Climbing road Hua Shan, China, walking bridge crossing the mountains of the Alps, Switzerland or cliff Trolltunga in Norway not only offer you fantastic views but also challenge your brave at high mountains that can be dangerous.

1.Glass Bridge “Dragon rolling cliff”, China


Located in the northwestern of Hunan Province, China, you can walk on the glass bridge built close to Tianmen Mountain cliffs at 1,400 m height above the ground. This bridge with 91 m long and only 1.5 m wide will force you have to cling to the cliff to avoid stumbling.

2. Pedestrian Bridge on Mount Titlis, Switzerland

walking bridge on MountTitlis, Switzerland

This is considered the highest bridge in Europe when located at 2,700 meters above the sea level. Although there is no glass in the floor of the bridge, you also get the thrill when being at the highest bridge in Europe, while watching white snow-covered Alps right under your feet.

3. Blank in the Alps, France

french-alps mountain range

If you don’t like walking on the air in the Alps, you can go to France, go inside the empty box which entirely made of glass. It is like an observation station offering enchanting views, allowing you a panoramic view of the vast mountain ranges of Europe from the spot where you stand.

4. Skywalk in Grand Canyon, USA


If the pictures on the postcard are not enough to prove the beauty of Grand Canyon, come and see by yourself to experience walking on the hanging skywalk to take your artistic photos. Located at 219 m higher than the floor, where shooting is built especially to create an ideal space for the photos. Moreover, the floor of this place is made by glass so you can admire the beautiful landscape below.

5. CN Tower Edgewalk, Canada


CN Tower, Toronto’s tallest attraction, allowing people to stand at the outer edge of the building. It will certainly look horrible, but it is the fact that adventure enthusiasts who want to experience this kind of risk is equipped with covered wires. It is worth a try as once coming up here, you can have a chance to watch the whole city at an altitude of more than 365 meters above the ground.

6. Bungee jump on the Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa


Bloukrans Bridge offers you the highest bungee jump in the world, at an altitude of about 216 meters above the Bloukrans River. This adventure challenges the most brave people, because it takes a long time that makes you think whether jump ropes hit the bottom or not.

7. Swing on top of the Stratosphere Hotel, US


In the spirit of Las Vegas, the Stratosphere hotel has built a carousel located on the top floor. This adventure game is called X-Scream, a prescription can accommodate 8 people and lean over the city while the bracket lies at the edge of the roof. Another game called Insanity, is ferris nails protruding the air about 19 m and at 274 m in height.

8. Climbing Road on Mount Hua Shan, China


On the wooden plank walkway in Hua Shan mountain, you can walk along the craggy cliffs and there is only a chain attached to the cliff to cling . The road is very dangerous, but at the end of the journey, you will enjoy tea in a house located at over 2,100 m.

9. Cliff Trolltunga, Norway


Trolltunga is considered as one of the scariest spots on earth, there is no protective wire when coming to the cliff Trolltunga. If you want to see is the full beauty of the bay, the lake and the imposing cliffs, go to the edge of this cliff. However, be careful when taking photos here.