No queue required to buy tickets. Very convenient and very fast.

everland 1 day pass voucher,everland seoul blog,everland korea blog,
Everland 1 Day Pass with QR Code

2. Magic Pass (Lotte World) or Q-Pass (Everland)

Q-pass, Everland, Korea 1
Q-pass, Everland | lotte world vs everland

Once you have an Entry ticket, you can enter the park to play the games. However, due to the number of visitors ALWAYS CROWDED, you have to ALWAYS QUEUE UP in the game area to wait for the turn. If you’re impatient and can’t wait any longer, you can buy NO QUEUE card to go straight to the game area. This card is sold separately from entry ticket, each person can only use 1 card for 1 game and because the number is limited, the maximum allowed number of card for 1 person is 5 cards per day. The benefits and usage of these two cards are the same, except for the name: Lotte World, you need to buy a Magic Pass. For Everland, you need to buy a Q-Pass.

Magic Pass, Lotte World

Note that this card is not required to buy, but it is a private benefit, so everyone can consider.

  • Buy the Magic Pass (Lotte World) here.
  • Buy Q-Pass (Everland) here.

3. Aquarium ticket (Lotte World) and Caribbean Bay ticket (Everland)

everland korea blog
Parade, Everland | lotte world vs everland

As mentioned above, Lotte World or Everland entrance ticket does not include these two areas. Therefore, if you go to Lotte World and want to visit the Aquarium, you need to buy an extra ticket. Similarly, if you go to Everland and want to play the entire Caribbean Bay water park, you definitely have to buy a separate ticket.

Lotte World
Aerial view of Lotte World

As an experienced, if you want to go to Everland & Caribbean Bay, you need to spend at least 2 days to visit all.

Buy Lotte World + Aquarium tickets with special promotions for groups of 2-4 people here.

  • Link to buy Aquarium tickets (Lotte World) here.
  • Link to buy Caribbean Bay (Everland) here.
everland at night
Magical Everland at night

General note: How to buy all of the above tickets at Klook: Go to the link => select DATE (departure date) => select OPTION to view all types of tickets to buy (including Entry tickets, Q-pass, Magic Pass, Aquarium ticket, Caribbean Bay ticket) => select the type of tickets to buy => select BOOK now.

Bongeunsa Temple
Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul. Credit: Seoul travel guide blog.

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