Bergen, Norway

Fairytale Nordic land with picturesque forests, thousands of magnificent lakes, Viking heritage. Not only that, with only 4 countries with tall, blond people, IKEA and fashion, Scandinavia is the perfect destination for a trip that combines majestic nature with art , architecture, cuisine and long history. So, how to make the best itinerary for Scandinavia? Let’s check out our suggested Scandinavia travel itinerary (Scandinavia itinerary, Scandinavia trip itinerary) for 8 days 7 nights (Scandinavia itinerary 7 days) to help you plan a memorial trip to explore the Nordic region!

Norway, The Western Fjords
Norway, The Western Fjords
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Nyhavn, Copenhagen | scandinavia itinerary
| scandinavia itinerary

Nordic travel itinerary

The basic Scandinavia trip itinerary of 8 days going through the Nordic countries of Scandinavia can be summarized as follows:

  • Day 1-3: Arrive in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark
  • Day 3-4: Copenhagen – Oslo
  • Day 4-5: Oslo – Bergen
  • Day 5-6: Bergen – Alesund
  • Day 6-8: Alesund – Stockholm

Scandinavia itinerary—Day 1: Copenhagen

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You come to Copenhagen in the morning, check in at your hotel (you should book a room close to Nyhavn) central area and not too far from shopping areas and old town.

Then stroll the famous Strøget shopping street, starting at Copenhagen’s City Hall and walking through Kongens Nytrov until you reach the Nyhavn area. It is a beautiful pedestrian street that blends with the rhythm of the bustling city of Copenhagen, which is always full of locals and tourists alike.

Stroget Street | scandinavia itinerary
Stroget | scandinavia itinerary
| scandinavia itinerary
| scandinavia itinerary

There are many nice cafes, bars and small shops along this street. The end point of the walk is the beautiful Nyhavn waterfront, where outdoor restaurants are lined up on one side and boats dock on the other. At the same time, both sides are colorful houses with Scandinavian architecture. You can enjoy street food or have dinner at restaurants right next to the Nyhavn canal.

nyhavn cophenhagen
Nyhavn, Copenhagen | scandinavia itinerary
Nyhavn Bridge
Nyhavn Bridge | best itinerary for scandinavia
Nyhavn Bridge
An ice cream shop | best itinerary for scandinavia

Scandinavia trip itinerary: Day 2: Copenhagen

Frederik’s Church

Today will be a long day of walking to explore Copenhagen, a small city that is easy to experience without the need to take the train or other public transport. Starting from Town Hall, then downtown spots include Christiansborg Palace, Royal Library, Catholic Church, Christiania, Danish Resistance Museum, Amalienborg Palace, Mermaid Statue, Citadel of Copenhagen, Rosenberg Castle and the Round Tower.

Little Mermaid | best itinerary for scandinavia
Round Tower | best itinerary for scandinavia
Round Tower | best itinerary for scandinavia

Walking through central Copenhagen allows you to experience the history, culture and vibrant life of the city. Quite a few bars, cafes, restaurants are decorated with eye-catching decorations. The old quarters with typical Scandinavian architecture always attract people to take pictures.

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| scandinavia itinerary 7 days

Scandinavia itinerary—Day 3: Oslo

Oslo port. | scandinavia itinerary 7 days

On the morning of the Day 3, wake up, have breakfast and go to the airport for a flight to Oslo. In Oslo, you should choose a centrally located hotel like Hotel Perminalen. Review the main attractions you will going to and the trip itinerary.

The first spot to visit is to take the ferry to the Viking Museum. From the bus stop near the museum, you can go to Vigeland Park to admire hundreds of life-size sculptures of the great Norwegian sculptor – Gustav Vigeland.

Viking Ship Museum | scandinavia itinerary 7 days
Even if you are a curious person you can also visit Sweden Viking Museum to explore more.
Vigeland park | scandinavia itinerary 7 days

This area is ideal for you to walk around and experience the most famous places in Oslo. These include Slottet (Oslo palace), Stortinget (Norway’s supreme legislative assembly), and Oslo City Hall. All are located along Karl Johans gate, Oslo’s main street, named after King Charles III John who was once King of Sweden.

| scandinavia itinerary 7 days
Oslo downtown streets | scandinavia itinerary 7 days

In the late afternoon you can watch the Opera House at sunset, which offers a beautiful view of the Nordic sky. Then a sumptuous dinner in Oslo’s main street.

Oslo Opera House

Best itinerary for Scandinavia: Day 4: From Oslo to Bergen (Norway in a nutshell tour)

After checking out of the hotel, you go to Oslo’s Central Station to catch the train to Myrdal. At Myrdal, change train to Flam and then take a ferry to Gudvangen. From Gudvangen, take the bus to Voss, then take the train back to Bergen.

Day 4 evening in beautiful Bergen, Norway’s second largest city. There is so much to explore here with picturesque old streets, nooks and crannies, colorful houses. In the late afternoon you can take the cable car up to Mount Fløyen, enjoying the panoramic view of Bergen harbor from above.

Bergen, Norway | scandinavia itinerary 7 days
Bergen 2
| scandinavia travel itinerary
| scandinavia travel itinerary
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Outside view | scandinavia travel itinerary
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Scandinavia itinerary 7 days—Day 5: From Bergen to Alesund

Alesun is about 250 miles north of Bergen on the west coast of Norway. Sitting on the bus and watching the scenery on both sides on the way from Bergen to Alesund is magnificent, mesmerizing. The mountainous landscape in Norway and the roads through the winding fjords always make us heartbroken.

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Travel time takes about 10 hours, this is one of the most beautiful sections of the Norway in nutshell tour. In Alesund, there are also many beautiful old towns with famous artistic and architectural scenes, which are worth exploring. You can climb up to Fjellstua for a panoramic view of the pretty little town below.

| scandinavia trip itinerary

Scandinavia travel itinerary—Day 6: Geirangerfjord Fjord

Norway, The Western Fjords
Norway, The Western Fjords | scandinavia trip itinerary
Geiranger Fjord, Norway
Geiranger Fjord, Norway | scandinavia trip itinerary

Continue to take a round trip bus from Alesund to Geiranger via Hellesylt. From Hellesylt, you take a ferry to the famous Geirangerfjord, one of Norway’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Along the edges, the roads of the fjord, you will see farms, many small houses and extremely majestic waterfalls. The terminus of the ferry is the town of Geiranger.

Start climbing to the Norwegian Fjord Centre, about a 20-minute walk away. The scenery of Geirangerfjord along the road is really hard to describe in words. Nature is so majestic and pristine. That evening you continue to take the bus to Alesund.

Geiranger Fjord
Image by Tristan Taussac.

Day 7: Stockholm – Sweden

stockholm-best things you must know in Sweden (6)
| scandinavia trip itinerary

After 3 days of experiencing the wonderful nature of Norway, on day 7 catching an early morning flight to Stockholm. Check in to your hotel and get ready for a wander around this lovely city. Start at Stockholm’s City Hall and walk along Stromgatan through the Nybroplan (New Bridge Square) area. Stroll along the Strandvagen, enjoying the sights of the city.

Colorful houses on Stortorget square in Old town Stockholm | scandinavia trip itinerary

If you come to Stockholm on a Friday night, you should experience the Stureplan neighborhood, which is one of the most beautiful places with happy hour in Stockholm. Also should experience Kungsträdgården, a garden with many green trees.

| best itinerary for scandinavia

At the end of the evening, take the train to the Södermalm district to get to the Skyview, from where you will have great views of the city from above. The Södermalm area is also famous for its nightlife. Lots of outdoor activities in the evening, countless restaurants and bars.

Sodermalm | best itinerary for scandinavia

Scandinavia itinerary 8 days — Day 8: Stockholm

The second day in Stockholm, continue to visit the Vasa Museum, which is one of the must-see places in Stockholm. The most prominent is the ancient ship from the 17th century (which has been restored intact) with many interesting anecdotes about this ship, as well as the process of shipbuilding, sailing and conquering the sea.

stockholm-best things you must know in Sweden (11)
Vasa museum

stockholm-best things you must know in Sweden (10)

Continue by boat to the Royal Palace, where there are museums about Swedish history. Evening is the time to visit Gamla Stan in the Old Town. This area is famous for the romance of Stockholm, distinguished by its pretty alleys and cobbled streets. Take a stroll along the streets of Old Town and enjoy the fresh air of Stockholm. Be sure to stop by a restaurant down the street for a taste of the city’s great cuisine.

Gamla Stan | scandinavia travel itinerary
| scandinavia travel itinerary

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Conclusion of Scandinavia travel itinerary

Sometimes with only 8 days, you feel like you have just “riding a horse to see flowers” in the vast Nordic land. Just going to the majestic country of Norway takes a whole month. However, with this basic Scandinavia itinerary you can also get to know a bit about Scandinavia, its main destinations and their culture and history. For those who don’t have enough time but still want to learn about the beautiful and rich Nordic.

Norway fjords

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