Known as a happy nation, one of the world’s most livable countries, possessing green and peaceful spaces, peaceful life along with impressive, ancient, quaint architectures and bearing bold a Nordic culture, Denmark has long since become a favorite destination of many visitors. However, in addition to discovering famous tourist attractions here, there are many tourists who wonder what to buy in Denmark as gifts for relatives, family and friends? This article will suggest unique and meaningful gifts to take back from Denmark. So, what should I buy in Denmark, what to buy in Denmark (Denmark what to buy)? Let’s check out our Denmark shopping guide with top 16+ Denmark gifts, Denmark souvenirs, best gifts from Denmark (best gifts to buy in Denmark), best things to buy in Denmark, cheap things to buy in Denmark (Denmark things to buy) as well as where to shop in Copenhagen Denmark, best shopping places in Copenhagen and to find out the answer best shopping area in Copenhagen.

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Colorful houses lining along Nyhavn canal, Copenhagen
hygge street tivoli_copenhagen_christmas
Christmas time.

There are many things you can bring home from your trip to Denmark to remember your Scandinavian holidays, but if you are looking for something unique gifts then this list is for you. We have selected 16+ souvenir items and gifts that can only be found in Denmark and will always remind you of the country of the “Little Mermaid”. Now, let’s see what should I buy in Denmark, what to buy in Denmark as follows.

Best Denmark souvenirs: Other different versions of The Little Mermaid Statue

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The Little Mermaid in Denmark was built based on a story of the same name by a famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875), this statue was erected in blue waters near the capital city center of Copenhagen. It has become a typical symbol of the capital Copenhagen and the whole of Denmark like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France or the Big Ben clock tower in London, England. The bronze statue “The Little Mermaid” with a height of 1.25m, weighing up to 175kg has been placed in a sitting position on a rock at the edge of Langelinie pier.

Mini version | best things to buy in denmark

This mermaid statue was designed by famous sculptor Edvard Eriksen at the request of beer owner Carl Jacobsen in 1909. So when you visit Denmark you can buy miniature versions of this Little Mermaid statue, other creations of it: Charms, Handmade Painted Mermaid, 3D Fridge Magnets Mermaid, Vintage Metal Mermaid, even Mermaid chocolate… There are countless things related to this statue. You can find these souvenir items at many gift shops in Copenhagen or throughout Denmark. It really means a lot to whoever receives it, right?!

Little Mermaid Statue Vintage Pendant | best things to buy in denmark

What to buy in Denmark: Handcrafted Danish Leather Goods

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Shopping in Denmark has a lot of choices, but if you are a fashion lover, you can’t ignore products made from leather such as: bags, wallets, gloves, clothes… Especially, the leather products of Adax company, always ensure high quality, diverse designs for visitors to choose freely. In addition, the price also quite soft, depends on types of products, categories, from high-end items to affordable items, depending on your pocket and preference, you can choose leather products accordingly. With leather goods, you can not only buy for yourself, but also buy as a gift to give your loved ones is also meaningful.

You can refer some top and best leather goods brands such as: KAZA København City, Lædersmeden, Skindhuset, LeatherProjects, Claudio Ferrici, The Last Bag, Bison, Skindsmedene, Lulu, Ash..

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Top Denmark gifts: Royal Copenhagen Porcelain

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Another more suggestion for you, when you don’t know what to buy in Denmark as a gift, it’s porcelain or pottery products. Because the quality of porcelain here is highly appreciated, from durability to sophisticated design. Products are chosen by many visitors such as: Plates, pots, teasets, vases… In particular, if you want to buy high-class pottery products, you can visit Royal Copenhagen. Its porcelain is known to be the best quality in Denmark, but the price is a bit expensive, only suitable for visitors with good finance.

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Royal Copenhagen is one of the most expensive porcelain in Denmark, but you can still choose high-quality ceramics at a cheaper price. Royal Copenhagen is famous around the world for its porcelain products with delicate white and blue patterns. Its collection features a wide variety of plates, cups, teapots and bowls… Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory was founded in 1775 by Queen Juliane Marie and more than 240 years later, its porcelain items can be found in almost every house in Denmark.

In Copenhagen there are also other small pottery shops, offering ceramic brands that are cheap, but the quality is quite good.

Best things to buy in Denmark: Vikings Jewelry

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Denmark is the perfect destination for those who admire Viking history. The country has museums and monuments displaying different parts and periods of the life of these fearless warriors. Jewelry is a big part of their culture, either because it represents wealth or because jewelry is often used to fasten clothes, many museums display original Viking jewelry. Replicas can be found in museum stores as well as in other stores across the country. So if you want to take a piece of Scandinavian history with you, be sure to stop by these stores.

Vvikings Vegvisir Symbol Ppendant Bronze Norse Jewelry | best gifts to buy in denmark
Bronze Viking Knotwork Triskelion Ring | what to buy in denmark

It is a great gift you should give to your relatives and friends after finishing your trip to Denmark. The Viking jewelry products here are exquisitely designed, reflecting the culture of warriors in the Vikings era. Therefore, it not only brings unique beauty, but also brings a lot of meaning. Therefore, this will be a gift you should not miss.

What should I buy in Denmark: Lego Toy Sets

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What to buy in Denmark as souvenirs? If your family or loved ones have young children, then Lego toys are sure to delight them. Because this type of toy helps stimulate creativity and logic ability for children, making them clever and smarter. Some Lego sets to buy such as: house-themed Lego, train tracks, animals, plane or building models, etc. Especially the toy set that simulates the soldiers of The Royal Life Guards.

Den Kongelige Livgarde (The Royal Life Guards) is an infantry regiment model of the Royal Danish Army, wearing high black shaggy caps, an exclusive toy soldiers (dolls) model from Denmark. | best gifts from denmark

In Legoland located in the town of Billund, Denmark, visitors will be able to find various collections of Lego sets.

The place where visitors can buy the best quality Lego toys and have the most choices is the town of Billund.

What should I buy in Denmark: Scandinavian Furniture

It is well known that Denmark has a long history of architecture and design and some of the most internationally renowned and talented designers of the 20th century hail from this small Scandinavian country. Today, there are many talented designers continuing the legacy of their ancestors and Scandinavian design remains at the forefront of interior design styles all over the world. All over Denmark and especially in Copenhagen you will discover many furniture stores so don’t forget to buy yourself something to add some Scandinavian styles to your home.

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What to buy in Denmark: Danish wine, beer and alcoholic beverages

This is one of the Denmark gifts, Denmark souvenirs that many people are most interested in and if you want to buy them as gifts for your loved ones, you can refer to as follows:

Gammel Dansk: It is a bitters liquor, commonly used in Danish breakfasts. Although this liquor has a slightly bitter taste, but as soon as the bottle cap is opened, an aroma is released, making it more attractive, hard to resist. Its name when translated from Danish means “Old Denmark”.

The main ingredients in Gammel dansk will be carefully selected according to prescribed standards, creating a bitter but very savory taste. The good news is that this liquor is allowed on planes, making it easy to transport.

Aquavit: Aquavit is also a light distilled spirit, it is a Scandinavian flavored spirit, usually containing 40% alcohol. Aquavit will be cheaper when you buy it at the airport.

Aquavit | best gifts from denmark

Beer: In addition,you can choose to buy beers from the most famous brands of Danish beer such as Carlsberg and Tuborg.

Best Denmark souvenirs: Brunkager (Danish Gingerbread Cookies)

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It is a traditional cookies and also a specialty in Denmark with a very long history dating back to the late 1400s, so you should buy it as an ideal gift. With a delicious, attractive taste, make sure to eat it once, remember forever with the signature delicious lemon and ginger flavor. This will be an extremely lovely gift for you to give to your friends and relatives.

Marzipan (Odense Marcipan)

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Marzipan is made by crushed almond or powdered almond, with sugar and egg whites, made in different forms. Marzipan has been used in Denmark for centuries, used by top pastry chefs all over the world. Marzipan is a traditional snack during Christmas and other important occasions in Denmark.

Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies

Everyone is familiar with the blue tin that consists of two layers of delicious Danish butter cookies. That means these cookies can also be purchased in other countries, so they really shouldn’t be included in this list. However, for the past over 5 years, they have been part of Danish culture and are definitely a must-have item on this list. Plus, in Denmark you’ll find a wide variety of blue boxes with different pictures of notable Danish places – so once you’re done with your delicious butter cookies, you can keep the box and use it as a decoration, or store things.

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These cookies are made according to a long traditional Danish recipe, made from the finest ingredients. The cookies are delicious, not too sweet and not too greasy. Especially the light sweet aroma of butter hidden in the crispy pieces of cookies, slowly melting in the mouth and can eating forever. The product is packaged in a beautiful round tin box, which helps to preserve the product better, and at the same time, it is easy to carry the product on trips and business trips to serve with tea and coffee with friends and colleagues.

In addition, visitors can also buy other famous cakes such as: Brunkager (Danish Christmas cookies), Wienerbrød pastry, Flødeboller (Danish Marshmallows Cake/Dessert), Smorrebrod (Danish Rye Bread)… are also very attractive.

Denmark what to buy: Cheese

Danish blue cheese | what should i buy in denmark

If you still do not know what to buy in Denmark and best gifts from Denmark, consider its delicious cheeses. In particular, the most famous here are Brie cheese and Danablu cheese dating back to 1927 which is also known as Danablu for gourmets.

Cheap things to buy in Denmark: Scarves & Shawls

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One of the fashion accessories the Danes never leave at home is their scarf and shawl. Due to the often low temperatures and the fact that they cycle everywhere, scarves are a much-needed accessory for locals. Therefore, they need to make sure that their scarf is not only warm but also fashionable. Style is very important to the Danes. In particular, after Henrik Vibskov’s incredible collection of scarves, colorful baggy scarves have become indispensable in Denmark. So keep an eye on store windows, especially if you’re visiting the country in winter.

Best gifts to buy in Denmark: Kitchenware and Household goods

Rosendahl – Grand Cru Water Carafe, 0.9 l | what should i buy in denmark

Rosendahl and Holmegaard are two brands that bring you unique souvenirs for your kitchen or households, you can find everything here, such as salt cellars and spice jars crafted in the best traditions of Danish design.

What to buy in Denmark: Souvenirs in Freetown Christiania

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Copenhagen is the only city where you can get a souvenir from Freetown Christiania, a hippie neighborhood. The flag of the hippie neighborhood is a red banner with three yellow circles, each representing the dots on the letter “i” in Christiania. The color was chosen according to the people who occupied the old military base in the 70s, there was a large amount of red and yellow paint in the area at the time. The Christiania logo now found on pencils, ashtrays, umbrellas, and t-shirts… are sold as souvenirs to the thousands of tourists who visit this neighborhood each year.

Nisse (The Danish Elf on the Shelf)

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Each country has its own Christmas stories and accompanying them often mention to elves and magic. In Denmark, the mischievous elf that’s causing trouble for Christmas is Nisse. He is considered a good elf with a playful mood and likes to mess around. Therefore, on Christmas Eve, some locals leave pudding or porridge for him, hoping he will be treat better to them. That little guy in gray woolen clothes, wearing white clogs, red bonnets, and socks is on every souvenir shop shelf. So, if you like the story, make sure to buy one of those cute elves, because this is a particularly well-loved character that is only present in Denmark.

Best things to buy in Denmark: Lakrids Liquorice & Chocolates

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The Danes are so obsessed with licorice that it has been dubbed the national ingredient. They have sweet and savory licorice and they use it in ice cream, beer, cocktails, candy and many other products. So, in 2007, Johan Bülow thought of making delicious chocolate bars in different tastes but with licorice as the main ingredient. Ten years later, Lakrids is a huge success and is the perfect gift for those looking to enjoy or bring back a taste of Denmark to their loved ones.

Best gifts from Denmark: Hans Christian Andersen Paper Cuts

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At the Hans Christian Andersen museum in Odense, you will learn a lot about the famous writer’s journey from childhood to adulthood in Nyhavn. The museum shop is stocked with miniatures of fairy-tale characters as well as replicas of famous storytellers used throughout their lives. For instance, it is known that Andersen used to create beautiful paper-cut works of art to give to his guests at festive gatherings. In the museum shop, visitors will find various Christmas decorations now produced by the Danish company, Nordahl Andersen, based on the art of paper cutting that Andersen once pursued.

What to buy in Denmark: Toms Skildpadde Chocolates

Toms Skildpadde is one of the Denmark’s most popular chocolates. Toms Skildpadde which translates to ‘Toms Tortoise’ or ‘Toms Turtle’ (Skildpadde means Turtle) in English is a chocolate turtle filled with rum, cream and caramel. Since 1948 when it first appeared on the Danish market, Toms Skildpadde has been a local favorite and remains so. You can find it in any supermarket in the country.

In addition, visitors can also visit souvenir shops, buy themselves beautiful and typical items of this place such as: Handicrafts, key chains, symbols of country, famous tourist attractions models, refrigerator magnets, T-shirts, etc. which are also very meaningful.

Copenhagen Black T-shirt | denmark gifts

Where to shop & best shopping places in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is home to many great stores, shops and shopping malls. Particular favorites items here include Bing & Grøndahl porcelain, Royal Copenhagen porcelain, Holmegaard glassware, Bornholm ceramics, and Lego sets… If visitors who are not EU citizens are traveling and shopping in Denmark, they can ask the shops here to send the goods directly to their home country from stores in Denmark.

Shopping hours: Shoppingn malls, fashion stores, wholesale and retail stores open from Monday to Friday from 9am/10am-5:30pm/6pm, Saturday from 9am-5pm. Supermarkets are usually open Monday-Friday from 9am-8pm. Opening hours vary from town to town, cities. At some shops selling cakes, fresh flowers, souvenirs and resorts open both Sundays and public holidays.

Where to shop in Copenhagen Denmark? Below are best shopping places in Copenhagen, best shopping area in copenhagen to buy souvenirs you can refer to.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen

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Address: Frederiksborggade 1, 1360 København K, Denmark
Hours: 10AM–7PM

Flying Tiger is a famous chain store, present in many countries and appearing in the capital of Denmark for more than 20 years, this is the ideal place to buy souvenirs in Copenhagen that you should consider. Coming here, you are not only satisfied with a wide variety of items, from kitchen tools, toys, handicrafts, iconic products of Denmark… but also buy them at extremely soft prices. Therefore, shopping at Flying Tiger also helps you save a good amount of money.

Remisen Flea Market

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Address: Blegdamsvej 132, 2100 København, Denmark

Where to buy souvenirs when coming to Copenhagen? To answer this question, the Remisen flea market is also a perfect suggestion. This is an indoor market, open on weekends, which attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to shop. Although the market area is not too large, but the stalls lying close together, selling a variety of products, from fashion clothes, toys, ceramics, jewelry… or unique things, Danish iconic products.


| best shopping places in copenhagen

Address: Frederiksborggade 39, 1360 København, Denmark
Hours: 10AM–4PM/Sunday: Closed

In the Danish capital, there are many souvenir shops in Copenhagen that you should consider visiting, such as Maduro. This place offers a lot of souvenir items and gifts at affordable prices for you to choose from, but the most prominent are: Fashion accessories, vases, lamps, scented candles, …. In particular, the cups printed with the Danish flag or the little mermaid symbol are the items that many tourists choose the most as gifts.


| where to shop in copenhagen denmark

Address: Jorcks Passage Vimmelskaftet 42, 1159 København K, Denmark
Hours: 10AM–6PM

It can be said that Karrusella is the place to buy souvenirs in Copenhagen that is most interested. Like other stores, this place also sells a lot of different items, you can easily find your favorite item at Karrusella. However, according to the shopping experience of many tourists, the most prominent and most purchased items are: Toys, clothes and children’s products. The minus point of the store is that it is located in an alley, close to Stroget street, a bit difficult to find, but Karrusella always welcomes a large number of shoppers. Because of the unique items, you will not find it anywhere but Karrusella.


| where to shop in copenhagen denmark

Address: Østergade 52, 1100 København, Denmark
Hours: 10AM–8PM

Fashion items, beauty products are also meaningful gifts. Therefore, coming to Lllum to shop these items will be a good choice. Because it is known, Lllum is like a Copenhagen’s luxury department store, where many famous brands converge such as: Calvin Klein, Armani, Filippa K, Acne Studio… Visitors will have the opportunity to find and buy many branded products, even with better price in your hometown.

Magasin Du Nord

Address: Kongens Nytorv 13, 1095 København, Denmark
Hours: 10AM–10PM

As a store with a unique design, bold French style, Magasin Du Nord will satisfy all customers when coming here, especially fashionistas. Because here you will easily come across many famous brands in the world, with products that are regularly updated. Along with that, beauty and skin care products are also items that many tourists choose as travel gifts for relatives and family.


| where to shop in copenhagen denmark

Address: Gothersgade 45, 1123 København, Denmark
Hours: 10AM–6PM

If you are wondering, what to buy as a gift after a trip to Denmark, the art paintings and pictures of the capital Copenhagen are a meaningful gift. And where you can buy these works of art is the Posterland shop. With a 2-storey, in which the first floor is a place for music and movie enthusiasts. The second floor is home to more than 50,000 beautiful photos, covering a variety of themes, from classic to modern. You are free to choose from and the price of each photo depends on its size.

The Freetown Christiania

Located in the ‘eccentric’ neighborhood in Denmark and also the ideal place to buy souvenirs in Copenhagen you should visit. Because this district not only provides food service, coffee, … but also has a lot of shopping stalls. Here you can easily choose to buy your favorite items such as: Accessories, towels, hats, clothes, … with unique designs, you will not be able to find them anywhere but the Freetown Christiania.

Stroget Shopping Street


Stroget Street is located in the city center of Copenhagen, is the largest commercial district in Copenhagen, and is one of the longest commercial streets in Europe.

Behind the modest-looking facades, often world-famous luxury brands, fashion products are sold in old buildings. Moreover, there are many restaurants, cafes, and street artists performing here. All enough to make everyone feel the bustle and prosperity in Copenhagen.

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