Sweden is always famous as a green destination in the eyes of international tourists, because of the fresh air of nature and the gentle lifestyle of the indigenous people. Coming to Sweden, visitors always feel a sense of peace and serenity, different from the bustle and hustle of a modern Europe. Sweden is a wonderful country to visit, with tons of attractions, rich in culture and history, and the Scandinavian lifestyle of Hygge. As we become more connected, both via the internet and through global travel, it’s become easier than before to find Swedish souvenirs or gifts that you can only buy here. So, what to buy in Sweden, what is Sweden well known for, what products is Sweden famous for, what is famous in Sweden for shopping, what should I buy in Sweden, what to buy in Sweden for gifts? Let’s check out our suggested the list of 26+ best gifts from Sweden, best souvenirs from Sweden, best things to buy in Sweden, cheap things to buy in Sweden, things must buy in Sweden as well as where to find them to figure out the answer!

Vibrant and bustling shopping street, Stockhoml, the capital city of Sweden. | what to buy in sweden

Here are 26+ things you can only buy in Sweden and best places to find them.

What to buy in Sweden: Fashion clothing, footwear and sportswear

Copenhagen street style

Clothes and footwear (shoes, sandals) with their excellent quality are sold throughout Swedish cities at very reasonable prices. So, underwear, leggings, tops will cost around 50 Swedish Krona (SEK) each. Pants and skirts, blouses and coats cost about 150 SEK and more. “High-end” jeans will cost from a few hundred SEK. Such prices are not relevant for expensive stores, but even there you can “snatch” a branded item for as little as a few cents, if you think about hunting them on big sales events. Especially, Swedish sportswear which come from brands such as Hestra, Tretorn, Polar Skate Co., WeSC, Sandqvist… are also in the list of top sportswear brands of the world.

| best souvenirs from sweden

Sweden also has many well-known fashion brands. Here are we introduce some famous Swedish fashion brands you can refer to such as: Acne Studios, Our Legacy, Très Bien, Sun Buddies, Eytys, L’Homme Rouge, Stutterheim, Filippa K, Nudie Jeans, Tretorn, Fjällräven, Hestra, Arket…

Famous brand Filippa K store

What to buy in Sweden: ABBA Discs

ABBA albums | best souvenirs from sweden

ABBA is considered one of the most successful bands in the history of world music in general and Sweden in particular. The 4 members with the same name as the first 4 letters of the ABBA group include Agnetha Faltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni Frid Lyngstad. Together, they created a legendary name that to this day, still has a certain influence on generations of music lovers. And of course, coming to this land of musical legends without buying some ABBA’s original records would be a pity. In addition, you can also buy ABBA band related-souvenirs items such as T-shirt printed its members, mugs, posters, bags, dolls…

ABBA cute gift mug.

What to buy in Sweden: Julbock (Straw Goat)

| best souvenirs from sweden

You’ve probably heard of the Gävle goat (Gävle town’s giant straw Christmas goat, placed in the main square every year) and the locals trying to burn it before Christmas comes. It’s been a battle of wills for years, with the wannabe masterminds often winning, and you can also have your own a miniature version of Julbock (Christmas Goat, Yule goat) to play with and take it home, and also perhaps burn it in the fine Swedish tradition. You can find them at most Christmas markets in Sweden, with Skansen in Stockholm possibly is the best place.

Must buy in Sweden: Cosmetics

Apolosophy Cosmetics. | best gifts from sweden

Cosmetics and other beauty products produced by the Swedish beauty industry are distinguished by their natural and hypoallergenic ingredients. For example, the products of the famous Oriflame brand and other brands will help you choose genuine products and cheaper than buying in your country, and the risk of encountering a fake is completely eliminated. With a few hundred SEK you can buy a good facial, body and hair care set. You can buy it for yourself or give it to your loved ones.

Oriflame store

You can refer to some best Swedish cosmetic brands as follows: Isadora, Idun Minerals, Maria Åkerberg, Face Stockholm, Make Up Store, Maréna Beauté, Apolosophy, Oriflame, Pixi by Petra, & Other Stories…

Must buy in Sweden: Swedish Vikings souvenirs and figures

| best gifts from sweden

The Swedes, also like the Danes, are always proud of their military past. Tourists who can’t decide what to buy in sweden for gifts, best things to buy in Sweden as well as cheap things to buy in Sweden are advised to buy one of the historical souvenirs, figures of Viking Age such as a model of a battleship, a helmet with horns or a funny Viking figurine. It will cost from 30 SEK and more.

Dragon boat and Vking warrior.
Even if you are a curious person you can also visit Sweden Viking Museum to explore more. | best gifts from sweden

Must buy in Sweden: Handmade wooden kitchenware

| best gifts from sweden

Swedes love a good wooden kitchen tool, utensil, cookware, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a Swedish kitchen that doesn’t have at least four or five such wooden utensils. They are hand-carved and often come with traditional hand-painted designs. You can use them every day and they will last for years. You can buy sets of wooden spoons, bowls, cutleries… which come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, all kinds of woods and designs with multi-purposes.

| what to buy in sweden

Best souvenirs from Sweden: Parlan’s Konfektyr

Pärlan is not an usual confectionery store. Right from its name (Pärla means ‘dear’) to the mid-20th century feeling that decided to set up shop itself, you know when you walk into this store you’ll discover something different. It’s dedicated to make deliciously smooth and buttery caramel and delectable caramel sauce.

| best things to buy in sweden

The legendary Swiss caramels (try out the vanilla and sea salt) are the result of wanting everyone to enjoy the sweet all year round, not just at Christmas, as has been happened for years. Let grab a few beautiful boxes of caramel, or its unbelievable caramel sauce, and surprise everyone when you come home with these most anticipated Sweden gifts.

Cozy store | best things to buy in sweden

Best souvenirs from Sweden: Swedish interior design products

Stockholm is known for its Scandinavian style and this affects everything from furniture and wallpaper to coffee pots. The city has great designer shops, especially in the city center, and there will always be something to suit every budget.

Beyond the legendary IKEA, some notable Swedish homeware and interior design brands such as Normann Copenhagen, &Tradition, ferm LIVING, Design House Stockholm, Domo Design, Skagerak, MUNK.

| best things to buy in sweden

Best gifts from Sweden: Princess cake (Prinsesstårta)

Swedish Princess Cake (Prinsesstårta)

Referring to Swedish pastries, Prinsesstårta (Princess cake) is probably considered the national spirit because, unlike many other cakes that neighboring countries have to argue about the origin, this splendid cake is completely from Royal.

Today, bakers have created many new varieties of Princess cakes in different designs and colors, but a classic Prinsesstårta is a round cake, slightly puffed on top and covered with an elegant light green color layer of marzipan.

The princess cake is designed with a lovely and elegant appearance with many fresh green almond shells, alternating with sponge cake, cream, and jam. This is a traditional Swedish pastry. In the past, princess cake was a special dessert for Swedish royal family. Cakes have a harmonious taste, eye-catching colors, so they are often used as desserts in luxurious parties and are especially suitable for bringing back as gifts.

| best things to buy in sweden

You can find this Swedish tourist gift in cafes, bakeries, sweet shops, try Princessan right on the Lidingö Bridge at Centre Lidingö (Lidingö centrum): Address: Friggavägen 30, 181 32 Lidingö, Sweden/Hours: 10AM–7PM; Sunday: 12–4PM). This classic cafe is known where make the best these princess cakes.

Best gifts from Sweden: Hasbeens Shoes

Swedish shoe manufacturer Hasbeens Shoes produces classic shoes with a modern twist. These are shoes made in pursuit of sustainable fashion. They are completely handmade and use materials that respect the environment. A pair of Hasbeens shoes would be the perfect way to get a Scandinavian look while at the same time you know you’re doing some good in our crazy consumer world.

Hasbeens shoes have become a Swedish fashion icon. | best things to buy in sweden

Best things to buy in Sweden: Lovikkavantar

Lovikkavantar (Lovikka Mittens) is made in Norrbotten county, northern Sweden. They are only available in white and gray and you can recognize them by the distinctive yellow, blue and red tassels and embroidery. These gloves will keep you perfectly warm when visiting Sweden in the cold winter days. It’s definitely a must-buy item before leaving Sweden.

They are the “warriors” to protect your hands when visiting Sweden in the cold and snowy winters. | must buy in sweden

Best things to buy in Sweden: Heidi Book Series

| must buy in sweden

The image of a sweet little girl wearing a milking dress, with twin pigtails with a kind heart has become a Swedish character that is known and loved all over the world. Introduced as a series for children and those who love children, the Heidi book series is a meaningful gift not to be missed, especially for your children.

Best things to buy in Sweden: Snaps

| must buy in sweden

Swedish snaps sometimes confuse visitors with schnapps. It’s a strong alcoholic beverage, a type of vodka with herbs and spices added. Each region of Sweden has its own flavor of different unique snaps that represent those locales. When it comes to the Swedish experience, while you can buy larger bottles at local stores of Systembolaget (a government-owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden), it’s more fun to buy a pack of 6, 8, or 12 bottles, which includes a variety of different flavored mini bottles which is perfect for dinner parties with friends, all accompanied by delicious local beers.

Best things to buy in Sweden: Candle Holders

| must buy in sweden

If you are wondering what to buy in Sweden for gifts, you should know that Swedes love candles and it is one of the indispensable things for their Hygge lifestyle, so they also have beautiful candle holder designs. In winter, there is very little daylight, so Swedes or Scandinavians make use of candlelight to get light and create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Whatever the reason, if you go into any design store you will always be able to come across exquisite candle holder designs.

What should I buy in Sweden: Swedish Crystal

Signed Orrefors Swedish Crystal Petal Bowl | must buy in sweden

Swedes are very fond of products made of glass, especially crystal. The most popular crystal making region is in southern Sweden. People call this place “the kingdom of crystal” with 15 villages specializing in making glass and crystal products. Here you can admire the artisans blowing glass or you can blow it yourself.

Swedish crystal is very popular in Europe and is distinguished by its high quality and weird shape. In the province of Småland in southern Sweden, there is even a craft center called “Glasriket” (The Kingdom of Crystal). It consists of 15 villages with glass blowing workshops, where visitors can not only watch the creation of artistic masterpieces but also buy products at attractive prices.

The most famous Swedish crystal brands are considered “Orrefors” and “Kosta Boda”, their products have a distinctive mark of quality and traditions of century-companies. You can buy crystal products not only in the Kingdom of Crystal as mentioned above but also at the usual souvenir shops throughout Sweden, but keep in mind that the prices there will be very “unpleasant”. Cheapest product from 200-300 SEK. Tourists can purchase candle holders, wine glasses, vases… and even their artistic glass sculptures.

| must buy in sweden

What should I buy in Sweden: Akvavit

Akvavit, also known as Aquavit, is a distilled spirit that produced mainly in Scandinavia in the Nordic region since the 15th century. Akvavit is also known as “water of life” in the Old Latin language, with the root word is “aqua vitae”. Like Vodka, Akvavit is made from potatoes or grains. After distillation, it will be combined with spices, herbs and flavorings such as cinnamon, anise, dill, cardamom, etc. In Sweden, on important occasions such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve, families often gather together to drink Akvavit, sing traditional Swedish songs and then take a commemorative photo together.

What should I buy in Sweden: Canned Swedish Pickled Herring

| what to buy in sweden

Among the Swedish delicious dishes, specialties, the pickled herring Surströmming is always impresses all diners. Because of the ‘smelly’ taste, it has become a favorite dish for those who have experienced it. Surströmming is made from herring from the Baltic Sea and left to ferment in dilute brine for at least… six months. Also thanks to being soaked in salt water, the fish meat is not damaged and has a salty taste that is suitable for many side dishes such as bread, potatoes, red onions, chives and sour cream.

This is an indispensable dish at parties, a traditional Swedish specialty, pickled herring is often served with bread, potatoes, sour cream and chives. | what to buy in sweden

For a long time, Surströmming is famous worldwide for its distinctive and unforgettable taste. This dish is even included in the Museum of Disgusting Food in Malmö, in Sweden, enough to show the unique and great attraction as well as exotic of Surströmming.

If you have experienced it and can stand the smell of this special pickled herring, you should buy a few cans as gifts.

What is famous in Sweden for shopping: Coffee

Swedish Fika Cake and Coffee
Swedish Fika Cake and Coffee | what to buy in sweden

Scandinavians know a lot about good coffee. They even created the world famous Fika coffee culture. Of course, you won’t find coffee plantations in Sweden, but the Swedes are the best in Europe who know how to process coffee beans and make high quality products out of them. Some coffee brands you should refer to are Gevalia, Arvid Nordquist, Zoega. You can buy Swedish coffee at supermarket chains such as COOP, ICA, HEMHP or at any coffee shop.

What is famous in Sweden for shopping: Textile products with Scandinavian-style patterns

| what should i buy in sweden

Scandinavian-style patterns first became known to the world since 1950. These patterns can be found on everything from pottery to pillows, aprons, tablecloths, scarves and scarves… So don’t forget to shop for a textile product from one of Sweden’s favorite print designers like Linn Warme, Anna Viktorson and Littlephant by Camilla Lundsten, or from family stores like Hemtex, Designtorget, Granite and Iris Hantverk all have loads of great textiles.


| what to buy in sweden

Polkagris literally means “polka pig”, is a Swedish stick candy invented in the town of Gränna in the mid-1800s. Polkagris comes in a variety of flavors, with the most traditional being white and red and flavored with mint. If you happen to be passing through Gränna (in Skåne), you can go to the candy store and buy yourself some sweets.

You may think this is a normal candy but this is a completely different level of candy. If you come to Gränna (in Skåne), you can go to its shop and buy freshly sweets. Enjoying a piece of candy will bring you into the land of Swedish cuisine.

What is famous in Sweden for shopping: Swedish Caviar

Kalles Caviar | what should i buy in sweden

Not just for special occasions, caviar is everywhere in Sweden. It is served at breakfast, lunch and dinner and is sold in tubes at supermarkets. There’s even a special tool that takes every last drop from your caviar tube. And because it’s sold in tube form, it’s become one of the most portable item for tourists, and you should never leave Sweden without a few tubes. Kalles, a cod roe in a tube, is perhaps the most popular brand name and comes in a classic flavor with dill or cream cheese. Also, there is also herring caviar which is worth to buy.

What is famous in Sweden for shopping: Glögg

Hot red wine adding some herbs and sugar make up a drink that the Swedes especially enjoy during the Christmas season called Glögg or “mulled wine”. The taste of Glögg is also different from the mulled wine of some neighboring countries because in Sweden it is customary to put a few almonds and raisins in the bottom of the glass before adding Glögg.

Swedish Mulled Wine ‘Glögg’ | what should i buy in sweden

Glögg is usually served in a small glass with a handle because Swedes often bring their glass from one Glögg party to another during the weekends leading up to Christmas. The soothing warmth from the sweet drink spreads and warms hands in the cold season. That’s why you should bring it as a gift.

It is prepared with the addition of different spices, served in warm and sold in both large and small bottles from 30 SEK.

What to buy in Sweden for gifts: Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka is a Swedish Vodka line and today owned by Pernod Ricard France (which acquired Absolut in 2008) is the third largest brand of spirits in the world after Bacardi and Smirnoff, sold in 126 countries. Absolut Vodka was founded in 1879 by Lars Olsson Smith, in Åhus, in the south of Sweden.

The point that makes Absolut quality is that it is completely fermented from natural ingredients without any added sugars (sugar added during fermentation to increase alcohol content). The water used for production is taken from deep wells in Åhus (which ensures less impurities) and winter wheat (the best quality for alcohol making). In farming, fertilizers are minimized to the maximum extent.

Absolut Vodka can be enjoyed in many different ways such as neat drinking, making a cocktail base, a simple way at pubs when it added orange juice and then chilled, it is also quite interesting. The price is from 100SEK.

What to buy in Sweden for gifts: Falsterbotofflor

These are unusual and very practical clogs with a leather upper and wooden sole. The clogs are designed to be worn in the warm season, and they became famous thanks to the Swedish music group ABBA. The world famous band performed at a concert in the ’70s with clogs and heels. | what to buy in sweden for gifts

Falsterbotofflor means ‘wooden clogs from Falsterbo’, a beautiful town in southern Sweden where the famous Falsterbo Horse Show is held each year. These clogs are handcrafted, hand-painted and come with a wide range of motifs and patterns. The most famous clogs are those painted with a goose surrounded by flowers, which both men and women wear while gardening.

What to buy in Sweden for gifts: Handicrafts

Hand Painted Brass Cowbell | what to buy in sweden for gifts

Traditional handicrafts are some of the best and meaningful souvenirs to buy in Sweden. Some famous Swedish handicrafts are Cuckoo Clocks, Cowbells, etc. In addition, there are a number of other items that visitors can buy such as hand-carved wooden toys, furniture. hand-blown glass products, textiles, chess sets and music boxes, and more. Check out the street shops, flea markets and open-air markets for truly unique souvenirs.

Toiniberg Jewellery

Rings | what to buy in sweden for gifts

Toini Berg is an up-and-coming designer among Swedish jewelry designers these days, but her unique and limited-version designs are quickly gaining a huge fan following. Inspired by his native Gotland (Sweden’s largest island), Toini creates her jewlry in metal and stone, creating daring and embolden earrings, rings and bracelets that appeal to art lovers. Surely, at each Toini Berg shop, you will find Swedish travel gifts that you will love.

Earrings | what to buy in sweden for gifts

What to buy in Sweden for gifts: Marabou Milk Chocolate

There are several famous chocolate brands in Sweden, one of which is Marabou. It’s famous for its milk chocolate bars. This Swedish company has been making chocolate for over 100 years. Chocolate made by the Marabou brand is somewhat pricey, but tourists who bring home chocolate souvenirs from Sweden can tell their friends that this chocolate is a favorite delicious treat of the king of Sweden! You can find it at supermarket chains such as COOP, ICA, HEMHOP, Pressbyrån kiosks.

Cheese slicer

This may sound like a strange gift, but in Sweden, supermarkets or shops only offer cheese in blocks, so a tool to cut cheese (cheese slicer) is very important. In a typical household here, the frequency of using this tool can be up to 3 times a day because in any of their meals, cheese is the main ingredient for cooking.

| what to buy in sweden for gifts

A cheese slicer is exactly what we mean, this is a tool designed to cut cheese. The Swedish cheese slicer shaves thin slices off the block, perfect for those very special Swedish cheese sandwiches for breakfast. You can find them pretty much everywhere but in NK department stores (in Stockholm and Gothenburg) offer something really special ones.

Swedish Army Knife

Swedish Army Mora Knife

One of those handy pocket tools that have been around for years, the Swedish army knife is considered a unique gift for your loved ones – especially those who love fixing things. Army knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and come with many other handy tools like screwdrivers and small pliers.

What to buy in Sweden: Storage Shelf

| what to buy in sweden for gifts

A shelf might seem like nothing out of the ordinary, but Swedish has brought this item to a whole new level and becomes a decorative piece for your home. Two great places in Stockholm to find totally unique shelves, trays are Design Torget and Svenskt Tenn. The Design Torget has more affordable products on display, while the Svenskt Tenn will be a bit more expensive but you’ll only find Swedish gifts with unique designs here.

Happy Socks

| what to buy in sweden for gifts

The socks or underwear will be a very unique gift for your loved ones. Happy Socks is a famous Swedish brand that specializes in providing socks and underwear for both men and women of all ages. Almost Swedes often wear black and neutral outfits, so they want to improve and refresh their outfit with happy socks. This is something special that you can only see in this country.

What to buy in Sweden: Dalecarlian Horse

Also known as the Dalecarlian or Dala Horse, the Dalahäst is a traditional hand-carved wooden horse from the province of Dalarna. What was once a children’s toy is now not just a symbol of Dalarna, but of Sweden itself. The classic Dalahäst comes in red with a white, green, yellow and blue motif, and while there are factory made ones for sale, spend a bit more and get a classic one that only made in its hometown Dalarna.

The Dala horse is a wonderful symbol of the Dalarna region in Sweden. Look for a horse that is handcrafted and hand-painted by artisans from the Dalarma region.

In any souvenir shop across Sweden you can find a lot of souvenirs featuring painted Dala horses. Usually, red is used as the main color, but sometimes they also use blue, green or pink. In addition, delicious horses are made especially for those who like sweet, for example, made from chocolate.

Today, the Swedish gift has been changed with a wider variety of colors to match the color of your home. Dala Horse is considered a perfect gift for those who love Sweden. | what to buy in sweden for gifts


Lingonberries are “cousins” ​​to American cranberries but the flavor is slightly more spicy, the berries are slightly smaller, and the way they are made into jams and sauces differs only slightly. The jam is loose and not too sweet and pairs perfectly with bread and other meats, as well as cheese and also spreads on your morning toast.

A scandinavian favorite lingonberry jam.

You can find specialty homemade versions of Lingonberries at food markets, as well as factory-made ones at local grocery stores. Even better, go out into the woods and pick your own lingonberries, then make your own jam.

Swedish football team shirts

Two of the biggest sports in Sweden are football and ice hockey. To show your support and be a loyal fan of your favorite Swedish football team, why not choose some vibrant Swedish football team shirts to bring back.


| what to buy in sweden for gifts

Some of the world’s finest jeans are made by Swedish designers. Acne Studios, Nudie Jeans and Cheap Monday are all from Sweden. So obviously this is one of the things you should buy when traveling to Sweden, right?

What to buy in Sweden: Swedish Moose-inspired gifts

The elk (moose) is considered the main symbol of the country and is the most beloved animal in Sweden. And this is not surprising, because here is the largest concentration of these animals in the world (in the summer their number is about half a million individuals, and every year, despite being hunted, it’s still evolving). As soon as you step into any souvenir shop, you’ll find plenty of souvenirs featuring an elk such as T-shirts, caps, mugs, plush toys and horns, badges, figurines of these animals, refrigerator magnets, license plates and road signs “Beware, moose!” and much more! There are really a lot of souvenirs! Furthermore, Elk is one of the mainstays in the forest for the Swedes, their meat, milk, and cheese are used (all of which can also be purchased in the store), and their hides and horns are used to decorate the house.

Other souvenirs

T-shirt store | what to buy in sweden for gifts

If you still wondering what should I buy in Sweden, what to buy in Sweden for gifts, things must buy in Sweden, best gifts from Sweden, best souvenirs from Sweden, best things to buy in Sweden, you can shop for electronics here such as phones, cameras, keychains, T-shirts, refrigator magnets… with very good quality. The price is also quite affordable. Or you can also buy glass products, canned reindeer meat as gifts.

Where to shop in Stockholm and Sweden

Östermalm Shopping District

This is the place where most of the famous international brands and prominent Swedish fashion design stores are gathered. In addition, this place is also a paradise for choosing Stureplan, All Blue, Tiffany on Birger Jarlsgatan street. The area bordering Sibyllegatan, Ötermalmstorg, Karlavägen, Stureplan and Strandvagen has a number of reputable interior design stores. If you come here you can buy jewelry or small furniture. Ötermalm is one of the places you should go to shop while in Sweden.

Stureplan Street

It is the district where many high-end fashion boutiques of international brands are located, and where you can find the famous jewelry items of Stureplan jeweler and others on Birger Jarlsgatan street.

World-famous brands and famous Swedish fashion stores are mostly concentrated here. Besides, this place can be considered as the capital of designer jewelry stores. You will be amazed when you arrive here and cannot take your eyes off the delicate, sparkling jewelry. To reveal more, if you want to find Swedish specialties, this place is the best place.


Shopping for fashion products at discounted prices is what visitors often do when visiting this largest shopping destination in Sweden.

This place gathers large chain stores, come from many world famous brands. Fashion design mainly for young customers with affordable prices. When coming here, you should visit all the large and small department stores such as: PUB, Illums Bolighus or NK. Here you can choose for yourself fashionable clothes and accessories at not too expensive prices. Normalm is chosen by many tourists as a cheap shopping destination in the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

Gamla Stan

However, because this is a tourist area, you should go see all the shops and then decide where to buy because the prices here are quite different. | what to buy in sweden for gifts

It is the most beautiful area of ​​the capital where there are small cobbled streets and alleys with many shops and stores selling souvenirs and crafts such as: ceramic furniture, glass, crystal, wooden toys, jewelry, designer textiles unique, etc. This place is the most bustling and most crowded shopping destination in Stockholm. You will fall in live with very delicate and valuable stone crafts. This is one of the most popular shopping places in Sweden.

Dubbed the tourist souvenir avenue, Gamla Stan is the most prosperous and busiest shopping place in Stockholm. Here you will admire the unique arts and crafts. If you walk along Köpmangatan and Österlånggatan streets you will find many specialty shops and gem stores.


This is a district and island in central Stockholm which was voted one of the best places to come in Europe by Vogue magazine in 2014. The island is where you can find everything: from big-name fashion boutiques like Carin Wester, Minimarket, Hope, to vintage stores like Emmaus, Beyond Retro and Smiley Vintage to second-hand stores.

There’s also the SoFo neighborhood with its cozy cafes, the Hornstull district with its weekend food market, and the Slussen district with the island’s distinctive gourmet shops and pubs. This place gathers a lot of shops selling all kinds of Swedish specialties. Here you can also easily find yourself finely crafted handicrafts, specialty shops and gems. If you want to buy Swedish specialties, this is a great place.

In addition, you can also visit many other shopping places in Stockholm such as:

  • Drottninggatan: This is a shopping district mainly for pedestrians. Here you can buy a lot of different items with many famous Swedish brands.
  • Gallerian: The contemporary retail complex offering brand-name stores, services & trendy restaurants & cafes.
  • Bromma Blocks
  • Skrapan: Where you can find a wide and appealing mix of retail, restaurants and cafés.
  • Nacka Forum Shopping Center
  • Sturegallerian: The sophisticated shopping center with boutiques, restaurants, cafes & bars, plus a posh, storied spa.
  • MOOD: Local cafes & boutiques compose this modern indoor-outdoor shopping mall with art & Wi-Fi.
  • Farsta Shopping Centre: Built and put into operation in 1960, with a large area, you can find all items in all 3 buildings of the center. Eye-catching fashion items, super-beautiful bag accessories, unique technology items, etc.
  • ReTuna (ReTuna Recycling Mall): It is a famous Swedish shopping place specializing in second-hand and refurbished items. The store is arranged with 15 specialized booths for different types of items from home appliances, furniture, computers, audio equipment, clothes, toys, plants, garden tools, materials construction, bicycle…
  • Westfield Mall of Scandinavia: Maybe you don’t know? The Mall of Scandinavia is the second largest shopping center in the Nordic countries. Visitors here can easily search for the items they want to buy, from fashion, technology, home appliances, beauty products and many other items. Not to mention, the Mall of Scandinavia is luxuriously designed, which will be a very interesting virtual living place.
ReTuna (ReTuna Recycling Mall)

Sweden shopping guide: Some notes before shopping

  • The Swedish Krona (abbreviation: KR; ISO 4217 code: SEK) has been the Swedish currency since 1873 (plural form is kronor). One krona consists of 100 öre (coin equivalent). The Swedish krona is also circulated in the Åland Islands alongside the official Finnish currency, the euro.
  • Prices in stores in Sweden are among the highest in the world. Moreover, for both really high-quality goods and the simplest items. In Finland, for example, you can buy clothes of the same brand for much less. Swedes often take advantage of this to shopping in neighboring countries.
  • You can save about 19% of your money by getting a tax refund on goods purchased in Sweden. To do this, you need to make a purchase for at least 200 SEK and meet some other conditions.
  • Stores in Sweden are open Monday to Friday from 10am — 6pm, Saturday from 9:30am — 2pm or until 4pm, some open from 12am — 4pm on Sunday. The big stores in Stockholm can stay open until late at night. On New Year’s Eve of the holidays, almost all shops close early.

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