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Referring to Daegu, this will definitely not be a strange tourist destination for many tourists. Because every year, this city attracts a lot of foreign visitors to visit to explore the beautiful natural scenery and rich traditional culture of the country of kimchi South Korea. But what should you do when coming to Daegu? Where? Joining us to find out +10 great experiences in this beautiful city. So, what to do in Daegu (Daegu what to do) and Daegu what to see? Let’s check out our suggested 10+ top things to do in Daegu (Daegu korea things to do, Daegu things to do) and fun things to do in Daegu to help you make the most of your trip to the city with bold culture of South Korea as follows!

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Visiting Donghwasa Temple (#what to do in daegu)

Located in downtown Daegu near the Palgongsan Cable Car, Donghwasa is one of Korea’s oldest Buddhist temples with a history of about 1,500 years. This place is a famous ideal destination that attracts thousands of foreign tourists every year. The most special feature of the temple is the statue of Buddha Tongil Daebul with a height of 33 meters. This is the largest stone carved standing Buddha statue in Daegu city. Surround the statue, there are many ancient majestic trees and beautiful flowers.

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When coming here, visitors will not only enjoy the peaceful and pure space but also admire the unique and poetic natural scenery with many green trees around. In addition, visitors can also participate in meditation sessions to listen to the zen masters preach the right thing in Buddhism or participate in cooking vegetarian dishes right at the temple and enjoy its flavor. These experiences will surely help you have special and unforgettable emotions when visiting Donghwasa temple in Daegu.

| what to do in daegu
| what to do in daegu

How to get there: From Dongdaegu train station, exit next to the number 3 parking lot and go to the bus stop located nearby. Then get on express bus No. 1 (about 45 minutes). Get off at the Donghwasa Temple bus stop entrance and walk for about 8 minutes to reach the temple.

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Address 1, Donghwasa-1-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu
Phone number: +82 53-982-0101
Url: http://www.donghwasa.net/

Experience at Spa Valley (#daegu things to do)

Known as one of the top entertainment spots of Daegu city, Spa Valley is an attractive destination that attracts many foreign tourists every year.

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The highlight here is the variety of entertainment rides and games from indoor to outdoor. The most special is the water park with thrilling rides such as high-speed slide, storm slide… In addition, the most attractive is still the sauna where a place that brings relaxation and comfort not only for tourists but Korean people also love it. Because this place has unique features that give them a different feeling from the saunas in the city.

| daegu things to do
| daegu things to do

Moreover, besides fun, entertainment and sauna, Spa Valley also has traditional Korean cuisine restaurant Anjirang Gopchang Alley. Coming here, you will enjoy dishes with bold flavors of Korean culinary culture, including gopchang (dishes made from beef intestines) which is a favorite dish of many people that is worth trying when you come here. A beautiful scenery and comfortable space here promises to bring visitors the best experience.

Gopchang delicacy | daegu things to do
| daegu things to do

Address: 891 Gachang-ro, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, South Korea
Hours: 9AM–6PM
Phone: +82 1688-8511

Participate in Daegu International Bodypainting Festival (DIBF) (#top things to do in daegu)

Held for two days at the end of summer August 26-28 every year at Duryu Park, the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival (DIBF) has attracted a large number of visitors from all over the world flocking to admire the works of art of Bodypainting art.

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The highlight of the festival is the convergence of famous artists from all over the world, when they come here they will have the opportunity to show their skillful talents and artistic hands through their works. Their paintings are all painted on almost nude models, but after a few short hours they are exquisite and unique works of art. The female models’ bodies have turned into impressive mobile works, they both wear high heels and wear elaborate hats on their heads. And always in a confident state of showing off her body because she was covered by attractive colorful pictures in front of the camera.

(c) webneel.com | top things to do in daegu
| top things to do in daegu

Besides, the festival also has impressive music performances and magic shows, fireworks and free face painting. Participating in this festival, you will not only admire beautiful paintings but also have impressive and memorable photos for yourself.

Address: Duryu Park, Daegu, South Korea.

Visit Yugasa Temple (#fun things to do in daegu)

Yugasa – known as a famous temple in Korea, is nestled inside the mountain valley of Biseulsan. This place is known as a quiet and peaceful place for visitors to relax, enjoy the moments of rest with fresh space and natural scenery.

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The whole temple is designed quite special with unique ancient architecture but rustic and simple. Surrounded by green trees and countless mountains endless stretching. Many tourists also choose this place to relax and regain their spirit after hard working days or the mood is not comfortable. Because when they come here, they can listen to the teacher preach, enjoy tea and try delicious and nutritious vegetarian dishes.

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But there is a special thing about this temple that attracts the most visitors is the stone statues, towers and monasteries that are still preserved from the Joseon Dynasty. Coming here, visitors will both admire the beautiful scenery and discover the historical culture of Korea.

Address: 144 Yang-ri, Okpo-myeon, Dalseong-gun, Daegu, South Korea.

Participate in the Dalseong Tomato Festival (#daegu what to do)

This festival is held in May every year and originates from the Tomatina festival in Spain. For visitors who love games and enjoy participating in exciting activities, this festival is definitely an occasion for you to enjoy without feeling disappointed.

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At this festival, tomatoes must be crushed before being thrown and the organizers always encourage participants to prepare protective gear. Specifically, wearing glasses, wearing lightweight, simple clothes with absolutely no sharp objects to ensure the safety of all players. Not only that, this festival also has full-flavored wine parties made from tomatoes. Coming here, you will not only have fun but also eat free tomatoes provided by the farm owners. This is also a reason for people to promote and introduce this town’s tomato-growing strengths to tourists around the world.

| top things to do in daegu
| daegu what to do
| daegu what to do

Address: Hwacheon Town, Gangwondo Province, Daegu, South Korea

Visit Daegu Bangjja Brassware Museum (#daegu korea things to do)

Located in Hwanggeu-dong, Bangjja Brassware Museum was opened to visitors since 1994. This place annually attracts many tourists to visit to learn and explore the cultural history of Korea with more than 30,000 artifacts from ancient dynasties, but mainly archaeological artifacts in the lands of Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do. Along with impressive unique design with 3 exhibition halls and a data research room. Most of Daegu’s major art exhibitions are held here.

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The most attractive feature of the museum is the collection of the country’s brassware history. Here, you will both admire them and watch a video about the process of making them by the first artisans. All of this creates a truly impressive museum in the hearts of every visitor when set foot here.

| daegu what to do
| daegu what to do

Address: 399 Dohak-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea
Hours: 10AM–7PM

Visit Woobang Tower (Daegu 83 Tower)

With a height of about 312 meters above sea level, Woobang Tower is definitely a place that you will not be able to miss when coming to Daegu. This place not only has beautiful scenery but also delicious food, attractive entertainment activities. A special feature is that the tower has a very special design, around the foot of the tower is a luxurious and comfortable wine bar and restaurant. Coming here, visitors can both admire the beautiful scenery of the city, enjoy delicious food and sip a few cups of Soju with bold Korean culinary culture.

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Visitors can visit Woobang Tower at any time of the year because each season has its own characteristics. Summer is full of art and entertainment, winter is skiing, spring is full of flowers and autumn leaves are fall foliage and exhibitions. Visiting Daegu and going to Woobang Tower will definitely make visitors feel satisfied with their travel.

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Address: 200 Duryugongwon-ro, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, South Korea
Hours: 10:30AM–10PM/Saturday, Sunday: 10AM–10PM
Phone: +82 53-620-0001

Enjoy coffee at Hogsmeade Cafe (#what to do in daegu)

Located on the outskirts of Daegu in Gyeongsan, Hogsmeade is known as a must-visit cafe for lovers of the century-old Harry Potter series. Especially for the little ones, the space here has a magical attraction.

(c) saranghaekorea.com | daegu korea things to do

The design of the shop is quite unique, with the idea of ​​”stepping out of the story” all the decorations, the paintings on the walls are details from the Harry Potter series. Not only that, the food and drinks are also great, served quickly and satisfied even the most demanding customers.

The special thing here is that the staff here are very friendly with hats and red scarves. Coming here, you will feel the peace and be immersed in interesting fairy tales. An interesting and memorable trip to visit here if you go with your whole small family.

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(c) saranghaekorea.com

Address: Hogsmeade Coffee, Gyeongsan, Daegu, South Korea

Visit Daegu herbal medicine wholesale market

This is the oldest herbal medicine market in Korea with more than 350 years. There are many stalls selling herbal products such as ginseng, medicinal plants… This market is also the distribution point of herbal medicine for not only Daegu but also entire Korea. When coming here, visitors can buy gifts for loved ones at reasonable prices. However, find out the use of the items you intend to buy here because if you see everything here, you will definitely want to buy them all.

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In addition, at this market, visitors can also experience foot bath and soap making at Yangnyeongsi museum. Or you can join the herbal culture festival here held in May every year with the gathering of many famous physicians. When you join, you will also receive medicine and medical treatment completely free of charge.

Daegu Oriental Medicine Market | what to do in daegu

Address: 49 (Namseong-ro), 415-gil, Dalgubeol daero, Junggo, Daegu, South Korea
Phone number: +82 53-253-4729

Experience taking a bus in Daegu

Many tourists also think that, coming to Daegu in particular and Korea in general without experiencing the bus, your trip is not complete. Because here, the bus is one of the popular public transportation of Korean people.

And of course if you join the bus tour around the city you will feel the greatness that it brings. The stops are crowded with people up and down, all seeming to blend in with the vibrant and bustling life of the city.

Daegu Hop on / Hop off bus

Daegu Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour (Open-Top)

However, you should note, the bus here will have 4 colors with 4 different ways of serving destinations. Blue bus is a 2-way bus traveling outside the suburbs – inner city, green is a bus or train station to points in the city, yellow is a bus tour, and red is traveling from Daegu to other cities in Korea. Remembering these bus colors will help you move more conveniently when coming to Daegu city.

Daegu city bus route map

Daegu is a beautiful city, an ideal destination for your travel. Hopefully, the above information shared by Living Nomads will help you understand more about Daegu city and 10 great experiences, best things to do in Daegu that you should not to be missed when visiting this place. If you have a good and practical article, do not hesitate to share it with your friends and relatives for reference! Wish you have a memorable trip to explore the city of Daegu!

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