Being the fourth largest city in South Korea, Daegu is a place that has magnificent natural landscapes as attractive destinations. Also, the paradise of delicious food emphasizes the culinary culture of the kimchi country. Therefore, during your trip to Daegu, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the 10 best specialties. What to eat in Daegu that helps you learn many interesting stuffs, let’s explore this place! So, what to eat in daegu and where to eat in Daegu? Let’s check out our suggested top 15 must eat in Daegu, Daegu famous food and best food in Daegu as well as Daegu best restaurants to find them!

Daegu cuisine | daegu famous food

| daegu famous food
A nutritious meal is always found in Daegu cuisine due to the inclusion of meat, fish, vegetables, kimchi, and more together | daegu famous food

What to eat in Daegu: Mungtigi – Raw beef

Raw beef is a popular ingredient in many recipes. However, Mungtigi is delicate about how to eat in Daegu | daegu famous food

At first, it is impossible not to mention Mungtigi, in which beef is the main ingredient and is a famous specialty of Daegu. Beef slices without fast cooking or seasoning before eating from Mungtigi make attractions to tourists, to be different from other dishes made with beef as well.

The people of Daegu love to eat beef and almost beef is an indispensable dish in each of their meals. That is why they have created many unique dishes made from beef. In addition to cooked dishes, they also enjoy raw beef with the main dish being Mungtigi. This is a very unique dish with raw beef as the main ingredient, served with a special dipping sauce. This sauce is made from fish sauce, sesame oil, red pepper powder, garlic and red chili powder. Mungtigi also goes great with Soju.

Raw beef and chili excite the diners’ taste

When you enjoy this food, diners shall eat with dipping sauces or seasonings, which highlight the South Korean flavor. In addition, if you like to mix spices, including some onions, garlic, chili, and sesame oil with slices of beef for a more flavorful taste.

Raw beef without any marinade is made to ensure the original sweet taste in your mouth by dipping some favorite sauces and sipping an extra Soju. How an appetizing dish! | daegu famous food

Normally, the locals will use the thighs and buttocks of the cow to make this food. Because of the sweetness, toughness, and firmness of the meat fibers, diners will enjoy an authentic taste of beef in Daegu. Besides, it is indispensable to drink Soju while eating Mungtigi. You enjoy both the fresh sweetness of beef and Soju sipping – a great food you should try in Daegu.

Nonmegi Maeuntang – Spicy stewed catfish

| daegu famous food

Nonmegi Maeuntang will definitely be a great dish for visitors when discovering the unique cuisine of the Daegu region, Korea. This is a fish stew (usually catfish) caught in rice fields. The fish after being cleaned will be cooked in a broth with radish, kelp and lots of red peppers. To increase the deliciousness of the stew, people often add flour and some typical spices to make the flavor more intense and delicious.

Nonmegi Maeuntang is a hot soup made with the main ingredient is a diverse group of ray-finned fish such as catfish living in the rice fields of Daegu. This dish is very special, therefore, many locals and foreign tourists love it very much.

Nonmegi Maeuntang, Daegu is one of the best spicy dishes | daegu famous food

The recipe is quite simple. After washing the fish, you should cook it with kelp, radish, and red pepper to reduce the fishy taste of the fish. In addition, some extra flour to the soup is found in some places to create a harmony of flavors emphasizing the South Korean culinary culture.

This catfish soup is served hot and served as a main course. To enjoy Nonmegi Maeuntang, you can visit Bugok-ri Lake – where there are many restaurants serving this dish. Moreover, the prices there are very affordable and the service is very attentive.

| daegu famous food

With Nonmegi Maeuntang, visitors can eat with vermicelli while the bowl of soup is still hot. You feel the amazing taste of this food, from both the sweetness of the fish and the spicy taste of chili without any fishy smell. A place that attracts many diners with this dish in Daegu is Bugok-ri – a countryside with many large rice fields. At this place, you eat not only deliciously at a reasonable price, but also admire the habitat of the catfish made to Nonmegi Maeuntang.

What to eat in Daegu: Makchang Gui – Grilled intestines

| daegu famous food

Originated in the early 1970s, Makchang Gui is the most unforgettable dish for many visitors to Daegu. A reason for that is it is a food made from grilled beef intestines, and visitors can easily check it out at any restaurant on the streets of Daegu.

Makchang is a dish made from beef tripe part. This is actually the fourth stomach of a cow. After being cleaned and drained, this part of the stomach will be cut into small pieces, grilled over charcoal or briquettes with special soy sauce, green onions and garlic. This dish is said to be suitable to enjoy with the national drink of soju, rather than as part of a meal in Daegu.

| what to eat in daegu

Makchang can be considered a food served with Soju. The beef intestines are marinated and grilled with garlic, green onions, and special soy sauce. Almost diners will choose to enjoy while grilling, eating, and sipping wine. An explanation for this great feeling is to eat the hot and sweet beef intestines dipped into the sauce.

Both beef and pork intestines have a unique flavor but the same delicacies | what to eat in daegu

This beef stomach meat is rich in protein, low in fat and can help children grow taller thanks to its calcium content almost twice as high as beef. Currently, Makchang is not only a popular dish in Daegu, but it is also very popular across Korea. Besides, in addition to using beef as ingredients, many people have used pork to make this dish and its taste is equally great. It’s a pity if you miss this scrumptious specialty of Daegu city when traveling here, isn’t it?

| what to eat in daegu

However, in the past, the beef intestine had many sources of nutrients such as fat, protein, and calcium, which support to develop the height; hence, it is a favorite food. However, many restaurants presently change to pork intestines instead of beef intestines to satisfy the needs of diners.

Napjak Mandu – Flat dumplings

| what to eat in daegu

Known as one of the most unique cakes in South Korea that you can easily find at any street stall in Daegu. Otherwise, the specialty to make the attraction of Napjak Mandu is the taste and the recipe.

Napjak means flat in Korean, and mandu means dumpling is also a dish worth trying when traveling to Daegu. Napjak Mandu, also known as Korean flat dumpling, is a fast food that is sold all over the streets in the country of kimchi. According to many visitors, Napjak Mandu Daegu version is said to be the most delicious. According to them, the reason why this dumpling dish in Daegu is more special is that the shell of the dumpling is thinner, chewier and less filling than other Mandu styles.

| what to eat in daegu

The filling is made from vermicelli, garlic, cabbage, carrots and scallions, etc., so it is fragrant, easy to eat and less greasy. In addition, Napjak can be served with many other dishes, the best of which is when eaten with spicy rice cakes Tteokbokki.

A combination of noodles and flat dumplings is also delicious | what to eat in daegu

The Mandu version of Daegu city is more special than the other ones because the Napjak Mandu cakes are made from wheat flour with thin, chewy crusts. The fillings are completely mixed spices such as vermicelli, Korean garlic, carrot, cabbage, and green onion. These are seemly complex and various but so simple like meat and kimchi fillings of other Mandu types.

Available flat dumplings before cooking | what to eat in daegu
Flat dumplings are shaped in a crescent and boiled in hot water before pan-fried until slightly golden | what to eat in daegu

The dumplings should be accompanied by spicy rice cake- Tteokbokki with a typical sauce for eating. The dumplings are mildly flavorful, easy to eat, spicy, soft, and sweet. All of them are the most perfect combination that you find when you come to Daegu.

Daegu famous food: Nureun Guksu – Pressed noodles

A savory anchovy stock with various vegetables | what to eat in daegu

The city of Daegu is known for having the largest consumption of noodles and flour in the country. Therefore, it is not surprising that Daegu is known as the city of the best noodles in Korea. In particular, Nureun Guksu is the most typical noodle dish with extremely savory taste that anyone who enjoys it for the first time will be fascinated.

Chewy and savory noodles are generally served in a thick broth or soup | best food in daegu

Daegu owns the oldest noodle factory in South Korea. Certainly, travel to Daegu, visitors should not ignore the Donggok Granny Sonkalguksu village, which has been famous for its homemade Nureunguksu noodles.

These locals are also proud of the unique noodle food in only Daegu, so diners enjoy its authentic flavor. The chewy, delicious noodles are made from the main ingredients including wheat flour and mixed bean flour. Firstly, the dough is incubated for a few hours, the cooks roll it into fine layers and then slice it thinly and evenly into noodles.

| best food in daegu
A Seomun market with about 50 noodles stalls where you can taste the savory Daegu noodles | best food in daegu

Normally, Nureun Guksu will be cooked in a special anchovy broth, which is different from the broth used for other noodle dishes. In addition, the noodle of Nureun Guksu is made with soybean flour and wheat flour in a certain ratio. After that, the flour will be rolled very thin and then cut into large pieces. Nereun Guksu is also cooked like many other noodle dishes, but it is special in that the noodles will be boiled with the broth. When enjoying, you will feel the sweet taste of the broth and the crunchiness of the noodles. Coming to Daegu, visitors will easily find eateries and restaurants serving this noodle dish, but perhaps the most famous is still Seomun Market.

A stall in Seomun market is selling Nureunguksu, Daegu | best food in daegu
| best food in daegu

You can eat Nureunguksu with some popular traditional vegetables such as kelp, onion, radish, green onion, zucchini, and cabbage to be more flavorful and less cloying. A fairly famous place, that attracts thousands of diners to try Nureunguksu noodles in Daegu is the Seomun market alley. There are more than 50 stalls that have fully flavorful and colorful dishes for your private taste.

Address: 45 Keunjang-ro 26-gil, Jung-Gu, Daegu, South Korea
Contact: +82 53-256-6341
Opening hour: 9:00-18:30 every day

Daegu famous food: Ttaro Gukbap – Rice and soup

For more than 50 years, Daegu has been the only region in Korea where soup and rice are usually eaten separately, while other places are mixed together.

| best food in daegu

In addition to the main ingredient is rice, the soup to go with it is a combination of beef, white radish and leek cooked in broth, accompanied by a lot of red chili powder and minced garlic. Usually, there are two main types of soup to eat with rice: Thick beef bone soup (gomguk) and shredded beef brisket soup (Yukgaejang). All are spicy and aromatic. If you have the opportunity to come to Daegu, do not forget to enjoy the traditional specialties of this city.

The rice blends into the soup rather than eating it separately. That’s how to eat Ttaro Gukbap, Daegu | best food in daegu

In Korean “Ttaro” means “separate” “Gukbup” means “rice and soup” and Ttaro Gukbap means “rice and soup served separately”. Daegu, the only different city in Korea from others is the reason to have a unique style of rice and soup served separately.
This food is made from ingredients including beef and typical spices such as leeks, radish, paprika, and minced garlic. The most outstanding feature of Ttaro Gukbap is the perfect combination of Gomguk (beef bone soup) and Yukgaejang (sliced beef soup) on behalf of the hot spicy flavor of chili and the Korean culinary culture.

| best food in daegu

All locals consider Ttaro Gukbap as a typical traditional dish for their living place. Therefore, if you come here, you should not surprise by the invitations of responsive locals to dine with this specialty.

Yaki Udon Noodles

| best food in daegu

Had its root in Japan when the residents of this country immigrated and brought this food to South Korea. Initially, this noodle dish was not familiar to the Daegu residents due to its taste and recipe, but the locals presently love Yaki Udon noodles which become an indispensable food.

The combination of chicken and egg packs healthy Yaki Udon noodles with protein | best food in daegu
Pork Yaki Udon noodles, Daegu

Many customers are interested in this noodle with its eye-catching, attractive, and colorful decoration, just a vision that makes you enjoy it. The most special thing about Daegu in any season of the year is that there will be delicious and unique versions of Yaki Udon noodles seasonally.

Vegan Yaki Udon noodles, Daegu | best food in daegu
Vegan Yaki Udon noodles with various vegetables still ensure the nutritious meal
Shrimp Yaki Udon noodles, Daegu | daegu famous food

In the summer, to dispel the heat, the chefs will cook the noodles in a quite simple way, which there are only noodles added to some vegetables such as leek and cabbage. In the winter, for a rich flavor, they will cook Yaki Udon noodles with a variety of seafood such as squid, shrimp, meat, and vegetables. Moreover, you can add garlic and chili powder to your taste while eating this food. Yaki Udon noodles eating and the feeling of the spicy and sweet fusion will surely stimulate your taste.

Dongin-dong GalbiJjim (Dongin-dong braised short ribs)

The secret is the bowl that spicy Galbijjim cooked in | daegu famous food

To create their own unique delicious flavor, cooked beef ribs will be mixed with minced garlic, hot chili powder and put in a thick aluminum pot.

Originated in the 1970s, Dongin-dong GalbiJjim is a famous and original dish of Daegu city. Fresh beef ribs are the main ingredient of this food. This dish not only pleases diners, but even locals love it because of its special taste.

Spicy and hot Galbijjim is usually served with rice | daegu famous food

Jjimgalbi in Daegu is completely different from beef rib dishes in other regions of Korea. This dish impresses with the pungent flavor of chili and the aroma of garlic mixed with the sweet, chewy taste of beef. In particular, to create more deliciousness of Jjimgalbi, people often sip it with soju or can mix it with white rice. In Daegu, you can easily enjoy this specialty in restaurants, eateries, and pubs on many major and small streets of the city.

Dongin-dong galbiJjim is a part of traditional Korean braised ribs put in bowls. Because these bowls have much higher thermal conductivity than ordinary bowls and are also distinctive. During the cooking process, the chefs will marinate hot chili powder and minced garlic in the ribs under their recipe.

You will experience the sweetness of the ribs for Dongin-dong GalbiJjim food. This is from a mixture of the spicy taste of chili peppers and the salty taste of other typical spices. Surely this dish will be a great experience during your visit to Daegu.

Daegu famous food: Muchimhue – Raw fish salad

Enjoy the perfect combination of tender fish and crunchy raw vegetables from Muchimhue, Daegu | daegu famous food

Muchimhue is a familiar dish to the people of Daegu. It is considered one of the traditional dishes of this land. Many visitors to Daegu cannot resist the special taste of this dish, even the most demanding guests.

Daegu is located in the inland of Korea, so people here often have less opportunity to eat fresh seafood like other regions. But in return, they have created a unique dish with the same taste as when enjoying fresh seafood – Muchimhoe. This is a traditional dish of the Daegu people, appeared 30 years ago and is almost indispensable in family meals.

Muchimhue, raw fish with vegetables, Daegu
| what to eat in daegu

The significance of raw fish salad is the striking, eye-catching color of fish slices. This is a result after the fish is cleaned, thinly sliced, and neatly arranged on the leaves of raw vegetables. Before that, they seasoned with a large amount of hot chili sauce, onions, minced garlic, and other spices.

| what to eat in daegu

Muchimhoe is made from ingredients such as boiled squid, freshwater snails, turban shellfish, sliced raw saltwater eels. After being cleaned, sliced, these ingredients will be mixed with garlic, red pepper, ginger and amaranth. This specialty is usually served with white rice or bird cake. One of the ideal places for visitors to enjoy Muchimhoe is at Naedang-dong Bangogar street – where there are 15 restaurants specializing in this famous dish.

That is a reason why Muchimhue has a stimulating red color from your first vision. However, don’t look at its appearance to be afraid of much spiciness, it’s just a little bit spicy. You will feel the freshness of the fish with the chewy texture and typical flavors for your eating. This will be a memorable dish during your trip to Daegu.

Best food in Daegu: Bokeo Bulgogi – Pufferfish Bulgogi

| what to eat in daegu

Surely no visitor can ignore this food when they arrive at this kimchi land, that is Bokeo Bulgogi, known as Bulgogi puffer fish. For gourmets, who are surely familiar with the dish made from this particularly delicious puffer fish.

The highlight of this food is its sophisticated recipe by professional chefs. Their licenses on how to cook puffer fish are the most important. Because this fish contains more than 30 different toxins without an antidote that can kill people. On the contrary, this is a portion of delicious, unique food that involves a fully typical flavor of Daegu cuisine.

Pufferfish is advised to be carefully treated before cooking for your health

You can eat the steamed, stewed, or dipped puffer fish in a shabu-shabu hot pot. But most people here will eat Bulgogi puffer fish, which is cooked with a spicy sauce, bean sprouts, vegetables, and other condiments. You can enjoy it according to your taste.

The greasy taste of fish mixed with the concentration of chili powder will make you mesmerized as soon as you try the first bite. And it will be even more wonderful when you add a sip of traditional soju of the land of kimchi. To enjoy delicious Bokeo Bulgogi in the right way, go to famous restaurants in Daegu because the cooking style here can bring out the original flavors of this famous grilled puffer fish.

| what to eat in daegu

In the top of delicious dishes in Daegu, it is impossible not to mention Bokeo Bulgogi. This is a famous grilled blowfish dish with a spicy flavor. This dish is most delicious when the puffer fish is grilled in Bulgogi style with bean sprouts and spicy spices. Bokeo Bulgogi appeared in Daegu more than 20 years ago and has become one of the indispensable specialties in the cuisine of this beautiful land.

| what to eat in daegu

Best food in Daegu: Dukbokki

Dukbokki or Tteobokki is a signature Korean dish. However, unlike other areas, Dukbokki in Daegu mainly consists of cooked flour and little cabbage covered in a spicy sauce. This type of dukbokki appeared in 1976, started selling by Mrs. Ok Hyeon Yoon at Shinchon market. And from there it became famous and was nicknamed the drug dukbokki.

Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes) stall
A pan full of tteokbokki looks very attractive | what to eat in daegu
fried chicken korean3
A wonderful blend of fried chicken, spicy sauce and tteokbokki
tteokbokki-korean-street-food,myeongdong food blog,myeongdong food guide,myeongdong must eat,what to eat in myeongdong (1)
| what to eat in daegu
tteokbokki-korean-street-food,myeongdong food blog,myeongdong food guide,myeongdong must eat,what to eat in myeongdong (1)

The outstanding feature of this dish is the bright red color of the broth or sauce. When enjoying, you will be strongly stimulated by the typical spices such as curry powder, pepper, red chili powder… In addition, dukbokki is often served with fried dumplings or fried fish cakes. It’s a great dish for spicy food lovers, isn’t it?

Gwangjang market,best street food area in seoul,where to eat korean street food in seoul,where to eat street food in seoul (4)
Odeng (fish cake) and tteokbokki (rice rolls)
Credit: 5 days in seoul blog. seoul-street-food-1533289916-1000X561
Tteokbokki (Spicy Rice Cakes), one of must eat foods in Seoul
Tteokbokki in korean street food around the world
| must eat food in daegu
Tteokbokki in korean street food around the world
| what to eat in seoul korea

Daegu is a great destination with the natural landscapes, especially the typical dishes of South Korean culinary culture that help your perfect trip on what to eat in Daegu. So, if you would like to learn clearly about Dageu cuisine, do not miss out on these best authentic dishes!

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