Traveling to the Czech Republic (Czechia), you don’t need to worry or confuse with great suggestions from Living Nomads. Pick up famous tourist destinations in the Czech Republic right now and add more joy to your upcoming trip. So, where to go, where to visit in the Czech Republic? Let’s check out our top rated 35+ best places to visit in the Czech Republic, must see places in the Czech Republic as follows!

prague czech
Prague in Autumn
Bustling Prague shopping street. | best places to visit in the Czech Republic
The Czechs considered beer as a precious asset of the country and a national pride
The Czechs considered beer as a precious asset of the country and a national pride | best places to visit in the Czech Republic

With beautiful scenery, rich history, low costs, warm people and world-famous “refreshing beer”, the Czech Republic is definitely a country you won’t want to miss or even skip if you’re planning a trip to Europe. Below are the most beautiful tourist places in the Czech Republic and worth visiting, check in with us now!

Prague castle complex | best places to visit in the Czech Republic

Famous for its natural parks, beautiful reserves and stunning villages, the Czech Republic is one of the most attractive destinations you can visit. Marveling at its castles that portray ornate beauty, the Czech Republic is most famous for its classical pride of 9th-century Prague Castle. Home to historical gems precisely because of this Czech Republic tourist destinations deserve to be one of the perfect choices for the journey to explore the world that you must have!

What Do You Know About the Czech Republic?

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a landlocked country located in Central Europe, part of the territory of Czechoslovakia. Although small in area, this beautiful country has many religions, along with many famous beautiful architectures such as medieval towns, ancient ruins, majestic castles and rolling mountains and valleys,…

Prague - beauty from all aspects
The legend Charles Bridge, one of the symbols of Prague | best places to visit in the Czech Republic

When you set foot in this precious gem in the heart of Europe, you will have the opportunity to learn about the unique life and culture, along with the friendliness and warmth of the people here. Famous for its range of picturesque, historic cities, world-class architecture, majestic castles and captivating natural wonders, affordable prices and beautiful sights, The Czech Republic is worthy of being a great destination for all tourists.

Do you Need apply for a Visa to go to the Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic is a country in the European Union, so to visit this beautiful country and other countries in the EU, you should apply for a Schengen visa, which is the most convenient way to visit tourist attractions in the Czech Republic on the upcoming trip.

Which season is the best to travel to the Czech Republic?


Regarding the climate in the Czech Republic, it belongs to the temperate climate zone, just like Vietnam has 4 distinct seasons per year. The coldest time in January is about -5.4 degrees Celsius on average. In spring, summer and autumn, the average temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius, creating favorable conditions for traveling when traveling to the Czech Republic.

Some tips before you go to the Czech Republic on Your own

Buy Air Tickets to Travel to the Czech Republic

From Vietnam international airports, you can book airline tickets with airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Etihad Airways to fly to the Czech Republic with 2 transit times. Currently, the Czech Republic owns 11 major airports and among them, Vaclav Havel Praha airport is often the place to receive the most flights from Vietnam, so you do not need to worry about choosing the most suitable flight for you. Or from neighboring countries, you can travel to the Czech Republic by train or car.

Airport Express prague
Airport Express at Vaclav Havel Airport

Normally, the cost of buying a plane ticket from Vietnam to the Czech Republic costs about 12,000,000 VND ($471.46) – 17,000,000 VND ($667.90)/ticket/way on weekdays and can increase higher during peak tourist seasons and holidays.

Book Hotel Rooms in the Czech Republic

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

Hotels in the Czech Republic are increasingly developing and currently own many hotels with high quality service compared to other countries in the same region. With a variety of different types, from ancient villas that have been handed down to modern hotels that were later built following classical architecture designed by talented architects. The Czech Republic has many places to stay and the most popular are hotels in Prague. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the appropriate room type.

Buy 4G SIM card and WiFi pocket Device

Do you want to go out but still keep in touch with relatives and use high-speed Internet during your trip to the Czech Republic? Buying a 4G SIM and WiFi pocket device is the best and indispensable solution for you when traveling. With high-speed capacity, you will comfortably access the network and communicate 24/7 throughout the trip.

Buy a Eurail Mobile Pass (# best places to visit in the Czech Republic)

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

To make your journey to explore the Czech Republic convenient and smooth, buying a Eurail Mobile Pass is an indispensable choice during the trip. When you own this “divine” pass, you do not need to book a departure date in advance, take unlimited trains and visit more than 40,000 destinations around 33 beautiful European countries. With so many advantages, don’t hesitate to get your Eurail Mobile Pass right away for your upcoming tour of tourist destinations in the Czech Republic.

Famous Czech Republic Tourist Destinations

Rich in history and natural beauty, the Czech Republic is home to wonderful national parks, stunning small towns and fairy-tale medieval castles. Take a look at all the most beautiful and best places to visit in the Czech Republic just compiled by Living Nomads below and you will definitely recognize the Czech Republic as one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

Krkonoše National Park

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

Home to the Czech Republic’s highest mountain range, Krkonoše National Park is noted for its unique landscapes and ecosystems, from alpine meadows and moors to massive slopes and plateaus. In fact, this park was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1992. The small town of Pec pod Sněžkou becomes the perfect land to explore the park’s highest peak Sněžka: whether visitors Take a relaxing cable car ride to the top of the mountain or hike through the beautiful Obří Důl valley, and you’ll enjoy stunning panoramas across the Czech Republic and Poland.

Cesky Krumlov (# best places to visit in the Czech Republic)

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

Head to the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic to experience the medieval masterpiece that is Český Krumlov. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to a famous 13th-century castle boasting Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance elements. At the top of the bell tower, you can enjoy stunning views of the Vltava River and the Old Town.

Cobblestone streets wind throughout the city as you soak in the beauty of this picturesque town. Nature lovers constantly put Český Krumlov at the top of their lists of the best places to visit in the Czech Republic because you can hike and bike in the forest or raft on the Vltava River. This medieval city is the perfect way to experience the Czech Republic outside of Prague.

Karlštejn Castle

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

Located by the Berounka River, Karlštejn Castle is one of the most famous and most visited castles in the Czech Republic. Designed by Czech King Charles IV to house relics, royal treasures and crowns, the castle is truly magnificent. The most stunning part is the Chapel of the Holy Cross, decorated with gold and precious stones dating back more than 500 years. To add to the castle’s beauty, the grounds are surrounded by lush forests and vineyards. Just one look at photos of Karlštejn Castle will show you why it is one of the top places to visit in the Czech Republic, but you really have to go to see the true beauty in person.

Špindlerův Mlanhn

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

It is a ski resort in the winter and a hiker’s paradise the rest of the year. Špindlerův Mlanhn is the most important winter sports center in the country, with 11 ski lifts and 25 ski slopes for all skill levels. Those who don’t like skiing can try cross-country skiing, snow tubing and snowshoeing or climbing frozen waterfalls on ice.

Kutna Hora

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

The “Silver City” is a day trip from Prague that you won’t want to miss. The UNESCO World Heritage site remains one of the best places to visit in the Czech Republic for any history buff. No trip to Kutná Hora is complete without experiencing the city’s awe-inspiring yet striking gem – the Church of Bones. The church aka Sedlec Ossuary is a fascinating Roman Catholic chapel decorated with the bones of over 40,000 people! If you’re wondering where to go in the Czech Republic for a truly unique and exciting experience, look no further than Kutná Hora and the Church of Bones.

Karlovy Vary

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

One of the best things to do in the Czech Republic is relax in a spa, and there’s no better place to do it then Karlovy Vary. Part of the famous West Bohemian Spa Triangle, Karlovy Vary is the Czech Republic’s most famous spa town. In the lush valley of Karlovy Vary, water is abundant as it is home to the warm Teplá River, 13 main thermal springs and 300 smaller springs. After enjoying the spa, marvel at the amazing colonnades and Art Nouveau and Baroque buildings surrounding the area.

Telč (# famous places to visit in the czech republic)

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

If you love Italian Renaissance architecture, then Telč is one of the best places to visit in the Czech Republic for you. You might want to start your visit by stepping into the fairytale that is Telč’s 17th-century castle. Once you’ve enjoyed the beauty of the castle, there are plenty of other cool things to do to fill your itinerary. Wander into the town square, where you’ll be surrounded by colorful Baroque and Renaissance-style houses, or head to one of the many crystal-clear fish ponds in the area. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1992, the castle and splendid town square attract tourists from all over the world, it’s time for you to join us.

Konopistě Castle

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

Konopiště Castle offers tours of the duke’s private rooms, while the surrounding grounds – home to a rose garden, a lake and several free-roaming peacocks – are ideal for a trip Take a peaceful walk and enjoy the scenery.

Podyjí National Park

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

Nestled on the edge of the border with Austria, the park is a forested valley in a treeless stretch of southwestern Moravia, through which the Dyje River cuts a meandering path through flowering meadows, deep ravines and impressive cliffs. A particularly great way to enjoy Podyjí National Park – one that wine connoisseurs will especially enjoy, is to take the trail between the town of Znojmo and the Šobes Vineyard, one of the oldest wine-producing sites in the world. Moravia’s oldest.


| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

Although famous for its long history of exquisite winemaking, this little vineyard paradise has more to enjoy than just wine. For history buffs or those who just want to explore Mikulov, you’ll be happy to know Mikulov has many educational tourist trails that will lead you to natural beauties, vineyards and interesting ruins Mikulov’s location as the former Liechtenstein castle and later Dietrich Stein, which dominates the Mikulov Skyline, the Jewish quarter, or Turbodl Cave. Whether you are a wine lover or an active traveler, Mikulov is ready to meet all your criteria.

Prague famous Tourist places, Czech Republic

Prague Castle (# top places to visit in the Czech Republic)

Aerial view of Prague Castle | top places to visit in the Czech Republic

Located in the Hradcany neighborhood of Prague, Prague Castle was once the residence of the kings of Bohemia. Today, Prague Castle is the official residence of the President of the Czech Republic and one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. The best way to explore the entire castle is to join the Prague Castle tour that includes admission from Klook. One of the top things to do at night in Prague is to find a nice spot from which to enjoy the castle’s lights illuminating this magnificent structure in a variety of colors.

Entrance to Prague Castle | top places to visit in the Czech Republic
| top places to visit in the Czech Republic

Charles Bridge

Prague, one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe.
Charles Bridge, Prague | top places to visit in the Czech Republic

The magnificent Charles Bridge is especially famous for its many ancient and magical statues. Walking across the 14th Century bridge is one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences when visiting Prague. The bridge was commissioned by Charles IV in 1357 to replace an old bridge that was washed away by floods. Although completed in 1390, with prominent statues added in the 17th century, the bridge did not bear Charles’ name until the 19th century. Viewing Charles Bridge at night is also a popular activity. when coming to Prague.

charles bridge Prague-CZ.1
The legend Charles Bridge | top places to visit in the Czech Republic
charles bridge Prague-CZ
| top places to visit in the Czech Republic

Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí)
Wenceslas Square | top places to visit in the Czech Republic

Named after the patron saint of Bohemia, Wenceslas Square was created in the 14th century during the reign of Charles IV. A visit to Wenceslas Square is a fun experience and certainly one of the top free things to do in Prague, plus you’ll be introduced to the city’s best dining and restaurant experiences, as well as Great shopping. If you visit Prague in December, this is also where the city’s largest Christmas Market takes place.

Christmas Market at the Wenceslas Square
Christmas Market at the Wenceslas Square | top places to visit in the Czech Republic

Clementinum and National Library

| top places to visit in the Czech Republic

Clementinum (Klementinum), one of the largest collections of historic buildings in Europe, is home to the National Library of the Czech Republic. Clementinum’s collection of over six million books is vast and includes copies of every book published in the Czech Republic. Highlights are the exquisite Baroque Library Hall with its stunning ceiling artwork, the 68m-high Astronomy Tower with breathtaking views of Prague, and the stunning Chapel of Mirrors with its exquisite decoration. For a truly memorable experience, the Clementinum is also used as a venue for jazz events, classical concerts and festivals.

Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock

| top places to visit in the Czech Republic

Prague’s historic center, the Old Town (Staré Mesto) is where you’ll find the stunning Old Town Square, one of the best places to start exploring the city. Here you will find the Tyn Cathedral and the Clementinum, along with many other beautiful ancient churches, as well as splendid ancient architecture dating from the 11th century, while the Jewish Quarter, Josefov, is just a short distance away to the north.

Old Town | top places to visit in the Czech Republic

Brno Tourist Destinations, Czech Republic

Saint James Church

The 14th-century Church of St. James is Brno’s most important religious structure. Now a National Cultural Landmark due to its significant architecture and historical artifacts, the church contains an old Gothic cross; early 16th-century bas-reliefs, including one of the Crucifixion and some interesting tombstones; and a Baroque organ.

Špilberk Castle and Brno City Museum

| top places to visit in the Czech Republic

Dating back to the 13th century, Špilberk Castle was built on a hill, ordered by Czech King Pøemysl Otakar II and included a royal castle, fortress and prison. Today, the castle is home to the Brno City Museum, founded in 1904 and hosting many regular exhibitions. Permanent exhibitions focus on the castle’s architectural history and its role as a prison, as well as the history of Brno.

Moravian Caves

| top places to visit in the Czech Republic

Famous for its cool air and beautiful caves, including many interesting stalagmites and stalactites, Moravian Cave is a must-visit place when you come to Brno. Located 25 kilometers northeast of Brno, the Karst area covers an area of ​​about 100 square kilometers and contains more than 1,000 found caves and canyons, five of which are open to self-guided tours. For those who like adventure, you can visit some caves that are less frequented and require a tour guide.

Tugendhat Villa

| top places to visit in the Czech Republic

Tugendhat Villa – the first modern architectural masterpiece built on Czech soil – is famous for its unique open-space structure and use of materials such as onyx, chrome, travertine, and ebony. Located in a posh residential area, the villa was built in 1930 for Fritz Tugendhat and his family, after whom the building was named and is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guided tours in English are widely available, but due to the Villa’s popularity, it is recommended to book tickets 3-4 months in advance.

Dietrich Stein Palace and Moravian Museum

The Dietrich Stein Palace, built in the early 17th century for Cardinal Dietrich Stein, is a symbol of Brno’s splendid Baroque style. Today, the palace houses the beautiful Moravian Museum, which is also the Czech Republic’s oldest and largest museum. This is also where more than six million historical artifacts are kept.

Tourist Destinations in Liberec, Czech Republic

Ještěd Tower

Ještěd Tower is one of Liberec’s landmarks, well worth your effort to conquer once. The tower, originally built as a 94m height radio and TV tower, offers captivating views of Liberec and parts of the border areas with Germany and Poland from its balcony. or from the restaurant inside, which attracts a large number of tourists to visit the tower every year.

Liberec City Hall

Standing proudly on Edvard Benes Square, this grand and exquisitely decorated building is another symbol of Liberec and a reminder of the city’s Austro-Hungarian past. It was designed by Viennese architect Franz Neumann in the alpine revival style of the late 19th century and bears a striking resemblance to Vienna’s town hall. The distinctive stained glass windows are intricately designed, while the narrow ceremonial tower towers 62m above the square. During the summer, tours are offered on daily hours, and from October to May, the building is open on Thursdays only.

Liberec Zoo

Coming to Liberec Zoo, you will meet more than 130 species of animals kept in 13 hectares of spacious landscape. Liberec Zoo has full European accreditation and participates in bird of prey reintroduction programs. You will be surprised by the park’s many wild cats, including white Bengal tigers (the only species found in the Czech Republic), lions, snow leopards and lynx, a primate enclosure and a Reptile house.

Babylons Center

Babylon Center is an entertainment, commercial and hotel complex under the roof of a reborn textile factory. With an area of ​​more than 25,000 m2, this is the largest entertainment attraction in the Czech Republic. Getting lost here, you can freely roam around in the soft play areas or participate in traditional fairs, try your hand at laser gun shooting or bowling, and people of all ages can try out activities suitable for their level. 


Visit iQLANDIA and you’ll admire this science center, home to hundreds of interactive exhibits and hands-on experiments. Educational entertainment is the name of the game at iQLANDIA entertainment center, so you’ll be able to meet the Czech Republic’s first humanoid robot or experience real space training.

Part of the same complex is iPARK, where little ones can get their big questions about the world around them answered, and the Planetarium, where you can attend live screenings about the night sky or watch HD movies about space and the natural world.

Ostrava Tourist Destinations, Czech Republic

Ostrava Zoo

Ostrava Zoo really strives to educate and is the Czech Republic’s second largest zoo. Visit the new House of Evolution, which traces the history of evolution in West Africa with a multi-environment exhibit featuring more than 200 species, among them invertebrates, birds and reptiles, and mammals and primitive Sarcopterygii fish. Other areas include Safari, Amazon hall, Botanical Park and Farm, where children can meet domestic and farm animals.

Dolní Vítkovice

Ostrava is best known for its coal mines, blast furnaces and steelworks and is most famous for Dolni Vitkovice. Located just off the city center, Dolni Vitkovice is a national monument, featuring eroded industrial architecture, museums and fascinating juxtapositions of art.

Mining Museum Landek Park

The Mining Museum in Landek Park is the largest museum in the Czech Republic. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to explore an underground coal mine, here’s your opportunity! Located on the site of the former Anselm mine, this 19th-century complex has been transformed into a wonderful interactive museum. This is a fascinating insight into a world that few people get to see and one of the most unique places to visit in Ostrava.

Antonín Dvořák Theater

Czechs love to see a good theater performance and performances at the Antonín Dvořák theater are the most welcoming venues. Housed in another stunning neo-Baroque building, the Antonín Dvořák theater has impeccable decorations placed around the inside, making it worth a visit even if you can’t see a performance. Everything from ballet to opera to play is produced and performed here really well and captivatingly.

Silesian Ostrava Castle

The most interesting thing about the Silesian Ostrava castle is that it has sunk up to 16 meters over time, due to mining tunnels collapsing deep underground. Although this has almost ruined it over time, it still exists today. You can even visit the Silesian Castle at night – a spooky attraction that will surprise you!

Pilsen Tourist Destinations in Czech Republic

Pilsen Historical Underground

This tour will take you through Pilsen’s secret underground maze of passages, cellars and wells that stretch for more than 9km beneath the city’s oldest landmarks. With the tour, you can learn more about Pilsen’s underground history since the early Middle Ages, as well as discover about the city’s beer-making history.

This is a great activity if you like to hear fascinating historical anecdotes or if you enjoy exploring dark, secret places. At the end of the tour, you will also be given a voucher for a free cool beer, very interesting, right!

Beer Museum

Pilsen is famous for its brewery, which produces delicious bottom-fermented pale ales that are exported around the world. The brewery has been bringing joy to beer lovers since it opened in 1839. The brewery offers 11 different malt and wheat beers, with and without alcohol. It also organizes interesting tours around the old cellars and factories, where you can learn more about how your favorite beer is made and sample some of their beers. Additionally, the beer museum has an excellent restaurant serving Czech specialties.

Techmania Science Center

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

Techmania Science Center offers an exciting experience for your whole family. Here, interactive exhibits explain science in a simple, memorable way with hands-on experiments. If you’re particularly interested in outer space, come and see the stars in the 3D Planetarium.

There are also ‘Science On a Sphere’ shows, which are unique projections on a 2m high globe showing the transformation of the Earth over time. Have you ever wanted to find out what happens to something you drop in the ocean? Many mysteries will be revealed in the science center, we guarantee you will be very surprised.

Pilsen Zoo

| best places to visit in the Czech Republic

The botanical garden merges with the zoo in Pilsen, which simulates different natural environments around the world to ensure that the animals are living as close as possible to their original habitat. This is the second oldest zoo and one of the largest zoos in the Czech Republic, you can see exotic animals such as Palaearctic Berber lions, lynx, Alaskan sheep and hippos, winged birds amputees… are the cutest animals in the world!

General Patton Memorial Museum

If you love history, especially the period around World War II, check out the Patton Memorial Museum. The museum’s exhibits chronicle the final days before the liberation of Pilsen by the United States Army, the aftermath of postwar economic aid, and the subsequent communist totalitarian regime. The museum is small but filled with educational information, videos, and artifacts of historical value from that time.

The Czech Republic is a small country but has an irresistible attraction in Europe. Through this article, you probably now know the most beautiful tourist destinations in the Czech Republic for a memorable trip to the West. Quickly make a plan to conquer all the beautiful tourist destinations in the Czech Republic.

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Dancing House at night

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