If there is only one day in Copenhagen, you can still do many things, visit many spots. Yes, I’m not joke! If possible, follow my footsteps to fully explore a beautiful day in the capital of Denmark from bustling tourist places to tourist destinations that only local people know. So, what to do if you only have 1 day in Copenhagen? Let’s check out our suggested Copenhagen 1 day itinerary (Copenhagen one day itinerary) on how to spend 24 hours in Copenhagen (24 hours in Copenhagen, one day in Copenhagen) pefectly to find out the answer!

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Peaceful Copenhagen
King’s New Square
Danish cuisine
Little Mermaid

1 day in copenhagen: Morning, walking around Nyhavn, living on every footage of Danish Girl

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If you’ve ever seen the movie “Danish Girl”, then surely you are not difficult to recognize the boats anchored at this Nyahvn pier, maybe you do not know the name but also recognize this image. Nyhavn means New Harbor – a docking spot of many boats.

| 1 day in copenhagen
76901792-nyhavn-copenhagen-denmark-17th-century-waterfront-canal-and-entertainment-district-in-copenhagen-den (1)
Colorful houses

Nyhavn featured on the banks with the beautiful rows of colorful houses. The northern bank is called the Sunny Side with many restaurants, beer bars and … strip clubs. The southern bank is called the Shady Side with many travel agencies and bike rental shops.

nyhavn cophenhagen
Nyhavn, Copenhagen | 1 day in copenhagen

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Nyhavn Bridge
An ice cream shop | 1 day in copenhagen

Attach your love lock at Nyhavn Bridge, if you have a lover, if not then… stop

Nyhavn Bridge
Nyhavn Bridge | 24 hours in copenhagen

Nyhavn Bridge connects the sunny and dark banks of the Nyahvn canal area. Like the Pont des Arts in Paris, this place is also the place where couples swear by hang lock locks on the bridge. But if you do not have a lover, you should go to the ice-cream shop on the sunny bank and order for yourself a delicious ice cream to eat, because sometimes the food is better than having a lover.

Love locks fence at Nyhavn Bridge | 24 hours in copenhagen

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24 hours in Copenhagen: Noon, let’s go to eat Smørrebrød

Hallernes Smørrebrød
Smørrebrød | 24 hours in copenhagen

The rare traditional Norse dish I found delicious during my trip. With fish, seafood or bacon are placed on top of a delicious toast with a variety of herbs. The taste might be quite mild, but because of the fresh seafood, this dish qualifies to fill your hungry stomach for a whole morning of strolling. You can find this dish at almost any restaurant in Copenhagen but one of the places where I ate and sold Smørrebrød is Hallernes Smørrebrød (Address: Rømersgade 18, 1360 København, Denmark / Hours: 10AM–7PM). Remember Google to find it out.

| copenhagen 1 day itinerary
Hallernes Smørrebrød
Hallernes Smørrebrød

After eating, let’s go window shopping at Strøget, right?

Stroget street | copenhagen 1 day itinerary

Strøget is Copenhagen’s most bustling shopping street, both locals and tourists come here. But of course my purpose is not shopping, so window shopping is nothing wrong. Wandering around Strøget is also a pleasure because of seeing the houses with beautiful Danish architecture, awesome!


Louis Vuitton Shop | copenhagen 1 day itinerary

Copenhagen 1 day itinerary: In the afternoon, chill at Original Coffee on the top floor of ILLUM department store.

Located on the top floor of ILLUM (Address: Østergade 52, 1100 København, Denmark / Hours: 10AM–8PM), a department store overlooks the busiest shopping street in Copenhagen – Strøget Street.

| copenhagen 1 day itinerary

Drop by here and go to the top floor, order a hot chocolate and watch the flow of people hustling under the square below, surely it is a wonderful experience of being separated from the crowd for a while.

Climb up Rundetaarn to see panoramic Copenhagen at the sunset

| copenhagen in a day

Rundetaarn also known as The Round Tower (Address: Købmagergade 52A, 1150 København, Denmark / Hours: 10AM–6PM) is a building with spiral staircase. This is the highest point in the city center that allows you to see the whole of hustle Copenhagen below. The golden sunlight of afternoon is a best time to come here.

Copenhagen at sunset | copenhagen in a day

Go to the local market of Torvehallerne

Here you will find great organic specialties such as Summer Bird chocolate, Danish spices and many other fresh delicacies.

Torvehallerne Market | copenhagen in a day
Summerbird chocolate | copenhagen one day itinerary

Copenhagen one day itinerary: Evening, heading to Tivoli Garden, where Walt Disney was inspired to create Disneyland

Tivoli Garden | copenhagen one day itinerary

Tivoli Gardens is the first amusement park in the world built in 1843. Walt Disney was inspired by this place to build Disneyland. Tivoli Garden has amusement areas that you will find very familiar, so it is not a place to say “wow” when entering, but if you want to relax a bit, relive a little warmth in childhood but with the context of Copenhagen, it is a not bad idea. At 6:30PM on the lake in Tivoli will have a lovely water music show.

| one day in copenhagen
| copenhagen one day itinerary

Address: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V, Denmark
Hours: 11AM – 11Pm

Some tips when coming to Copenhagen

  • Currency: In Denmark, the currency is Krone (DKK) with $1 = 6.74 DKK. If you only stay for few days, I recommend using the credit card because in Denmark everything can be paid by card, very convenient. You should use the state bank, the conversion rate is lower.
  • Transportation: There are buses and metro in the city. You can buy a 24-hour metro pass for 150 DKK at the central station. If you do not have a pass and are checked, you will be fined 750 DKK, so you do not need to stingy.

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