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The Danube divides the city of Budapest into two areas, Buda and Pest.

Let Living Nomads share self-sufficient Hungary travel experiences and worth visit Hungarian tourist places that you cannot miss! Now, let’s check out our suggested 35+ best places to visit in Hungary as follows!

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Cruise ship passing the Parliament on the Danube, Budapest, Hungary | best places to visit in Hungary

Street art everywhere | best places to visit in Hungary

Hungary is one of the underrated gems on the tourist map in Europe. In fact, compared to expensive countries in Western Europe, Hungary offers great travel value but at a lower cost. You’ll find fewer crowds, beautiful scenery, rich history, gorgeous architecture, hearty food, and friendly people. Let’s learn about top famous places to visit Hungary right below.

Some useful tips before you go (#best places to visit in Hungary)

Getting to Hungary


Currently, there is no airline operating a direct flight from Vietnam to Hungary without having to transit at one or two stops. Some airlines that often have flights to Hungary are: Emirates, Qatar Airways, Vietnam Airlines, Thai Smile, LOT Polish Airlines, etc.

Fisherman’s Bastion (Halaszbastya) square and the statue of King Stephen | best places to visit in Hungary

Most flights will depart from one of three international airports: Noi Bai (Hanoi City), Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh City), or Da Nang (Da Nang City) and land at the airport Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport with a total journey time of 16 hours or more.

Public transportation is very developed in Hungary. Most cities have buses and trams, but the capital Budapest has a metro. A single-trip ticket varies by city but will cost you around 20,000 VND (350 huf), while a day ticket costs around 95,000 VND (1,650 huf).

You can explore Hungary’s rolling mountainous landscape along the romantic river with a Eurail pass. In addition, renting a self-driving car to comfortably explore Budapest is also popular with many visitors.

Budapest, one of the most Europe’s romantic cities.
Budapest Keleti station | best places to visit in Hungary

Necessary items when traveling to Hungary on your own (#best places to visit in Hungary)

To share impressive moments from the colorful city of Budapest to the fairy-tale medieval castle of Malbork, prepare a 4G SIM card or 4G Wi-Fi transmitter in Europe in advance to stay connected anytime, anywhere! These items will help you save a lot of money on international roaming costs.

Book a hotel room when traveling to Hungary on your own

You can find all types of accommodation in Hungary, from lavish hotels to cheap private apartments and hostels. Most of these are located in Budapest, but there are plenty of options outside the capital.

Aria Hotel Budapest
Aria Hotel Budapest

In addition, many tourists go to campsites to get closer to nature. Campsites in Hungary also range from luxury to budget.

Overall, no matter which option you choose, you don’t have to worry about the cost of your stay in Hungary. Side note, Hungary is a great place to think about upgrading that room! Just access booking systems such as Agoda, Booking, Klook and apply the exclusive discount code to comfortably choose a great place and save money.

Famous and best places to visit in Hungary

From the famous thermal baths of Budapest to Europe’s last great natural grasslands and steppes, Hungary is a destination that will leave you amazed every time you return.

Shoes on the Danube Bank, Budapest

This memorial is simple but cold and haunting, depicting the shoes of tens of thousands of Jews who were murdered by the National Socialist Arrow Cross. 60 pairs of shoes placed along the banks of the Danube River in Budapest, commonly used in 1940, are lifelike in size and detail, sculpted in iron.

Budavári Sikló Funicular, Budpest

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Budavári Sikló is a funicular in Budapest, connecting Adam Clark Square and the Széchenyi Chain Bridge with Buda Castle above. Built in 1870, this spectacular inclined railway was almost lost forever during World War II. It was not until 1986 that the railway was able to reopen along its original tracks.

Centrál Grand Cafe & Bar 1887, Budapest

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If you are a lover of literature, history, and art, Centrál Grand Cafe & Bar 1887 is the place for you. Coming here, you can sip coffee and enjoy a menu of Hungarian classics, from goulash to red wine beef cheeks or chili chicken.

Sodomb Salt Hill, Egerszalók

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The salt hills and terraced fields here are naturally formed, creating an outstanding geological phenomenon. The salt hills are located on the southern edge of the small village of Egerszalók, right next to a resort, making it easy to admire the geological oddities. In addition, you can relax in the artificial swimming pools at the resort.

Harangház Bell House, Hajdúszoboszló

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A beautiful display of nearly 50 bells crafted with unique designs and distinct sounds. The bells here are cast from aluminum alloy, as opposed to conventional bronze, and feature long vertical slots along the shape of the bell, in a variety of shapes and patterns, creating a clear and harmonious ringing.

Szabadtéri Néprajzi Museum, Szenna

Another great way to enjoy traditional Hungarian cultural activities is to visit the world-class Szabadtéri Néprajzi Museum. Highlights at the museum are the opportunity to explore working stables and warehouses, and workshops, including a working blacksmith shop. For children, the old steam train is sure to provide exciting experiences.

Aggtelek National Park, AggtelekKarst

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Aggtelek National Park is a karst park in the Aggtelek Karst region, famous for its distinctive surface formations and great caves. Aggtelek park includes 280 caves of different sizes, including the largest stalactite cave in Europe. It also attracts hikers to explore the natural and cultural environment of the village of Jósvafo.

Lake Balaton, Transdanubia

This is the largest lake in Central Europe and the most beautiful in Hungary, becoming one of the region’s top tourist destinations. The Zala River provides the largest flow of water into the lake and the canalized Sió is the only flow. Tourists and locals come here for fun, entertainment, and relaxation. In winter, visitors also have the opportunity to experience ice skating, fishing on the lake, etc.

Ferris Wheel of Budapest, Budapest

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Óriáskereke is the largest ferris wheel in Europe. If you’re not afraid of heights, a ride on the ferris wheel will dazzle you with its amazing views. In particular, you must go here at night to fully see the sparkling city of Budapest.

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| best places to visit in Hungary

Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Budapest

| best places to visit in Hungary

This unique bridge was built in the 19th century, is the longest suspension bridge in Europe, spanning the Danube River and connecting Buda and Pest. Széchenyi has a sophisticated classical design with towers decorated with the Hungarian national emblem. In addition, the two sides of the bridge stand out with four large lions crafted by sculptor János Marschalkó.

Chain Bridge,budapest travel blog
Chain Bridge, Budapest | best places to visit in Hungary

Budapest Tourist Attractions

Every trip should start from the beautiful capital Budapest, a large-scale city located peacefully on the Danube River. Budapest consists of two parts, with one side being medieval Buda and the other side being Art Nouveau style Pest.

Budapest is always a big highlight in the journey to explore Europe, with cheap accommodation, countless natural thermal pools, and beautiful castles. Don’t forget to spend at least one night wandering the noisy old bars, found in formerly derelict old buildings.

Danube River

| best places to visit in Hungary

Flowing through the heart of Budapest, the Danube is the lifeblood of the Hungarian capital, as well as its geographical centre, separating the posh, quiet Buda on the west bank from bustling Pest on the east bank. The riverbank stands out with a series of architectural works, which are also part of the treasure recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Parliament building at night seen from the boat. | best places to visit in Hungary
Book a river boat tour on Danube is must try experience in Budapest

Take a cruise and you’ll see why Budapest is called the Pearl of the Danube.

Hungarian Parliament Building

Hungarian Parliament Building,budapest travel blog (1)

The Parliament Building is one of the most beautiful parliament buildings in the world. Located on the banks of the Danube, the Neo-Gothic structure has 691 rooms, a few of which are open to the public – including the Domed Hall, which displays the famous St. Stephen’s Crown of Hungary.

Inside the parliament | best places to visit in Hungary
Detailed view of a corner of the parliament building | best places to visit in Hungary

Buda Castle

buda castle hungary,budapest travel blog (1)

Perched atop the hill of the same name overlooking the banks of the Danube, Buda Castle, or Buda Royal Palace, is one of the most photographed landmarks in Budapest. The magnificent palace dates back to the 13th century, but has been destroyed and rebuilt many times throughout history, most recently in the Neo-Baroque style.

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Matthias Church

Matthias Church, is a must-see attraction in Budapest. This Roman Catholic cathedral boasts Neo-Gothic architecture and exquisite details, from ornate tiled roofs and carved tower capitals, to frescoes and stained glass windows. You can visit Matthias Church as part of a tour of the Buda Castle complex.

Széchenyi thermal baths

One of the largest and most famous thermal baths in Europe – Széchenyi, is a special attraction for tourists coming to Hungary. Soaking in mineral-rich baths, with clear blue pools set against the backdrop of a splendid Neo-Baroque palace, is a quintessential Budapest experience.

| best places to visit in Hungary

Eger Tourist attractions

Located about a 2-hour drive from Budapest, Eger is one of Hungary’s most beautiful towns with many historic buildings and a long tradition of winemaking.

The city is located in the Eger stream valley, near the famous Tokaj wine region and the Bükk mountains. Although small, Eger will surprise you with the variety of landmarks and travel experiences you can enjoy.

Eger Castle

| best places to visit in Hungary

Standing tall on a hill above the city of Eger, Eger Castle was once a ruin, then rebuilt in Gothic style in the 15th century. From its medieval walls, you’ll get great views of Eger’s center with its slender church towers and red roofs. It’s also the best place to watch the sunset.

Város a Város Alatt Tunnel

| best places to visit in Hungary

Also known as “the city under the city”, the vast 4km long tunnel system was built in the 17th century when the city was taken over by the Ottoman empire. This place is also used to make a wine cellar. You will need a few hours to explore these tunnels when visiting Eger.

Eger minaret

This Eger minaret is one of the most important monuments from the Ottoman period in Hungary. During about 100 years of the Ottoman invasion of Eger, about ten minarets were built and one minaret still exists today. This red sandstone tower is 40 meters high and you can climb to the top to see more of the city.

Eger Cathedral

This is the third largest church in the country and the only Neo-Classical structure in the city. The church is famous for its architecture with its classical staircase surrounded by Corinthian columns, and its elaborate, sophisticated interior.

You will find many beautiful sculptures inside the church and frescoes interwoven with Hungarian folk art motifs.

Szépasszony-völgy Valley

| best places to visit in Hungary

Hungary in general is famous for its fine wine, and one of the best wine-producing regions is located on the southwestern slopes of the Bükk Mountains, the center of which is Eger. About half an hour’s walk from the center of Eger, Szépasszony-völgy is home to around 200 wine cellars, dozens of which are open to the public for tastings. Come here during the fall harvest season to enjoy fresh grape juice.

Szeged Tourist places

Located at the confluence of the Tisza and Maros rivers, Szeged was a city reborn at the end of the 19th century. People also call Szeged the “city of sunshine” in Hungary because it has the highest number of sunny days in the country.

Szeged’s city center is lovely, filled with pastel colors, flowers, and many restaurants and cafes. You can walk around the city to admire the incredible Art Nouveau architecture.

Móra Ferenc Museum

On the banks of the Tisza River is the most prominent landmark built during the reconstruction period after the flood of 1879 – the Móra Ferenc Museum. The museum has collections in the fields of history, archaeology, ethnology and natural history, presented as part of four permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Dóm Square

| best places to visit in Hungary

Dóm Square is one of Hungary’s most famous and grand squares. This bustling square is home to many eateries and eateries serving delicious food and drinks at cheap prices. You should come here in the summer to watch outdoor art performances, and immerse yourself in the vibrant, colorful atmosphere of the festival.

Dömötör Tower

If you have visited Dóm Square, you certainly cannot “ignore” the oldest architectural work in Szeged: Dömötör Tower. This ancient tower has foundations from the 1000s, Romanesque lower floors from the 1100s and Gothic upper floors from the 1200s. Inside the tower there is a mural of Vilmos Aba-Novák depicting Describes the baptism of Hungarians in the 11th century.

Szegedi Vadaspark Zoo

| best places to visit in Hungary

Szeged Zoo is a must-see for animal-lovers, created to protect endangered species. You will find animals from around the world being preserved in their native habitats, and see how they are fed. The animal care areas are arranged according to geographical location so it is quite easy to navigate.

Hősök Kapuja Hero’s Gate

The three-arch gate was built as a memorial to soldiers killed in World War I, according to a design by Móric Pogány. The gate’s surroundings are decorated with sculptures and reliefs by Éva Lőte and a series of frescoes painted by Vilmos Aba-Novák.

Debrecens Tourist places

Debrecen is the second largest city in Hungary, but it is commonly known as the capital of the Great Hungarian Plain. In addition to the country’s political significance, this place is also famous for its natural beauty and wonderful destinations. Therefore, people from all over the world flock here more and more every year. Although Debrecen may seem a bit far from Budapest, it is well worth the trip to experience a different side of Hungary.

Debreceni Református Nagytemplom Church

Debreceni Református Nagytemplom Church is widely recognized as a symbol of Protestantism in Hungary, built in the early 19th century in Neo-Classical style with a very prominent yellow paint layer. Baroque elements were later added to the roofs of the towers.

Visitors can climb 210 steps to the top of the west tower to enjoy stunning views of the city. In addition, the Rákóczi bell placed in the tower is the largest bell in Hungary.

Hortobágyi National Park

Hortobágyi is one of Hungary’s largest areas of national parkland, home to many species of wildlife and birds. You can find many rare animals here. In addition, you can roam in the park or rent some other means of transportation to explore nature. The area is famous for its rich cultural heritage and strong agricultural traditions.

Aquaticum Debrecen SPA Water Park

| best places to visit in Hungary

Aquaticum Debrecen SPA opened based on the idea of ​​rebuilding old-style mineral baths. Not only modern swimming pool designs, but also the creation of a new entertaining water park amidst the lush green Nagyerdei park.

In addition to thrilling games at the wave pool and water slides for children, the park also has many relaxing activities for adults, including: jacuzzis, jets massage and cave baths.

Déri Museum

Housed in an impressive Neo-Baroque building in the city center, the Déri Museum houses one of the finest collections of cultural and historical works in the whole of Hungary. Outside the museum, you can see four world-famous statues by sculptor Ferenc Medgyessy, and other exhibitions on site such as: the history of the city or the birds of the region.

Lake Vekeri

Lake Vekeri is an attractive destination for those who want to sport fishing. There are many species of fish living here, but most locals come to catch carp. Next to the lake, there is also a wooden castle, a children’s playground and many green spaces, so families can comfortably have fun.

Pecs Tourist attractions

Pécs, the fifth largest city in Hungary, is about 2000 years old. Famous for Zsolnay ceramics and Turkish ruins, the city is a popular destination for tourists interested in history and culture. In the past, the Romans settled here and then the Turks, so no city in Hungary offers a better Mediterranean feel than here.

Pecs Cathedral

An 11th-century monument with a 4th-century foundation, this church is a must-visit for history buffs. The building has Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and neo-Romanesque architecture, as well as traces from the Ottoman period when it became a warehouse. If you go inside, you see many hauntingly beautiful frescoes and wonderful hymn performances.

Zsolnay Museum

Housed in the oldest mansion in the city of Pécs, the Zsolnay Museum displays the historical collection of the famous Zsolnay ceramics founded in 1928. Visitors to the museum will discover the development of architectural ceramics and some of the most beautiful decorative works from the Zsolnay brand, and enjoy a chronological overview of decorative products made at the Zsolnay Ceramics factory.

Early Christian Necropolis of Pécs (Frühchristlicher Friedhof von Pécs)

In the fourth century AD, a series of beautiful mausoleums were built in the historic town of Sopianae. These were broken down by natural impacts and buried underground, later found in the present-day city of Pécs.

The burial chambers are underground while the memorial chapel is above ground. The mausoleums are richly decorated with paintings on Christian themes.

Széchenyi Square

Széchenyi Tér is Pécs’ main square surrounded by impressive architecture. In the Middle Ages it served as the town’s market place with its town hall and parish church. The square is also the center of many other monuments. The statue of János Hunyadi is perhaps the symbol of the city and the heart of this square. This is also the most popular gathering place for tourists and locals in the evening.

Pécs TV Tower

The Pécs TV Tower is a structure standing tall on the Misina peak of the Mecsek Mountains. With a height of 197m, this is the tallest building in Hungary.

A high-speed elevator takes you to the restaurant and observation deck at 72m, where there is a small exhibition about the komlosaurus, discovered in the Mecsek range in 1983. But the main attraction is Movie-like views of Pécs and the Baranyai-Hegyhát hills to the south.

What Do You Know About Traveling to Hungary?

Hungary is a country located in Central Europe, surrounded by seven other countries including: Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine, and Slovakia.

Hungary location on the Europe map

When talking about Hungary, many people often think of Budapest, a place for those who love history, romantic beauty, or nightlife; More and more, tourists discover many other wonderful places spread across this country: low mountains in the Northwest, great plains in the East, all kinds of rivers and lakes. Visit beautiful small villages and hear stories of nomadic, Magyar warriors from the Central Asian steppes who are a source of fiery national pride for Hungarians.

All can be great options next to the capital Budapest.

Besides, this country is especially famous for its natural mineral water sources found on 80% of its territory. Therefore, recently, Hungary has become known as Europe’s leading medical tourism destination.

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Hungary?

Once you have experience applying for a tourist visa to Hungary, the dream of conquering this beautiful country will be within reach.

You can visit Hungary with a Schengen visa since 2007 when Hungary became a member state of the European Union, and the Schengen Area.

Normally, you are allowed to travel in Hungary and other Schengen countries for a maximum of 90 days within a 180-day period.

The processing time for a Hungarian tourist visa will not exceed 15 days from the date of application submission. In some necessary cases, it can be extended to 30 days and up to 60 days.

Therefore, to avoid any delays in the issuance of a tourist visa to Hungary, you should submit your application. The visa application needs to be submitted 15 days (but not more than 6 months) before the expected date of travel.

According to our experience, to increase your chances of successfully applying for a Hungarian visa, you need to prepare in advance your accommodation address, specific travel itinerary in Hungary, and proof of your ability to pay during the travel days in Hungary.

For those who applying for a self-sufficient tourist visa, the possibility of you having to do an interview is very high. However, the Hungarian government will only ask to interview you once at the time of application.

Which season is the most beautiful to travel to Hungary?

Hungary is beautiful all year round, so choosing the best time to visit depends entirely on your preferences for weather, crowd size, and budget.

Late spring and early fall are great times to visit, with warm weather but sparser crowds than in summer. Winter can also be a great option to experience the festive atmosphere and Christmas markets in Budapest.

Hopefully these Hungarian travel guides will help make your trip to Europe more complete. After the journey, don’t forget to tell us the interesting stories you’ve experienced!

The post first appeared on Klook Vietnam and was translated by Living Nomads. If you find any images or text that belong to you, please contact us, so we can credit you or give us permission to use them. Thank you very much!

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