Dalat, the “dear one” of many visitors, is still being loved through the years. So the sites, places in the flower city Dalat have become familiar with most of us, right? Therefore, this time we will help you discover new places which are beautiful, unique, exciting near Dalat so that you can “renew” the journey to Dalat of your own!

1. Bao Dai Waterfall – A Lustrous Silver Strip of Silk Amidst The Mountains and Forests

bao dai waterfall

Bao Dai waterfall (also known as Hoang waterfall and Jráiblain waterfall – according to the dialect of Churu people) is in a high hilltop, hidden amidst the mountains and forests, in Duc Trong district and is about 60 km far away from Dalat city center. Going through an arduous way to Bao Dai waterfall, you will be able to see a majestic, unspoiled and full-of-mystery scenery from the specific waterfall of Highland mountains.


You will immerse yourself in the magical nature with white waterfall, splendid precipice, green lush forest, blue sky with little clouds drifting slowly, whistling wind sound, re-echoing sounds from the insects and happy birdsong. This place gives you peaceful moments, also new feelings and poetic inspiration at the same time!




Leave the center area temporarily and get to Bao Dai waterfall to explore the miraculous scenery, experience and enjoy the greatest moments with nature!

2. Muoi Loi Flower Valley – Effulgent Peach Pink Color



Dalat is the land of flowers, is where the flowers bloom, show their beauty and bring the embellishment with bright colors. Lost in the Muoi Loi peach blossom valley along Le Hong Phong street, you cannot help but feel overwhelmed, stunned and ecstatic with soothing, sparkling, beautiful peach branches.


Gently touch the delicate, soft peach petals, you have all the sweet, full-of-life spring with you. Muoi Loi peach blossom valley will be the place you can’t skip when visiting Dalat in the spring days!




3. Long Lanh Mountain Pass – The Route With Spectacular View Lead To Dalat


Long Lanh pass (also called Omega pass, Khanh Le pass, Hon Giao pass,…) is the route linking Nha Trang sea city to Dalat flower land, in Lac Duong district and has a unique shape like an omega graph. Only when you have been to this pass, you are able to completely feel the magical glistening beauty just like its name.


Wandering in Long Lanh pass at dawn, you can admire a dreamlike scenery with floating clouds, thick fog all around. When the sun rises and the warm sun light disperses the fog, you can admire a unique, brilliant and marvelous picture from nature. That picture is so beautiful that it can touch your heart, soul and mind, is so picturesque that it becomes strange and leaves everyone amazed and bewitched.







4. Trai Mat – Chasing-The-Cloud Spot


Towards the suburb 7 km away from Dalat city center, it’s not too hard for you to find Trai Mat following the guide map. Trai Mat is not only where many vegetables and agricultural trees grow but also the chasing-the-cloud spot of many backpackers every time they come to Dalat.


At Trai Mat, you will admire a rustic picture from nature, enjoy the fresh air, have the most wonderful moments, daydream with the big open sky as much as you want and seem to have come to a fairy land. You also can wander and chase the clouds at dawn, watch the colorful flowers blooming, visit vegetable gardens and take beautiful photos.


Anyone who have been to Trai Mat, who have chased the clouds in this beautiful suburb always have some ineffable emotions and want to return again and again.


You guys now must have known some new places for your trip to Lam Dong in the beginning of the year, haven’t you? Then, hurry, make plans to explore interesting places in the beautiful land of Highland immediately and if you discover any new places, experience many other interesting things, don’t forget to share with us and everyone else!







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