Danang Asia Park spread over an area of 868 694 m2 on the west bank of the Han River, is a combination of unique features of entertainment models in the world with the unique oriental traditions. And this is also the high-class amusement park in Southeast Asia with a large amount of investment up to 10.000 billion VND (equivalent to 500 USD).

Asia Park consists of three main areas: modern amusement park outdoor, culture park with the architectural and artistic miniature of 10 Asian countries, and the Sun Wheel – where interfering between modernity and tradition.

Coming to Asia Park to entertain yourself

asia-park-sunwhell danang destinations
Photo: namplus.vn.

Come to Asia Park to indulge in pleasure

The amusement park in Asia Park has many unique games available for the first time in Vietnam will surprise players from one game to another. The games always attract many players are the roller coaster, monorail, free-fall tower, high-speed slides, dinosaur island …these are suitable for all ages.

If you always wish to experience the merry-go-round full of sparkling lights and filled with music like in the Korean movies. Then, Festival Carousel in Asia Park make your dream come true, you can enjoy the special moment and take great photos with your lover in this shimmering space.

asia-park-merry go round danang destinations
Asia Park attracts visitors by the merry-go-round full of light and music. Photo: namplus.vn.

In addition, coming to Love Lock – you can sway, sunk into the typical K-pop of South Korea.

In Asia Park, there is Fireflies Forest – a game that helps you make the dream of transforming into fireflies hovering in the air. Kabuki Truck will be an interesting and spectacular race that urges visitors’ curiosity.

asia-park-fireflies Forest danang destinations
Coming to Asia Park, you will have a chance to transform into fireflies in the Fireflies Forest game. Photo: namplus.vn.
asia-park-South Korean style danang destinations
Being sunk in K-pop at Asia Park. Photo: namplus.vn.

In addition, Asia Park also draws visitors by many exciting activities, such as enjoying the feeling of speedy adventure on the roller coaster (Port of Sky Treasure) or Monorail – the most modern monorail train in Vietnam.

And for those who love the thrilling games, you have the opportunity to experience the special feeling of The Flying Kirin train or travel with Tang Monk to cross the challenging adventures to the land of Buddha with a game named to The West.

sky treaure asia park danang destinations
A feeling of adventure and excitement on Sky Treasure in Asia Park. Photo: namplus.vn.

Furthermore, the giant amusement park is also an ideal place for families because there are many fun games for children and the family. Parents can bring the child to play a game to discover the dinosaur island Dino Island or the whole family can get together to explore the vast ocean on a colorful train Happy Choco.

asia-park- place for children and families da nang destinations
Asia Park has fun and useful games for children and the whole family. Photo: namplus.vn.

Discover the specific characteristics of Asia’s culture

Culture park in Asia Park offers a fascinating oriental space through each diverse cultural traits, historical buildings, and art performances, the cuisine of 10 Asian countries: Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, China and Vietnam.

asia-park japanese area danang destinations
Photo: namplus.vn.

Coming to the Japanese area, you will be totally surprised with hundreds of lanterns that are typical for the Japanese culture, especially carp lanterns which symbolize strength, the bravery of Japanese men. Or even a lot of the dome – made from Chouchin – a traditional kind of Japanese lantern.

asia-park japanese area danang destinations lantern
The Japanese area in Asia Park. Photo: manplus.vn.

Coming to Asia Park, you can also see clearly the Indian culture from Buddhist structures to the traditional festivals like Pushkar Fair, Bharatnatyam folk dance, Kathak, Kathakali , Odissi, traditional textile craft, printing trade… Activities full of Indian culture will be held regularly in Asia Park.

And there are a lot of unique cultural spaces such as Paradise Fall of South Korean or culinary areas of Thailand, China is waiting for you to explore in Danang Asia Park this summer.

asia-park-paradise fall danang destinations
Paradise Fall in Asia Park is a special area of South Korean culture. Photo: manplus.vn.

Visiting the Sun Wheel

asia-park-sunwhell danang destinations 3
Photo: namplus.vn.

Asia Park’s Sunwheel has listed the top 10 largest roundabouts in the world and is the largest roundabout in Vietnam. Sunwheel today has become the new icon for Danang City.

At night, the roundabout is lit by 13 thousand neon lamps in 32 main bars create a stunning view at night in Danang. In addition, with the height of 115m from the cabin, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Danang city sparkling in the night.

asia-park- sunwhell danang attractions
Photo: namplus.vn.

Moreover, in the area of Sun wheel, you can not ignore the masterpieces such as The Gate, Clock Tower, Dragon Boat, Buddha, … And especially the FEC entertainment area on the ground floor where full of fun and new games such as Sun blaster, the biggest soft-play area in Vietnam and numerous other games with presents.

asia-park-sunwhell danang destinations at ngight
Photo: namplus.vn.
asia-park-clock tower danang destinations
The Clock Tower at Asia Park. Photo: namplus.vn.

Spending money coming to Asia Park

As the leading entertainment park in Asia with the investment was up to tens of trillions, but the entrance fee at Asia Park is very reasonable, not too expensive. For the adult, the ticket price is 150,000 VND / person (about 8 dollars) and for children, the ticket price is 100. 000 VND / person (about 5 dollars), free for children under 1 meter.

And in the FEC playground, you can buy tickets for each game that you want to play, for 2,500 VND/ copper coin and the sun blaster or soft-pay games will be 50,000 VND/ game (about 2 dollars), very reasonable price for you to have fun at Asia Park.

asia-park FEC playground danang destinations
Coming to Asia Park to have fun at FEC playground. Photo: namplus.vn.

Not a simple park, Asia Park has brought the first-ever entertainment model to Vietnam.

It is a complex of culture park, combined with an amusement park, satisfying the needs of sightseeing, entertainment of all ages, all walks of life, from locals to tourists. We can say that Asia Park is a distinctive can-miss destination on the map of Vietnam.

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